[trans] 211013 KBS CoolFM "Jung Eunji's Gayo Plaza" radio - aespa Episode Translation Thread

#aespa #에스파 #Savage
Karina: Before, our aes were no match for us in regards to dancing skills... but [for this comeback], they practiced extremely hard and they can come toe to toe with us

Ningning: I used to scold my ae for not dancing well

Eunji: I guess the programming got better
Karina said that aespa started practicing for 'Savage' immediately after 'Next Level' so it was very tough for them

According to aespa, Winter learns the choreo the fastest
Eunji: You guys don't get to go out a lot, right?

Karina: We do!

Eunji: Oh that's unexpected... do your aes know where you guys go?

Karina: I'm not sure... I wonder as well
Eunji: People are theorizing that naevis is going to be the villain... is that true?

Ningning: No comment
Karina and Winter are explaining the lore at the moment. The commenters are calling them professor Ka and professor Winter
Winter may have spoiled the future of their lore...

Winter: We might have new villains, we might "love" someone else...

Eunji: Will there be... guy aes?

Winter: Well maybe not like that...

Eunji: Lee Soo Man is in shock right now
Karina reading a comment: "aenergy is the song I listen to on the way to work. Can you sing it live? I feel like Sailor Moon when I listen to it"

Karina: Karina, rocket puncher

Winter: Winter, armamentor (had to try it twice)

Giselle: Giselle, xenoglossy

Ningning: ED hacker
The members are now doing imitations of GPS navigators while singing lines from their songs
Comment: Since aespa's fandom name is MY, can they Apink's MY MY?

Eunji: Do you guys know that song?

aespa: Of course!

Winter: I danced to it in school!

Eunji: While you were in school?! (shocked because of the age difference)

Karina: Say you danced to it in college!
Commenter: I'm curious about Eunji and Winter's satoori conversation!

Winter: Recently, the members have started to imitate my satoori

Eunji: Your satoori kind of sounds like a blend of Busan dialect and Seoul (formal) dialect!

Winter: I used Seoul dialect when I was a trainee
(continued from above)

Eunji: Don't your Busan friends point that out when you meet them

Winter: OMG YES! They tell me I sound more like a Seoul resident
Ningning sung SNSD's Into the New World

Giselle did "Oh my gosh, don't you know I'm a savage?" in a British accent

aespa sang WJSN Chocome's "Hmph" and Eunji said that kind of concept fits the members

Karina and Eunji started doing voice impressions of Crayon Shinchan
Comment: Are you nervous for the Kelly Clarkson show?

Eunji: The whole world is seeking out aespa

Karina: This is our first promotion in the US... we recently did an interview with an American publication and I spoke English. I was twice as nervous!
The aespa members thanked the radio show for inviting them, said it was an honor to meet Eunji, and asked MYs to look forward to more promotions going forward!
Winter accidently getting poked by a big cactus while posing for a picture

Giselle's "Oh my gosh! Don't you know I'm a savage?" (Downtown Abbey version)

Ningning singing SNSD's Into The New World

DJ Eunji complimented Ning on her singing and said it's clear she's been practicing for a long time

Filling in some missing parts:

Apparently aespa's ㄷ dance is now known as the "COVID-19 Vaccine dance"

aespa said they tried to do the ㄷ dance after getting vaccinated, but it really hurt. Eunji said it didn't really hurt for her. All of them started doing the ㄷ dance after
Filling in parts that I missed:

Winter: Since Black Mamba is our first villain and the name of our first song, it's very significant to us. But to be honest, we really have no clue what its identity is

Eunji: SM won't like that answer...
I swear Karina said naevis ISN'T Black Mamba, but I'm not sure if I misheard that or not. Can anyone confirm?

Also wtf this is the most I've ever tweeted about KWANGYA in one thread and it's making my head hurt
*omg I meant to write Downton Abbey. Autocorrect apologize to Dame Maggie Smith now :/
Winter said her hand is fine… she was already embarrassed about it but she’s even more embarrassed now since people are worrying about her 🤣

• • •

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13 Oct
[trans] 211013 SBS PowerFM “Park So Hyun’s Love Game” radio - aespa Episode Live Translation Thread

#aespa #æspa #에스파 #Savage
aespa said they are so thankful for winning on a music show today!

DJ: Doesn't giving acceptance speeches come naturally to you now?

Karina: This was actually the first time we did a speech for a music show. We got 1 win for Black Mamba and unfortunately no win for Next Level
DJ: Any worries about your first US promotion?

Karina: Of course, we're worried about if we'll be well-received in the US... but we have trust!

Giselle: We trust you (in English)
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aespa has arrived!
Sunmi holding her signed "Savage" album!
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211006 Karina & Ningning TikTok update (1/4)

Savage Challenge🤟

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[trans] 211005 aespa 'Savage' press conference translation thread

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@aespa_official Image
Karina: As this is our first mini-album, we prepared very hard so that we can show you various sides of us. Please look forward to it

Giselle: I feel so excited and nervous because our 1st mini-album is being released. We plan to show you a more “upgraded” aespa ImageImage
Winter: The thought of meeting everyone again through our first mini-album is making me very nervous and excited. We prepared really hard for this album

Ningning: It’s a shame that we can only meet each other online this time again. We will work hard, so please watch us prettily Image
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[trans] 210728 aespa SM Super Idol League Ep. 3 - live translation thread

Karina & Giselle: huya.com/635982
Winter & Ningning: huya.com/634983

#aespa #에스파
@aespa_official Image
Unfortunately, I will not be able to translate when the livestream begins. Please look out for live tweets roughly 30 min to 1 hour after the game begins!

Sorry 😓
Karina: There's a car over there, should we ride in it?

Winter: Sounds good!

Giselle: Oh, a car! Where is it?

Karina: Well actually, I don't have a driver's license yet so...

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[trans] 210719 aespa SM Super Idol League Ep. 2 - live translation thread

Karina & Giselle: huya.com/635982
Winter & Ningning: huya.com/634983

#aespa #에스파
@aespa_official Image
Ningning's chair made a strange sound and Winter was suddenly suspicious that she may have farted... and then Giselle thought that Winter farted

Ningning is now teaching the members new Chinese words

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