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FWIW, here are my subjective rankings of the #ToryLeadershipContest #tax cut proposals. (This is a personal view only - I don’t have a dog, or even a vote, in this fight.) In reverse order… (1/6)
No. 5 (i.e. last). Reform #VAT and replace with a sales tax (#Gove). Bad economics. VAT is a relatively efficient tax and the current system already allows the UK gov’t to set lower rates for some goods and services to help the poor. #Brexit will increase this flexibility. (2/6)
No. 4. Raise the threshold for paying the top rate of income tax (#Johnson). Neither one thing nor the other? Won’t actually make much difference to those earning just above the old threshold, or any difference to those who earn a lot less. (3/6)
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For a glimpse of why we were outclassed & out-negotiated by a transparent EU27, Storyville’s Brexit: Behind Closed Doors is a bird’s eye look into how Britain had its “head in the f***ing clouds”. The mortifying incompetence & arrogance of #GlobalBritain.…
Mark Rutte, Dutch PM, privately talks about a meeting he had with PM May. British press reported he would plead for more flexibility which wasn’t true.

“The British press..should not always listen to the spin coming out of Downing St.”

Think how much time we’d have saved.
It feels almost creepy to watch May’s early Brexit speeches. It was all so transparent, so much was predictable - & predicted.

So much of our media (but not all) obsessed/es over the personalities of Brexit, not the predictable & painful complexities of Brexit.

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#GlobalBritain. 20 policy ideas from our report Global Britain: A 21st Century Vision:
1/20 The UK should base its global strategy on three Global Campaigns:
1. Freedom for Trade
2. Freedom from oppression
3. Freedom of Thought
#GlobalBritain @james_rogers @HJS_Org
2/20 Britain should establish a National Strategy Council to develop a global grand strategy and drive cross-government integration. This new national Strategy Council should evolve out of the existing National Security Council.
#GlobalBritain @james_rogers @HJS_Org
3/20 Every decade, the new national Strategy Council should lead a National Global Strategy Review. This should be needs-driven, not cost-driven, and encompass future Strategic defence and Security Reviews.
#GlobalBritain @james_rogers @HJS_Org
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1/ Today @LondonFirst launched our #GlobalBritain report. Because it is a long report and I don’t expect you all to read it, below as a (longish) thread the main points and recommendations…
2/ With the UK due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, there are many political and economic consequences that will require changes to policy: our approach to immigration is one of the most fundamental.
3/ Despite the uncertainty surrounding our departure, the Govt has made its intention to end Freedom of Movement for all citizens clear.
Whatever the politics, employers are pragmatic and recognise both the public’s & gov't's concerns about open borders
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Dear Remainers,
Generally, you believe in experts. They power your phones. They heal you when you're sick. You trust them on things YOU don't understand. But those you need to speak to don't. So stop quoting expert predictions. Use things we ALL already believe and agree on.
Generally, countries have different laws✅
EU countries make ONE set of laws together✅
Adapting your products to the laws of different countries costs more✅
Getting your goods checked by each country costs money✅
Being in the EU therefore lowers costs✅
EU Countries are physically closer✅
Sending goods to China costs more time/money than sending them to France✅
Prioritising trading across larger distances costs more✅
UK negotiating against an EU with a combined GDP 6xUK has not been simple✅
Doesn't bode well✅
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Serious cognitive dissonance in @theresa_may⁩’s Op-Ed.

Citizens of nowhere, we remember.

Hard red lines without any respect to a deeply divided result, we see now.

A refusal to apologise for the #HostileEnvironment.

EU citizens rights, we care.…
May claims a “decent, moderate and patriotic programme that is worthy of” Labour support.

So patriotic it deprives us of jobs?

So decent it leaves British citizens in Europe stranded?

So moderate it strips us of our right to study, travel, live, love & work in 27 countries? /2
May boldly asserts “The British people are not bound by ideology”.

Brexit is nothing but ideology.

There are no proven facts. There is a preposterous belief that we can do everything, as all the evidence before he flees to Paris, Berlin, Dublin. /3
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Not-at-all cheery conversation about how some visiting musicians needing visas to enter UK have decided not to play here due to recent rise in costs. You can't have #GlobalBritain if foreigners aren't allowed in the country.
More on the story here - I missed this originally back in August…
To be clear - there is no reason this should be a remain v leave issue.
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