1. Seekers Of Truth!

There Are Aspects Of Life That All May Find Truth For Their Single False Identity.  There Are Aspects Of Life That One May Call Truth And Another May Call A Lie.  Know This!  And Know It Well!  There Is ONE Absolute Truth!
2. There Are Many Paths To Find It. There Is No Easy Path Simply Because Humans Miss The Obvious That Is Always Before Them!

Exactly What Am I Speaking To You? Since You Arrived On Earth, You Have Had The Consciousness That Knows All.
3. The Connection To Source Energy, The Quantum Field And The Creator God Within. So Why All The Fumbling And Mistakes? You Chose To Arrive As An Infant. Not A Complete Seasoned Adult Leaning On A Tree! No!
4. You Were A Pinpoint Awareness Of Innocence Thought Into Being By The Mind Of God. Many Thousands Of Dreams You Had Either Awakened, Died As An Infant, Lived In Riches And Had No Spiritual Interest, You May Have Been A Drug Addict But Awakened At The End Of Your Dream.
5. My Point Is This. On Arrival, There Is An Equal Playing Field. Your Brain Waves Are In Theta And You Are Under A Hypnotic Command. Your Name Is (Fill In The Blank). You Are? Christian, Hindu, Muslim And So On. These Are Labels.
6. You Try To Learn About Them To Understand Who You Are. You Are None Of These Or Any Human Name. You Are Not Your Occupation. You Are Playing A Role.

So, No Wonder It Is Hard To Find Truth! Many Of You Believed In Santa And The Easter Bunny The Same As Jesus.
7. Then Your Parents Had To Tell You They Lied. Did Any Of You Feel Deceived? But Wait, They Still Told You Your Religion Was Real, No Matter What It Was. You Accepted Everything. After All, You Knew Nothing.
8. But As You Grew And Learned And Observed, You Had Many Questions. You Did Not Dare Ask Parents Or Teachers Of Religion. This Would Bring Shame And Discord. So You Stayed In The Matrix And You Became More Mixed Up. You Were Not Happy. Maybe You Were Even Depressed.
9. Then The Light Within Began To Flicker And Shine. Your Heart Chakra Was Lighting Your Path! Your Consciousness Was Expanding Past The Box You Were In. You Were Awakening!
10. Moving On From This Place, You Were Finding Others. You Had More Answers. You Understood Earth Was One Of The Smallest Planets In The Galaxy And There Were Trillions Of Galaxies! You Knew With Common Sense That A Creator Would Not Just Place A Grain Of Sand In The Cosmos!
11. You Wondered What Held The Sun And Moon In Place. You Wondered How The Earth Moved And Never Fell. You Wondered Who Was In The Crafts That You Watched In Videos And That You Saw Streak Across The Sky Yourself!
12. You Have Always Known There Was More. You Have Always Known The Truth. You Are Pure Spirit In Essence. Your Soul Within The Projected Body Is Infinite And Has Brought You Here On A Light Journey! You Cannot Fail! You Have Done Nothing Wrong! Count It All Joy!
13. This Dream. Oh, Beloved Ones! This Dream! Truth Will Burst In Every Direction As You Drop Your Earth Suit And Put On Immortality! The Beauty Of Who You Really Are Will Bring Joy And Bliss As You Greet All Beings You Have Ever Known.
14. You Will Understand The Cast Of Characters And The Brilliance Of Holding Mirrors For One Another As You Awakened!

Find Your Peace Now. Hold Your Ground On Mandates And Liberties! You've Got This!
15. You Are Not Alone! You Will At Last See All Pleiadians With Their Arms Out As You Run To Greet Them!

I Will See You There!

I Love You So!

• • •

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2 Oct

1. Friends Of Earth!

As The Galactic Forces Are Meeting More Frequently, My Father, Elder IKAI Sends Greetings And Light With The Message That You Must Be Strong!  You Must Understand Your Sacred Life Belongs To You!
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Those In Power That You Are Aware Of, Are Backed And Controlled By Dark Forces That Have Followed The Willing Dream To Dream.
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I Will Teach You Of The Pleiadian Body Form In Ways You May Not Know Or Remember.
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1. Friends Of Earth!

The Light Surrounding The Planet Is Becoming Brighter And Closer Each Moment!  Be Strong As You Observe Many Aspects On The Planet Becoming Darker!  But Always Remember It Is Darkest Just Before The Light! Image
2. The State Of Your World And The Life Forms That Are Now Struggling To Maintain Physicality Within It Are Living Proof That Change Is At Hand! This Is Great News Throughout The Multiverses.
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Often Tell You That You Arrived With Nothing And You Will Leave With Nothing.  This Would Be True In All Waking Dreams And Looked At From The Material Aspect, It Would Be True In This Dream.  But There Is A Greater Perspective To Consider!
2. You Arrived With Everything And You Leave With Everything! For This Is Speaking Of Spirit.

Knowing Spirit Brought You Here And Projected Your Body Form And All Life Seen And Unseen, You Are Everything! So You Are Complete And Whole.
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1. Greetings Beloved Friends!

In Our Many Communications Of Light And Power, We Are Feeling That You Know Us Well. This Was Always Our Intention. For We Have Always Been With You, Incarnated To Earth With Many Of You In Other Dreams,
2. And Visited In Our Body Form And Walked The Earth In This Dream And Many Others. We Have Manifested As Human And Walked Through Crowds And Streets. You Never Knew You Looked Into Our Smiles.
3. Many Of You Are Family And Friends From Many Star Systems. We Are Here For The Greatest Moment Since Your Creation.

In The Completion Of All That Had To Come And Go, Your Crystalline Awareness Will Assure You That The Path Was Always Light.
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1. Friends Of Light!

Indeed, It May Seem To Many That The Painting You Have Created With Care, Has Running Colors Down The Canvas And Onto The Ground.  Remember This, Beloved Ones!  Part Of Awakening Feels Like Breaking Down!
2. Not Fun In The Process, But So Worth The Journey To Light!

As You Are Bringing Many Patterns To A Close, These Are Aspects Of Your Being And Thinking That Are Resisting Change. The Subconscious Mind Must Be Reprogrammed.
3. From Birth Until About Seven Years Old, You Were Running Without Filters! You Were Taking In Everything Around You! Were You Abused? Were You Living In Wealth? Did You Live In Poverty And Hunger? What Colored Your World? What Did You First Paint On Your Canvas?
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