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@MSNBC Succinctly put by retired AF Col @RichAndersonRPV TM
Desperately trying any #lie to smear @GlennYoungkin & make election abt Trump or race. It’s neither. It’s parents legitimate fears for children’s safety in schools, covering up sexual assaults of 2 HS girls by Dem GA
This Va election isn’t about race as TM & Dem narrative are spinning it. That’s a battle that grabs press & emotions & attention away from real issues that @GlennYoungkin addresses on public safety,school safety, McAuliffe lowered school standards so now lowest US #Math scores
And Va economy, which Bloomberg data shows grew only 0.2% over last 2 yrs despite GovVa claims of strong economy based on $2.6 billion surplus but @Jeffersoninst data showed the surplus is from major tax hikes by BlueGA 2019-2021. Truth is bad for Dems this year, so #Lies & Spin
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🧵Let's discuss the Ontario government's credibility based on statistical probabilities. If we use the highest medical exemption rate, 5 in 100,000, we can calculate the probability of having more than one exemption among 70 MPPs, assuming they are made independently.
#math This probability P(X) of two exemptions can be calculated exactly using the binomial distribution, where
n = 70
x = 2
p = 5/100000 = .00005
and ! means factorial: eg n! = 70 x 69 x 68 x 67 ... x 1
P(X) = (n! / (x! * (n – x)!)) * px * (1 – p)(n-x)
First, the probability of only 1 exemption is 0.0034879455. The chances of that happening are 1 in 287.
But the probability of more than 1 exemptions out of 70 is 0.00000602383. The chances of that happening are 1 in 166,007.
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"There’s a failure there to even understand the basic nature of America and an American citizen’s autonomy. Americans may decide to do something which they think is for the good of society, but in so doing, they never give up their individual rights. " - @RedState
-2 🧵
"That’s called a choice, not a government mandate. And that’s the basic failure here. They’re gone so far over the slide on this, they no longer even understand how bad what they are saying is anymore." - @RedState
"Furthermore, there were two things that Fauci and host Margaret Brennan discussed on “Face the Nation” that show big problems with things that Joe Biden has said." - @RedState
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It's Saturday and I'm bored so I'm branching into new territory by writing a long 🧵 about the a curricular approach to #calculus that I really love. This is for #math twitter and #mtbos. If you think it is useful to anyone, please share.
Like many threads where I get on a high 🐎 , this one has rules.
Rule #1: I'm not proselytizing. Like, I don't care whether or not you adopt this approach, even though I am going to share resources and explain why I like it. That said, if you do like it and want to chat or learn more, I am TOTALLY game.
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@CandaceBurnsTV #lies from McAuliffe. Did NOT create 200K jobs. It was UNDER 100K check Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013-2017 or 2014-2018
He transferred BILLIONS $ from VCU to UVA, GMU to please his donors. I’ll give you data. increase in jobs 2017-2018 I hate to say, was under—t
That study was totally produced by VEA on impact on Ed and a far left pro McA group. NO ECONOMIC think tank has said that Youngkin would hurt economy. McAuliffe 21 did NOT get ANY Law enforcement support THIS YEAR. There was also the Va Electoral Board Massacre in Jan- Feb 21
Va was No 1 for biz twice under McDonnell & under Northam, but under McAuliffe Va was 7,8, 11-12 but NOT close to 1 or 2 - you can check @CandaceBurnsTV Lies abt jobs created & the debt he inherited fact checked 3 times. My take Youngkin isn’t extreme, attends progressive church
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I believe @michaeljburry is referencing how for #GME 2021 has similar volatile dates as 2019. I've included a previous DD, 2019 vs 2021 share price data (that has been planarized, and other related stuff indicating this as well. #GameStop #math…
Some more data dump:

Here is a close up of that oscillating behavior beginnign in 2019. The volume data on the bottom has shows this signiature swing. You can also see how there are max volume outliers that seem to have an even displacement between each other.
Melvin entered the scene in 2016Q1. One could see how the oscillation become more defines around the same time . There also is a (highly improbable) linear decrease in the share price at this time.
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Some people comments are so 'salty'.
They look very salty after a -20% drawback in their portfolio.
Why so salty #Bitcoin #Maximalists?
😂😂Your 100k calls got re-routed for next year?
I know a idot that spent all his savings and bought #Bitcoin at 60k.I told him he is the top.
Fundamentally #Cryptocurrencies and #Bitcoin are in the middle of a bubble similar to #DotCom due to derrivates and unbacked stablecoin.

If you are a financial literate you know what provoked the #DotCom bubble and was all due to unregulated markets of derivates back in 2001.
In 2001 brokers could bet on the weather change via derivates market, they could as well as today we can do on multiple illegal platforms.

@FTX_Official for example illegally allowed to bet on Presidential US Race , extremely illegal.
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Opinion: There is talk about the worldwide gap for vaccines to control spread. My view is a nation must first protect its vulnerable then collaborate in a ww initiative that TARGETS vaccines like lasers to where they will most make a difference in both spread and outcomes. #math
This is not some binary ethical choice. It must be calibrated to achieve the greatest reduction at the greatest speed to worldwide infections and lives saved. It should not be subjectively swayed by factors that do not optimize that, including socio-demo or other covariates.
The world needs an organized central strategy based on data, math and science, otherwise we are wasting too many vaccines. I do not see any such plan. Such a strategy would help the world evolve through various VOC and pandemic/endemic stages and be useful for future pandemics.
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Find the median and the quarts parts of a statistic sequence in #pythonprogramming: a thread
1/ First write an median function which find the half indice of a list using n = len(list) (lenght of list) means (n-1)/2 if n is odd and between n/2 - 1 and n/2 if n is even.
In this function, we particularly use % for design arithmetic rest and int operator to convert float to integer. NB: we suppose that at the beginning, list is range by increase order.
2/ Afterwards we define a new function using same logic, but in more take an list of notes,
create a new list knowing that value of first list list[i] design students number who have been the note i. And send the median of the new list.
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3 axioms of present #math || #maths

1) 0 is a thing, abstracting the concept of nothing

2) 1 is a thing, abstracting the concept of 1 unit away from 0, the 1st thing

3) the things 0 & 1 can meaningfully be "added" || "combined" to form new things

Let us call 1+1 to be 2
Let us call 0 + (-1) to be -1 in an IOU sense

From those, I can see ...

Then we may encapsulate these op's into maps || or func's if ye prefer

Ahh maps ... Well functions
Pure functions

When the same 2 inputs yield the same output ... Or 2 outputs ... Once outputted

Haha who knows?!!?
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8/2 Texas C19 Pos%, Case, Hosp & Fatality update:


Highlights before we get into the details:

1) A peak for positivity rate???
2) Huge Sunday case dump from Harris Co.
3) Hospitalizations falling further behind vs. 2020
4) 4 total fatalities reported today

8/2 Positivity Rate:

* Need 2 more days before I'm ready to call anything
* I'm 80% sure Antigen has peaked, 4 straight days of declines
* I'm 50/50 on PCR. Could be the weekend effect. These get revised as test results arrive to the state, which can take a few days.

8/2 Cases:

Harris dumped over 1600 cases of the 3700 reported today. The 7DMA in 2021 is super jagged due to all the periodic reporting and backlogged case dumping.

2021 is still well ahead of 2020 Summer wave in regards to raw case total.


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@RickHunter7 @catedempsey Well ... We could break this down #Math style

Let V be the formula that reps a products value its user

So V has multiple inputs
> Cost
> Ease of Use
> Scalability
> Functionality (aka it does what the user needs)

& probably many more inputs haha
<to be cont>
@RickHunter7 @catedempsey Well, lets assume V is a linesr formula, ie non of its inputs directly multiple another input

Instead, inputs only are scaled or multipled by #scalars or floating point nums

V(..inputs) = {
A*Cost +
B*EaseOfUse +
C*Scalability + ...

<to be cont>
@RickHunter7 @catedempsey Cool!

Now that V is abstractly def'ed, here comes the toughest part:

Determining the coefficients A thru however many there were needed

Lets assume we can determine proper coefficients

Next, we need to assign each candidate a score in each category

<to be cont>
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#Math20Day #Mathematics #maths
మానవుల నిజజీవితంలో సున్నా కనుగొన్నప్పటి నుండి గణిత గమనం చక్రం కన్నా వేగంగా అభివృద్ధి చెందుతూ ఉంది అనటంలో ఎటువంటి సందేహం లేదు. నిత్యావసర మానవుని మేథో ఆయుధంగా గణితం మారింది.
#Math20Day #Math Image
ఈజిష్టియన్లు, సుమేరియన్లు, రోమన్లు ఎందరో ఈ శాస్త్ర అభివృద్ధికి అహర్నిశలు అంకుఠిత దీక్షతో పయనించారు. ఒక శాస్త్రం జీవితంలో ఎలా మమేకమై పోతుందో దానిపై ఆధారపడి మనిషి ప్రయాణం ఎలా ఉంటుందో గణితం ఒక చక్కని ఉదాహరణ. Image
మానవ విజ్ఞానంలో అత్యంత ఉపయోగకరమైన మరియు ఆసక్తికరమైన శాస్త్రాలలో గణితశాస్త్రం ఒకటి. మానవుడు మాట్లాడటo మొదలు పెట్టిన రోజే గణితం గురించి తెలుసుకోవడo ప్రారంబించాడు మరియు ప్రతి ఒక్కరూ వారి దైనందిన కార్యక్రమాలలో లో గణితం ఉపయోగిస్తారు
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MA should use the surplus to invest in its future & do the things we’ve been told for years are “too expensive.”

But if we must do something with immediate benefit, there are many better ways to go than a gimmicky sales tax holiday. Some ideas, with #math…
We could double the DCR’s budget for five years — while simultaneously eliminating all user fees, parking costs etc at all DCR parks, beaches and properties. For five years. Free public access to all public recreation areas.
The entire MBTA system plus all parking at MBTA garages and lots could be made 100% free for over a year (with money left over)
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#Statistics #math #rstats Please read this if you are a California professor in a STEM field. 1/
The California Dept. of Education (CDE) is considering a radical redesign of K-12 math education, both in terms of curricula but also in terms of methods of instruction. 2/
Though intended to benefit underrepresented minority (URM) kids, many of us believe the new system would harm those children; it would also harm non-URMs who stay, and we believe many would leave, for private schools, tutoring academies etc. 3/
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** Kathryn Garcia is the most RIGHT-WING of all the NYC mayoral candidates or, A Thread Recovered **

This is the compilation of receipts that Caroline @victorianerafan posted before her account got targeted.

Thank you, Caroline! Time to air out the facts. (1 of 12)
Under Mayor Kathryn Garcia, many low income residents will be deprived of affordable housing. Garcia is one of the few candidates who support RAD which privatizes public housing. Evictions have risen under RAD.… … (2 of 12)
On education, Kathryn Garcia is the most right-wing of all the mayoral candidates. She is the ONLY candidate who wants to INCREASE the number of charter schools.… … (3 of 12)
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What do we get if we take the unit circle x² + y² = 1 and complexify it? We get the 3D object (manifold) in 4D space given by the equation
z² + w² = 1
where z, w are complex numbers. Here's one way to see its #geometry. (A slowmo animation to follow.) #calculus
Here is a slow animation of how circles of various radii (centered at the origin) are transformed by the complexified circle function. #math #geometry #calculus
N.B., the reason we see two disconnected loops for the image of circles of small radii is one loop corresponds to the + and other to the - choices in the function u(r,θ). (And, yes, the function w is analytic.)
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I continue with dissecting "Relativity" explained by
In d audience I see @skdh @drbecky_ @arvin_ash
Rail & Lift were tools used by Einstein to explain Cosmos.
But what is not known is that German Circus started functioning from1900.
He saw trapeze artists fall.
Like Newton apple, he solved d problem of Mercury regression when artists fell & rolled!
Thus was born Time-Space curvature & misery for world of science.
Physics became guess work & consensus the only option.
Sun bends light of star by 1.75 arc seconds. #Math
1919 solar eclipse actually caught curvature pants down & like Cavendish experiment confirmed UGC, deformation was confirmed.
What nobody asked if light curved around a sphere 696430 km radius, the signal travelled wrt the center of Sun.
Why didn't light become halo of Sun?
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i like this recent @Noahpinion post on broad #STEM education a lot. but the mention about #math curricula changes in #Virginia can use some more nuance—and i think they can help get to what Noah’s (and many of us) are looking for in our workforce. /1
this explainer from @hannah_natanson helps explain the noise brought up from FoxNews and other outlets. /2…
Natanson: “The ideas — detailed online as part of a program called the Virginia Mathematics Pathways Initiative — include rejiggering eighth-, ninth- and 10th-grade math courses to place a greater emphasis on fields including data science and data analytics....” (cool, cool) /3
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My thoughts regarding the draft K-6 #math #curriculum released by #abed: In the subject introduction, there is a major focus on procedures and skills with a token nod to mathematical understanding; procedures, "foundational skills", and "standard algorithms" are the focus 1/
I appreciate the structure of the curriculum and that each curriculum follows the same structure. Organizing ideas (OI) and guiding questions (GQ) are nice and frame the broader ideas. However, I am not completely clear how the learning outcome relates to the OI/GQ #math 2/
The learning outcomes include an interesting mix of verbs 'acquire', 'interpret', 'explain', 'analyze', 'represent', 'recognize', 'relate', 'appy', 'visualize', and more. Unfortunately, the Knowledge, Understanding, and Skills and Procedures stated do not always fit the verb 3/
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What's going on at #CliftonBeach and why you should care as a Pakistani- a thread on inaccessibility at the seafront commons using diagrams/gifs:

#EnvisioningCliftonBeach #KarachiPublic
Access means to benefit. The beach, the water, everyone is entitled access to it by law.

The sea and the urban edge are shown with four main nodes as gateways serving ~20,000,000 citizens and tourists. Today, the stretch of the beach is marked by elements of inaccessibility.
1) Parking lots are exclusively for motorists. The nuance: someone from Buffer Zone (shoutout to CT winning capt @SarfarazA_54) can't exactly take transit/bike to the beach. BUT. This nuisance of asphalt should not be at the edge of a beautiful ocean. Many solutions come to mind.
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I'm coming out of Twitter hibernation to post a microlesson on a confusing but fascinating topic:

What are some different types of infinities, and how do you tell which is which? #math
First things first, let's define a (sort of) intuitive object to help us in our investigation; an infinite binary sequence.

This is just a sequence of 1's and 0's that's infinitely long.
We can then start thinking about different collections, or "sets", of these infinite binary sequences.

For example, we can consider a set of "n"—say, 2 or 3—different infinite binary sequences. As long as "n" is an actual number, then this set is (perhaps obviously) "finite".
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#MTBoS Has Germany caught up to the US in COVID-19 deaths? If you move from California to Wyoming, do you really have 3.6 times more voting power? The new #Eventmath wiki pairs current events with #math lesson plans to help students fight misinformation. Retweet for numeracy! Title: Eventmath Tagline: C...
Eventmath is a free and open resource that we build together. Interested in contributing or using lesson plans? Want to be a part of the community? You can add your Twitter handle to Community Members in this Google Doc:…
We have big plans, but we're starting with a humble Google Doc. If you’d like to make and share your first contribution now, we have a prioritized list of tasks. The smallest takes only a few seconds. Just head on over to the To-Do List in the Google Doc to make a difference!
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Sammel-Thread der Serie „Mathe für Politiker:innen“

Diese Threads wurden alle durch die erschreckende Ignoranz gegenüber der Relevanz und Notwendigkeit naturwissenschaftlicher und mathematischer Bildung von Politiker*innen motiviert.

#Math #Politik #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #Pandemie
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