1/ THREAD. Should I get a #covid19 booster shot? I just got an email from @nyulangone telling me that I’m eligible:
2/ I assume that I’m eligible for a booster shot as an “individual 18 through 64 years of age at high risk of severe #Covid_19”— since, well, I actually HAD severe Covid-19.

Here’s the @US_FDA news release:

3/ Based on research showing that folks like me who had #covid19 and then got fully vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine have very strong immunity, some experts say we don’t need boosters. (I got Pfizer, FYI.)

4/ On the other hand, getting a #covid19 booster probably wouldn’t hurt (aside from the transitory side effects)—and maybe better safe than sorry given my earlier #covid experience.
5/ Thoughts? Yes, I have an email into my doctor—but getting medical advice on Twitter is much more fun.

Poll: I had severe #covid19, and then I got two shots of the Pfizer vaccine. Should I get a booster shot?
6/ UPDATE: my doctor recommended that I get the booster shot, as did my physician parents. (And, FWIW, I see the vote here is overwhelmingly in favor.)

So I'll get the booster. I'll report back on how it hits me in terms of side effects. Thanks all!
7/ It was my internist who recommended I get the #COVID19 booster. I also asked my pulmonologist, who said the same:

"Given your history of asthma, in addition to ICU hospital stay with ARDS and lung fibrosis, you qualify. I will put an order in for you."

• • •

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13 Oct
1/ Assuming even the partial accuracy of what @aaronsibarium just wrote (apparently based in part on leaked audio), what's going on at Yale Law School is deeply disturbing.

2/ You don't need to be a Federalist Society fan to be troubled by what reportedly happened at YLS.

See, e.g., @mjs_DC—definitely no @FedSoc fan—who explains why handling such situations in this way is actually counterproductive:

3/ I am in no way blind to the Federalist Society's faults. After January 6, I wrote a few thousand words that were quite critical of @FedSoc.

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9 Sep
1/ It's nice to have some good news about #COVID19 amidst all the bad news.

The latest good news: research suggests that folks who already had #COVID and then get vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine enjoy a "superhuman" immunity to Covid and related viruses.
2/ Here's an @NPR article about the latest research into what's known as "hybrid immunity," which immunologist @profshanecrotty describes as "impressively potent."

3/ This very strong immunity from natural infection plus vaccination—an immunity not just to #COVID19 but to certain other coronaviruses—is yet another reason to get #vaccinated even if you already had Covid.
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6 Sep
1/ I continue to get back into running—or jogging, more accurately. I went for a jog on four of the last six days.
2/ Lately I’ve been mixing up running and walking. I don’t go that far or that fast, but at least I’m exercising more regularly.
3/ I also did a little speed work, including trying to see how fast I can run a mile these days (answer: not very).
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5 Sep
I find this stat insane:

“Among unvaccinated workers who are not self-employed, about 7 in 10 say they would likely quit if their employer required them to be #vaccinated and did not grant a medical or religious exemption.”

2/ As many have noted (see, e.g., below), these folks could be (and probably are) bluffing.

But I’m still surprised that they would even say this to a pollster—as opposed to “fine by me, I’m vaccinated.”
3/ We are all getting really tired of the pandemic. But it’s far from over, as this article by @MitchKSmith and @juliebosman makes clear, with 1,500+ dying of #covid19 on most days of the week.

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2 Aug
The Delta variant is very concerning as a public health matter. But if you’re vaccinated, you shouldn’t be freaking out, as @aaronecarroll explains in this @nytopinion piece.

If you are unvaccinated, please get vaccinated!

2/ We always knew there would be breakthrough cases, and there have been many (including two friends of mine). But only a minuscule percentage of breakthrough cases have caused severe illness or death.

3/ If you’re fully vaccinated but feel more comfortable staying at home once again, thanks to Delta, by all means do so. I wouldn’t criticize anyone for making that choice.

The important thing is you got vaccinated. Thank you.
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31 Jul
1/ THREAD. Most people are vain. We think that people are up to date on what's going in our lives.

This is not the case. People are busy with their OWN lives.

But for anyone who cares (hi Mom!), here's...

The Current State of My Life, in 12 Tweets. David Lat (left), Zach Shem...
2/ A few recent messages from friends have reminded me that not everyone is up to date on what's going on with me (shocking, I know).

So I thought I'd write about all the recent changes in my life. Think of it as a holiday card update, except in July.
3/ HEALTH. I'm happy—and grateful—to be feeling good these days.

When I left @nyulangone on 4/1/20 after my 3-week #COVID19 ordeal, I feared I had suffered permanent damage—to my lungs, heart, or vocal cords (since my voice was shot from the ventilator). Receiving oxygen through a ...
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