#Brexitdeal summary: Boris #Johnson had no deal to propose when he proposed a deal with the EU and so made one up on the fly, which he didn't read and so didn't understand what he wasn't reading, which he delegated to his subordinate ministers which they also didn't read so…
1/ …that the final agreements wasn't ever read by anyone in Cabinet yet signed by everyone in Cabinet who was then responsible through the collective accountability which they all individually lacked, for the final agreement which they also had not read.
2/ This was awkward for them when the Deal they had not read studied or considered but sold as oven-baked turned out to be, objectively, the worst Deal in history since it reduced sovereignty, handed over independence, created uncontrolled borders and did so at significant…
3/ …trade disadvantage and considerable cost. The solution to this problem should have been a General Election or a Government of National Unity, but objectivity had long since disappeared from UK Politics.
4/ The alternative scapegoat was easy to find, and so obviously they lied that the awful set of circumstances created by the Deal they made and routed unreviewed through a Parliament they controlled was, in fact, the fault of the EU, even though the EU had very publicly warned…
5/ …them not to sign the Deal in its current state, predicting it would lead to precisely this troubling set of awkward circumstances. At this point, the entire Cabinet was unknowingly acting out the script of a Yes Minister episode from 1986.
6/ Because ironic self-awareness was not a criterion for office, the chief negotiator was encouraged after a speech where he told everyone that the EUs absolute and unwavering compliance with HIS Deal had put peace at stake and that as a direct result, the UK was now…
7/ …unilaterally planning to break international trade law for a second time. While he naturally did not have any answers as to how this would help, he knew this would be done in a specific and limited way.
8/ If you'd been wondering when in this process the UK's famously free Press was planning to point a shining light of truth at the mendacious inconsistency of those in power, then you'd overlooked that Sun Express Mail Telegraph et al. accounting for 90% of offline…
9/ …distribution were now wholly owned by offshore tax haven secured backers of the Conservative Party, collectively as reliable a news source as the notorious Pravda publication of the USSR, with the exception that Pravda never pretended its owners did not dictate whole…
10/ …news articles down the phone to puppet Editors. The result was that vast swathes of the population of the UK were unaware of the obscene situations #Brexit was creating at its borders.
11/ The news of tonnes of fish rotting and 100s of 000s of pigs burned rather than sold went unreported. The same Press ignored violent protests, demonstrations, and a general breakdown in law in Northern Ireland due to #Brexit.
12/ We assume such news in Cardiff, Cambridge, or Coventry could not have been camouflaged so completely by these corrupt corespondents.
13/ Coincident with these already terminally negligent events, the Government was found by Parliament to have been responsible for the unnecessary death of 000's of its citizens due to incompetent mismanagement of the #Covid19 pandemic and covered up by the same offshore Press.
14/ To the amazement of any objective observer, this Press-Politics cabal, which planned nothing, reacted to everything and sold out the nation, continued in power, lauding itself as the saviour of the UK through the pandemic and the only trusted party to #GetBrexitDone.
15/ If you're still wondering why #Brexit is a perfect project without problems & #Covid19 was managed as "well as it could be", you need look no further than to the Government you elected and the Paper you bought. The sad thing is, voters, you got exactly what you voted for.

• • •

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20 Sep

You may soon notice some things which we're denying

These include, awkwardly, things we promised would never happen.
They exclude, awkwardly, our guarantees to you

To reassure you.
it's DEFINITELY NOT BREXIT that caused any problem⬇️
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9 Sep
A consolidation of #GlobalBritain and #Brexit (lack of) success stories.

Take back control of roaming charges on holiday

Shutting the British Council (supporting British Business) all over Europe.


Flouting UN Convention on Human Rights. Good old banana republic failed state stuff.


Read 15 tweets
8 Sep
You've seen MASSIVE outcry in the US at deliberate Eepublican interference in elections to disenfranchise voters who vote against them.

Here, Tories are following an IDENTICAL voter suppression plan yet almost no one knows

Let's not end with a whimper. Change this. Tell people
Thinking Oh GOD what now? Yes voter suppression of the worst form is underway by the tories. But the difference with the US is here it's completely unopposed and supressed by our so called 'free press'

Read more here

Or here electoral-reform.org.uk/uk-governments…
If you're coming up to speed on this ridiculous voter suppression system that the Conservatives are introducing one question you might ask is: why are they introducing the LEAST EFFECTIVE IDsystem yet the MOST EFFECTIVE vote suppression system.

Read 4 tweets
2 Sep
Today's thought is, how is this scam possible?

At least one mobile network is profiting from an obvious scam by serving this message.

Others are paid by routing it.

And the message is very easy to detect and prevent.

Once Government is corrupt, everything rots.
To sustain society we must care enough to focus on it

That means planning
Encouraging integrity
Celebrating professionalism

We must recognise people who care enough to focus on details and notice small mistakes.

What if we have people in power who care for none of this?
You get Afghanistan.

Our failure to plan led to the worst betrayal of people relying on us since the second world war.

And the crushing of a British foreign policy reputation already on its knees.

Are you one of those who think it was unpredictable or unprecedented?
Read 4 tweets
6 Aug
Is it now obvious that #Johnson's claims about vaccinations were hot air?

UK is now behind 6 EU countries yet the people who claimed amazing success seem reluctant now to own their failure.

But as I covered below vaccine jingoism already hid a host of Johnson Regime negligence.
Our country has lost all political:
- links with truth
- validity of science
- accountability through media or opposition
- legitimacy of Government

We are an exercise in systematic gaslighting and distracting the electorate to ignore deaths

More will die until they stand trial
But all lands with #Johnson, a "Prime" minister who
- lies by default
- including to Parliament
- never answers questions
- including to Parliament
- dissalows follow up questions when he lies to the media and
- including to Parliament

Someone explain how this isn't tyranny?
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28 Jul
UsForThem 1
Inspired by Karam's work ⬇️on the latest non resident denizens of Tufton St HellMouth, I'm attaching some web back up, and tips on how to spot it.

If you're new to this, U4T are to child and school advocacy as TPAlliance are to taxation fairness.
Deadly and Toxic.
Their public claim is some sort of unspecified advocacy of child rights by people who care for children. And that dear friends is about as deep and detailed as it gets.

But you don't need to dig much to ask why they have a political agenda running through their marketing.

I won't step into the state vs. private schools debate for fear of the distraction - note they do, without a plan!

But I will say, regardless of your politics, I've never heard anyone on the private school side of the line arguing they're acting in the interest of all kids
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