Let the #r #reach of thy birdie app do its magic

I once ghosted an ex that sought to reconnect

She had turned away from me 1st

But that justifies not my actions

Let $this OP & impending thread stand as my account of MY actions
_My Account

Her name shall remain Scarlette

Yet her scars were not her own

For they were afflicted from another

For she was no harlot
Nor deserved the blood letter she bore

Her father commanded naval vessels
& trusted in a true captain
& he entrusted to me ...
2 tools which may be used ...utilized... to defend my ( $meow || present ) household, as we soon anticipate a 3rd human arrival to join our current trio of furry kitty babies

Let us ret // return to the main thread of this tale ...
We, Scarlette & i,
Met @ a Bible conference
I was led there by a female pastor
And joined by a young cousin

She, Scarlette, manned the reception desk
Suppose we say she manned the secretarial post
My young bro-cuz (son of my mom's sis) wished to see her smile & laugh

Thus he wished to repeat a crass joke

But he was young

& shy

So i chose to speak upon his behalf

I shall elect to leave the joke off this record
Suffice it to say ...
It involved the 1st 3 ltrs of a particular common alphabet and then a prompt for the "user" to cough

Followed up with a punch to point out the "user" choked on something ...disgusting...

At least,
Disgusting in the eyes of some (approx half)
Bk to our main

I was content to let the interaction fall there

She, however, stepped up & marshaled a 2nd interaction thru daFapp

We continued speaking

We shared

We bonded
Then ...

After some time

As the summer closed,
& the autumn cool of fall approached

She asked for the permission to persue ...to chase... another

I let her go

But then,
As a boomerang,
She came bk
But ...
Scarlette was no longer the same in my eyes

She chose to leave my arms

My protection

My guidance

My story
So ...

As a princess's husband once spake ...
"As ye wish"
Instead of manning up

I cowered

I failed

I flopped
I ghosted the young maiden
Scarlette ...

Should $this threaded tale ever cross ur mind
ur eyes
ur ears ...

Plz know ... I failed u

Not the other way around

I bare the brunt of that burden for the remainder of my humanly hours

> Thee Jackal, aka Jax
PT ( PT := post thread)

Known by some as :

As for me ...
Call me as u plz ( :

I answer to *almost* any name

The events of the ^ $above tale occured within the span of the summer of an earthly 2015,

Following a speedy & painful exit of a ~5yr courtship

Some may say ...
Scarlette served as my rebound

As i neglected to accept the rest&relaxation of singlehood for a summer
Pastor @clouse_micah

How can u use my above /\ tale to better this inter-web we weave???

β€’ β€’ β€’

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13 Aug
I formally submit 5 mathematical axioms (constant) to live my life by ...

i (the complex ... number)
The abstractional concept of "nothing"
The abstractional concept of "away || apart from mothing"
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13 Aug
#o --> oh me, oh my ...

U sure do seem to appear to be havin' some * $lite * // slight technical difficulties (he he heπŸ˜†πŸ€“πŸ˜‰)

Here, a Tweet of helping hand(s)

A '#' ( hash-tsg |or| pound-sign ) is used in 'computer-talk' kind of like a "name tag" that a human would wear
But totally d'accord it may to be if ye did not know some || any part of /\ thatπŸ™‚

Cuz, ya know ... haha who can * know * everything???

But alas,

The '#' name-tag of computer-talk {or perhaps .better. 'coding lang($)'} can be a very helpful & useful tool
Huh, wait ... Look up there /\

Did u 2 C that odd '$'???

Huh, may be perhaps that should've

...should have...
...should of...
...oh!, 4get that $ hit!...

Haha cuz who needz $$$$$
When a lil $$ may suffice

But only $ ,
... well ... that could kill
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12 Aug
iF ( life === [game] ) {
# theN
tryNot2Lose( $me )

There is seemingly no other way
4 the USA Nascar racer, Dale Earnhardt Sr, taught me roughly ...

"If ur not 1st,
[Then] ur last"


But ... What is so bad about being last?
Are we not told that the last ($here) shall then become 1st ...somewhere...

&! Perhaps ...
"Crowns" || "Rewards" || "peanuts"

<to be> || are ... simply treats



May B, as ... a motivational guide???

πŸ€” idk

Perhaps I ramble
Maybe I lie ... lay ... deceive
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11 Aug
3 axioms of present #math || #maths

1) 0 is a thing, abstracting the concept of nothing

2) 1 is a thing, abstracting the concept of 1 unit away from 0, the 1st thing

3) the things 0 & 1 can meaningfully be "added" || "combined" to form new things

Let us call 1+1 to be 2
Let us call 0 + (-1) to be -1 in an IOU sense

From those, I can see ...

Then we may encapsulate these op's into maps || or func's if ye prefer

Ahh maps ... Well functions
Pure functions

When the same 2 inputs yield the same output ... Or 2 outputs ... Once outputted

Haha who knows?!!?
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25 Jul
Pro #tip

Get a Google acct (aka a gmail) (if possible)

W/ ur new Google acct, explore all the wonderful FREE services & products that u get access to all for the low low cost of Google knowing ALL ur data (so do not share anything private w/ the Google)
Specifically :
A) Sheets
B) Docs
C) Photos
D) Drive
E) Slides
F) Forms
G) Colab
A) Google Sheets

The much better Microsoft Excel

Used to make & edit :
- spreadsheets
- CSV (comma-separated value) files
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22 Jul
#testing 1... 2... 3...

#feedback pls!

Preferably constructive,
But if ya must troll ...

Ne warned I may be so inclined as to fire back ;)
I shall accept "<3"s as no construction needed :)
#testing smaller file size
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