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@cheryldgb Further, the no longer @vademocrats but #TammanyHallMachineVADems actually passed laws saying VA would do as CA does. I could not believe that but THEY DID! @TheJusticeDept surveilling dangerous #Moms Image
@cheryldgb @vademocrats @TheJusticeDept Comments by a black Dad about how #CRT is being taught in K-12 schools. It is NOT fear mongering to object to this agenda @cheryldgb @dogwsoodnews @4publicedva Image
@cheryldgb @vademocrats @TheJusticeDept Condi Rice disapproves of #CRT for precisely the reasons I wrote in the initial summary to inform the ignorant, namely people like vous @cheryldgb @vadogwoodnews @4publicedva @vademocrats Image
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3VOLUTION of Homo sapien to HOM3OSTASIEN​

by Dmitry Kats, PhD, MPH…

- - -

A HOM3OSTASIEN represents the evolutionary step forward undertaken by the homo sapien species (among other mammals) to substantially extend and reestablish healthy, fulfilling,……
... "inhibition of nuclear de novo NAD+ synthesis reduced the total levels of NAD+ in the cell and mitochondrial energy metabolism, leading to premature cellular senescence"

"nuclear de novo NAD+ synthesis pathway, controlled by H2AX [i.e., GPR109A aka…… ImageImageImageImage
... Little do people know, as they don’t care to review the actual literature, that per se, akin to every other cell in the body, as proved in these high-profile journal-published papers (collecting Internet-dust) by the world's most elite investigators (scientists and/or…… Image
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@Gialde @SiryjVovk @goblin_skreech @girlgeek_rva @resist_cynicism @jdgtranen There were no forced vaccines.
And also have you seen a needle four inches in diameter? I haven’t.
The forced movement of a 4 inch circle of your molecules is called physical trauma, and must be consensual or its assault. #ForcedBirth
Do you have any
questions about vaccines?
@Gialde @SiryjVovk @goblin_skreech @girlgeek_rva @resist_cynicism @jdgtranen The reason I keep bringing up the physical process of birth, is bc moving 4 square in. of your body out of the way, can kill you.
It causes permanent disability, long term healthcare costs, long healing periods away from work or family care issues. Can’t chase suicidal kids, etc
@Gialde @SiryjVovk @goblin_skreech @girlgeek_rva @resist_cynicism @jdgtranen Have you ever had major surgery?
Afterwards you are not allowed to get out of bed or you could pop stitches and die of internal bleeding. They tell you to hold still as much as possible.
Now add on a baby that needs liquid feces cleaned out of his hair. How do you do that still?
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1/ School superintendent flat out lies to parents to keep CSAM grooming books in Texas schools @McKinneyISD. He blames, "political agendas, sensationalism, and exaggeration." He is a #groomer.

#edchat #parenting @SenTedCruz @mass_tx @RonnyJacksonTX…
"McKinney ISD in no way supports obscene or pornographic materials of any kind in our public-school libraries."

False. He doesn't tell you his definition of those terms means only those already adjudged as much by a judge and only on a case by case basis.
"On rare occasion, it is possible that a book ... could slip through the cracks...."

False. He doesn't tell you his books come from lists recommended by others that are known to make inappropriate materials available and other superintendents aren't so fooled.
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I'm doing some research on supporting Manager of Managers, hence forwards on #MoM Currently split into two different themes - 1) Similar, but moar (sic)! and 2) Very different
Let's talk about #MoM theme 1. Firstly, context switching. If you move from IC -> EM, you inevitably have more meetings. As you move from EM -> #MoM, this amplifies. You're now having meetings across different teams (often working on different topics), but to mention inter-dept
If you don't like context switching, you're going to hate being a #MoM
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@MargaretHoover I'm a great fan of you & @JohnAvlon, but you should not buy the attack ads of losing Dem candidates. I'm a Democrat. Here are #facts on the ground in #Virginia CRT is sold as something it is not. #FactsMatter It is pernicious, destructive,toxic, and more. @Acosta
#CancelCulture attacks #Mathematics Opponents of CRT are NOT all right wing. The people who elected @GlennYoungkin were Biden voters, Asian parents, black parents who want better schools for their children. Asians are being hurt. Below: CA lowers standards…
@MargaretHoover @JohnAvlon @Acosta @CondoleezzaRice articulates the issue best. But there is a disturbing expansion of a surveillance state. I don't see masks or vax as that, but BBB contained bank surveillance, #MerrickGarland actions described below,…
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@StephenAtHome Sorry but YOU need to know what #CRT is really about. It is NOT teaching "real history" of race. Marxist in premise & praxis, it teaches whiteness is evil, makes white children stand up & confess "I am white, I am privileged, I am an oppressor" & blacks can't learn
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@BillClinton setting priorities from BBB would have been better. Work requirements make sense. But there are also #PelosiPoisonPills the $275 Billion SALT tax cut for the rich and disturbing trend in many areas by this administration, surveillance of individuals bank accounts.
Surveillance of #Parents after calling #Moms #DomesticTerrorists calling for @TheJusticeDept to invoking #PatriotAct to have @FBI surveil, investigate #Parents is Orwellian. #MerrickGarland is harassing, intimidating ordinary people legitimately concerned about their children.
I know some of these folks in NoVa concerned about their children. They are NOT the #Jan6thInsurrection crowd @BillClinton No one is herding the cats.
Cabinet secretaries are acting, making very bad decisions - @SecMayorkas at the border,@SecCardona in Ed. #MerrickGarland - COI
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Natural (unmedicated) #birth
feels like weighted squats
at the gym for 12 hours.
Its exhausting and drones on and its uncomfortable, and you’re hungry and thirsty. Its a marathon. But u don’t feel pain until the next day.
I was able to achieve this maybe for a couple reasons:
Before #pregnancy I was fit AF.
Exercise was not painful.

At all.

Exercise changes pain reception.
Athletes feel LESS PAIN.
And the uterus is
just a GIANT muscle
which needs extra oxygen.
while exercising,
This isn’t bc exercise hurts.
Its bc lactic acid builds up around your tissues and without excreting muscle cell wastes,
the body feels pain.

I have a hypothesis,
and I need help.
#athletes #buff #workoutmotivation
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1. There are no naturally gifted children. 2.#Math is #WhiteSupremacy 3. #DNAdoesntMatter 4.#whiteness is evil 5. Asians are white because of their high scores,(for academic admissions purposes. @jaketapper @MaxBoot @PostOpinions @CNNPolitics…
We went through this cycle late 50s-70s, lowering standards. By 1980, Harvard, Stanford returned to standards, @urichmond looked to lower theirs. Chem Dept faculty said, No, others are returning to standards! By our slowness we've avoided a grave mistake! #RVA @NBC12 @RTDNEWS
#Science learned how to bridge achievement gaps. Answer: Very hard work, summer STEM camps, remedial summer work as needed; summer research programs. @NIH @NSF both fund these. Young black female sci from rural NC who made 1st mRNA vax is an #NIH program alum. It was late 60s-70s
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@tribelaw He's too busy surveilling #Parents & sending half dozen DHS, DOJ, FBI cars & a helicopter to monitor dangerous #Moms at #FairfaxCounty school board meetings & helping his son-in-law & Zuckerburg data mine children to bother with that. I'll send you photos & Ed article
@tribelaw Here is the stake-out, complete with helicopter circling above that terrorist hangout, #FairfaxCounty School Board. #Moms are unhappy about sexually explicit books data mining their children by Garland son-in-law & Zuckerberg company. 2 HS girls assaulted, schools deny, coverup
@tribelaw It's in NJ also, why Murphy just squeaked through. Zuckerberg is a partner with Garland's son-in-law in profiling, data mining children Democratic women are turning to Republicans because Democrats will NOT do ANYTHING to protect these children, instead harass/arrest #Parents
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Guess you want to ignore this story too, @RTDMPW Systemic racism is press & pundits refusing to cover the story of a truly diverse @VA_GOP slate since it doesn't fit the racism explanation. #Moms made #ParentsMatter they found @GlennYoungkin & became #ParentsForYoungkin
The overlooked story is that RPV made a conscious decision to move the party toward mainstream & recruit diverse candidates. The ranked choice voting in its primary, as in NYC seems to have worked well, at least with this N=2 sample
Why don't you interview her @RTDMPW ? It may help build bridges. She's really remarkable, heroic, as are all top 3 GOP slate just elected. That's part of this story too.
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Merrick Garland sparked this surge for @GlennYoungkin I am sure his actions must be unconstitutional, are certainly abuse of office. Invoke the #PatriotAct against #Parents designating them #DomesticTerrorists ? It is Orwellian! @TomCottonAR
He's back pedalling now because #Parents in #Loudoun Co, #FairfaxCounty have widely publicized the abuses, and many people think his actions were the final straw turning Suburban #Moms away from VaDems. Independents also broke for Youngkin when #MerrickGarland took those actions
I Tweeted this to POTUS. #MerrickGarland & 3 blunders by McAuliffe, insulting key constituencies, cost TM the election, not JB. Also #ImpeachGarland That surveillance of parents is the same as the surveillance of bank accounts of businesses & persons with $10K pass thru accounts
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New research from @JohnsHopkins about maternal health!

Vaught AJ, Minhas A, Boyer T et al. Incidence of essential hypertension but not echocardiographic abnormalities at four years with a history of preeclampsia with severe features.

#ph260720 #Moms
In this new study, we followed up with women four years after they were diagnosed with preeclampsia during pregnancy. What type of research study is that?
#ph260720 #Epidemiology
Preeclampsia is a pregnancy-specific disorder that causes high blood pressure and evidence of damage to the kidneys and/or liver. Preeclampsia and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy impact between 5-8% of births in the US.
#ph260720 #preeclampsia
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1John 2
Blessings Every Mother Needs
- The grace of God
--May you breathe deeply of God’s grace each day. May His grace strengthen you and bless you.
- The mercy of God.

-- May you accept the mercy God has given you. May His blessing be upon you.
- The peace of God

-- May you receive God’s peace to settle and calm your spirit. May you know He is with you.
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1⃣ On Monday, assuming all goes well this weekend, I will be moving our #COVID19 Alert Level down to 4. Please visit… to learn more about what that means for you.
2⃣ Gatherings of 10 ppl is acceptable in Alert Level 4, but should only occur when #PhysicalDistancing is possible. The intention is to allow for small funerals, burials, weddings. This isn't a green light to host parties -- you should remain in your bubble or your #DoubleBubble.
3⃣ If you're well & not required to self-isolate, you can participate in some recreational activities. Outdoor activities, like walking, hiking, or bike riding, are encouraged as long as physical distancing can be maintained and you are not req'd to self-isolate for any reason.
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