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Unique view of planetary motion & price

ETH on top, BTC below, showing planets in tropical zodiac signs with color

Weekly visual update Saturdays
Detailed astro & markets Sundays

I combine technicals & timing to understand markets

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Saturn in Aquarius supporting cryptos

Jupiter in Aquarius also supporting cryptos

Mars in Libra moving well

These 2 examples, Mars and Jupiter, show that some of the rulership ideas need to take a back seat to Element & its connection to this market
North Node / NN / Rahu

Gemini has supported cryptos

Taurus soon upon us

Sun in Libra moving well

Venus in Sag moving great

Mercury in Libra - Air again
Mercury motion

Hugely bullish Rx

Will the rally stop on direct? Anything is possible, but I think other positives in play
Moon data
BTC avg 15m % return

2020-current, Moon Quarter

BTC avg 15m % return
Moon Quarter - mostly 1 bar 1 quarter

So this is the detail underlying the averages in chart above

BTC avg 15m % return
Moon signs

Aquarius on top & delivered again this past week
Moon signs

2021 only
Mostly 1 bar 1 pass through

Have to say haven't figured all this out

Why Cancer so terrible, then better? Pluto motion?

Why Pisces solid, then 3 in a row down? Jupiter condition maybe, but not sure.

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17 Oct
I may be biased but -

Just reviewed ALL my summaries from 2021 Q3 per asset class, Indexes, Cryptos, Safe Havens

And you know what? Shocker, a LOT correct

You can be my auditors, if your interest and time permit

Cryptos my highest total score but all pretty good
Added Review Section to Current Forecast Tab (scroll to right)

Easy to compare what I wrote for week & what happened

If exactly right, 5
Mostly right, 4
3 some right some not
2 not all wrong but
1 off

See for yourself

Dare you to find anyone writing out more in advance
And if you do, please let me know who that is

On top of it all, I have been explaining WHY, with DATA, I am coming to these conclusions, for FREE (may not last)

Don't think anyone else is doing this as consistently, or at least willing to put timestamped track record out there
Read 5 tweets
17 Oct
Selected charts

DJI Weekly & Daily
First touch of weekly lower band since covid low
Lowest weekly RSI in about 1 year
Higher low 10/13 then very quickly back towards highs in next 2 days
Bulls in charge, per daily chart could see 36K
This chart may not mean much for crypto fans but I think interesting

Copper Gold ratio, weekly
Gundlach favorite (who's he most readers say lol)

There's that inflation pump
Bad for bonds (predicts higher yields, esp 10 year)
CL oil

Actually leading the market, notably higher highs compared to indexes

Seems like 90 is done deal, doesn't mean Monday is good entry though
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17 Oct

Pluto recently direct, may hit harder but Sun sqr didn't trouble cryptos too much

Last few months of Capricorn-Saturn term which has been one of the most economically challenged periods the world has faced 2019-2021

Except for stock holders b/c rescued by CBs...
We wouldn't want millionaires & billionaires to lose sleep in a pandemic, would we

Sorry, I digress, but not entirely

This term "should be" quite nasty, & it was

Except it was SO BAD, that FOMC came in like never before, and turned everything topsy turvy, bad news = good
2 basic scenarios ahead 2022

FOMC tightens on improving astro, market top should be near worst astro

OR, probably more likely now, liquidity already there rushes into inflation related real assets with NN in Taurus forcing FOMC to act sooner

So blowoff top 2022, then...
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17 Oct
How the market moves & why, thread sections ahead:


Astro - focusing on recent changes & a few interesting data studies

TA - selected charts


Will post the threadreader app after each

Read what sections interest you
From the sheet

Indexes: "Mostly higher, especially into the end of the week"

I underestimated bearishness of Saturn station & Cap Moon but long into end of week...

Cryptos: "Bullish"

Um yeah
BTC on track for highest weekly close actually

I know "the alts" but I'm focusing on top market cap coins per coinmarketcap.com

Big dogs BTC & ETH
#3-10 not including Tether or USD coin still less than ETH market cap (so down to Terra)
Read 8 tweets
16 Oct
I've been working on adding review info to the sheet & wondering about best format - suggestions appreciated!

I'm doing a lot here, & though usually saying something about major asset classes the actual content varies.

The goal is both for me to have a realistic review...
Such as have I been generally too bearish on stocks, etc or what markets have been the best (probably cryptos have to say).

But also for you, regulars and new users, to see how much I am actually writing out in advance, more or less, without digging through 12 weeks of tweets.
I could assign a score (like 1-5 where 1 is just wrong, 5 is nailed) for each of the 3 major markets I tend to focus on (indexes, cryptos, safe havens), then average for the week

But this is also a lot of work in hindsight, maybe going forward
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15 Oct
I'm pretty loaded on BTC & DOT this week so now want to get a good exit

Both moving very well, I'm thinking new ATHs for both, room to play out and patience

Jupiter direct & Mercury direct will help
But more than that

Libra stellium ruled by Venus in Sag-Jup then Sag-Ven
Forget about stations for a sec & focus on the positions with rulership & terms

Sun in Libra-Venus (ruled by Venus, in term of Venus)

Mars and Mercury also ruled by Venus

Venus is in Sag-Jup - double Jup, as Jupiter stations direct!

And then Sag-Ven own term 12-16'
Not worried about squares to Pluto, just temporary pause or pullback

Really don't see significant CIT until Sun out of term Venus at 28' and even that doesn't look that bad

Venus out of term & Sun in Sco... ya maybe there

That's a whole week away
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