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TRAVEL ALERT ✈️: U.S. Department of State raised its travel advisory for China from Level 3 to *Level 4*, which means "do not travel to China." Previously alert level 3 on Monday, which means "reconsider travel to China due to the novel coronavirus."…
2) New airlines suspending China ✈️ amid the outbreak: Air France (Until Feb. 9), British Airways (until end February), Air Seoul, Egyptair, Lion Air, Lufthansa (till end February), Swiss Airlines (till end February) and Austrian Airlines (till end February).
3) AIRPORT 🦠 SCREENING: “for every 100 infected travellers planning to take a 12 hour flight, only 9 will be detected at entry screening upon arrival”…
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Transitioning into #DataScience: A (long) thread—
Transitioning into a new field can be cumbersome, especially #datascience which usually requires some level of #math #statistics #machinelearning #programming. But fret not!
This thread will go over the fundamentals of what you should know to become a #datascientist. First thing first, there are hundreds of tools for visualization (Power BI, Tableau, Dash), cloud computing (GCP, AWS, Azure) and SQL variants (Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL).
Don’t get caught up trying to learn all of these tools/platforms/software! You will be onboarded to these technologies and they differ highly from company to company and sometimes even department to department. But, you should be familiar with what they do at a high level!
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Why Andrew Yang is not for America. His first plan, most comprehensive plan, is UBI(1,000 a month). The biggest issue with this is it doesn’t stack with things like Snap, Tanf, SSI, and many more programs people rely on.
If you go to Andrew Yang's site, he claims it stacks with Social Security Disability... the thing is, not everyone who is disabled has worked enough to collect Social Security, so they get SSI instead. You cannot collect SSI AND UBI at the same time. You must choose one.
Yang's site makes the claim that "Even some people who receive more than $1,000 a month in SSI would choose to take the Freedom Dividend because it has no preconditions."
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Did you know? You lose SNAP eligibility if you have more than $2,250 cash in hand.

Financial experts recommend keeping an emergency fund to cover expenses for 3 months - or $750/month for food, rent, and utilities.

Imagine losing your food assistance because you saved money.
Here is the section on how your car affects your benefits.

Take your vehicle’s market value and subtract $4,650 and see how much is left. That amount counts a resource for eligibility.

If you are poor with a car above that value, that “resource” is probably debt.
Here are the SNAP income limits and deductions. If you exceed the gross income cap you are disqualified regardless of deductions.

Here’s how much you can make by household size:
1 - $16,248
2 - $21,984
3 - $27,732
4 - $33,480
5 - $39,228
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Andrew Yang’s Healthcare plan is not as awful as people are making it out to be. Let me tell you why.

#YangGang #YangGang2020 #AndrewYang @AndrewYang #HumanityFirst #MATH #YangGangLove #YangMediaBlackout #DemDebate
When Andrew Yang said that he supported the “spirit of Medicare for All” it made a lot of sense. Yang has many separate policies attacking different facets of what makes healthcare so expensive, because there is no magic bullet to make healthcare work for everyone.
Even @BernieSanders in his Medicare For All plan knows this, which is why his proposed bill has 11 sections, not just one. These sections include things like Sunsetting old provisions and the negotiation of drugs and equipment prices.
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#TulsiGabbard 🌺 and #AndrewYang 🧢 are not Progressives.

The two pose a direct threat to #BernieSanders 🌹 and the political revolution.

They are using you, Berners - A thread... 1/21
🌺2014 Tulsi introduced a bill backed by billionaire casino giant/GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson, with Lindsey Graham to outlaw internet gambling.

She was later presented an award at Champions of Jewish Values 2016 Gala co-hosted by Adelson.

🌺"Champions of Jewish Values 2016 Gala An Unforgettable Evening"

Where in lies a list detailing lobbying efforts within the US, propaganda and xenophobia, and giving congresspeople (on Foreign Affairs Committees no less) awards for favoring Israel.…
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THREAD written before qualifying poll: "Rumor was wrong. Monmouth poll wasn't enough to qualify @AndrewYang for 6th debate. If he doesn't, chance to win plummets…

If so, it'd be a cruel waste of #YangGang energy NOT to GET ORGANIZED & keep building #HumanityFirst movement…
…Yang's vision of
-Universal Basic Income
-Human-Centered Capital
-#HumanityFirst and

isn't going anywhere, & it's up to us to become a REAL, powerful political movement to reshape the landscape of American politics & society for GOOD.

We've arrived at a moment where…2
…WE, as the #YangGang may need to THINK HARDER.

We need think hard about HOW we've tried building our movement so far

HOW to communicate most effectively

and most importantly: WHAT power is, fundamentally.

I believe the answer to that question is ORGANIZATION and FUNDING…3
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.@AndrewYang's #opioid policy is completely divorced from fact. It would do nothing to reduce ODs, which are driven by illegal drugs, & would exacerbate harm to #pain patients already slammed by unnecessary disability & rising rates of #suicide.
For a #math guy, @AndrewYang has failed to plot reductions in #opioid scripts & rising rates of OD. If he had, he would've found that reducing scripts has done nothing to slow ODs which are driven by illegal drugs.
#AndrewYang's #opioid policy would have "a modest effect, at best, on the number of #opioid overdose deaths in the near future," according to complex mathematical modeling. Yang's campaign is centered on his claim that he'd base policies on statistical evidence.
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In 1978, I was 5 yrs old. My mom was my hero. She was bold, smart, tough, and I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world! She was my idol and I worshipped her. She was a stay at home mom and she was my best friend. She'd play with me, help me,
console me, you name it.

One day, which I'll never forget, she pulled me and my brothers in for a family meeting and she said with a scared sad face (first time I ever saw that btw), that she was sorry, but that we didn't have enough food to eat until the end of the month, and
that we had to make a box of spaghetti last for two weeks somehow. She held back tears and I knew that we had to help out and not be greedy with the food. We made it, but that began to open my eyes to the fact that we were rich in spirit, but def not in income.
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Okay you want to talk about a welfare safety net? Let’s talk about a welfare safety net. A thread on welfare, from a kid who grew up on food stamps. /1 #yang #yanggang #yang2020 #andrewyang #HumanityFirst #yangbeatstrump #ubi #DemDebate
There are 83 overlapping federal welfare programs, and all of them together make up the largest budget item in the US. This is all means-tested welfare that excludes Medicaid and Social Security, the total comes out to about 1.03 trillion. /2
For comparison, Social Security cost $725 billion, non-war defense cost $540 billion, and Medicare cost $480 billion. (All of these numbers are from a Senate Budget Committee Report in 2011) /3
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I worked as a consultant for the Department of Public Welfare for more than three years.

I’ve done the #MATH, and @andrewyang’s #FreedomDividend is vastly superior to many public assistance benefits.

I explain in this thread.

cc @scottsantens, @Zach_Graumann
@AndrewYang @scottsantens @Zach_Graumann 1/ One of the criticisms of Yang’s Freedom Dividend is that the $1,000/month doesn’t stack (i.e. add to) *some* public assistance benefits. For example, someone receiving $150/month SNAP benefits won’t receive $1,150/month; they must choose SNAP or the Freedom Dividend.
@AndrewYang @scottsantens @Zach_Graumann 2/ Yang’s campaign has explained which benefits will stack with the Freedom Dividend and which benefits will not. Make sure to research this.

For simplicity purposes, in this thread I’m referring to a scenario wherein someone receives SNAP only (again: SNAP doesn’t stack).
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the #math book I was waiting 4 & how concept of curvature should be introduced quickly, bought it 4 ~20 GBP @ @heffersbookshop, will study it pseudo-religiously on a daily basis or as a humanist scholar but will benefit from it as the scientist/biologist I am :) thx @wtgowers&co
@heffersbookshop @wtgowers already had exposure to some articles in this book, a true companion, when using Safari Books Online as an @emblebi-er
@heffersbookshop @wtgowers @emblebi Day #2 studying the Princeton Companion to Mathematics (PCM from now on) Dynamical Systems and Chaos entry made me think about systems w/continuous and discrete consecutive phases/descriptions mixed & read Leibniz article, L constructed 1st four-function calculating machine
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@WesPDX86 @DROC2447 @cenkuygur @BernieSanders If you look back historically, all great movements have been led by people who made it about more than just themselves. @AndrewYang is true servant leader. He has the "chops" meaning he first came to understand the most pressing challenges we face in the 21st Century...
@WesPDX86 @DROC2447 @cenkuygur @BernieSanders @AndrewYang Andrew understands how to look at the entire system and identifying the leverage points that need to be fundamentally changed in order to fix the system. The #HumanityFirst movement is more about a long-term approach that has given people a GPS if you will on how to behave...
@WesPDX86 @DROC2447 @cenkuygur @BernieSanders @AndrewYang If you read through his 120+ policies you will see & come to understand someone who addresses both the big & small things that will improve people's lives. The #Freedomdividend is the centerpiece because it will instantly help alleviate stress & anxiety for the majority...
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I’m teaching a college writing course this semester, and I’m noticing a lot of ways that #writing is like doing #math. Here’s a short list. Can you think of others? (thread) #iteachmath
1. Both involve reasoning and making convincing arguments.
2. Both involve creative choices about what arguments are most compelling.
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So I've been trying to consolidate my understanding of UBI as a mechanism for economic prosperity, and my understanding of UBI as a futurist and techno-optimist.

I think I'm figuring out a bit of how @AndrewYang arrived near the $1000/mo mark. [1/?]
@AndrewYang It's really quite simple, but the two most obvious explanations ($1k is nice and round & $12k/yr is just below poverty line) don't fully explain the number, imo.

First I want to explain how I see UBI.

1) UBI is a lien-on-life for capitalism until... [2/?]
@AndrewYang ...humans have little to no economic input value (which is not a guaranteed eventuality, but quite possible, imo). See @neuralink for details on how I think we can avoid this.

2) UBI is a way to allow humans to have economic leverage while power is rapidly consolidated... [3/?]
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Why @AndrewYang’s campaign is brilliant: a thread, with predictions at the end. #YangGang #Yang2020 @scottsantens

After 2016, I felt disenfranchised. All the emotional energy I put into the Sanders campaign — and then Clinton — felt wasted.
So in ‘17 and ‘18, I started looking into what went wrong. I had become a boilerplate social justice progressive up until that point. My gut told me that we had been blindsided by Trump because we fundamentally misread the room.
So I started paying attention to political outsiders who challenged liberal and conservative orthodoxies.

Finally, in 2018, I read an interview with Yang. He had decided to run for President on UBI. At the time, his website was threadbare — he seemed like an intriguing blip.
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This will be a brief thread about @AndrewYang's google presence during the debate.

First exhibit: a 4-hour run on the interest he saw. #1 in average interest during the debate.

P.S. Did Kamala actually say something interesting?

#MATH #LetYangSpeak
@AndrewYang Andrew's search interest performance was not just relegated to high-tech regions, the midwest, or anywhere in particular. He won the entire country during the debate (lol except Montana and Oklahoma).

@AndrewYang The related queries? THIS is very telling.

They were all STRAIGHT to his website, presumably to register for his #FreedomDividend raffle. Some think it was a silly choice for #YangsDebateSurprise, but clearly it was effective.

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Ok #YangGang time for another candidate profiling!

This time we'll take a closer look at Elizabeth Warren.

Warren's campaign is all about "fighting corruption" and fixing "who our government works for."

Question is, who does Liz work for?

Let's begin.
Liz believes we should take on all corporate power, and we can't do that while taking its money.

So that's why she isnt taking any corporate PAC money.

At least that's what she says.

Let's double check the #MATH, shall we?
I guess she was hoping we werent going to read the fine print. 🤷‍♂️…
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I did the #MATH, looks like @nbc may have miscounted 🤦🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️
Sometimes honest mistakes happen. But NBC and MSNBC seem to omit me on the regular. @scottsantens has a fun compilation. Here are a few examples. In each case I was polling at the same level or higher than the last person listed or I would have been next in line.
Was at 2% in this poll.
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"Life did not invent #DNA."

Experimental support for the #hotsprings hypothesis for life's origin: David Deamer of @ucsc on nucleic acid polymerization in the wet-dry cycling of Darwin's "warm little pond," powered by #geothermal. Lab results confirmed in #hydrothermal pools.
From "boring statistical partitioning" in the fission of early protocells to the complex #homeostasis-driven #mitosis of the cells we know - Doron Lancet of @WeizmannInstSci on the gradient between closure of #autocatalysis #networks to complex regulatory mechanisms of #biology.
"Life is an integrated nested network of dynamic #kinetic cycles."

Addy Pross emphasizes the importance of motion to the persistent forms of self-organizing #complexsystems at SFI today
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For any subset A of a topological space X, there are no more than 14 sets that can be formed from A using the closure and complement operations. The complement of B is B' = X-B. Closure C(B) = smallest closed set containing B. (Neat problem from Kelley's General #Topology.) #math
There's a lemma that helps one show this. Letting C(A) denote the closure of A, and N(A) the complement of A, we can prove:

Lemma: for all sets A, one has the equation
The result follows from the semigroup with identity I generated by 2 elements N and C such that N² = I, C² = C, and CNCNCNC = CNC. Its 14 elements are:

Should have nice matrix representation. #math
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"If I were to write a textbook on #complexity, it would be structured like this..."
- SFI Pres David Krakauer starts off this morning at #CSSS19 #CSSS at @IAIASantaFe

#error #adaptation #universality #coarsegrained #math #theory
"If you talk about #intelligence and #stupidity, you talk about #communication and #policy. That is the natural place to start."

"If you've ever written a Lokta-Volterra #equation, you've drawn a perpetual motion machine. There's no #dissipation."

- SFI President David Krakauer
"Why #God is a bad #theory: it's not because it's not true; it's because it uses an infinite-dimensional process to explain low-dimensional phenomena."

- SFI President David Krakauer at #CSSS19 on #Ockham's Razor & why #Darwin's animal breeding metaphor backfired on #evolution
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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Let’s talk #MyOriginalFailure for #FailureFriday


When I was in middle school I wanted to be an astronaut, but was told women couldn’t be astronauts. #SallyRide was older than me but she didn’t let that stop her.

It stopped me.

In HS I was the top student in every #math class I took til precalc. Didn't it was ok to have to work at being good at math. No adult recognized my potential and pushed me. I lost interest in spite of my math SAT score being higher than my verbal.
#Fear #PerfectionProblems
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