Join us at the @WHO Global Evidence-to-Policy Summit, 15-17 November 2021. One hot topic will be the #COVID19 pandemic, which has been a turning point for evidence-informed decision-making. More info and free registration 👉 #E2PSummit Image
NOW! ✨I will be live-tweeting during the @WHO #E2PSummit2021, 15-17 November. Follow along! Free registration and more info here: Image
🗓️ Day 1 of the @WHO #E2PSummit2021 is all about reshaping evidence-to-policy mechanisms, strengthening country resilience - beyond the #COVID19 pandemic. Moderated by @drhuerta. Find some background info here:
@DrTedros is welcoming participants to the #E2PSummit2021 highlighting the need to mobilize evidence for impact in a global health emergency #COVID19 #EVIPNet Image
@DrTedros highlights success stories from #EVIPNet. Some of these stories are summarized here:… #E2PSummit2021 Image
Keynote speakers Angela Merkel, Ban Ki-moon, @mbachelet and @doctorsoumya will talk about innovating the global evidence-policy-nexus for more equitable and sustainable global health #E2PSummit2021 #EVIPNet… ImageImageImageImage
Three key points from Chancellor Merkel: We need 1) more collaboration and networking between research and policy, 2) efficient structures incl. funding for @WHO, and 3) trust between key stakeholders. #E2PSummit2021 Image
Human rights must be at the heart of the pandemic response. #HumanRights can guide as when making difficult decisions says @mbachelet. #E2PSummit2021 #EVIPNet Image
Key points by @mbachelet: 1) Scientific evidence must be accessible #OpenScience. 2) The #COVID19 vaccine must be treated as a global public good. 3) Human rights and scientific evidence can win back development gains we have recently lost. #E2PSummit2021 #EVIPNet
Ban Ki-moon, former @UN Secretary General, stresses the importance of platforms to enhance information-sharing, as well as the need for collaboration and solidarity based on multilateralism. #E2PSummit2021 #EVIPNet Image
During emergencies, we must think about saving lives, before thinking about making profits – a philosophy that should be taken on by everyone, says @doctorsoumya. She points out the importance of community engagement and the regional sessions on Day 2 of the #E2PSummit2021. Image
Very excited about the upcoming panel discussion with Ministers of Health from all @WHO Regions about driving evidence-informed policy change and societal transformation, moderated by @IlonaKickbusch @IHEID #E2PSummit #EVIPNet… Image
Fantastic drawings by @Drawnalism ✏️, summarizing key messages from the sessions so far @WHO #E2PSummit2021 ImageImageImageImage
Minister of Health of Indonesia 🇮🇩 describes how access to real time data has changed #publichealth response in Indonesia #E2PSummit2021 Image
Minister of Health of Oman points out the importance of sharing and analysing data transparently and in real time @WHOEMRO #E2PSummit2021 Image
Minister of Health of Slovenia 🇸🇮 stresses importance of data from @ECDC_EU and @WHO_Europe during #COVID19, and the need for evidence from behavioral science to understand different population groups #E2PSummit2021 Image
Minister of Health of Chile 🇨🇱 explains “the social worktable on #COVID19” - an example of a mechanism that the country has relied on to move forward during the pandemic. @pahowho #E2PSummit2021 Image
Minister of Health of Ghana 🇬🇭 explains how research centers have been used efficiently during #COVID19 response in Ghana. #E2PSummit2021 Image
The ministerial panel showed solutions which should be implemented more widely, eg science advisory councils, cooperation between universities, generation and use of real-time data, etc. concludes @IlonaKickbusch #G20 #E2PSummit2021 Image
Up next: Panel with experts from all @WHO regions 🌎🌍🌏 on #knowledgetranslation after #COVID19 and how to better leverage evidence-support systems, moderated by @lavisjn @McMasterForum. #E2PSummit2021 #EVIPNet… Image
The expert panel will address issues related to #COVID19 evidence-support systems, outlined on the following slides @WHO #E2PSummit2021 ImageImageImage
The #COVID19 response lacked social, behavioral & political scientists & showed weak relationships between researchers & policymakers. There's only so much we as researchers can do, while there are many other influences, eg ideology & corruption, says @martinmckee #E2PSummit2021 Image
Citizens have requested evidence during the #COVID19 pandemic, and they have used living evidence syntheses to hold decision-makers accountable. Timely provision of evidence is key – any delay is lives lost, highlights @shoffmania. #E2PSummit2021 Image
We need to communicate uncertainty and evolving scientific knowledge. Living evidence syntheses can help with that, says Vivian Lin #E2PSummit2021 Image
@roseoronje sheds light on the importance of partnerships, “citizen evidence”, units to strengthen evidence use, the importance of capacity in analysis, and digital tools. Can digital tools be used beyond #COVID19 to tackle other health issues? #E2PSummit2021 Image
@zaidi_shehla’s main point relates to the importance of stewardship across public/private sectors in responding to #COVID19 #E2PSummit2021 Image
1. Uncertainty shouldn't be an excuse to do nothing @martinmckee
2. Need for institutionalization of E2P @roseoronje @shoffmania
3. Diverse evidence to support planning @zaidi_shehla
4. Need for learning evidence ecosystems - Yodi Mahendradhata
#E2PSummit2021 Image
THIS is the best opportunity to rebuild evidence support systems, says @lavisjn. The expert panelists agree that there is momentum and urgency. The pandemic has shown the value of using research to inform decisions. @WHO #E2PSummit2021 #COVID19 Image
🗓️Day 2: "Global challenges, regional specificity: Capitalizing on lessons learned from COVID-19 evidence-to-policy processes around the world".
🗓️ Day 3: “Keeping the momentum, taking action: Building resilient evidence-to-policy and practice mechanisms”. #E2PSummit2021
Day 2⃣ of the #E2PSummit2021 is about capitalizing on lessons learned from #COVID19 & how to make progress towards WHO's Triple Billion Targets 🎯. 👉 Join me for live tweets from the event, starting NOW. Image
Institutionalizing evidence-informed decision-making for effective #healthpolicy. NOW at 12:00 pm CET, moderated by @Laurenz_ml w/ @EmmaRhule @SJacobzone @AllianceHPSR @jameswilsdon @saracbennett @lavisjn @RuthS3 @feljardali @SusanMichie. #E2PSummit2021… Image
Institutionalizing evidence-informed decision-making for effective #healthpolicy. Today at 12:00 pm CET, moderated by @Laurenz_ml w/ @EmmaRhule @SJacobzone @AllianceHPSR @jameswilsdon @saracbennett @lavisjn @RuthS3 @feljardali @SusanMichie. #E2PSummit2021… Image
Evidence-informed health policy must look beyond the health sector, states @EmmaRhule during her presentation on lessons learned from evidence-informed health policy decisions in times of global crisis. #E2PSummit2021 ImageImage
Methodological pluralism is undervalued and needed. During crises, there has often been a lack of qualitative evidence, e.g. from interviews, focus groups and observations, which could have helped adapt policies and strategies, says @EmmaRhule #E2PSummit2021 #COVID19
Lessons shared by @EmmaRhule of @UNU_IIGH: 1) Evidence institutionalization mechanisms need to be sufficiently embedded – or else they risk being side-lined. 2) It’s not just WHAT is institutionalized but HOW that matters. #E2PSummit2021
Knowledge brokerage and evidence-informed decision-making will continue to face turbulence, eg due to politics and fragmentation, and because of lack of tools, processes and institutions. Achieving trust remains a challenge, says @SJacobzone @OECD #E2PSummit2021 ImageImage
@SJacobzone shares lessons on institutionalization of evidence-informed decision-making from @OECD, highlighting the need for principles and standards for good governance of evidence #E2PSummit2021 ImageImage
Reflections from @saracbennett: How can we think about more integrated evidence-to-policy systems, eg using data and evidence from prisons, immigration, public and private sectors? How can we use more real time data? How to strengthen trustworthiness of evidence? #E2PSummit2021 Image
Evidence-informed decision-making requires skills, knowledge, capacity, trust, incentives and the right attitude with regards to the importance of evidence-informed decisions. Both supply and demand side of evidence are key, highlights @feljardali @K2PCenter #E2PSummit2021 Image
Insightful talk on embedded rapid review platforms! @zubin_shroff83 @AllianceHPSR shares information about rapid research responders – the life-saving power of embedded research… #E2PSummit2021 Image
We are only part of the jigsaw that evidence-informed decision-making is. To complete the jigsaw we need the full picture and a vision of what we are trying to achieve. We need a deep understanding and acceptance of the policy system, emphasizes @RuthS3 @ace_UJJ. #E2PSummit2021🧩 Image
We have work to do on evidence-specific structures and processes, as well as those more mainstream government structures, eg how to feed evidence into budgeting, monitoring, auditing and well as hiring criteria and performance reviews @lavisjn @McMasterForum #E2PSummit2021 Image
Evidence-informed decision-making requires relationships between sectors. 🤝 Relationships are crucial – not just person to person, or organization to organization, but between systems and sectors, says @RuthS3 @ace_UJJ. #E2PSummit2021 📸 Nathalia Segato @unsplash Image
Look! @Drawnalism has been listening in #E2PSummit2021 ImageImageImageImage
Exciting and important discussions about connecting insights from the evidence-support ecosystem to make progress towards @WHO's Triple Billion Targets🎯🎯🎯. Moderated by @moat_ka. NOW at #E2PSummit2021…
Tanja Kuchenmueller, Unit Head, Evidence to Policy and Impact @WHO is now setting the scene for the focus event on linking up the evidence ecosystem towards achieving WHO's triple billion targets. #E2PSummit2021 ImageImage
Global Focus Event on "Linking up the evidence ecosystem towards achieving WHO's Triple Billion Targets" 🌳🌼🌿 at @WHO #E2PSummit2021 with @KaelanMHF @McMasterForum, @ndukup1 @ACE_UJ, @LKuhnBarrientos and Mark Leys… Image
To strengthen the evidence ecosystem🌳
1⃣ Products (eg living syntheses) can link stakeholders in the evidence ecosystem
2⃣ Processes incl training to develop, adapt, use & evaluate products
3⃣ Support builds on shared learning between policy-makers & researchers #E2PSummit2021 Image
The current public attention on evidence translation offers “a once in a generation opportunity for more sustainable mechanisms”, pointed out @lavisjn @McMasterForum.

Here's a recap of Day 2⃣ of the @WHO Global Evidence-to-Policy Summit: #E2PSummit2021 Image
TODAY 14:00 CET! 🗓️ Day 3⃣ of the #E2PSummit2021 will be about building resilient evidence-to-policy mechanisms - keeping the momentum and taking action. Moderated by @WHO Spokesperson @chrislindmeier #EVIPNet Image
Live-tweeting round 3 starting in a few minutes✨ #E2PSummit2021 Image
NOW ➡️ Legitimacy and trust: Improving the use of evidence in politics and society with @ADB_SusannR @M_B_Petersen @Euphras01426918 @DrFaridaHosani @juliaoftoronto Patricia Garcia, Chee Yoke Ling & James Lee 🇺🇸🇩🇰🇦🇫🇵🇪🇨🇦🇧🇪🇨🇲🇦🇪🇲🇾🇵🇭… #E2PSummit2021 @WHO Image
The @HopeProject_dk 🇩🇰 is about how democracies cope with #COVID19. If governments don’t trust citizens, citizens won’t trust governments. Distrust makes authorities react too little/much. Transparency, empowerment & giving citizens a voice is key @M_B_Petersen. #E2PSummit Image
Patricia Garcia, former Minister of Health 🇵🇪, shares lessons from the #COVID19 response in Peru, explaining that “vehemence-informed” and “eminence-informed” policies were made rather than evidence-informed policies. The evidence ecosystem system is broken. #E2PSummit2021 ImageImageImage
We need testable hypotheses to translate evidence into the changes we want to see. Approaches include automaticity, reducing complexity and salient disclosure of information says @ CassSunstein @Harvard_Law #E2PSummit2021 Image
A national committee for #COVID19 research was established in UAE 🇦🇪, convening researchers and policymakers, and engaging communities from the start, says @DrFaridaHosani. #E2PSummit2021 Image
@Euphras01426918 explains how information overload can overwhelm consumers. Involvement and engagement of consumers is crucial for evidence-informed decision-making #E2PSummit2021 Image
Policymakers get a lot of information from the #media 📢. Therefore, it’s crucial for researchers to reach out to journalists and develop long-term relationships. Researchers must think deeply about how to make their work relevant, says @juliaoftoronto @voxdotcom #E2PSummit2021 Image
Chee Yoke Ling, Director of Programs in Third World Network in Malaysia 🇲🇾, talks about the need to INVEST INVEST INVEST in public health systems and the critical role @WHO plays in increasing trust.… #E2PSummit2021 Image
James Lee @MSF states that it is difficult for health professionals in low-income settings to access evidence; evidence is often obtained from #socialmedia. Important to develop local capacity for finding and using the best-available evidence. #E2PSummit2021
Truly excellent panel discussing legitimacy and trust to improve the use of evidence in politics and society. ✨ Greatly moderated by @ADB_SusannR, with @M_B_Petersen @Euphras01426918 @DrFaridaHosani @juliaoftoronto Patricia Garcia, Chee Yoke Ling & James Lee #E2PSummit2021 @WHO ImageImage
NOW! 📢 Launch of the #EVIPNet Call for Action and partner coalition for sustainable evidence-policy-society systems, followed by statements and remarks from partners.… #E2PSummit2021 @cochranecollab @UNICEF @3ieNews @H_S_Global @IDRC_CRDI @OBShealth ImageImage
Call for Action for evidence-informed decision-making:
1. Institutionalize structures & processes
2. Use high-quality norms, standards & tools
3. Strive to ensure national and international capacity
4. Ensure evidence is accessible, timely & relevant #E2PSummit2021 #EVIPNet ImageImageImageImage
The need for evidence-informed decision-making cannot be overemphasized, says @Rasha_Fadlallah @K2PCenter. The #EVIPNet Call for Action will serve as a critical stepping stone for institutionalizing evidence use in decision-making. #E2PSummit2021 Image
Dr Karla Soares-Weiser @CochraneLibrary says Cochrane supports the #EVIPNet Call for Action, as the Call reinforces many recommendations from Cochrane, eg to develop tools, processes and research questions in ‘peace-time’ to ensure better preparedness in future. #E2PSummit2021 Image
We all have a role to play in taking the #EVIPNet Call for Action forward, says @shoffmania, Scientific Director of the @CIHR_IRSC #E2PSummit2021 Image
Congratulations from @danmaceira @H_S_Global on #EVPNet’s Call for Action #E2PSummit2021 Image
The Call for Action provides a deep dive into what needs to be done to promote evidence-informed decision-making, says @lavisjn, and re-emphasizes that now is a window of opportunity to build stronger evidence support systems. #E2PSummit2021 @McMasterForum @COVID_E_N_D Image
Full support of the #EVIPNet Call for Action by Yodi Mahendradhata @TDRnews #E2PSummit2021 Image
Evidence-informed decision-making is a two-way street and we @karolinsinst are happy to be on it together with @WHO, says @stefanswartpet. We need incentives for researchers and policymakers to collaborate. We need embedded research in programmes. #E2PSummit2021 Image
We look forward to continuing our collaboration with #EVIPNet and congratulate the @WHO EVIPNet Secretariat once again for this significant milestone of the Call for Action says Marie-Gloriose Ingabire @IDRC_CRDI #E2PSummit2021 Image
We echo the importance of trust and inclusion for evidence-informed decision-making, says Suszy Lessof @OBShealth, about the #EVIPNet Call for Action. #E2PSummit2021 Image
The #EVIPNet Call for Action highlights the need to invest in global public goods such as evidence syntheses, says @gaarder_marie @3ieNews. We call on governments to invest in evidence-informed decision-making #E2PSummit2021 Image
Evidence is competing with misinformation. We want to see more commitment from global leaders for evidence-informed decision-making, says Okwen Patrick Mbah @ebase_africa. #E2PSummit2021 Image
Whole-of-society approaches and collaboration across sectors are needed to better tackle future health emergencies, states @AlbrightKerry @UNICEFInnocenti, committing to supporting the four priority actions stated in the #EVIPNet Call for Action. #E2PSummit2021 Image
Our work aligns w/ #EVIPNet’s call for strengthening structures & procedures to support the technical work for evidence-informed decision-making, and the collaborative effort for working across sectors & the evidence ecosystem @profsandyoliver @EPPICentre @ucl #E2PSummit2021 Image
There is exceptional momentum for evidence-informed decision-making.
We need:
💛 Trust
🖌️ Co-creation
🌈 Methodological pluralism
👩‍🏫 Peer learning
🔥 Innovation
🧩 Impact
#E2PSummit2021 @WHO Image

• • •

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