I tuned in to the interfaith Beaches-East York debate. It's one of the few which decided to give the PPC candidate a platform. I won't tweet the whole thing but maybe some things that jump out.
One thing the PPC candidate started with was that he is new to politics and he apologizes in advances for not being politically correct. *people nodding their heads* It's frightening that people think this is reasonable.
Now the PPC candidate is saying "too much equality will mean socialism, marxism, etc." something something govt handouts, people need to survive on their own means and be resilient. 🙄
Q was about EDI and social equity. He is not a fan, clearly.
Now @ARVForBEY will use housing as an example. She has shared she previously lived in a shelter and is not in social housing. She's speaking from her experience speaking to people who are underhoused.
I think Nate just said he brings a poverty lens to committee 🤨
*is now
PPC talking about how people are not going to work and they are staying home and getting CERB. I guess he doesn't know the #LPC cancelled that program months ago.
Alejandra is obviously upset by his comments & talks about why real people have bad luck sometimes, how she has seen so much injustice & sadness. She feels it's her responsibility to speak for the voiceless.
The green party candidate just said all parties have champions for social equity, including the CPC 🤨
Now they are moving from social equity to climate emergency (I didn't know they were separate issues)
Q is how parties plan to achieve the goal of reducing emissions by 7% each yr by 2030
PPC goes first and goes full on overpopulation argument. Implying brown people/immigrants increasing our carbon footprint. We cannot stop fossil fuels, everything will collapse.
Something about batteries are worse than oil.
Nate citing Andrew Weaver saying the Liberals have the only good plan... as per usual.
Alejandra saying how she was very surprised to learn that in a country as wealthy as Canada there are people without drinking water.
The green candidate is using patronizing language "our Indigenous people" while answering this Q about the role of indigenous people in climate action.
PPC candidate saying "arguably" land has been taken forcefully from Indigenous people. 🤨
Now he's going on a rant against universal income, which has nothing to do with the question.
Listen to these men rant is seriously hurting my brain.
To recap, this debate is three white men (one of whom belongs to a white nationalist party) & @ARVForBEY (a WOC).
Q on affordable housing, PPC candidate saying we are heading towards a communist country. More money for people to just stay home instead of people making their own living. It's seriously ridiculous that these comments are allowed.
I haven't kept count, but Alejandra's name has been mispronounced at least 3 times by the moderator, including once calling her Alejandro 😒
PPC answering Q about Afganistan. he started off with "let me ask you this gentlemen" as if there are no women here. Now he's saying people need to stay in their own countries (despite the fact that he himself is a Romanian immigrant).
It's not every day I get to listen to blatant racism/hate outnumbering microaggressions. Thanks debate organizers!
Alejandra is last on this Q and is the only person talking about the refugees as actual human beings and talking about how devastating the situation is. Bringing in her own experiences as an immigrant from Colombia as well.
Q on internet access and Nate is talking about childcare and child benefit.
PPC talking about dangers of radiation, 5G, 6G human health impacts. There are people who don't need internet access and they just live with nature. No need to have govt supports re: internet access.
Alejandra on the other hand considers internet access an essential service. She is calling for price caps, not a lottery program that the LPC has. Remote access, no surprise bills etc.
Q about small businesses pandemic recovery: PPC candidate saying stop govt hand outs and get out of the way, rely on free market, businesses don't need money. Non-competitive businesses should "burn to the ground" That's a quote.
This is horrifying- the PPC candidate is DRIVING on this zoom call. On hands-free but looking at the screen while answering and driving.
Not sitting in a car, ACTUALLY DRIVING.
Even after being asked if driving by the moderator concerned for his safety, the candidate continues to drive.
It's so distracting. He's also not on mute.
Nate saying he has had small business' backs (talking about govt grants/loans), but I looked at his office spending and it's mostly amazon, alibaba gp and facebook.
Two funny mistake by the green candidate, he said radicalized instead of racialized & eglinton-lawrence (where he last ran) instead of beaches- east york
PPC has muted himself while answering a very odd question about how the community should pray for each candidate in this election. But he has kept talking... and driving through it all.
Alejandra asking for prayers for the community and for wisdom shows how humble she really is. We need more people like her in Ottawa.
The green candidate asked for prayers for energy to get through the pandemic and the liberal prayers for his kids in school during the 4th wave.
I didn't quite catch what prayers the PPC candidate was asking for as he muted himself for most of it, but I think he was asking them to pray for him in this election. 😑
It's done now and I'm just going to go scream at a wall for a bit. WTAF did I just listen to?
@JMoxonCommunist, I really wish you could have been at this one.
I just remembered and had to share that Alejandra did say that Jesus was an OG lefty. 😂

• • •

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I received this disappointing email from @FairVoteCanada dedicating paragraphs to my #LPC MP for his "action" on electoral reform. The thing is, he was elected on this promise, & it was a lie. He continues to run for & support this party who will not implement ER. Image
They gave 2 lines to the candidates who are running for parties that will implement ER. So which is it @FairVoteCanada? Do you want us to support complicity or vote for change? #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
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Tomorrow is #WorldBeeDay and I can already see the status quo (i.e. pro-capitalist, pro-colonial, overly simplified and just plain wrong) narratives are going to dominate.
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This paper shows the consequences of these dominant narratives. E.g. ppl think all bees are endangered, ppl think pesticide use and loss of flowers are the main threats, ppl think honeybees are native species, ppl unsure whether HBs can replace all bees.

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📢📢 New paper alert, lead by @YorkUEUC PhD student @TripNyssa in collab w/ @VJMacPhail & @FoE_Canada. Some key results in below. conbio.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/cs…
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What is a #ResilienceGarden? I think it means filling every nook & cranny w/ food crops, herbs, native wildflowers, fruit trees, etc. I think it means tearing up lawns, cities re-opening & expanding community gardens (w/ #PhysicalDistancing procedures in mind).
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