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1) Let me get my pitch out of the way and then let's talk about #math. I am Kickstarting the Solution Squad Holiday Special, a 48-page comic featuring math-based teen superheroes doing something good for their community:…
2) I just retired from teaching math after a 32-year career. In that time, I developed a use for prime numbers and prime factorization that went beyond finding the GCF and LCM, which I thought were pretty tedious algorithms. Instead, I focused on simplifying fractions.
3) Simplifying fractions is not included in the Common Core State Standards #CCSS, though learning about equivalent #fractions is. I would argue that any #algebra teacher will agree that simplifying fractions IS important, especially when dealing with #polynomial fractions.
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I'm kicking off my discrete #math course with a curated series of videos that show the role that the subject plays in many issues pivotal to human existence: DNA, neuroscience, elections, public health, privilege, segregation. Sharing these in thread below in case it's helpful.
Unraveling DNA with Rational Tangles, h/t @math3ma.
Your Brain as Math, h/t @kelseyahe.
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25/30 I responded to the tweet/thread negatively and included a link to a Kahn Academy lesson about the topic, not bc anyone in the thread needed the lesson, but bc Twitter is performative & public and the average reader should see that this is *not* an absurd or off-base Q.
26/30 Anyway, @jennthetutor, since you threatened me about DMing you, which I'd never have done anyway bc nothing personal/private is going on here, I’ll reply publicly: my response wasn’t intended to be directed at you. I see your name was first in the list. Sorry about that.
27/30 Context clues would still show that my @ was directed @akilbello. He’s the one who posted the Q. I figured he would have picked up on that and that you/Jon would want to see because we’re all pro's having convos on Twitter re teaching and students, who we all stump for.
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1/30 One of the major points of confusion about the #SAT and the #ACT specifically is what exactly is on the test. It’s always worth discussing the content of assessments, especially assessments that are so high-stakes.
2/30 When I started teaching shortly after college, I got into it as a part time job. I was a subject tutor, designing curricula and teaching math. I had always been comfortable with standardized tests, so it seemed (at the time) like that, too, would be straightforward work.
3/30 I’d never “prepped” for the tests myself when I was in HS, so I didn’t perceive/approach them as arenas that required strategy. It struck me that they were simply testing what I’d learned in school and my understanding of language and mathematical reasoning. #edutwitter
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"Exploring different infinities" (since @mauropm & @gnuowned) told me they did no understand when they invited me to their podcast @openenchilada).

The idea of this thread is to show you easily that there are different infinities [...] #mathematics #mathschat #math #maths
Lets start with the set of natural numbers IN={1,2,3,...} the size of this set is ℵ0 (aleph-0) which is the first infinity. We want to compare this infinite set with others. But first, how do you know when a set A has the same size as a set B without counting? [...]
Imagine a dance party, in one side you have the set M of men & in the other side the set W of women. You would like to see dancing pairs of people of different sex. If you generate the pairs and EVERYBODY is dancing then you can say that |M|=|W| (both have the same size) [...]
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Quinnipiac: Biden 52%, Trump 42%

USAT/Suffolk: Biden 50%, Trump 43%

Reuters/Ipsos: Biden 47%, Trump 40%

Grinnell/Selzer: Biden 49%, Trump 41%

Economist/YouGov: Biden 51%, Trump 40%
(Reposted an earlier tweet to fix the YouGov margin as +11, not +9. My #math mistake)
Trump's share of the vote in head-to-heads versus Biden continues to track closely with his job approval rating.

There don't seem to be many "well I disapprove of him but I dislike his Democratic opponent more" voters.

In 2016, voters who disliked both broke for Trump.
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Recuerdo en una clase de espectroscopia RMN la fabulosa explicación (like you're 5) del profesor del empleo de la transformada de Fourier (TF) para transformar la señal del FID dominio (Intensidad, t) al dominio (intensidad, frecuencia).
#math #Science #NMR
La TF es ampliamente empleada en el procesamiento de señales porque permite descomponer una función (o señal) en diferentes funciones periódicas (armónicos).
Fue desarrollada por Joseph Furier en el año 1822.
Por otro lado el código Morse fue desarrollado por Samuel Morse y Alfred Vail mientras trabajaban en un sistema de telégrafo eléctrico. es un sistema de representación de letras y números mediante señales emitidas de forma intermitente. Peude ser transmitida por pulsos eléctricos
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Here's a microlesson on a neat subject—random walks!

A chip, starting in position 1, randomly jumps to a reachable neighboring spot and keeps doing so. What's the average no. of jumps the chip will make before it gets to position 6? #math
The key thing to figuring this out is realizing that where the chip goes next ONLY depends on the place it currently is.

Where it was before, in the previous jump or any before it, doesn't determine anything about where it goes next.

(The math lingo for this is "Markovian".)
As a result, when the chip moves, it's as if it were starting the "game" again, except at a different starting position & with an extra jump on the counter!

That means that we can think about the average jumps needed to get to 6 from any other position on the board—2, 3, etc.
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#Thread on Units of measurement of Length in Ancient India as observed by Hieun Tsiang (Yuan Chwang) (602-664 CE), the Chinese traveller, in ‘Record of Travels to the Western Regions’ 👇 #History #india #bharat #indic #civilisation #travel #math #measurement #science
“In point of measurements, there is first of all the yojana (yu-shen-na); this from the time of the holy kings of old has been regarded as a day’s march for an army....
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1/ This is a letter from a math teacher in my District to our School Board. Shared with permission.

Please read and retweet:
My name is Courtney and I am a high school #math #teacher.

In March, I contracted, battled and survived #COVIDー19.

2/ I am an active and healthy 26-year-old. The type of person people say “shouldn’t be stressed” about this virus, much like our students. COVID-19 is a sickness unlike any I have ever endured. The weakness my body felt was worse than any flu, cold or stomach virus I’ve ever had.
3/ My symptoms started slowly, a slight cough, that sent chills down my spine in fear that I had contracted the virus. I immediately quarantined. That evening I started having chest pains similar to heartburn, and the next morning I awoke with a #fever.
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These are the #stories of #math that we celebrate, amplify and make central to the idea of #maths as a #objective #neutral #culture-free subject. #Math can do no #harm, and the #logical “pure math” thinking of #Mathematicians is worthy of emulation. But... 1/x
2/x ... "What about pure mathematics and mathematicians who merely prove theorems? Is there any #ethical component comparable to what you find in other fields of #science?" - R. Hersh in Experiencing #Mathematics
3/x One point of view: "there's no need for #mathematicians to have a code of #ethics, because what we do matters so little that we can do whatever we like."
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An absolutely incredible, highly interconnected web of ideas connecting some of the most important discoveries of late twentieth century physics and mathematics. This is an extremely abridged, biased history (1970-2010) with many truly ground-breaking works still not mentioned:
1971: Wegner reformulates the Ising model as a Z/2 gauge theory and discovers phase transitions without local order parameters (beginning of understanding of topological order).
1973: Anderson proposes resonating valence bonds (quantum spin liquids) as a phase of matter in quantum magnets, generalizing Linus Paulings' resonating valence bond description of ammonium.

1974: Chern,Simons construct the Chern-Simons form and associated invariant in odd dims
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I am really thrilled to release #AutoSpill onto @biorxivpreprint. It is a novel method for applying compensation to #flowcytometry data, which reduces the error by ~100,000-fold. It is thanks to AutoSpill that we can push machines to their max colours…
#AutoSpill is a beautiful example of what #maths can add to #immunology, led by the talented Dr Carlos Roca.

It has really open up my eyes to the potential of #computationalbiology, and is the reason why we have a new #datascience position available:…
So how does #AutoSpill work? If you just want to compensate your data, simply upload your single colour controls to and then copy the spillover matrix to your #flowcytometry program of choice

@CarlyEWhyte can walk you through the whole process in <2'
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Puerto Rico should be whatever it wants. Pass it on
Since @AndrewYang is the #Data #Math guy?

Let's talk numbers on Puerto Rico Statehood:
In 2012 the headline was "Puerto Ricans favor statehood for first time"

Kinda. The statehood party broke the question up into two parts:

1. Should Puerto Rico continue its current territorial status?

2. HAHA forget question #1. Which non-territorial option do you prefer?
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I'm a grade one teacher in #onted . I have a #math specialist qualification and will be a lead teacher for implementing this new curriculum. So here are my initial professional thoughts on this new math curriculum:…
Structure: Changing the structure of the document to show connections from year to year is a good change. But that mapping has already been done for the old curriculum. It's not new. Statement rating: overstated.
Real-life connections: This one is true. The connections needed to be updated. I should point out, though, that connections are always at the discretion of the teacher and are not considered core content. Rating: Mostly true.
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1/n. Slow-moving thread on a series of related, relaxing puzzles. They all involve this game:

Label all vertices and edges of a graph. Use each number 1,2,3,... exactly once (don’t miss any). At each vertex the sum of its label and its incident edge labels must be a constant, h. Image
2/n The labeling is called “total” because vertices AND edges are labeled.

It’s called “vertex magic” because we form a sum at each vertex, and—magically—get the same result (called the magic constant) each time.

The 2 examples suggest questions, eg: which constants are ok&why? Image
3/n With the “weight” of a vertex being the sum of its label with its incident edge labels, we maximize the sum of all weights (and therefore the magic constant) by placing the biggest labels on the edges.

-Different magic constants are possible. 12 would be the largest for C_3. Image
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[THREAD] 1) Bila betul orang Palembang sampai harus ikut kursus bikin mpek2 dan bayar, mungkin ini kesalahan penerapan Tri Dharma PT. Harusnya urutannya 1) Pengabdian pd masyarakat, yaitu milenial melebur dan mencatat 2) Meneliti catatan itu 3) Mengajarkan hasil penelitian itu .
2) Milenial tidak datang ke masyarakat dgn hasil ajaran dan penelitian kampus. Tp betul2 hanya bergaul dan mencatat. Jam berapa nelayan bangun. Knp ada sapu ijuk terbalik di sampan2. Knp bambu utk bahan bangunan mesti direndam 35 hari di air yg mengalir. Gmn cara bikin Mpek2 dll
3) Milenial mencatat aja. Ndak usah mbagusi dgn mengajarkan ini itu dari kampus. Knp naik pohon kelapa lbh dari sekali per hari itu pamali. Knp kalau ada 2 ayam betina tarung pertanda akan ada tanah longsor di sekitarnya. Nyatet aja ngak usah sledrang-sledreng bawa ilmu kampus
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#math Problem of the Day!
I have 26 students and my classroom is 24' * 22'

Where should I put the desks?
#makeitreal #mathchat #mtbos #iteachmath #msmathchat #122edchat #COVID19 #SocialDistancing
Thanks for the pic @gwaddellnvhs
My 8th grade daughter made this and said:
"This gets you 20 students with an illegal teacher zone."

Can you come up with something better?
#makeitreal #mathchat #mtbos #iteachmath #msmathchat #122edchat #COVID19 #SocialDistancing
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I'm fed up with w/ the intellectually dishonest "Fed liquidity" nonsense being propagated across Fin-Twit & the buyside. It's the kind of analytically lazy risk management framework that represents a source of grave DANGER for the average investor. Per my friend @BuddyCA64525731:
It's shocking to me that across the hundreds of institutional investors I speak with and thousands of individual investors I interact with on Fin-Twit that I have not seen ONE quantitative analysis of what "Fed liquidity" actually means for markets. Just a lot of conjecture...
Well, today is your lucky day b/c I spent all day yesterday adding some @Hedgeye-style DATA SCIENCE to the LIQUIDITY vs. FUNDAMENTALS debate.

Not surprisingly, the #math leaves much to be desired in support of anchoring on "Fed liquidity" as a primary risk management framework.
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Because the MSM knows that much like Hillary and Barack, Kamala has the recipe for sending Trump and the entire @GOP back to the swamp and turning the Dirty “red” South blue for @JoeBiden with #VoteByMail2020. They don’t wanna give us the chance to #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare 🤡
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Great talk by @stephen_wolfram introducing his Physics Project (

Important work here; goes well-beyond physics. I hope upcoming generations of scientists pay close attention.

Some of my quick thoughts:

What is the qualifier for unification under this framework? How will QM and GR demonstrably work together enough to say they are unified"?

It would be great to have some distance metric between the shapes you create with this approach and known shapes in nature (some connection between the isomorphic classes of nature's shapes and those generated here).
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One result of my daughter doing college from home is that I’m more aware of what her assignments are.
One recent assignment was so dumb it reminded me of one reason I pulled her out of elementary school for homeschooling.
It was, of course, a #math assignment.
Specifically for..
the "cultural component" of Calculus.
This week's "cultural" assignment was to watch this Jo Boaler video and then "dialog" with someone about it:
The video has it all: how there's no such thing as an inherent talent for math; that it's all about #growthMindsets (sorry, that's been debunked); that math is not about right-or-wrong answers; that brain science supports counting on your fingers...
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"Explosive Proofs of Mathematical Truths"

In just a moment, we'll start live coverage of @SimonDeDeo's SFI Seminar-by-Zoom on a data science study of the epistemic structure of actual proofs.

(Seminar not streamed, but recording will be shared soon.)…
Theodor Adorno proposed that political preferences are consequences of the kind of explanations people prefer — individual or systemic.

#SocialScience research by Jinwoo Kim asked: is there a correlation between the social and physical narratives preferred by authoritarians?
"We can think better about cultural evolution. We need to go beyond the infection metaphor and include more cognitive #science."

- @SimonDeDeo interrogating #memetics and the validity of #mimetic behavioral science interventions
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