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After 500 days of dodging #COVID19 I tested +VE on June10th My initial reaction was of shock & dismay - Why me? I was careful & #vaccinated
Hospitalized with high fever I took the cocktail #Regeneron therapy within the early window period & it has made a dramatic difference (1/2)
The imp point 2 remember- vaccine dont prevent #COVID BUT help keep symptoms Mild.Timely diagnosis & treatment r key 2 quick recovery
As I go home 2day & continue #self
isolation under Med sup via #telemedicine My heartfelt gratitude 2 R #Nursing, Doc & #scientific com 🙏 (2/2)
Feeling fine 🙏. Thank you all for your good wishes. Prayers. Jokes. Words of encouragement. Truly appreciate it ❤️The human race is indeed a single tribe. Our bonding makes us stronger 👍🏼take care n stay well
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73% *HIGHER* death rate in this #vaccinated UK cohort compared to the unvaccinated (19/9344 vs 23/19573, p=0.07).

Pause. We need more transparency on this data, not more politics with people like this misrepresenting the data.

#DeltaVariant #covid19
Deepti has totally misrepresented the data because she is in denial. By quoting the % of deaths as those who were vaccinated or not she has switched the denominator.

People are more interested in what the relative risk of dying is, and she completely omitted it.
Phew! This thread brought the trolls out again....

Always from the same time zone (UK).

The propaganda in the UK is unbelievable. They have lost the capacity to rationalise.

Private mode briefly...
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@richardursomd 1/ After >1yr treating #COVID19 incl. months the County was C19 #epicenter📍⤵ #California


💊Tyson/Fareed COVID-19 #treatment protocols📃

Alternative C19 Early📃

Start if you get CV19📃

#HCQ 1💊every week
until #pandemic🎡over🎢
@richardursomd @gatesfoundation @melindagates 2/⤵After >1yr treating #COVID19 incl months the County was C19 #epicenter*📍⤵ #California

👉✈🌎🗽🚑 #Elmhurst*📍

via👆FEMA to NYC

Undercover🗽nurse🚑from🐈 @catturd2's Free @RonDeSantisFL State of #Florida. In her FL hospital #HCQworks used√

"Orders coming⤵from high up"
@richardursomd @gatesfoundation @melindagates @catturd2 @RonDeSantisFL @JourneymanNews 3/⤴ After >1yr treating #COVID19 incl. months the County was C19 #epicenter*📍⤵ #California

👉✈🌎🗽🚑 #Elmhurst*📍

Undercover🗽nurse🚑from #Florida. In her FL hospital #HCQworks used√

Quote: "Orders🚑 coming⤵from high up"

💭 #Cuomo vs Trump❓
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A gist of what Dr #Fauci said last night in a Zoom chat abt #COVID19 & #science organised by @niemanfdn
A thread:
Asymptomatic transmission has been most worrying when it comes to the #pandemic. Interested to understand long #Covid going forward, the profound impact it can have.
#Science is a self corrected process but had been interpreted as flip-flopping. If you don't evolve with data you're doing something wrong.
People should not confuse #socialmedia for media which has no quality control. Classic #journalism hasn't changed. We are looking at a battle between distorters and truth-tellers.
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Can people with allergies get #Vaccinated ?
Can pregnant women/lactating mothers take #COVID19 vaccine?
Do I get enough antibodies after getting vaccinated ?
Is blood clotting common after taking vaccine?

Answers to all questions on #COVID #Vaccination 👉… Image
Can people with Allergies get #Vaccinated?

If someone has a significant allergy problem, then #COVID19 vaccine should be taken only after medical advice

- Member(Health) @NITIAayog


Can pregnant women take #COVID19 vaccine?

Member (Health), @NITIAayog
Dr. V K Paul and AIIMS Dir. Dr. Randeep Guleria answer doubts about #COVID19 vaccines

@MinistryWCD @PIBWCD

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Twitter has suspended the account of Rebekah Jones, former dashboard designer for the Florida Department of Health.

"Your account, GeoRebekah has been suspended for violating the Twitter Rules.

Specifically, for:

Violating our rules against platform manipulation and spam."…
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Daily cases: falling sharply
Daily testing: rising sharply Image
Daily cases Vs. Daily testing ImageImage
Growth rate of active cases = -5.2% Image
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We’re just starting our National Rural Business Summit on #COVID19 vaccines!

It’s not too late to join Gov. Dirk Kempthorne and @SecVislack for this timely conversation:…
.@TheCOVIDCollab Co-Chair & Former Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne: “Instead of talking about vaccine hesitancy, we should talk about vaccine confidence. We need to tell why we’re confident that these vaccines are working and safe“
“To once again get all our children back in school, we need more citizens vaccinated or we run the risk of another year of virtual education,” Gov. Kempthorne says. “Today’s summit is not just about talking — it’s acting” to vaccinate #rural America. #healthaction
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@AnooseBallzy @NotAlexSheppard It was either face a Sam_son option that would've wiped us all out, or let those who choose, of their own free will become victims of the Cabal. No easy choices here. The M.I is trying to keep casualties down but we are all watching you all self destruct. 💔 Delicate chess moves
@AnooseBallzy @NotAlexSheppard There is an option that has not yet come out. Trump visited their factory 26 times. We are hoping against hope they have an actual solution for those who just damaged their bodies with these other jabs. Time will tell.
@AnooseBallzy @NotAlexSheppard Here comes our THEORY.. the human body doesn't have the switch needed for their weapon.. until we are injected with it
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1/ 🧵Wisdom in Medicine
What’s going on here? And why it’s key in #COVID19
It’s quite simple: we finally had the #wisdom to ask Mr. D the right question! He and his wife encouraged us to use this picture to teach what we learned.
#PalliativeCare #MedTwitter #NurseTwitter
2/ What we learned was to switch the preposition!
Mr. D was a pre-#COVID patient. On this day, he was taken off the vent after a MONTH. The incessant mantra had been, “What’s the matter WITH Mr. D?” He was surprised when we asked, “What matters TO you, Mr. D?”
3/ He has a tracheostomy, as you can see. We insert this airway through the neck to improve #comfort when someone is on a vent well beyond 10 days. He’s more comfortable because he no longer has a tube in his mouth. We used a program called the #A2Fbundle to reduce his #delirium.
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⚠️ PSA: it’s myocarditis season.

“rates of myocarditis reports in the window following COVID-19 vaccination have not differed from expected baseline rates”
Everything you ever wanted to know about virus-induced myocarditis:…
Why is this condition seasonal? Because the viruses that trigger the autoimmune response are seasonal.

“Surveillance data have consistently demonstrated seasonal peaks”…
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#BreakingNews 1/7

Dr Christiane Northrup

If we don’t understand the #Depopulation agenda nothing makes sense.
It’s a war on #humanity
People have been brainwashed for this agenda for decades,the millennial generation who have no ability to think critically..none!
#BreakingNews 2/7

Dr Christiane Northrup

Has advice for woman who have a partner that want the #Corona #vaccination
Dr Northrup shows with EMF meter the electricalfield in a #vaccinated  body because of #nanoparticles
Only hurt people who have been hurt in childhood hurt people
#BreakingNews 3/7

Dr Christiane Northrup

We are at the end times,if u cannot see&understand this #depopulation #Agenda your probably gonna need to be recycled.
Do not be around #vaccinated people.
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Thread: The support of vaccine passports is vile to me. I’m not sure of the exact demographics of those crying the loudest, but in my experience it tilts Boomer. With apologies to the exceptional older crowd, it seems many retired people have mostly sailed through this pandemic/1
quick to leap on the “all in this together” bandwagon while losing nothing but a bit of mobility during these endless, awful, destructive lockdowns and business closures. I’ve also heard from some of these folks that lockdowns “show us what is really essential.” Wow. /2
Now there’s a new bandwagon: #vaccinated and despite the unapproved status of these vaccines and the vanishingly small risk of the virus to kids, all the usual “trustworthy” players (media, government, health bureaucrats), who’ve done such a great, consistent job looking out /3
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Questions.... Need answers ...
If you still believe in the mainstream narrative, I have a few questions for you that I genuinely cannot answer:
Explain how the nation can be brainwashed with the #Indian variant by Government and mainstream and then for it to be all suddenly pulled from existence at the Indian Government's request, saying its a #lie?? 🥴
Explain how the #flu disappeared but has been replaced with something which has the EXACT same symptoms.
Explain why they downgraded "#Covid-19" from a high consequential infectious disease days before they declared a #pandemic.
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I was able to go "maskless" in Kohls and Target and it was great, but I kept telling people "I am vaccinated, I am not a Republican asshole" and luckily everyone laughed.

#maskoff #Vaccinated #Maryland
Note: The stores were EMPTY. So I felt comfortable. If it was a busy Saturday, mask on. If anyone got close to me, mask went up.

BUT it was nice to be able to pull it down if I was in an EMPTY section.
My maskless face! I felt naked!!! Image
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The @MoHFW_INDIA has allowed on-site registration for the 18-44 age group. This is limited to Government #COVIDVaccination centers (CVCs) at the present moment.…
#cowinregistration #VaccinationDrive #COVID19 #IndiaFightsCOVID19 Image
But this is a mere eyewash because-
1.This has been left to the discretion of the respective state/ UT governments
2.This shall be implemented only if vaccine has been left unutilised from online registrations and that too at Government CVCs.
#VaccineFor18Plus #VaccineForAll
While this has been stated in a press release, the #CoWIN website’s FAQs still state that online registration is mandatory for 18-44 age group.
#cowinregistration #GetVaccinated #COVID19India Image
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The #CovidVaccine is a $50 Billion opportunity
(Assume 5 Billion people taking vaccines 2 times every year, at $5)

And @BharatBiotech is very well positioned to capture a 10% market share with 1 Billion capacity. So such attacks will only increase. ImageImageImage
The Big Pharma Cartel was confident of securing a monopoly on this lucrative opportunity

Pfizer alone has forecasted > $25 Billion revenue from #vaccines this year after selling vaccines worth more than $3.5 Billion in the first quarter.…
At most, they expected some competition from China. But India? India has been seen as a back office, a mass producer of commodities, not as an innovator or a place that can research, develop vaccines.

That's where @BharatBiotech #covaxine has surprised them.

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1/🧵This figure from CHEST on early tracheostomy in #COVID19 pts is helpful for 2 reasons: it points out different ways of care. Read the BLUE circles clockwise & then switch to OUTER RED ARROWS clockwise again. Clear and True.

#medtwitter #nursetwitter Image
2/ The #COVID pt with ARDS + Sepsis on a ventilator is TOO often subjected to TONS of sedation, which adds brain injury, immobilization & development of physical disability. NEW DISEASES added to the original problem. We call this Post-Intensive Care Syndrome #PICS. Image
3/ Early tracheostomy around day 10 can help (not always!) as outlined in the RED ARROWS. The goal is to lessen the added injury by waking people up, getting them out of bed and early mobilization plus talking with family. This is done via the #A2Fbundle. @SCCM Image
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A thread on CoWin's inaccessibility and its nightmarish fastest-finger-first: #Delhi

On Friday,my help cld saying she wanted to get #vaccinated n so did her husband n son

All 3 are below 45


She has not been coming to our house since the lockdown and when I'd initially asked her while booking my slot around 2nd May she was unsure despite my assurances

Anyway I was glad that they all wanted to get the jab so I got down to the task
My aim was to try n get a slot for all 3 of them at the same centre on the same day

But despite hours of efforts over the course of 3 days and trying on my laptop,phone and activating every possible Cowin slot alert system
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Again, a cable news host has used an anti-vaccine trope that discourages vaccination. This time "If you are #vaccinated, why do you care if others aren't." This thread explains herd immunity & why high #vaccine uptake matters. #tuckercarlsonmustgo 1/7
The MOST important thing your #vaccine will do is protect you. In this same way, the MOST important thing your car's brakes do is stop your car. 2/7 #ThisIsOurShot #WeCanDoThis #CarGuysImmunize #VaccinesWork
If you are less likely to get sick because you are #vaccinated , you are also less likely to get others sick. You could break the chain of transmission, and your #vaccine protects those around you! (And if your car brakes work, you won't plow into other cars!) 3/7
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1500 French Doctors Challenge the Decision by France's Health Minister to reject #Ivermectin as emergency treatment for #COVID19 ……
2. The Doctors state that #Ivermectin met the criteria of efficacy & safety, & suggest French Health Minister's denial to use it as a treatment was politically of financially motivated (Note translation for French to English is by Google, but the gist of their appeal is clear)👇
3. The letter by these 1500 French Doctors goes on to criticized the decision, citing studies that show #Ivermectin is effective & safe, and should be used as a propholaxis to PREVENT #COVID19 infection among those not yet #vaccinated👇
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Thread: An example of why we are struggling in the US to complete #COVIDVaccination of the willing but not yet #vaccinated people. I made appts for my 12-15 yr old kids. Like many busy parents, we’d prefer the predictability of an appt over walking up with an uncertain wait. /1
I tried several sites until i found one with open appts. The vaccine confirmation I received said to make sure I have a full tank of gas due to waits of an hour or more. With an appt. And there’s a gas shortage on the E. coast. Will people risk having no gas to go to work, etc?
The confirmation also said “you need to bring your govt-issued identification card to the appt” to #GetVaccinated. These appts are for kids <16. What govt issued ID card is this referring to? And for whom-the kid? The parent? No clue. Who do I ask? 🤷🏻‍♀️Confused parents may no show.
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Questions no one seems to be talking about ?
After 2 jabs people can still get #covid ,even if it is milder in form & people are less likely to die from it ..Accepted .
What when a Mutant variant strain comes along ...which even #vaccinated people have no resistance to ...
as their immune system is so designed to only recognise #covid in its present form ?
I hear people say we can tweak the vaccine ? Just how many tweaks How many vaccines will people accept ? Or will actually will work ?
We are already seeing vaccines presenting numerous & dangerous health problems , & deaths..Many going unreported ...
Witnessing #Hancock #Vallance #Whitty & #Sunuk having huge shares in these #Vaccines is more than worrying .
Profit before people ?
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