Great writing makes millions.

OK writing makes nothing.

Here are 11 copywriting frameworks to help you sell your ideas:
Before – After – Bridge

How it works:

Identify the current problem. Imagine a world where the problem has been solved. Write the step by step for how to get to that solution.

Where it's most effective:

Product copy

Problem – Agitate – Solve

How it works:

Identify a problem in your copy and show a clear understanding of the potential pain. Poke the wound a little more with emotional copy that elaborates on the pain. Offer your clear solution.

Where it's most effective:


Features – Advantages – Benefits

How it works:

Open a sheet. In one column, write out product features. In the next, write out advantages for each feature. Lastly, write the benefits of the advantages. Use benefits as your copy.

Where it's most effective:

Landing pages

The 4 C’s

How it works:

Ensure that your copy is...


Where it's most effective:

In editing

The 4 U’s

How it works:

Ensure that your copy is...

Ultra Specific

Where it's most effective:

In editing


How it works:

Grab the user's attention first. Segue into an interesting fact or question. Pique their interest by making a connection to their desires. Invite them to action.

Where it's most effective:

Email and Sales

5 Basic Objections

How it works:

Respond to these 5 objections...

1. I don’t have enough time
2. I don’t have enough money
3. It won’t work for me
4. I don’t believe you
5. I don’t need it

Where it's most effective:

Sales Pages

Reader’s Digest Blueprint

How it works:

The magazine has a way of capturing attention. Articles must be...

- full of facts
- contain few adjectives
- arouse curiosity
- specific

Where it's most effective:

Long-form Content

3 Reasons Why

How it works:

Your copy must answer the following 3 questions...

1. Why are you the best?
2. Why should I believe you?
3. Why should I buy right now?

Where it's most effective:

Competitive Copy

Awareness – Comprehension – Conviction – Action

How it works:

Present the problem. Help them understand why that problem matters. Create a desire for them to fix the problem. Invite them to take action.

Where it's most effective:

Email and Sales

So what?

How it works:

Whenever a claim is made in your copy, ask yourself: "So what?" Why does that matter? Write out your answers. Gold nuggets lie in your responses to that question.

Where it's most effective:


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15 Sep
Coming up with content is hard.

And yet in one year I've:
• Tweeted 11k times
• Built out 4 courses
• Written 30+ threads
• Recorded 75+ podcasts


🧵 11 frameworks to come up with unlimited content ideas:
1. Content Matrix

Let's start with a powerful one. Mix and match across key inputs.

The process:

• Open a sheet
• 1 column for potential audiences
• 1 column for topics
• 1 column for medium
• 1 column for angles
• Cross-pollinate columns
• Pick ideas Image
2. Spontaneous Capture

Dedicate one app solely to capturing content ideas in the moment. I use Typefully for this.

The process:

• Capture the idea in your app
• Leave it alone for 12 hours
• Go back in and edit it
• Schedule for posting Image
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8 Sep
I had dinner with the cofounder of @Pixar.

Those 2 hours taught me more than 10 years of reading business books.

THREAD: 28 business lessons from @edcatmull:
1. Be opinionated

This does not mean to be egotistical. Simply have opinions and be willing to share them and make tough decisions.
2. Sequels are hard to make

But they are easy to market. Whenever you think you should add on to something, think through it deeply. The chances of adding true value on top of a masterpiece are slim.
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14 Aug
Samsung was a fish company.

And they weren't the only massive corporation to change their whole business.

History is riddled with crazy changes in direction.

THREAD: 12 huge pivots that paid off
Company: @Twitter

Started out as:

A directory for podcasts and video called Odeo.

What happened:

In 2005, Apple entered the podcasting game and rendered the tech null.
Company: @PayPal

Started out as:

A payments security company called Confinity with a product not really resembling PayPal.

What happened:

Elon Musk came into town with and merged with Confinity to form PayPal in 1999.
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9 Aug
You’re not paid based on how hard you work.

You’re paid based on how hard you are to replace.

I went from 0 to CMO in 7 years.

THREAD: 18 lessons to become indispensable at work.
Create order when you find chaos

- Be a calming presence
- Build repeatable systems
- Don't seek drama, seek structure
Bias toward shipping

- Done is better than perfect
- Ship more than you're even comfortable with
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13 Jul
Bad hooks kill great content.

I studied 100s of threads to find hook formulas that win.

Here are 22:
Bring the truth to light

Tell me why my worldview is flawed or why it can be improved. Make me think from a different perspective.
Ask a question about the hook

Some hooks are better served being questioned. Instead of simply telling me to get better at product thinking, ask what that actually means.
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8 Jul
56% of all web visits happen on a phone.

I studied 100s of mobile landing pages and found 21 golden tips.

Read to get more conversions:
Make everything easily clickable

Reachability is a huge problem on mobile. If your items are all in the middle, or all too far to the left, it can be harder to click them. Make it easy to take action.

Give me quick context

This is huge for eComm especially. If you have key info, display it above the fold. Don't make me scroll or guess to find out what I need.

Read 23 tweets

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