An incredible financial shift is taking place before our eyes with institutional money steadily flowing into the market.

If you zoom out and actually understand what is coming then you will know this decade will be insane for #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum

A recent survey by Fidelity shows that 90% of institutions plan to have exposure to crypto by 2026. That is INSANE.…
"institutions" represents a very broad group.
Here's a break down of money by group (non exhaustive list)
Hedge Funds 4 trillion
Sovereign Wealth Funds 5 trillion
Central Banks 9 trillion
Asset Managers 34 trillion

Even a fraction of this money entering crypto is HUGE!!!
The appetite for exposure to crypto is still high even now. A16Z raised 2.2 billion during the market slump, probably because BTC is going to 0 right? lol…
We are also starting to see a big surge in interest towards decentralized finance products. Grayscale just unveiled a new defi fund

Both Aave and Compound Finance have launched services for institutions. Surely they did that because institutions are keen to get a slice of this hot tasty defi pie!…
Globally the bond markets are worth 119 trillion. lol

US bonds 1.2%
UK 0.6%
Japan 0.016%
France -0.04% (negative rates)
Germany -0.39% (negative rates)

Aave 4-5%
Rates can go much higher in defi too.

No surprise institutions want a piece of the action
Tesla is considering starting to accept BTC in exchange for cars again. This would be nice social proofing since their initial 180 caused others to panic.

The real Tesla news though is that a reason for buying BTC is due to negative rates.…
Internationally publicly traded companies are sitting on 10 trillion in cash which is being inflated into oblivion and in many countries is now also being directly taken from accounts as part of negative rate policies. Some of this money will come to crypto.
Family offices are also getting more and more interested in crypto as an investment class.

This report shows that 45% of family offices plan to invest in crypto.…
There are 56.1 million millionaires. Each can buy about 1/3 of a Bitcoin, assuming equal distribution.

663,500 people in the world have $30 million or more. Yet 30 million is not usually enough for a family office, for that you need 100 million.
There are around 30,000 people with 100 million or more globally which is a bare minimum of 3,000,000,000,000 in total wealth.

The world's 2,755 billionaires control 13.1 trillion in wealth.

So yeah, a lot of money which can enter the market! Even 1% would be dramatic!
Long story short there are trillions on the sidelines.

And signals are being sent up that slowly but surely this money is getting interested in crypto.

Crypto remains the #1 asset class for the 2020s for investors.

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