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1-Objective: SAVE LIVES.
Recently I said a #SafeSupply is the pinnacle of saving lives but I realized it's not; it's the FOUNDATION, upon which we build policies to actually save lives.
I'm going to refer to this moving forward as the GOLD STANDARD in reducing #DeathsOfDespair. Image
2-Drugs would be legalized. A safe, known potency supply of substances created by existing drug manufacturers. It would include supply for RX'd medicines as well as for OTC public, adult, sales and consumption. Similar to how alcohol is sold & consumed now.
#SafeSupply Image
3-The BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS being funneled into the #DrugWar and the 'opioid crisis' would be put into improving efficacy and access to AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE, including mental and dental health, while bridging gaps in regard to other #socialdeterminants of health. Image
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Let's break down #TheGreatOpioidLie.
1-"Over-prescribing was the cause of the opioid crisis."
First according to the Medical Board of CA, there is no legal definition of 'overprescribing'.
Second, it is a THEORY that the mandate to treat pain led to the overdose crisis
cont... Image
2-The Gov's own stats disprove the access theory. As access to RX meds declines we continued to see a steady increase in drug deaths.
Seems something else might have been a the heart of why we saw a rise in ODs and continue to see record numbers of PEOPLE dying.
3-Could it have been the collective trauma we all experienced after 9/11, then we sent our loved ones off to war, and they were being sent home with broken bodies, then the financial collapse, outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, people losing homes, retirement, investment accts... Image
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Eindelijk iets van hoop in het Nederlandse debat.

Sir Angus Deaton, Nobelprijswinnaar Economie 2015 en Princeton-hoogleraar:

‘What’s the Matter With Capitalism?’

#DeathsofDespair #Covid19 #Capitalism
➡️…… Image
Belangrijke bijdrage @nrc.

Anne Case en Angus Deaton.

#DeathsofDespair #Covid19 #Opioids #Capitalism…
Zaterdag 17 december 2022
Aula Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Campus Woudestein

What’s the Matter With Capitalism

Angus Deaton

#DeathsofDespair #Covid19 #Opioids #Capitalism…
…… Image
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@thomasjwwalters 1-'Rx opioids caused the OD crisis and #deathsofdespair'
In fact, my hypothesis is that it was a tragic coincidence that opioid prescribing increased to adequately treat those with pain/chronic pain right alongside a prolonged national catastrophe.
@thomasjwwalters 2- We KNOW that drug & alcohol use issues often go hand in hand with emotional, financial, and other types of 'trauma'. The collective trauma of a terrorist attack, war, financial corruption and collapse, ppl losing homes, jobs, retirement... A PERFECT STORM for ⤴️drug use.
@thomasjwwalters 3- These factors touched ALL of America. Especially hard hit was (white) Middle Class America, already struggling, but then landed with the knock out blow of job loss due to Wall Street corruption, exportation of manufacturing jobs, people losing homes, savings, retirement etc...
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1-Some things are clear after watching the show today.
1/Drug use does not = addiction.
2/Ppl choose to use drugs; recreationally or in addictive process. There is no blame w/accidental ODs except the unknown aspect of the drug being used.
@TamronHallShow @drcarlhart
3/People are suffering in the addiction community, and now too in the pain community, as the national discussion around 'opioids' has been largely based on high emotion vs rational discourse and sadly mainly due to profit driven agendas & policies.
4/As a parent of an adult child battling addiction, I've been unable to be there for her, because as I as a person with a severe C-spine injury and chronic illness I am denied the pain MEDICINES that allowed me to function.
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Two+ months since I wrote this. Where are we now? A (long) thread about protest, statues, events as transformations of structures. Plus #MMT and regime change!!…
Thinking about the protests and two other things I saw on here last week:
1) huge marches didn’t prevent Iraq War;
2) Do we know what would satisfy the protesters?
(plus, of course, the French Revolution)
3/ Iraq (or Brexit) marches are not good analogies, I think. Those were attempts to sway small group of national lawmakers, get them to NOT do something planned. When invasion/Brexit happened anyway, protests had “failed.”
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