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Get ready for a #MathAdventure! Ever stumbled upon Fermat's Last Theorem? It's a 358-year-old riddle that kept even the most brilliant minds guessing. Today, let's unravel this enigmatic tale of numbers, and celebrate the genius who solved it - Sir Andrew Wiles.
A thread.(1/16)… Image
Pierre de Fermat was an amateur mathematician. In his book, he made a bold claim: No three positive integers a, b, and c can satisfy the equation aⁿ + bⁿ = cⁿ for any integer value of n greater than 2. (2/16)
But here's the kicker. Fermat added, "I have discovered a truly marvellous proof of this, which this margin is too narrow to contain." And just like that, he left the world pondering. What was this elusive proof?(3/16)
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Go is a programming language that comes with a rich standard library containing many useful packages and modules. In this, I provide an overview of the standard library modules in Go.
#golang #library
1️⃣. fmt - This package provides formatted I/O with functions like Println, Printf, and Scanf.
#golang #println
2️⃣. net - This package provides a set of network-related functions like dialing a network address, establishing a connection, and listening to a network port.
#network #http #port #golang
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If you're struggling to become a data scientist...

There's a 95% chance you are doing it wrong.

Master these 5 things to escape career boredom (and make 6-figures).🧵

#datascience #career Image
Would you believe me if I told you it took me 5 years to become a data scientist?

I've written 10+ R packages that have amassed 2.5 million downloads.

I've consulted for S&P Global, MRM McCann, and 3 more Fortune 500 companies.
But I made 5 critical mistakes that I want to teach you how to fix.

1. I was too focused on #DataScience

2. I couldn't relate it to the business

3. I struggled to communicate the value
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“I am convinced that the reason the John Nunn never became world champion is that he is too clever for that. He has so incredibly much in his head. Simply too much. His enormous powers of understanding & his constant thirst for knowledge distracted him from chess”
Magnus Carlsen Image
Dr. John Nunn: at just 15, he began his journey in mathematics at Oxford & became the youngest student in 500 years. By 23, he earned a PhD in algebraic topology. Nunn went on to become a world-renowned chess grandmaster, dominating for almost 2 decades.

#Chess #oxford #Math Image
GM Nunn is recognized as one of the leading chess problem solvers, won 3 world championships in this field. He represented the British team in various solving competitions. In 1985, he published a book entitled "Solving in Style," which delves into this subject in greater depth. Image
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Awesome article! And: take just about every single thing written about the coaching and learning of sports here, and hit ‘find/replace’ for math, and you have more of the full picture of what’s going on with #math instruction.
I’ll elaborate some parallels here: “Strict, militaristic discipline and authoritarian power with frequent outbursts of screaming and cursing” — “Strict, “get it right the first time” focus, authoritarian pedagogies with direct and indirect messages that demoralize students
“Winning at all costs” — increasing test scores at all costs
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Another Fed Meeting, another decision based on flawed metrics. One of them is the new CPI. Or shall I say the *New New CPI*?

Because the calculation has been sneakily adjusted again recently, and yes, it matters. Why and how?

Time for an inflation 🧵👇
🧐 Current CPI

First, for those who are new to the whole Fed Shell Game, or if you need a little refresher, a quick review of CPI:

The Consumer Price Index, also known as CPI, is the benchmark for U.S. inflation as calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (the BLS).
You may have noticed recent controversy about the accuracy of the CPI and whether the BLS is understating inflation

People ask every time a new CPI reading is released: how can the prices of groceries, cars, houses, be so inflated, yet the CPI rises only a fraction of that?
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In addition to Alan Turing developing the first modern computers, he also ventured in the realm of mathematical biology.
Turing patterns explain how patterns can emerge from seemingly homogeneous or random systems. See next (1/3)
#Science #Math #Biology
By solving Reaction–diffusion equations, he showed how patterns in nature can arise, such as stripes, spots, and spirals. Turing patterns have been observed in the formation of the coat patterns of animals such as zebras, leopards, and many more! (2/3)
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@yessmanstu @GeraldKutney @goddeketal Military or no military,
the climate is changing fast
bc of increased carbon dioxide
in the infrared zone
of the atmosphere.

The physical properties
of carbon dioxide
include interacting
w long wave infrared energy
passing through.

FAQs here…
@yessmanstu @GeraldKutney @goddeketal This is a similar explanation to how other molecules (with different properties) absorb different wavelengths of light (energy)
#physics #STEMeducation
Every molecule is different, and it has to do w how many electrons can move and change their orbitals…
@yessmanstu @GeraldKutney @goddeketal Molecular orbital diagrams talk about where electrons likely are in any given combination of elements.…
For CO2 the way the electrons spin depends on how much energy the molecule has, and the levels look like this (MO diagram from…)
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@CBS6 Sorry @VASchools had unqualified SecEds for 8 years, appointed for political reasons, not qualifications, & the depths of Northam's blackface humiliation. The extremist agenda has been rebuked by @NSBAPublicEd after legal review, but damage done. @8NEWS #RVA @NBC12 @myVPM
This is @GlennYoungkin's HIGHLY QUALIFIED Sec Ed AimeeRogstad Guidera who uses DATA to drive decisions assess standards & recommendations. THIS is a qualifed VA Secretary of Ed, the 1st we've had in almost a decade. @CBS6 @8NEW @NBC12 @myVPM Decade of error is hard to overcome.
@GlennYoungkin @CBS6 @8New @NBC12 @myVPM Check her credentials here. BTW, I think she leans Dem but @GovernorVA chose her because of her expert qualifications you may read her @LinkedIn paeg below. Princeton, Harvard & leadership everywhere.…
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Machine Learning is hard.

I felt like quitting whenever I get baffled by the amount of information to learn.

But I followed the path to learning from Math for ML.

Here are the 5 critical reasons why you should start with Math concepts for ML

🤔 Why Math for ML:
📌 Machine learning algorithms rely on mathematical calculations to make predictions and decisions
📌 Many machine learning techniques, such as neural networks and deep learning, are based on linear algebra and calculus
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The interesting part about the numbers in the square of Saturn is the grid.

3x3 > 33

Or every number if you like mathematics like me.
Every result is 15 in square 4+9+2 = 15

15th prime is 47° the masonic compass.

Saturn is alot at the moment will add alot to this thread just about math and geometry.
And why and how.
#Saturn #math #magicsquares
Interesting part here > grid is 3x3 this fits 3 times in the grid just by the numbers.
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WTF Is...#DeFi

🏦 Finance penetrates all areas of our lives, but traditional finance (TradiFI) often lacks transparency, accessibility and accountability.

🌐 Decentralised Finance or simply 'DeFi' aims to solve these and other issues...but WTF exactly is DeFi? 👇
In Traditional Finance today, people are forced to keep their money in banks and other centralized institutions, having very little control over how those assets are actually custodied and managed.

Enter #DeFi:
• Self-custody of your assets
• True digital ownership
DeFi uses #blockchain technology to make sure there is no single party in control and no single point of failure.

Additionally, everyone with a device connected to the internet can interact with #DeFi 24/7 from any point of the world.

#DeFi banks the unbanked.
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JM Morgan is broadly underweight equities. Expects earnings downgrades, recession in EU & UK. Goldman Sachs expects #lithium supply response will outpace demand. This is a perfect recipe for another perfect storm in global lithium stocks. Maybe a perfect storm in a tea cup ☕️ ?… Image
JM Morgan is broadly underweight equities. Expects earnings downgrades, recession in EU & UK. Goldman Sachs expects #lithium supply response will outpace demand. This is a perfect recipe for another perfect storm in global lithium stocks. 15 Nov might be 5 April 2.0. DYOR 🚨⚠️〽️… Image
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Here is the #math on the magnitude of future returns required to get your money back after drawdowns of various magnitudes:
This may be helpful as well:…
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You know why Powell keeps getting letters?
It's not about the coming unemployment, it's because he's in process of blowing up the Federal budget as interest on debt is heading towards over $1 trillion a year in a freakin' hurry.
#math Image
Interest on debt is now the same size as the annual US military budget, which is by far the largest item in the US discretionary budget. And it's only going to get larger.
Let that sink in. Image
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In this thread we are going, finally, to implement Navier-Stokes simulation in Niagara. We should obtain something like in the gif below. #ue5 #niagara #vfx #gamedev #math
Following the steps in Stam's Stable Fluids paper, let's split our original problem into smaller ones. Basically, we solve the momentum equation (apply forces, advect velocity and diffuse it) and after that we force that computed velocity to be divergence-free using the pressure. Image
We know how to solve (from the previous thread...more or less) all the elements of last picture, except maybe the "advection" step. Luckily, it can easily solve using a method called "Semi-Lagrangian scheme". Again, I recommend you take a look to @nvidia GPU Gems blog. Image
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It's time to solve some fluid dynamics equations! These are the well-known Navier-Stokes Equations which describe the motion of a viscous fluid. #ue5 #niagara #gamedev #techart #houdini #math
There are three or four unknows in this system of equations, depending on whether we are in 2D or 3D case. The main unknows are: the velocity (two or three components) and the pressure.
The first equations, one for each component of the velocity, are called "momentum equations" and are basically Newton's F=ma applied to a little fluid element. The last equation is the "continuity equation" and it means that the flow is incompressible, i.e., density constant.
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Ever wondered what a fake journal in #mathematics looks like? Follow me down the rabbit hole. I'll show you one that slipped on the slippery slope of #goldOA. #openScience #math #fakeJournal #openAccess. 👇🧵
Let me introduce you to…, the European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (EJPAM).
It's run by a company in Maryland, USA called "New York Business Global". This is their homepage:
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1/ Just read @paradigm's blog on GOO: @artgobblers & its inflationary token Goo.

Some interesting game theory & neat #MATH tricks just fit together in the design.

Anyways, here's how you can earn the highest Goo emission rate. 🧵👇
2/ If you don't alr know what Goo is, just read this thread by @_Dave__White_.
3/ To get the highest Goo emission rate, first we need to understand that Goo emission is based on:
- Each Gobbler's multiplier
- Goo amount allocated to each gobbler (can be different)

The Goo emission rate will then be `sqrt(m*a)` , where m=multiplier and a=allocation of Goo.
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What if, and just go with me here, @AndrewYang, there were more effective ways to change the system than launching a third party named after your book with you as the figurehead?
Like, maybe the biggest problem with the system isn’t two parties, it’s the fact that all American voters don’t have an equal representation in their federal gov’t and that’s if they can register at all while one party actively tries to reduce the number of eligible voters who do
And again, @AndrewYang, these two slides do not show what you keep arguing they do. They show that 60% of the country is left of the moderates AND Republicans have consistently gamed state legislatures to prevent that from showing up in federal elections.
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The US debt spiral, a thread...

US Tax revenue $4T
minus: Entitlements $2.8T
minus: Defense $0.8T
leaves: $0.4T

Annual interest exp is $400B (at historic low coupons)

Interest coverage ratio is 1X (solid CCC ratio for corps)

The debt spiral accelerates as new debt is issued at HIGHER coupon.

Ex: $30T in outstanding debt x 3.2% coupon is $1T in annual expense...(an increase of $600B/yr)

This is BEFORE any new deficits and a reduction in revs due to lower capital gains

So the debt spiral grows organically even in the absence of new spending.

How does the treasury fund the debt spiral?

QE infinity. Pure #math.

Unless: IMF financial repression model >> YCC plus hot inflation to grow GDP faster than coupon

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Part 2 of Bank Runs thread continues below. The beginning portion of this thread can be found here:

Banks kept a portion of reserves as cash in their vaults and the bulk of their reserves as deposits in correspondent banks in certain cities.

Many, but not all, of the ultimate correspondents belonged to the Federal Reserve System.

This reserve PYRAMID setup limited...
country banks’ access to reserves during times of crisis. When a bank needed cash-- because its customers were panicking and withdrawing funds en masse -- the bank had to turn to its correspondent, which might be faced with requests from many banks simultaneously or...
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Queuing up for tonight's sold out (but streaming) Community Lecture by Fractal Faculty Professor @seanmcarroll!
🧵 Follow this thread as we look into Schröedinger's Box with @seanmcarroll (newly appointed to Chair of #NaturalPhilosphy at @johnshopkins) and learn about the #ManyWorlds hypothesis of #QuantumMechanics:

"Even if we're wrong, it's not magic, it's #physics, it's #science, and it can be understood."

"When we look at the world, we don't see the entirety of reality. What reality is, is the #superposition of the many different ways..."

"#Space is one of the many things in #reality."
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Some fun #math and #btc (thread)

5yr CDS on the USA is 20bps (20k/yr to insure 10MM of debt against default)

Total federal debt for USA is $30T funded plus $160T unfunded

20yr CDS equiv is 80bps so:

$190T debt x .8%p/a = $1.52T premium

#btc mkt cap of $375B

/2 #btc can be considered default insurance on a basket of Fiats,

#btc has a value of LESS than one third the total premium for the USA,

thus you are getting CHEAP protection on the USA AND protection on ALL other Fiats for FREE...w/ no counterparty risk nor time decay.

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