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25 Jul, 79 tweets, 75 min read
S. #Syria: this morning this huge convoy reached town of #Daraa. It has 100s of 4th Division soldiers with heavy artillery & many armor incl. Adra tanks equipped for urban warfare. Way to get concessions but any offensive has to been greenlighted by #Russia (not the case so far).
S. #Syria: among the equipment 4th Division brought in #Daraa this morning, there's also the IRAM heavy "Golan" launcher, with 12 x 360 mm caliber's rockets (each one with a warhead of 180 kg). Highly imprecise, use for carpet bombardment. ImageImage
S. #Syria: today 4th Division entered the S. part of #Daraa, breaching deal to set up few checkpoints. It triggered clashes with local insurgents. After sporadic shelling, tensions remain tonight amidst negotiations. Outcome: one killed, several wounded.
S. #Syria: quick escalation as Daraa battle started this morning. Insurgents ambushed 4th Div trying to avance & killed 7. SAA retaliated w/ heavy bombardement w/ IRAM rockets for 1st time since 2018. Insurgents from other areas attacking military positions in solidarity w/ Daraa
S. #Syria: clashes spread in several parts of #Daraa province with insurgents taking control of several checkpoints in the countryside, seizing tank, vehicles & ammo. Dozens soldiers captured. Several civilians were also killed by #SAA heavy bombardement. ImageImage
S. #Syria: today insurgents captured an insane number of pro-Assad fighters, not even seen during #Daraa final Offensive in 2018. #SAA lost today control of many checkpoints & areas in the province. They will be used in upcoming negotiations. Video from Saida👇
S. #Syria: today #SAA did what it can do best, indiscriminately bombing civilians for collective punishment. 5 civilians incl. 4 children & one baby were killed in Yaduda (NW. #Daraa) when an elephant rocket flattened their house. Another teen was sniped. 17 civilians slain today ImageImageImageImage
S. #Syria: from Jassem (pic 2) to Tasil (pic 3), from Yaduda to Saida, pro-Assad fighters were captured in largr numbers & military positions in #Daraa province were quickly overrun. No aircover, most of them didn't even put a fight. ImageImageImage
S. #Syria: Moaz Al-Zoubi, former #FSA leader from Tafas, was killed today in clashes with #SAA in the W. #Daraa countryside. He survived multiple assassination attempts after he refused to reconcile & join Assad's forces. Image
S. #Syria: 4th Division still hasn't improved much about guerrilla warfare, despite years of battle in Jobar & elsewhere. After 7 of its soldiers were eliminated in an ambush in #Daraa, it started to strike the town with heavy Elephant rockets, killing & wounding residents.
S. #Syria: among documented fatalities today in #Daraa:
- 2 soldiers from Ghab & area of Masyaf (NW. #Hama)
- 2 local insurgents. ImageImageImageImage
S. #Syria: something which didn't happen since years in the South. Insurgents securing & covering soldiers who just defected from #SAA during clashes in the W. #Daraa countryside.
S. #Syria: situation calmed down today in #Daraa province after clashes spread in several areas yesterday. Negotiations so far didn't succeed. Both sides preparing for new escalation. 2 pro-Assad fighters were also released👇 ImageImage
S. #Syria: a truce has been agreed last night during negotiations which included #Russia. Dozens of pro-Assad fighters captured 2 days ago were freed, insurgents evacuated positions they took over in the E. #Daraa countryside while #SAA stopped attacks & bombardment.
S. #Syria: residents displaced by 4th Division-led attack & bombardment on town of #Daraa started to come back following the truce reached last night. Image
S. #Syria: insurgents destroyed today a checkpoint seized from Assad's Intelligence near Jassem in the NW. #Daraa province.
S. #Syria: 3rd day of cautious calm in #Daraa. No final deal reached yet. Negotiations continue while all ~40 soldiers captured by insurgents were released.
S. #Syria: this morning #SAA & Assad's Intelligence started to withdraw from many checkpoints in the #Daraa province, from Dael to area of Bosra (E. countryside). Negotiations continue with #Russia. ImageImageImage
S. #Syria: negotiations btwn central committee & #Russia/Assad didn't succeed in #Daraa acc. to leaks of today's meetings. Clashes & sporadic shelling renewed tonight. #SAA brought in more reinforcements.
S. #Syria: a source within the #Daraa central committee confirms failure of negotiations today during a meeting attended today by #Russia|n Officials (pic). Insurgents mobilizing tonight, expecting new #SAA attack. Image
S. #Syria: #Daraa insurgents detonated last night a checkpoint belonging to Air Force Intelligence in Dael (evacuated 2 days ago). New round of negotiations today amidst presence of #Russia|n Officials. ImageImage
S. #Syria: today 100s of civilians left the S. part of town of #Daraa, which says a lot on the outcome of negotiations they expect. #SAA asks bribe of 200,000 SP for those who want to leave towards the E. countryside. Image
S. #Syria: despite absence of clashes sporadic mortar shelling by #SAA damaged a Mosque in the E. outskirts of #Daraa. ImageImage
S. #Syria: as 100s of families were still leaving town of #Daraa fearing #SAA bombardment, Assad's forces blocked today the road to stop them.
S. #Syria: this is the moment Assad's forces bombed the minaret of a Mosque in E. outskirts of town of #Daraa this morning.
S. #Syria: while negotiations continue in #Daraa, at night insurgents target military checkpoints in the province (symbolic actions without casualties) while 4th Division retaliates firing mortars during the day. Video from Nawa last night👇
S. #Syria: while negotiations continue in #Daraa prolonging the ceasefire backed by #Russia (but without reaching any agreement), early this morning 4th Division shelling on the S. neighborhoods killed a resident. Image
S. #Syria: negotiating Committee reached agreement with #Russia on #Daraa:
- handover of weapons
- amnesty
- search campaign by #SAA + joint patrols with Russia
- those refusing deported to the North.
Insurgents, not part of deal, widely reject it.
S. #Syria: for the second time this month 4th Division bombed a Mosque in town of #Daraa with tank shells. Location:… ImageImage
S. #Syria: after the setback suffered end of July (ambush & 10s soldiers captured), 4th Division is bringing more reinforcement to #Daara, incl. many heavy launchers for IRAM rockets. ImageImageImage
S. #Syria: possible breakthrough as #Russia|n troops are now entering #Daraa among with 5th Corps, forcing 4th division to stop shelling. 1st time #Russia publicly disavowing 4th Division whose method, use of force only, blatantly failed. 1st pics👇 ImageImage
S. #Syria: around 10 former Rebels who rejected current agreement left tonight #Daraa heading to N. Syria. There are also civilian casualties after #SAA opened fire on the crowd. Image
#Syria: photo showing the former Rebels who reached this morning area of Al-Bab (N. #Aleppo) after displacement from #Daraa. 2 among them were on the most wanted list by Assad's Intelligence. Image
S. #Syria: for the first time in 3 years, #SAA bombed directly with heavy artillery the town of #Tafas in the NW. Daraa countryside. At least 2 civilians (women) killed, several wounded.
S. #Syria: "targeting terrorists" is the usual motus of pro-Assad bombardment. In reality, #Tafas (NW. #daraa) shelling was another random shelling by #SAA on a populated town, which is an umpteenth war crime. 2 civilians killed, 6 others wounded. ImageImageImageImage
S. #Syria: today more irreconcilied Rebels with their families (at least 50 ppl) left #Daraa to reach the N. #Aleppo countryside. Image
S. #Syria: violent bombardment by 4th Disivion on the E. outskirts of #Daraa this afternoon. Wave of IRAM rockets just fired👇
S. #Syria: Assad's forces (likely 4th Division) blowing up today a building in town of #Daraa, using tanks & Shilkas.
S. #Syria: widespread devastation following 4th Division bombardment with heavy artillery on S. #Daraa districts. ImageImageImageImage
S. #Syria: watch 4th Division Shilkas firing on S. #Daraa districts today. One of them took position in residential buildings.
S. #Syria: watch the destruction caused by 4th Division bombardment on S. #Daraa disctricts. Remains of IRAM rockets everywhere.
#Daraa last nigth under heavy bombardment by 4th Division's IRAM rockets. #Syria. Image
S. #Syria: 4th Division battery of "Golan" launchers firing a wave of IRAM rockets on S. districts of #Daraa. High explosive capacity, but highly inaccurate. Note the heavy model on the right.
Breaking. 4th Division launched an assault on S. #Daraa districts under cover of heavy artillery bombardment. Heavy clashes ongoing on SW. front. #Syria. Image
S. #Syria: 4th Division is using overlooking positions in Sahari district to strike S. #Daraa district. Video shows a Shilka blasting buildings at dawn today.
S. #Syria: W. #Daraa insurgents announce general mobilization & threaten attacks if 4th Division doesn't stop assault on S. districts of #Daraa, where clashes & shelling continue. Image
S. #Syria: from the side of clashes & bombardment in S. part of #Daraa today following 4th Division-led attack.
S. #Syria: Bilal & Ahmed, residents of #Daraa, were killed this afternoon in 4th Division bombardment with IRAM rockets. ImageImage
S. #Syria: entire street devastated by 4th Division bombardment in #Daraa. This is the place where 2 civilians were killed today.
S. #Syria: insurgents announce assaults on #Daraa were repelled. Meanwhile #SAA extended bombardment on NW. Daraa countryside, bombing area of Jalin & Tafas. Image
S. #Syria: direct hit on Dr Abazid Mosque tonight in #Daraa, decapitating the minaret, as #SAA keeps shelling the town after it failed to advance.…
S. #Syria: since dawn 4th Division fired dozens of IRAM rockets on #Daraa. It is believed to be prelude of an Offensive.
S. #Syria: moment when 4th Division blasted the Al-Mansour Mosque with an IRAM rocket in besieged #Daraa today. Fierce clashes & bombardment ongoing. 100s residents left Tafas after the town was shelled by #SAA.
S. #Syria: village of Maziraa in the NW. #Daraa countryside was heavily bombed today by #SAA.…
S. #Syria: truce reached for #Daraa with same terms than before if agreement implemented: handover of weapons, checkpoints inside the S. districts & deportation for those refusing it.
S. #Syria: #Russia|n forces entered S. districts of #Daraa to implement deal. First 34 insurgents started to hand over weapons, settling their conditions. ImageImageImage
#Syria: after 2 months, siege of southern #Daraa districts is officially over following implementation of deal. Saraya barrier being removed tonight👇 Image
S. #Syria: 31 weapons were handed over today by #Daraa insurgents. Situation of 200+ people wanted by #SAA was settled. Process will end tomorrow. Image
S. #Syria: after start of implementation of #Daraa deal, everything collapsed. #SAA asked inspections for all & 2x more checkpoints. Widely rejected, most residents will be deported, in coordination with Russia, towards #Turkey or #Jordan in biggest displacement wave since 2019.
S. #Syria: no movement this morning in S. #Daraa districts as neither #Turkey nor #Jordan accepted the request to host the residents as refugees (themselves refusing to go to N. Syria). Image
S. #Syria: situation is so deadlocked that #Daraa dignitaries are asking Jordanian King to open the border for the residents wanting to leave. However Jordanian leadership has shown total indifference for Daraa situation since years, as well as the International community.
Unbelievable war scene last night. Not Taliban assault on #Panjshir but massive 4th Division bombardment on S. #Daraa districts, after umpteenth failure of negotiations. A hundred IRAM rockets fired, still ongoing.
S. #Syria: following entire night of bombarmdent, 4th Division launched assault on S. #Daraa districts. Fierce clashes ongoing with local insurgents (all reports of #ISIS fighters there are pro-Assad low cost desinformation).
S. #Syria: first video showing fierce clashes raging in S. #Daraa disctricts following #SAA assault this morning. Heavy battle on several axes as 4th Division is trying to enter.
S. #Syria: again 4th Division-led attempts to break into the S. #Daraa districts were thwarted by insurgents, despite hours of violent pre-emptive bombardment. #Russia announced moments ago a new temporary ceasefire.
S. #Syria: back to 1st Sept. deal after new round of negotiations in #Daraa. #Russia|n troops entered the town to implement agreement, consisting in delivery of few weapons & settling conditions for some ppl. Image
S. #Syria: several dozens of insurgents surrendered today in #Daraa in presence of #Russia|n SOF, handing over weapons & settling their status. ImageImageImage
S. #Syria: over a hundred weapons were handed over today by insurgents in #Daraa, biggest arms delivery since 2018. It includes some launchers for anti-tank rockets (M79 & RPG-29). ImageImageImage
S. #Syria: further step of deal in #Daraa today was deployment of #SAA in several checkpoints in the S. districts. They reached that area for the 1st time since 2013. ImageImageImage
S. #Syria: 1,000s of civilians, who fled S. part of #Daraa due to bombardment, started to come back today following agreement.
S. #Syria: some areas are totally devastated by lastest 4th Division bombardment on S. #Daraa districts. Mosques are a primary target for collective punishement. ImageImageImageImage
S. #Syria: after #Daraa-city, past hours it was the turn of Yadudah (W. countryside) where 10s of ppl settled their situation & few weapons were collected. ImageImage
S. #Syria: same process today for nearby village of Muzayrib in the W. #Daraa countryside. #Russia|n forces arrived there this moning as 'wanted' ppl will settle their conditions & handover weapons. Image
S. #Syria: weapons handed over by Muzayrib insurgents (W. #Daraa). Among usual AKs, also an anti-tank launcher RPG-75. Image
S. #Syria: Assad's forces massively entered today in Muzayrib in the W. #Daraa countryside after latest agreement. Next one is town of #Tafas, which will put an and to the so-called Reconciliation deals in the entire area.
S. #Syria: #Russia|n troops & #SAA entered town of #Tafas in the NW. #Daraa countryside today, putting an end to its independence. Weapons being handed over, incl. DIY rockets & ppl currently settling their situation. ImageImageImage
S. #Syria: over a hundred weapons were handed over today by irreconcilied Rebels in Tafas (NW. #Daraa), incl. RPG & mortar launchers. In total 768 ppl settled their situation. ImageImageImageImage
S. #Syria: 1,000+ troops started this morning their deployment in town of #Tafas (NW. #Daraa), following previous agreement. They will set up checkpoints & launch house to house inspections. ImageImage
S. #Syria: after the W. #Daraa countryside, settlement agreements reached the Eastern province. It started with Naimah, Saida & Kahil, soon extended to Jizah & others. It will curtail influence of #Russia|n-backed 5th Corps whose presence will likely be reduced to area of Bosra. ImageImageImage

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