1-This is just MY opinion.
I think any 'pain pt advocate' should be helping to dispel the notion that 'overprescribing' MDs, or a 'over supply', of legal, known potency, pain medicines, caused the so called 'opioid crisis'.
2-A pain patient advocate should be working to do away with parole like policies of endless drug testing for pain patients & law enforcement tools like the PDMP; as these 'tools' have done NOTHING to prevent ODs. In fact all above policies have coincided with INCREASING ODs.
3-A pain patient advocate should be pushing back on the 'opioids as a last resort & the 'dangerous drug' narrative.
Opioids are a safe and effective way of treating pain for MOST people and the data shows that prescribed opiates as an initiating point for addiction is RARE.
4-A pain patient advocate, especially those who are not pain patients themselves, should be open to dissenting points of view in regard to advocacy efforts; as those of us LIVING through this nightmare know what is HARMING US. 😔
5-Right now in upper level 'advocating', none of the above listed points are happening.
In fact, just the opposite.

• • •

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19 Jul
@thomasjwwalters 1-'Rx opioids caused the OD crisis and #deathsofdespair'
In fact, my hypothesis is that it was a tragic coincidence that opioid prescribing increased to adequately treat those with pain/chronic pain right alongside a prolonged national catastrophe.
@thomasjwwalters 2- We KNOW that drug & alcohol use issues often go hand in hand with emotional, financial, and other types of 'trauma'. The collective trauma of a terrorist attack, war, financial corruption and collapse, ppl losing homes, jobs, retirement... A PERFECT STORM for ⤴️drug use.
@thomasjwwalters 3- These factors touched ALL of America. Especially hard hit was (white) Middle Class America, already struggling, but then landed with the knock out blow of job loss due to Wall Street corruption, exportation of manufacturing jobs, people losing homes, savings, retirement etc...
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14 Jul
1-Let's be clear. If it weren't for the false narrative that RX opiates were driving OD deaths, no one would be supporting 'saving' people battling addiction.
2-It was only after (white) Uppper & Middle Class Americans, (especially people of affluence), began losing loved ones and kids due to a deadly drug supply that the 'false narrative' about 'opioids' became mainstream.
3-Drug deaths & addiction, even to 'opioids', has been around a very long time. In fact, the drug war, like any other war, is a profitable enterprise.
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4 Jun
The voices of anti-opioid PROPaganda @PaulCoelho @supportprop
2/From ~PainNewsNework~"Drs. Mark Sullivan and Jane Ballantyne say opioid medication numbs the physical and emotional pain of patients, but interferes with the human need for social connections.
“Their social and emotional functioning is messed up under a wet blanket of opioids”
3/Then there's Anna Lembke who tells us that we should 'find joy in our pain'... while accusing us of 'adopting a sick role'.
Read 6 tweets
1 Apr
@Shasta_Rayne 1/Bottom line-we KNOW that the '#opioidcrisis' wasn't caused by MDs treating pain. We KNOW that it's primarily younger, often males, ODing on street drugs while #CPPs aren't ODing & are often older. We KNOW the PDMP is a drag net & DEA/LE involvement is why MDs are afraid to RX.
@Shasta_Rayne 2/We KNOW state Standards of Care were drafted around CDC 'guideline' with DEA scrutiny as their backdrop for policy making. We listened in as they changed pain tx standards with that in mind.
"How much & for how long can I rx my post surgical pt without DEA coming down on me."
@Shasta_Rayne 3/We KNOW HHS & the NPS has created a tragic mess for pain patients even though this OD issue was NEVER REALLY ABOUT PRESCRIBING; and we know why.
At some point, even if it was initially believed to be a public safety issue, it became a money issue when the truth came out.
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30 Mar
1-Some things are clear after watching the show today.
1/Drug use does not = addiction.
2/Ppl choose to use drugs; recreationally or in addictive process. There is no blame w/accidental ODs except the unknown aspect of the drug being used.
@TamronHallShow @drcarlhart
3/People are suffering in the addiction community, and now too in the pain community, as the national discussion around 'opioids' has been largely based on high emotion vs rational discourse and sadly mainly due to profit driven agendas & policies.
4/As a parent of an adult child battling addiction, I've been unable to be there for her, because as I as a person with a severe C-spine injury and chronic illness I am denied the pain MEDICINES that allowed me to function.
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27 Mar
@OldHeadFighta @lakeparkcpl @JT_Berone @national_pain 1-The NPS focus is primarily a data mining study of CPPs and pain, states pain is a biopsychosocial experience, places emphasis on 'alternatives' & 'multi-modal' options while constantly equating opioids w/ OUD & addiction as 'risk'.
'Reduce new starts', a rule of thumb.
@OldHeadFighta @lakeparkcpl @JT_Berone @national_pain 2-While NPS professes to support 'patient centered care' we know that that is not possible when opiates are concerned as treating pain in that realm is overseen by non medical entities creating policies that involve DEA/DOJ/LE involvement.
@OldHeadFighta @lakeparkcpl @JT_Berone @national_pain 3-The NPS actually removes MD and PT autonomy in making medical decisions. It also professes not to discriminate but promotes screening people for recreational drug use, childhood trauma, domestic violence or rape as a 'risk management' tool in regard to prescribing practice.
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