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Calculus, Pythagoras theorem, and other equations driving you crazy?

AppsHive has listed down 𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐬 𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐮𝐥𝐚 𝐀𝐩𝐩𝐬 required by beginners, intermediate and expert level mathematicians

#appshivrecommends #maths #Math #Mathematics #mathematician #apps

A thread📜
1) @symbolab

What we liked:🤩

👉Have a private tutor for every math problem step by step
👉Provide step-by-step detailed explanations
👉Has 100+ most powerful and different types of calculators to use
👉Fast calculations, shows steps, has an option to check your answer
2) @mathway

What we liked:🤩

👉Can snap or crop and paste the photo of any math problem
👉You can choose between multiple subjects
👉Provides an instant graph of your problem
👉Provide books and the teacher video lectures
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How much #Maths is needed in Private Equity (also when compared to Hedge Funds or Investment Banking for example)?
@CAIAAssociation @CAIA_Blog
Private Equity requires a good understanding of Finance and especially sector-specific finance such as Real Estate Finance Investments
In my opinion, the techniques used to model PE transactions have a lot in common with those that are applied to Listed Equity.
It has some maths in it, but nothing out of the world!
Unless you are doing financial risk management assignments, which means you will be applying the standard tools that are used elsewhere, such as #VaR ( translates into ICAR - Invested capital at risk in the PE Industry).
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🎉Le week-end prochain, c'est @PlayAzur à Nice pour rencontrer vos vulgarisateurs préférés.
Le @cafe_sciences et l'@Asso_Conscience y seront en S1 et S2
Le #CollectifConscience y fera même PLEIN de 🔴#live

#PAF2022 #twitch #vulgarisation #science #IRL ImageImage
@PlayAzur @cafe_sciences @Asso_Conscience Staring, from Z -> A (et pkoi pas) : @VChabrette, @TheoRooot, @spasdelou, @Space_Thomalice, @robin_isnard, @EleoBellot, @aetiom, et sans doute plein d'autre, avec le programme en cours de finalisation.

#PAF2022 @PlayAzur #twitch #vulgarisation Image
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There is a beautiful way to derive the famous Euler’s formula!

In this🧵, I’ll explain a visual, intuitive derivation. It’ll fit into a single picture at the end.

#iteachmath #MTBoS #math #maths #Mathematics An equation with 𝑒^(𝑖𝑡) on ...
This is Thread 3 in a series, but don't worry! This thread is self-contained.
In Thread 1, we saw applications of a mass on a spring.

We solved for its future position, at time 𝑡. This led to 𝑒^(𝑖𝑡), but 𝑖 is "imaginary."

The position along the ground had to be “real,” so we sought to interpret 𝑒^(𝑖𝑡) in terms of real numbers.
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When I trained as a scientist, #programming was a required tool in some select areas of #physics & #maths but not much beyond that…

That's no longer the case. #Coding is rapidly becoming a must-have skill in all scientific fields

Read on…



In recent years, I have introduced #Python #coding to chemists, biologists, psychologists, medical scientists, geologists, well, the list goes on.

Suffice to say that it spans all areas of science.


All of these teams and individuals realise that either they have large amounts of data they need to analyse in all sorts of different ways, or they need to simulate experiments and create computational models.

#Python is often the language of choice in many of these fields.

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The @educationgovuk #WhitePaper is here. Look out for our tweets summarising the key information you need to know
1) Ambitions for #english and #maths outcomes by 2030: 90% of primary children to achieve ARE in reading, writing and maths and the percentage of children meeting ARE in "the worst performing areas" to have increased by 1/3.
2) At secondary, the national average GCSE grade for both English Language and Maths to have increased from 4.5 to 5.
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Disaster thread recompiled here;

It's all mathematical from the first accident to the last. Image
The first accident involving damages on people occured 17/1/2008 (ddmmyyyyy)
1+7+1+20+8 = 37

37 is the 12th prime and also a twin prime.
73 is the 21st prime.

37><73 7+7+7 = 21. Except 47° that got injured you will see where this is going. #boening777
29/7/2011 was the 210 day of the year. 7+7+7 = 21.

Also 29+7+11 = 47°
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Quand je dis aux gens que j'étudie les #maths, leur première réaction relève souvent du dégoût, sur l'air de "j'ai toujours détesté ça 🤮".
Et pourtant, les mathématicien·ne·s trouvent leur discipline amusante, voire belle 🤯
Petit thread sur l'esthétique des #maths ⬇️ (1/N)
La recherche en maths vise à établir de nouveaux résultats, aussi appelés "théorèmes", qui éclairent le comportement de certains objets. Le théorème de Pythagore, par exemple, nous renseigne sur les propriétés de certains triangles. (2/N)
Bcp de résultats mathématiques sont très utiles dans la pratique, mais ce n'est pas toujours ce qui motive les chercheur·se·s.
Nous attendons aussi une satisfaction esthétique de notre travail, qu'elle soit liée à la beauté d'un théorème ou à l'élégance de sa preuve. (3/N)
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PEOPLE OF SPACE! I’m super excited to be hosting this week! We’ll be covering a bunch of topics that are near and dear to me including #space (obviously), astronomy, supernovae, radio astronomy, science communication, and MORE
#science #scicomm #spacetwitter #intro #Thread
But who is this random dude yelling at us about space?
Well the short version is that I’m a physicist who finished high school with every intention of becoming a lawyer - pictured is 19yo me not caring about science
#accidentalscientist #accidentalphysicist #throwback #SPACE 10 years ago before I had considered a career in science - I
For a slightly longer version you can check out this #thread I did on my @funfactscience account recently to reintroduce myself to #spacefam and any newcomers to my page
#introductions #spacetwitter #space
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¿Sabés que es la REGLA DE TRES? 🤔

¿Sabés para qué se usa? ¿Cuál es el razonamiento detrás del procedimiento?

¿Sabés cuándo no hay que usarla?

No te preguntes más, seguí leyendo este hilo que lo comento 🧵

#matematicas #mathematics #maths Image
Antes de hablar de la regla de tres, es necesario comprender el concepto de razón y de proporcionalidad. En los siguientes tuits voy a hacer referencia a ello, para luego explicar la regla de tres. Es importante no saltearse este paso.

Qué es una razón o ratio? Image
De la mano de las razones o ratios, pasamos al concepto de proporcionalidad, que es clave para entender la regla de tres. Image
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I have met many mathematicians, #engineers, and #statisticians, from different countries, but, the ones that are graduates of #French and Belgian Universities are probably the best that I have come across.
What makes these countries so proficient when it comes to teaching #maths?
During the early 1990s, most of the #Quants and Financial Engineers who joined the Financial Services industry in the City of #London came from France.
French Mathematicians changed the way banking & asset mgmt was done.
Actuaries at @CityUniLondon dominated Insurance
Neither @LBS nor @LSEEcon contributed to the development of the #Quantitative Finance or #Actuarial Science Professional Cultures in the City.
The major contributors were @hwugradfutures and @CityUniLondon
To date, LBS does not teach Financial Engineering as a pathway
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1/4 A new coefficient of correlation #maths #statistics


Introduces Chatterjee correlation coef which is 0 if the vars are independent and 1 if one is a measurable function of the other, and is computationally efficient to compute O(nlog n).

🧵👇 Image
2/4 Animation comparing it with linear correlation


Hacker news discussion…

Reddit /r/ML discussion…

Reddit /r/math discussion…
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Forex reserves supply should be matched by domestic money supply to counter inflation.
If NFA grows, the monetary base will grow
If NFA falls, the monetary base will fall
That is how a currency board system should work.
The local monetary policy is tied to an anchor currency.
The monetary base has two components
NFA Net Foreign Assets
NDA Net Domestic Assets
NDA +NFA = Monetary Base
What #Turkey needs is to #peg its currency to an anchor currency.
#Currency Peg can be fixed or crawling.
They can follow many examples, with or w/o capital #controls.
It can choose from an expansive list that includes Malaysia, Nigeria, Argentina, Hong Kong or those in the GCC.
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Passion project time! I love the HP-45 #calculator. It's beautiful on the outside, but I wanted to show people that it's beautiful on the inside, too. So, as a #coding & #retrocomputing challenge I wrote a simulator, & I'm now making it available to all. (Retweets welcomed.) 1/7 Image
The simulator was designed for the Z80-MBC2, a computer designed by @Just4Fun_J4Fun with a #Z80 processor running CP/M. (If you like #retrocomputing, do try it.) But after some tedious wrangling, I was able to write code which also compiled for Windows, Linux & MacOS. 2/7 Image
I like the sense of retro-tech and (unfulfilled) futures which the terminal application provides: it's a #hauntological calculator. It's also flexible: you can change what's shown on the display &, for slower machines (say, an 8MHz Z80), you can run in minimal mode for speed. 3/7 Image
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Found a simple solution for stopping physical things at correct points & is easier than I thought. You can just calculate stopping distance from acceleration and current velocity and once the remaining distance + velocity intersects the point, you start stopping #gamedev #maths
And this is the formula. It does require a constant acceleration, so for anything more complex, with drag, variable braking force etc, the analytical solution is harder to find and in that case its easier to use (although harder to tweak) a PID controller instead Image
By drag, I meant exponential drag, if you have constant drag you can just add it to the accel of course. (but maybe there's an analytical solution for that too? 🤔)

& you can also use the formula to find the distance it takes to accelerate from 0 to desired speed, same thing
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3 axioms of present #math || #maths

1) 0 is a thing, abstracting the concept of nothing

2) 1 is a thing, abstracting the concept of 1 unit away from 0, the 1st thing

3) the things 0 & 1 can meaningfully be "added" || "combined" to form new things

Let us call 1+1 to be 2
Let us call 0 + (-1) to be -1 in an IOU sense

From those, I can see ...

Then we may encapsulate these op's into maps || or func's if ye prefer

Ahh maps ... Well functions
Pure functions

When the same 2 inputs yield the same output ... Or 2 outputs ... Once outputted

Haha who knows?!!?
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Then #entropy "must" always increase ... allegedly
Then #statistics uses #maths to make guesses about the future nased upon previously collected data ... from ya know, the past
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#Math20Day #Mathematics #maths
మానవుల నిజజీవితంలో సున్నా కనుగొన్నప్పటి నుండి గణిత గమనం చక్రం కన్నా వేగంగా అభివృద్ధి చెందుతూ ఉంది అనటంలో ఎటువంటి సందేహం లేదు. నిత్యావసర మానవుని మేథో ఆయుధంగా గణితం మారింది.
#Math20Day #Math Image
ఈజిష్టియన్లు, సుమేరియన్లు, రోమన్లు ఎందరో ఈ శాస్త్ర అభివృద్ధికి అహర్నిశలు అంకుఠిత దీక్షతో పయనించారు. ఒక శాస్త్రం జీవితంలో ఎలా మమేకమై పోతుందో దానిపై ఆధారపడి మనిషి ప్రయాణం ఎలా ఉంటుందో గణితం ఒక చక్కని ఉదాహరణ. Image
మానవ విజ్ఞానంలో అత్యంత ఉపయోగకరమైన మరియు ఆసక్తికరమైన శాస్త్రాలలో గణితశాస్త్రం ఒకటి. మానవుడు మాట్లాడటo మొదలు పెట్టిన రోజే గణితం గురించి తెలుసుకోవడo ప్రారంబించాడు మరియు ప్రతి ఒక్కరూ వారి దైనందిన కార్యక్రమాలలో లో గణితం ఉపయోగిస్తారు
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A few days back I held a @joinClubhouse conversation with an interesting gathering of #mathematics teachers and other #educators, and I did talk about #ethnomathematics.
The conversation generated a heated debate among them.
A thread #Culture #Maths #KnowledgeProduction
In the discussion, I also mentioned African Humanism as new enlightenment based on the endogenous & indigenous techniques and methods to generate knowledge in the #GlobalSouth.
Someone was so upset and felt attacked by this.
Others by my expression #decolonize the #decolonization
My point was and still remains not necessarily to antagonize the Western way of knowledge production but put aside and to mainstream our traditional techniques that fallen in disuse and take into formal education as another way of producing knowledge.
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My name is Fancy and I'm taking part in the #GlobalScienceShow
Today I'm going to show you some of my #SciArt works combining industrial design to communicate science!

Check @GlobalSciShow and follow for the whole show ✨🔬✏️👋🏽

#scicomm #comunicacienciachile #industrialdesign
I’ve always been passionate about #science but I also loved #art and wanted to create products, so I studied #industrialdesign, art and #architecure and now I use different techniques & disciplines I’ve learned to express ideas and to explore new ways to communicate science
#IndustrialDesign is a PROCESS OF DESIGN applied to products where design precedes manufacture. Is the #creative act of determining & defining a product's form and features and as an applied art focuses on a combination of aesthetics, user, form, function & physical ergonomics
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[DAY 14/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄

This week, let's focus on inspiring activities and projects handled by our partners🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️!

Today, get super #creative thanks to @RETROSTEM1 and discover #programming, #electronics and #robotics through the use of a #retro #gaming #console! 🕹️
The @RETROSTEM1 project focuses on the achievement of 3 main aims:

❓Enhance #creativity, motor skills, #problemsolving, self-direction, #collaboration, and other life skills

➡️Through #reading, #writing, #maths, and instil business principles and #STEM knowledge
⌨️Improve #digital skills of teachers

➡️Prepare them for the advent of #IoT, #Industry40 and game-based learning.
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@charliekirk11 @realDonaldTrump Mr. Kirk, I believe you needs some help with the #maths.

This may take a couple tweets. Stick with me.

First, so we're on the same page. 1st Quarter 2020 'growth' was -3.4%. Second Quarter 'growth' was -34.3%

@charliekirk11 @realDonaldTrump Let's start by using a round number, easy to understand and use for those following along.

We'll set the value of the economy at the end of Q4 2019 as '1000'.

Thus, at the end of Q1 2020 the economy was now down 34 points to 966. (1000 - 34 (3.4%) = 966)

@charliekirk11 @realDonaldTrump So, The economy is now at 966 at the start of Q2 2002.

In Q2 2020 we shed another 34.3% of the GDP.

966 - 331.338 = 634.662. To be nice, we'll round this up to 635.

After consecutive GDP drops the ending Q2 2020 Economy is 635 from 1000 at the start of the fiscal year.

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now it might just be the fact that there's literal brain damage in my left hemisphere that makes #maths impossible, but can any of you numbertastic types explain WHAT THE HELL this means?

i can't get it
Neither can the Child age 10 Image
Apparently one of my child's friends came up with M.A.T.H.

Mental Abuse to Humans.

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