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About to jump into conversation with @thoughtxchng & @TahiraDChase exploring how to relaunch schools and what we've learned so far #bringpeopletgoether #backtoschool #newnormal #innovation
Launching into the drill-down session from @thoughtxchng superintendent round table: learning, reflection and crowdsourcing to move us into the new normal
Communicating & planning with the community for school relaunch: @TahiraDChase shares her takeaways from opening Greenburgh Central School. #collaboration is key
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Episode 26 is out with the inner workings of the feedback culture at @GitHubEng with @_ryannystrom!
Hosted by the wonderful @FancyKarolina, powered by @codingsans.
Check out the full interview:…

#EngineeringManagement #Feedback #feedbackculture
How do you build an open feedback culture like GitHub?

0. Before anything else, you have to know, even if you’re at a small company, you can’t start it early enough. You need to set up a feedback system with a regular cycle.
1. Have everyone do self-reviews
Wherever you are, it can’t hurt to think about what you’ve been doing over the last months. A bit of self-reflection is a great first stage for your feedback system.
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Get good at running one on one meetings without embracing that awkward learning curve: use the experience of @jstanier of @Brandwatch. You also get a chance to win a copy of his new book!
Full interview:…
Hosted by @FancyKarolina, powered by @codingsans
Do you give #feedback at one on one meetings?

1. I use one on ones to give both positive and negative feedback. It's a frequent opportunity to do it. You want your direct reports to always know how they are perceived, rather than only learn about it at performance reviews.
2. You want to avoid giving critical feedback out of the blue. I tend to put a note about the broader topic of my critical feedback in the meeting agenda. It helps them to prepare.
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During my career I developed several large system change strategies that clients successfully implemented in their organizations.

#ChangeStrategies #LargeSystems
While I have written previously about some of these strategies, I have more to say concerning organization design that may be useful to readers who are addressing their own large system change challenges.

In lieu of essays and articles of considerable length, I've opted for Twitter tweets and threads with reference URLs and topical hashtags for this documentation.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/26/2020…
The faulty science, doomism, and flawed conclusions of Deep Adaptation | openDemocracy…

#adaptation #ClimateChange #science
The dog that hasn't barked (yet) in US-China relations | TheHill…

#US #relations #China
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I put together info on feedback for our interns and meant to share, but things *ahem, COVID* got in the way...

I learned ADAPT @acgme course in faculty assessment, and honed during @intermtnsim facilitator course.

A month into new AY, might be a good time to revisit! #Feedback
First of all.

Very important to understand what feedback is -

It's not about your opinions, it's about observed behaviors compared to standard.

For those in the back - observed compared to standard!

⚠️ if not observed
⚠️ if not using a standard

Set yourself up for success to deliver feedback - let team know expectations, 🚸 signpost feedback! And make sure you are in the right setting.

#1 rule, always assume everyone is trying their best.

Finally reflect on feedback that worked for you, and pay it forward to others!
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Only 55% of commencing students in Australian #highered reported positively to whether "teachers commented on your work in ways that help you learn"

Implementing innovative feedback methods (e.g audio-visual feedback) may improve this metric.

#HigherEducation #feedback Image
Data source: QILT 2019 SES National Report Table
Written #feedback tends to be highly directive, whereas audio-video feedback is more likely to include explanations, suggestions and recognition which can improve upon student engagement.

#HigherEducation #highered
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1/ Welcome Back for another edition of #TweetorialTuesday from the #MedEdTwagTeam! #VirtualLearningEnvironment Edition.

Last week, @JenniferSpicer4 helped you to optimize your settings on #Zoom. Pssst, go check it out.

#EdTech #MedEd #VirtualLearning #VirtualTeaching Image
2/ Again, here’s an outline of our sessions for this series.

Aqua icons are #tweetorials by @JenniferSpicer4
Blue icons are #tweetorials by @GStetsonMD

This week we are talking about how to use Zoom with other apps (PPT, Word, etc.) Image
3/ Often when teaching, online or IRL, many of us use resources to help us organize our thoughts.

That may be PowerPoint slides, a Word document, white board, or even pieces of paper (*gasp*).
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Dr. @sherbino is the Medical Education Keynote Address: Efficiencies in Education: How to Hack Educational Training to Get From 10,000 Hours to 100 Hours.

#SAEM20 #MedED
When we get into more complex problems in emergency medicine, we construct knowledge instead of just transferred. The use of algorithms doesn't work in a complex rapidly changing tasks.

Deliberate practice and mastery learning allow learners to wrestle with the fundamental piece before they get to the complex task. This is the magic of #simulation.

The jump becomes manageable instead of impossible.

#masterylearning #deliberatepractice #EMSim #MedED
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@HMRCgovuk I have been messing about for far too long tonight trying to send a return through basic PAYE tools. It is one of the very worst software products I have been forced to use in the last 20 years. You go around and around in circles with it and the help is 100% useless.
This tweet forms part of my reasonable excuse for submitting late. The software has taken over 10 minutes stuck at a green screen. Then a NIL return has gone awol and then all of a sudden has admitted it submitted itself. And then to top things off I cannot submit the final bit.
The navigation and online help manual is a bag of shyte. Goodnight. #HMRC #Feedback
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Are you making that quick transition from live to online learning? Join our CPO @dessalen to find out what works, and what doesn't! #SuddenlyRemote Adapting Your Learning Strategy from Live to Virtual is starting now!

Join us right here:… Image
Do you worry about keeping people #engaged in your #onlinelearning?
#virtualclassrooms have evolved to include interaction from your participants. Chat function, reactions, webcams, mics - we need to use all of these technologies in order to make sure we're creating the most interactive experience we can.
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#DigitaleLehre Es folgt ein kleiner #Servicethread zu #synchron|en Formaten mit z.B. #jitsi, #bigbluebutton etc. Das sind acht zwar #basale, aber dennoch imho wichtige Dinge.
So ist z.B. die Frage "Wie sieht mein Arbeitsplatz eigentlich hinter mir aus?" nicht 1/7
nur für Lehrende, sondern auch für Studierende relevant. Es schadet wahrscheinlich nicht, die Seminarteilnehmer*innen vorher noch einmal darauf hinzuweisen, persönliche Dinge ggf. zu entfernen (1).
Da technisch bedingte #Delay|s antizipierbar sind, ist es sinnvoll, 2/7
mit Studierenden vor Beginn der Seminarsitzungen #Interaktionsregel|n zu vereinbaren, z.B. die Verwendung von beitragseinleitenden und beitragsbeendenden Formeln, etwa "Danke, Ende meines Beitrags", um das #Turntaking gut zu koordinieren 🤜🤛(2). 3/7
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Una de las cuestiones más difíciles de afrontar cuando queremos dar #feedback es que tenemos muchos alumnos en el aula y no podemos llegar a todos. Comparto una estrategia que me funciona bastantes veces: 🧵
Les propongo una pregunta que deben contestar en un mínimo de un párrafo y un máximo de tres, en la mitad de un folio. Tiene que ser una pregunta en relación al contenido pero que necesite una buena argumentación. Les dejo 15 minutos para que la realicen.
Luego cada un deja su respuesta encima de la mesa, y tienen otros 15 minutos para pasearse por la clase y leer las respuestas de sus compañeros. Las primeras veces hay follón, pero que piensen que visitan un "museo de respuestas" y que tienen que leer todas en ese tiempo
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The aim of feedback is to promote critical-thinking and problem-solving mechanisms that enable learners to assess their own progress and apply a critically reflective approach to academic work.
#feedback #feedforward #teachingpedagogy #selfregulatedlearning #highereducation
However, text-based feedback has limitations, and, on it's own, is not inclusive.
#feedback #inclusivity #highereducation
“Higher education institutions are being criticised more for inadequacies in the feedback they provide to students than for almost any other aspect of their course..." (Boud & Molloy 2013, p. 698).

#feedback #teachinginnovation #LTHEchat #audiovideofeedback
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These are a few of the questions I am often asked by junior physicians, or even peer physicians. I thought I’d share with you some the top 10 pearls I share with others, as we focus on many of these in the Brave Enough Master Class. #tweetorial #medicalstudents #medicalschool
2. Take a vacation every 3 months. Especially in the first few years. Trust me. Time away = burnout prevention. #tweetorial #medicine #mentor #physicianwomen #womeninmedicine #medicalschool #residents #medicalstudents #author #braveenough #gritandgrace #burnoutsyndrome #selfcare
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Die #Bewertung von #LehrerInnen mit ⭐ per #App ist nicht zielführend. Wenn man Kids jedoch über Jahre nicht die Chance auf #Feedback und Mitsprache gibt, darf man sich nicht wundern, wenn sie die Sache selber in die Hand nehmen. Dabei gäbe es 2 sinnvolle Tools für Feedback ...
1. Alle #LehrerInnen können sich auf von den SchülerInnen anonymes Feedback holen. Zur Klassenführung, zur Stundenvorbereitung, zur Beziehungsebene. Das sind ca. 30 differenzierte Fragen, die auch längere Antworten zulassen und nicht auf gut/böse basieren!
Zusätzlich können Klassenvorstände hier auch ein Klassenfeedback einholen, indem es generell um die Stimmung in der Klasse geht. Das Problem dabei?
Es ist freiwillig und kaum eine Lehrperson macht es bei mir im Lehrerzimmer. Gerade jene, bei denen es sinnvoll wäre, weigern sich.
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1/ When I find myself #disappointed or frustrated with a student or trainee, I always go back to was I explicit in my #expectations?

Was I clear about my standard for pt care?

Particularly, to not make assumptions about pt’s health #literacy or understanding of their plan?
2/ Was I not clear about my expectation about their medical knowledge

And if they don’t know something, its okay

But to take a stab at looking it up themselves if they have time since that will stick a lot more #MedEd
3/ Was I clear about closed loop #communication with the interdisciplinary team

And not make assumptions that #orders does not = that it’s happening for the patient or others understand the reasoning or its importance
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Have I ever told y’all how much I loooove to give #feedback?

Here’s why:
1. It adds meaning to my work in #MedEd.
2. It honors the learners and the patients.
3. It informs my final evaluations.
4. It improves the learning climate.
5. It's necessary.

*Shout out to #2.
I know lots of experts have written and presented great stuff on this. But if #medtwitter has taught me nothing else, it's that we can always add new ways to look at stuff.


So with that, here’s my practical approach to feedback on the wards and in clinic. Ready?
Okay, so 1st, let’s quickly revisit how feedback was defined in Ende’s classic paper:

“an informed, nonevaluative, objective appraisal of performance intended to improve clinical skills”  

(Ende J. Feedback in clinical medical education. JAMA. 1983;250:777–781)

Cool? Cool.
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@Microsoft #Feedback Forum #CX / #ServiceDesign. No text box to dump feedback with one click. Miles long textual instruction. Poor #UX with high first threshold of user feedback. Image
Encourage people to first dump the feedback then further categories. That way team will have feedback to analyze. If you expect people to look for the category then add the feedback, let me tell you in B2C, consumers will simply drop off. @Microsoft
Isn't all User Research of existing services starts from User Feedback. In view of such a User Unfriendly poorly design #feedback page, I wonder where does the UX Research budget goes? @Microsoft #uxresearch #servicedesign #ux
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All talks no action. Google #Feedback Forum #CX / #ServiceDesign. No text box to dump feedback with one click. Not responsive. Not mobile friendly. Poor #UX with high first threshold of user feedback. @Google Image
Encourage people to first dump the feedback then further categories. That way team will have feedback to analyze. If you expect people to look for the category then add the feedback, let me tell you in B2C, consumers will simply drop off. @Google
Isn't all User Research of existing services starts from User Feedback. In view of such a User Unfriendly poorly design feedback page, I wonder where does the UX Research budget goes? @Google #uxresearch #dropoff
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😀👋Are you ready for a #Diversion for your #FridayMotivation #FridayFeeling?
Welcome to day 27 #30days30waysUK and we’re talking offline #entertainment for #preparednessmonth aka
🔀 #Diversion 🧸🎲🏓
Emergencies may mean disruptions and that can lead to waiting times.⏱️🤪 Having a good range of both online and OFFLINE entertainment is important to keep up morale both individually and socially 😆👩‍👩‍👧‍👧
Today's video 🔉

#30days30waysUK #diversion
Not only children get bored and frustrated. Plan and prepare suitable offline entertainment and comfort items. Pick and pack some of these and add them to your #GrabBag and vehicle #EmergencyKit 🎒
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End of Rotation Feedback:

Quiet room. Very last day. You said:

“Your presentations were disorganized at times. And I expect students to be more independent at this point.”


“You have some gaps in your knowledge. I want to encourage you to read more.”

“Also--I think you dress rather casual for the hospital. I wouldn’t want you to be perceived as unprofessional, you know?”

Swallow. Blink.

“Like, those shoes. Are they sneakers?”

Wait. Huh?

“Um. They’re just comfortable. I mean. . .no, they aren’t sneakers.”

Well, what? I wanted to know. You expound.

“Well. You want to look the part. Like a doctor, you know? You want patients to feel like they can trust you when they see you.”

Swallow. Blink. Harder.

“Otherwise, I think you’ll do fine. Just keep reading.”

You smile.

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1/14 Hace años no sabía dar feedback, empezaba por las cosas positivas y acababa con las aspectos de mejora, ¡error! Abro un hilo para compartir algunas ideas que me han sido útiles sobre el feedback, una acción que debería ser muy habitual en todas las compañías #Feedback
2/14 Empezaba por lo positivo porque mi intención era ayudar a la persona a mejorar pero al acabar con los aspectos negativos, la persona se quedaba con la sensación que no lo hacia bien y que ademas no confiaba en ella. #Feedback
3/14 El reconocimiento positivo tiene mucho más impacto si se hace público, en presencia del equipo, porque refuerza vínculos y aumenta la autoconfianza. El negativo, en cambio, nunca hacerse en público para no ridiculizar ni dañar la autoestima de la persona #Feedback
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A Chartered Society of Design is in the making. Circular should be sent out to all the scholarly bodies like Government & Private Institutions and Universities to frame the Draft collectively. Chartered Professionals create a Chartered Society. It is a people first approach.
On record the Definitions added, impact the legal direction an organisational body takes over a period of time. Therefore, acclaimed Practitioners in the Design field 1. by Education 2. by Practice should have equal preference. Design Institutes were in scarcity in India,
many have come to Design Field from Bachelor of Visual Communication, Bachelor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Architecture, Engineering, Engineer Design (civil, mechanical etc), Game Design, Instructional Design, Fine Arts, Media, Flim & Television. There should be a Referendum to
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