Merrick Garland sparked this surge for @GlennYoungkin I am sure his actions must be unconstitutional, are certainly abuse of office. Invoke the #PatriotAct against #Parents designating them #DomesticTerrorists ? It is Orwellian! @TomCottonAR
He's back pedalling now because #Parents in #Loudoun Co, #FairfaxCounty have widely publicized the abuses, and many people think his actions were the final straw turning Suburban #Moms away from VaDems. Independents also broke for Youngkin when #MerrickGarland took those actions
I Tweeted this to POTUS. #MerrickGarland & 3 blunders by McAuliffe, insulting key constituencies, cost TM the election, not JB. Also #ImpeachGarland That surveillance of parents is the same as the surveillance of bank accounts of businesses & persons with $10K pass thru accounts
Both these examples of govt surveillance, of #Parents & of @smallbusiness @SCSBCC & personal bank accounts are unprecedented invasions of Americans' privacy & constitute infringements on their personal rights & liberty. We are becoming the surveillance state imagined by Orwell.

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5 Nov
Sorry to send this kind of thing to you, but THIS is what's upsetting parents.1st #Mom speaking is the one who took the photo of the DHS & other unmarked federal cars, plus helicopter surveilling FairfaxCounty schoolboard mtg. @TomCottonAR @MarshaBlackburn 2nd is @AsraNomani
That is the offensive material, but based on the #CRT #CulturalReeducationTraining schools use to induce "correct thinking" in children, & gender instruction, they data mine & profile children. This should require parental consent, same for indoctrination.…
It is in NJ also, why Murphy just squeeked through. Mark Zuckerberg is a partner with Garland's son-in-law. He absolutely MUST step down. Democratic women are turning to Republicans because Democrats will NOT do ANYTHING to protect these children, instead harrass/arrest #Parents
Read 4 tweets
3 Nov
Guess you want to ignore this story too, @RTDMPW Systemic racism is press & pundits refusing to cover the story of a truly diverse @VA_GOP slate since it doesn't fit the racism explanation. #Moms made #ParentsMatter they found @GlennYoungkin & became #ParentsForYoungkin
The overlooked story is that RPV made a conscious decision to move the party toward mainstream & recruit diverse candidates. The ranked choice voting in its primary, as in NYC seems to have worked well, at least with this N=2 sample
Why don't you interview her @RTDMPW ? It may help build bridges. She's really remarkable, heroic, as are all top 3 GOP slate just elected. That's part of this story too.
Read 7 tweets
2 Nov
@KellyCNBC More #lies that IRS going after wealthy. NO They're going after ALL small biz LLCs, S Corps, but THEY call it evasion, but NO CAUSE. Targets ALL to register w FinCEN & bank surveillance @SCSBCC @smallbusiness YES Kelly, they come after you if $10K thru your bank.
@GlennYoungkin grew up in Va too, #RVA -Chesterfield I think, then #VABeach. Lives in Fairfax Co, has done so couple decades. He's smart, basketball scholarship Rice, BS Mechanical Eng & Management; @HarvardHBS MBA top 5% Baker scholar. Self made fortune. McAuliffe is a NewYorker
That means anyone who pays rent, has a mortgage. The initial plan was to surveill any bank account with $600 in transactions. Banks complained, changed to $10K but this sounds like violation of 4th amendment & lack of cause. Dems r just grasping at straws 4 $$ 4 social spending
Read 4 tweets
2 Nov
@alexwagner let me correct your understanding of history of the decimation of Native Americans & who did what. Columbus is not responsible for decimation of Native Americans nor AndrewJackson cause genocide. Spanish Conquistadors Cortez, Pissarro, diseases from Europeans did most
Trail of Tears relocated theCherokee people, to whom I’m distantly related,to lands in OK. Many died. A massacre of 500 settlers in western states prompted Jackson to relocate them, different tribes did the massacre. Sherman & Custer massacred Plains Indians, until Little Bighorn
Lakota Sioux under Crazy Horse led the attack at Little BigHorm, known as Custers last stand. Native Americans have been harmed, displaced. Jackson removed theCherokee,many died on the Trail of Tears but not genocide. Cortez, Sherman closer to genocide but disease killed most
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1 Nov
@MercuryVirginia Never any book ban. That claim was fact checked by Post as 4 Pinnochios false. Here are #facts below. The #Mom was fine teaching abt slavery, the holocaust, but NOT graphic descriptions of bestiality. #RVA @RTDNEWS #rvacouncil @FreePressRVA @myVPM @NBC12 @CBS6
Historical inaccuracy in #CRT which was created by a journalist, not a historian. Columbus was not responsible for decline in Native Americans. Spanish Conquistadors Cortez, Pisarro, disease brought by Europeans, slaughter by US Gens Sherman & Custer , tho Custer got his.
@MercuryVirginia This chart from VaGA's JLC but kept very quiet by Dems, Virginia underperformed US economy last 9 years, 80+% under McAuliffe & Northam. Click to see entire chart. Va dropped from No 1 in technology workers, Va's rank since 90s when tech got started, to No 3 now Image
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25 Oct
@MSNBC Succinctly put by retired AF Col @RichAndersonRPV TM
Desperately trying any #lie to smear @GlennYoungkin & make election abt Trump or race. It’s neither. It’s parents legitimate fears for children’s safety in schools, covering up sexual assaults of 2 HS girls by Dem GA
This Va election isn’t about race as TM & Dem narrative are spinning it. That’s a battle that grabs press & emotions & attention away from real issues that @GlennYoungkin addresses on public safety,school safety, McAuliffe lowered school standards so now lowest US #Math scores
And Va economy, which Bloomberg data shows grew only 0.2% over last 2 yrs despite GovVa claims of strong economy based on $2.6 billion surplus but @Jeffersoninst data showed the surplus is from major tax hikes by BlueGA 2019-2021. Truth is bad for Dems this year, so #Lies & Spin
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