You’re not paid based on how hard you work.

You’re paid based on how hard you are to replace.

I went from 0 to CMO in 7 years.

THREAD: 18 lessons to become indispensable at work.
Create order when you find chaos

- Be a calming presence
- Build repeatable systems
- Don't seek drama, seek structure
Bias toward shipping

- Done is better than perfect
- Ship more than you're even comfortable with
Ask for forgiveness, not permission

- Do great work and do it quickly
- Prove worth with your work
- Let results be your apology
Make decisions with quick patience

- Don’t overthink
- Give yourself a moment to think — don’t rush just to appease the other person’s timeline
Ask questions that move the group forward

- Learn how to ask great questions
- Push back on ideas with questions
- Don't ask questions just to be heard
- Ask questions others aren't willing to
Treat your work as art

- Have pride in what you ship
- Go nuts on being overly creative
- Quit when it stops being art to you
- Put things out there others wouldn't dare
Build side hustles within the company

- Learn skills outside your sphere
- Take things off co-workers hands
- Ask your CEO for extra work hustles
Build repeatable systems

- Identify what exists and not
- Build systems for tasks with none
- Record training videos for everything
- Help others build systems for themselves
Be effective even on vacation

- No, don’t work on your vacation
- Set up systems and programs to run in your absence
- Communicate needs ahead of time and ask for help of coworkers
- Accomplish work even when you’re not at work
Be a critical thinker in the midst of “Yes” people

- Don’t agree to everything
- Challenge the impact of each project
- Take 24 hrs for non-minor decisions
- Challenge the way things have always been done
Outpace your peers at learning

- Make study a daily routine
- Nevers stop learning your niche
- Host lunch and learn sessions often
Forget the word “Perfect”

- Ship at 70% ready
- Perfect never gets done
- Analyze results & improve next time
Build an audience

- Show your expertise openly
- Give away free advice always
- Become worth learning from
- Leverage audience into roles
Tackle a Quick Win every day

- Pick something you can do today
- Plan out daily in your calendar
- Go out and get that thing done
- Report on results
Record 3 daily highlights

- Tasks that must be accomplished
- If they are, the day is a success
- If not, the day is a failure
- Report daily
Stay top of mind in Slack, email, and meetings

- Batch mail into 1-hour session daily
- Keep meetings to 1 day of the week
- Open Slack twice daily
- Be present, not distracted
Exercise humble confidence

- Know your weaknesses
- Know your strengths
- Remind daily what you’re doing well
- Take criticism as mentorship and add them to your “To Improve” list
Learn from role growth advisors

- Write down your core goal for your current role
- Find someone who has achieved that goal already
- Reach out and seek mentorship
- Listen and do what they say
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