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now it might just be the fact that there's literal brain damage in my left hemisphere that makes #maths impossible, but can any of you numbertastic types explain WHAT THE HELL this means?

i can't get it
Neither can the Child age 10 Image
Apparently one of my child's friends came up with M.A.T.H.

Mental Abuse to Humans.

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"Exploring different infinities" (since @mauropm & @gnuowned) told me they did no understand when they invited me to their podcast @openenchilada).

The idea of this thread is to show you easily that there are different infinities [...] #mathematics #mathschat #math #maths
Lets start with the set of natural numbers IN={1,2,3,...} the size of this set is ℵ0 (aleph-0) which is the first infinity. We want to compare this infinite set with others. But first, how do you know when a set A has the same size as a set B without counting? [...]
Imagine a dance party, in one side you have the set M of men & in the other side the set W of women. You would like to see dancing pairs of people of different sex. If you generate the pairs and EVERYBODY is dancing then you can say that |M|=|W| (both have the same size) [...]
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Too many patients to see and short staffed. Solution - I'm going to pod bad jokes to the lab to cheer myself up. #MemeReg #medtwitter #TeamNightShift #cheese
And so it begins....
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Indian Mathematician Baudhayana
[ Baudhayan theorem] 1000BC
-baudhayana sutras
Here is the "Pythagoras theorem" given by baudhayan
दीर्घचतुरश्रस्याक्ष्णया रज्जु: पार्श्र्वमानी तिर्यग् मानी च यत् पृथग् भूते कुरूतस्तदुभयं करोति!
A rope stretched along the length of the diagonal produces an area which the vertical and horizontal sides make together
2)Baudhāyana in Āpastamba Sulbasūtra gives the length of the diagonal of a square in terms of its sides, ( approximation of √2)

"samasya dvikaraṇī. pramāṇaṃ tṛtīyena vardhayet
tac caturthenātmacatustriṃśonena saviśeṣaḥ"
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These are the #stories of #math that we celebrate, amplify and make central to the idea of #maths as a #objective #neutral #culture-free subject. #Math can do no #harm, and the #logical “pure math” thinking of #Mathematicians is worthy of emulation. But... 1/x
2/x ... "What about pure mathematics and mathematicians who merely prove theorems? Is there any #ethical component comparable to what you find in other fields of #science?" - R. Hersh in Experiencing #Mathematics
3/x One point of view: "there's no need for #mathematicians to have a code of #ethics, because what we do matters so little that we can do whatever we like."
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There has been a lot of uninformed commentary on the exclusion of some topics from #CBSESyllabus. The problem with these comments is that they resort to sensationalism by connecting topics selectively to portray a false narrative.
As @cbseindia29 has clarified, schools have been advised to
follow the #NCERT Alternate Academic Calendar, and all the topics mentioned have been covered under the same Academic Calendar. The exclusions are merely a 1-time measure for exams, due to the #COVID19 pandemic.
The only aim is to relax the stress on students by reducing the syllabus by 30%. This exercise has been carried out following the advice & recommendations of various experts and considering the suggestions received from educationists through our #SyllabusForStudents2020 campaign.
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I am really thrilled to release #AutoSpill onto @biorxivpreprint. It is a novel method for applying compensation to #flowcytometry data, which reduces the error by ~100,000-fold. It is thanks to AutoSpill that we can push machines to their max colours…
#AutoSpill is a beautiful example of what #maths can add to #immunology, led by the talented Dr Carlos Roca.

It has really open up my eyes to the potential of #computationalbiology, and is the reason why we have a new #datascience position available:…
So how does #AutoSpill work? If you just want to compensate your data, simply upload your single colour controls to and then copy the spillover matrix to your #flowcytometry program of choice

@CarlyEWhyte can walk you through the whole process in <2'
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My top 10 of all time blog posts (as voted by clicks and reads, not my own opinion) - a thread, in case they are of any use to anyone:

No.10: No-Quiz Retrieval Practice Techniques…

No. 9: Geography Key Questions To Ask When Learning About A Place… #geography #primarygeography
No. 8: Whole Class Reading: Providing Challenge For Children Working At Greater Depth…
#wholeclassreading #teachingreading #greaterdepth
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1/n. Slow-moving thread on a series of related, relaxing puzzles. They all involve this game:

Label all vertices and edges of a graph. Use each number 1,2,3,... exactly once (don’t miss any). At each vertex the sum of its label and its incident edge labels must be a constant, h. Image
2/n The labeling is called “total” because vertices AND edges are labeled.

It’s called “vertex magic” because we form a sum at each vertex, and—magically—get the same result (called the magic constant) each time.

The 2 examples suggest questions, eg: which constants are ok&why? Image
3/n With the “weight” of a vertex being the sum of its label with its incident edge labels, we maximize the sum of all weights (and therefore the magic constant) by placing the biggest labels on the edges.

-Different magic constants are possible. 12 would be the largest for C_3. Image
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Question : tous les élèves peuvent-ils venir en classe ?
Y a le ministre et le président qui l'ont dit, qd même...

qq éléments de réponses :
Postulats :
-On suppose que la/le professeur circule dans la classe et utilise un tableau
-On colle les élèves le long des murs pour gagner de la place
-On installe une table entre chaque élève et on suppose la présence d’une chaise
-On compte 50 cm de rayon et on donne 40 cm de liberté à chaque élève… il semblerait qu’un élève ne soit pas assimilable à un point mathématique (mais les autorités du ministère contestent ce postulat)
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#Intisharat_e_mawla published the works of Muhammad Husayn Fazil-e Tuni (1880-1960), a famous teacher of Arabic literature and philosophy in #Tehran whose students include Javadi Amoli, Hasanzadeh Amoli as well as the historian of Persian literature Zabihollah Safa (1911-1999)1/ ImageImageImageImage
After studies in Arabic literature, grammar and rhetoric at Madrasa-ye Navvab #Mashhad, he moved #Isfahan where he studied with Jahangir Khan Qashqai (1827-1910), Shaykh 'Abdullah Gulpayigani & Mirza Muhammad Husayn Fisharaki (d. 1932) the latter students of Akhund Khurasani 2/ ImageImage
with Qashqai for 6 years, he studied the #Manzume of #Sabzavari (d. 1879), the #Shifa' of #Avicenna (d. 1037), and the #Tamhidalqawaid of #IbnTurka (d. 1432), a text that was emerging in the later #Qajar period as a tool for teaching philosophical mysticism #Irfan 3/ ImageImage
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So brilliant to be back at @RGS_IBG with colleagues from @PosNegOrg for #mathsofmigration CPD course using our @ESRC funded #MEDMIG data with teachers from across the UK. Excellent opportunity to engage young people in the complexities of migration to Europe Image
Thanks - as ever - to Jess from Oakland’s school for these brilliant examples from the students she works with of how the #MEDMIG data can be used in maths classes to educate and inform simultaneously Image
As a geographer I love a good map and I love the fact that young people are engaging with the stories and data from the #MEDMIG project to unpack #migrantjourneys. Also seems particularly appropriate given we are at the @RGS_IBG! Image
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Problem Of The Week! Can you make a big splash by answering this poser? #Maths #MathsChallenge #UKMT
Solution: D.
Suppose that there are x junior members. Then, as the ratio of junior to senior members is 3:2, there are senior members. Hence, as the ratio of senior members to veterans is 5:2, there are veterans.
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Irish-born Oliver Byrne (1810-1880) was an innovator in mathematics education, particularly in the teaching of geometry.
His most well known book was his colorful version of ‘Euclid’s Elements’, published in 1847.… #science
Nearly a century before Mondrian made geometrical red, yellow, and blue lines famous, mathematician Oliver Byrne employed the color scheme for the figures and diagrams in his most unusual 1847 edition of Euclid's Elements.…
Byrne faced physical and financial hardship and ridicule from his contemporaries for his mathematical and pedagogical innovations. He also published How to Measure the Earth with the Assistance of Railroads (1838). #maths #histsci…
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.@BarbBlackburn #ESSLC #ESSLC19 Rigour is creating an environment in which each student is: expected to learn at high levels; supported to learn at high levels; and demonstrates learning at high levels
.@BarbBlackburn #ESSLC #ESSLC19 Free resources related to this presentation on the website.
.@BarbBlackburn #ESSLC #ESSLC19 Environment: 1. Motivation 2. Student ownership 3. Safety and security 4. Progress and achievement
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Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of people are having trouble with the concept that if you pay less taxes, you receive a smaller refund? #science #maths
Dems crunching the numbers rn 😂
Meanwhile, logic prevails:
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It's #WinterSolstice, that is the shortest daytime in the Northern Hemisphere. Today's daytime in hours is given by this function
Daytime (Φ) = 24×cos⁻¹(tan(Φ)tan(23.5°))/180°,
where 0°<Φ<66.5° is the latitude measured in degrees.

#Maths #Trigonometry #WinterSolstice2018 Image
Try to derive the above formula by calculating the length of the sunny arc on any given circle of latitude.

And of course, assume that the Earth is a sphere. Image
By the way the #WinterSolstice daytime function
works in the Southern Hemisphere (i.e. for -66.5°<Φ<0) as well. Image
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The Sierpiński carpet is a beautiful fractal, a shape that contains itself in infinitely many smaller and smaller copies. Its area is 0 and dimension is log(8)/log(3) ≈ 1.8928.
You can make a Sierpiński carpet in "3 simple steps":
Step 1) Take a square and divide it into 9 smaller squares of equal size.
Step 2) Cut out the square in the middle.
Step 3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 each of the smaller squares.
Here is the carpet after the first two iterations. Image
The 3D version is called the Menger sponge. We have a couple of them here @mathsleedsuni. People use them as coffee tables. ☕ #maths #fractal Image
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It's the end of Quarter 1 and SO MUCH maths in #Room805! Let's start with #WIM from @joboaler and @chaoskeeper11. After our investigations, we wrapped up with our first ever #Colloquium using Two Stars and a Wish Feedback! 1/
You're gonna want to read what the student wrote there Jo and Cathy! I wouldn't have believed if I didn't see it for myself! Next, let's visit #MMA! We are a Math 8 and Algebra 1 community of learners. Hang on to your hats!
We've got multiple perspectives on that Promethean Board there @caguilarmunoz! But wait, there's more!
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1.) Prof. Barbara Oakley of Oakland University and the author of a book on learning writes that contrary to the new movement to make #STEM subjects of which #maths is the sine qua non a fun to learn.

All learning isn't-and shouldn't be "fun".
Even though the following 👇👇👇Rhymes were developed to make learning #maths fun!

She state in firm terms to "Make Your Daughter Practice Maths. She'll Thank You later".…
Boys and girls have on average similar abilities in #maths

But girls in addition have a consistent advantage than boys in #reading and #writing.

The consequence?👇👇👇
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So here's my completely ignorant liberal view on this. Isnt 694 million to help these babies better than $0? #maths Image
@jasonkyle Makes sense Jason. Theyre going on recess 4 5 wks. No help. Overwhelmed. Underserved. Children. $694 million. Sept, fight again.
I'm positive there's more gradation here, but at the end of the day, simply put. $695 m > $0. Thats food, care, shelter at least for some.
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