Why you should avoid biscuits??

- Loaded with sugar, fat and carbohydrates
-Non transparent & Cryptic ingredients like edible flour, oil
- Unknown fortified source which can be even animal source
- Contains Zero nutrients 1/n
- Cookie addiction is equivalent to cocaine addiction ( college of connecticut study)
- Gateway for all lifestyle disease like diabetes, obesity
- Contains unnamed preservative to have prolonged shelf life which will impact your metabolism and gut health
-A big No for infants, toddlers and elderly
- Should not be consumed when you are hungry, nor as a comfort food.. you end up suppressing your hunger due to loaded sugar content
- Cookies transfats easily bump up your triglycerides, thereby increases your cardiovascular risk
- Even the nut toppings in biscuits are hydrogenated and
dipped in high concentration sodium, sugar syrup /glazing agent so that they don't get discoloured and loose their texture

- Per me a biscuit are unhealthy all above a mysterious food product
- Rationale of mystery is their poor regulation in ingredients specifications

Below is image of popular and cheapest biscuit at the market synonymous to five rupee
The elephant in the room is their INS numbering standard which even a food technologist could not comprehend

It’s ammonium carbonate additive named cryptically so that customers don't get alarmed!
My biggest concern apart from all above is use (misuse? ) of emulsifier

Though its proclaimed to be vegetable oil emulsifier mostly stearic fatty acid is widely used as it's a cheap bone Phosphate and serves a anticaking agent too
You may ask why we are loosely regulated with these kind of thing, that's power of sugar and oil lobby

It's a big market to make you sick with your money and hands 🤔
So if you don't believe the market share

Their growth rate is always equivalent to sickness growth rate in hindsight

No intention to threaten but facts are printed on pack but just Cryptic 😎
There is lots of alternatives available rather than that crunchy and sugary bite

All Nuts, dried and salted makhanas, traditional Puffed rice cakes or spicy puffed rice to name a few

Mind the bite today and be healthy!!

• • •

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How to overcome coffee craving?

- Coffee addiction is going unnoticed in our nation,seen in teens to elderly
- Has become more of national beverage and morning ritual of every household
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-Problem starts on the overdose, extra spoon of sugar, instant coffee

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Saree - An Traditional and ancient healthy attire

- Clothes are primarily a energy shield to ourselves and our mind

- Clothing has impact on our energy levels and positivity

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Oil Pulling - Ancient oral health practice

- Take a tablespoon full of coconut oil, swish around mouth for 15 minutes on a empty stomach

- Spit out the oil when it turns milky white and thinned out

- Gargle with warm water with sea salt

-- Don't swallow the oil / water Oil Pulling
- This should be done in sitting position with chin up

- Can be taught to kids as well above 5-6 Years with half teaspoon oil for 3-5 minutes

- Per Ayurveda, Tongue/ oral hygiene has impact to most of vital organs of human body

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Shakthi mudra - A powerful hand gesture to increase immunity, peaceful sleep, Glowing skin

- This mudra provides strength or power often done as part of Durga Devi pooja

-Strengthens immunity
- Revitalises nervous system & energises body
- Aids proper respiration
-Must mudra for women especially before and after period days

- Useful for people working in stressful conditions / recouping from trauma / PTSD

-Aids more results when done along with meditation or chanting of Durga suktam / Saptashloki
Yaa Devi Sarva-Bhutessu Shakti-Ruupenna Samsthitaa |
Namas-Tasyai Namas-Tasyai Namas-Tasyai Namo Namah ||

To that Devi Who in All Beings is Abiding in the Form of Power,
Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, Salutations again and again.

- Devi suktam
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