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xpectr is a new R 📦 for generating testthat unit tests (expectations). Its goal is to systematize and ease the process of building good tests into packages.
It comes with multiple @rstudio addins and a set of commonly needed utilities. 1/n
#rstats #datascience #R @rstudiotips
I often end up writing the same set of tests again and again, which is honestly quite boring and time consuming. By generating these standard tests, I can spend my time thinking about additional, meaningful tests. Saves a lot of cognitive processing! 2/n…
The main functions are gxs_selection() and gxs_function(). The former has an @rstudio addin as well. There's also a useful dput() addin and an addin for wrapping long strings with paste0(). Let's go through these. 3/n
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Did the #NBA change a lot during the last 20 years? Why is a game today very different compared to what you used to see as a kid? This is what this thread shall answer. Thread.
Thanks a lot to @pachamaltese for translation and improving the code!
4 million observations were analyzed since 2000 season up to 2019 season by using NBA's API. A first insight is that during 2019 season, there were 25,000 additional shot attempts compared to 2000 season. The game is much faster today.
@GustavinhoCARP tells us that today's slowest #NBA team (Charlotte Hornets) plays way faster than the fastest team from 2005 season (Phoenix Suns) that were known for their innovation of playing in 7 or less seconds
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Transitioning into #DataScience: A (long) thread—
Transitioning into a new field can be cumbersome, especially #datascience which usually requires some level of #math #statistics #machinelearning #programming. But fret not!
This thread will go over the fundamentals of what you should know to become a #datascientist. First thing first, there are hundreds of tools for visualization (Power BI, Tableau, Dash), cloud computing (GCP, AWS, Azure) and SQL variants (Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL).
Don’t get caught up trying to learn all of these tools/platforms/software! You will be onboarded to these technologies and they differ highly from company to company and sometimes even department to department. But, you should be familiar with what they do at a high level!
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1/11 Today we celebrate #NationalBreastfeedingWeek sharing our most recent study published in @jnutritionorg #Azadlab @CHILDSTUDY Happy #Breastfeeding Week!…
2/11 Human milk fatty acid composition is associated with dietary, genetic, sociodemographic and environmental factors in the @CHILDStudy. We studied determinants and patterns of milk fatty acids using the fountain of @CHILDStudy data, one of the largest Canadian birth cohorts.
3/11 Our study shows that each mother's milk is unique. Milk fatty acid composition varies largely between mothers – especially for polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) (e.g. 39-fold variation for EPA!). n-3 PUFAs were strongly affected by taking fish oil supplements.
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@twitmoedition Military HQ asks men in feild on a scale of 1-5 how loud R we? 5= loud. Zone a scale of 1-5 how clear R we? 5. So loud and clear. J=10 F=6 K=11 J=10 R=18. Total is JFKJr = 55. Flew at 55° and finally reached 5500' on final flight. 7-16-99. 7-16 is 6,1,11,5 which... F,A,K,E. 16-7 is how rest of world says date. 167th day of year 6-16-15 #DJT announces his Presidency. Leaves 198days left in the year. If 23 (7+16) = FAKE, what does 198= "Here comes your man" as he comes down escalator in TT. President Trump= 198, Judge Brett Kavanaugh...
...Michael Thomas Flynn = 198. Space force all the way, Calm before the Storm, Elephant in the room = 198. We the U.S. we R the Elephant in the room when it comes to the World Economy. Every currency in the world has set a new high price in gold in the last 4 months due to...
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Sin duda tú no eres responsable de que, cuando caes enferma o vas a dar a luz, los plazos procesales sigan corriendo, pero, cuando ves que los vencimientos llegan y tú sigues en la cama del hospital, sabes que, aunque no eres responsable, ese es tu problema.
Tampoco eres responsable de que los intermediarios y sus tecnológicas herramientas de intermediación estén amenazando con uberizar nuestra profesión, no, no eres responsable, pero si nadie les detiene mediante una legislación justa, pronto sabrás que ese también es tu problema.
Tampoco, obviamente, eres responsable de que el turno de oficio se pague mal y tarde; pero, cuando piensas en cuánto tiempo has dedicado a él y cuánto has trabajado en él, y, luego, miras tu cuenta corriente, sabes sin ninguna duda que sí, que ése es también tu problema.
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Let's chat about building a R community within your office. I was the only R user in the office and I also wanted people I could go to for help and just thought partner to solve problems. So, here are some of my lessons learned from building a R culture in the office!
📌Lesson 1: Don't tell or lecture about the benefits of #rstats, instead show them a demonstration!

People generally are motivated when they see how easy it is to start something small and with a specific example!

my ex: being able to work with multiple dataframes concurrently.
📌Lesson 2: Not every training has to carefully planned!

Sometimes the spontaneous help you offer to a colleague is still training. This training was timely, concise and helped them cross the roadblock.

Ex: I wrote down a quick #STATA to #R translation on a post-it note.
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Thread: Late Abortions | 3rd Trimester Abortions. Please take a moment to educate yourself.

#ProLife #ProChoice #AbortionRights #TruthMatters #TrumpLiesEveryTimeHeSpeaks #TheResistance #ImpeachDonaldTrump #R #QAnon #MAGA #KAG #POTUS #WWG1WGA
Pretendent Drumpf revived on Sat. night what is fast becoming a standard, and inaccurate, refrain about doctors 𝑒𝑥𝑒𝑐𝑢𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑏𝑎𝑏𝑖𝑒𝑠 during an hour long speech at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

#ProLife #ProChoice #AbortionRights #TrumpLies #R #QAnon #MAGA #POTUS
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon drop No. 2919...
Repost of bottom 2/3 of 1668. #Nunes notes the unofficial sharing of intel by #FVEY's nations. [#Illegally!] Welcome 2the #DS!
Link 2 @GeorgePapa19 #Tweet on #Clapper's recent silence.
2) #QAnon drop No. 2920...
Stacked drop, last over a repost of #Q 1164.
This is an explanation of how #FVEY was used to circumvent data collection laws. Also, how #Hussein, #HRC, #LL,Brennan & #Clapper met in a #SCIF 2plan their #SurveillanceOp & #CoupAttempt.
3) #QAnon drop No. 2921...
#Q drops a repost of No. 1828.
This drop is a heavy data set & the next tweet in this thread will be of a decode graphic of No. 1828...
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I'm a total newbie to #R and #ggplot2 but I'm slowly getting the hang of it! I've collated some resources I've found useful and may help others to get started. I would also love to hear if anyone has any other recommendations... 1/6
Online data visualisation lecture series by @rafalab:… @HarvardOnline fantastic introduction to data visualisation in R which also includes important lessons on how to avoid misrepresenting your data.
This brilliant resource by @EvaMaeRey incrementally generates a plot to show the effect of each line of code:…
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16) #QAnon drop No. 2854...
#Q link 2 #Forbes ==> The Top Four Reasons California Is Unsustainable…
The text continues & relates 2the #CA political dynasty. Californiacan't lead by ex., the state is $2tril in debt, even w/legalised marijuana. Actually, the
17) #CADems have 0 intent of showing what they actually know & subsequently, won't act in response 2what is best; for anyone, save themselves [ ! ]
If your home base is screwed up, how R Ppl supposed 2believe you can fix their states? #CA has been, & continues 2be, unsustainable
18) #QAnon drop No. 2855...
#NorthCarolina orders new #USHouse election after 'tainted' vote…
There appears to have been some form of fraud involving absentee ballots & llegal activity by Republican political operative #LeslieMcCraeDowless. While #Q notes
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon drop No. 2844...
@JuliansRum #Tweet

You need appropriate clearances & scheduling 2enter a SCIF. Security protocols are relevant to information status level. Those not holding clearance level needs must be
2) under continuous oversight. What happens in a #SCIF should remain there. One must be nominated by letter, specific adjudicative guidelines are followed in vetting. A SCIF#NondisclosureAgreement needs to be signed & undergo a security indoctrination process. So, the end all is
3) that paper trails exist, not regarding the content within the #SFIC, but related to all that comes & goes. As to the 29th Jan meet, what we're looking at here
"[not for anons]", is the timeframe when the release of the #R #FISAMemo was at issue. You know the #HouseIntelComm
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Newsfeed- ---6-27-2018 -- Wed

#1 Story of the day ) is Janus
Supreme Court Decision Should be Handed down today 10-11am EST

Janus loses, big sadz
Janus wins, end of all Unions in the USA and a YUGE blow to Democrats

Below is then required reading…
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Eric, I'm going to be straight with you. You are not known as the smart Trump, so I am going to have to do multiple Tweets (a thread) to TRY to educate you. It turned out to be 15 tweets.

Yes, we know that all he cares about is "green".

He proved that with the #TaxScamBill. Got a lot for you guys with that one. #InheritanceTax

You got the "Green Thing" right, so let us talk about the #Racist thing. I know you believe what you say, but your problem is you do not know what #Racism or #Racist means.

Tell me what you think after you learn what it means, ok.




a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
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