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You know I always add some #math spice into my #gamedev courses, and that usually means touching some cool linear algebra.

But something most students still struggle with is the *intuition* behind the #Determinant of a matrix.

Let's quickly look at it together...🙂

[1/18] 🧵
Since we are really interested in building some *intuition*, let's look at the determinant of a 2x2 matrix first.

When we were in high school, we learned that the determinant of a 2x2 matrix is given by:

| a b |
| c d | = a*d - b-c

But, where does that come from?

Seki Kōwa was a Japanese mathematician from the Edo period, and he was sometimes described as "Japan's Newton."

He had Samurai origins but was adopted into the noble Seki family, subject of the shōgun.

As a kid, it was visible that he had great potential with numbers.

[3/18] Seki Kowa
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There is a beautiful way to derive the famous Euler’s formula!

In this🧵, I’ll explain a visual, intuitive derivation. It’ll fit into a single picture at the end.

#iteachmath #MTBoS #math #maths #Mathematics An equation with 𝑒^(𝑖𝑡) on ...
This is Thread 3 in a series, but don't worry! This thread is self-contained.
In Thread 1, we saw applications of a mass on a spring.

We solved for its future position, at time 𝑡. This led to 𝑒^(𝑖𝑡), but 𝑖 is "imaginary."

The position along the ground had to be “real,” so we sought to interpret 𝑒^(𝑖𝑡) in terms of real numbers.
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Every reason you would buy the UST30YR right now is twice the reason you should buy #btc. A thread…
The Fed will invoke QE infinity and YCC shielding bonds…

Yes but currency debasement is thus accelerated…therefore #btc over the UST30YR
We are heading to a recession and #bonds always perform in recessions…

Yes but the next recession could be the one that gives up the ghost and QE causes credit contagion and collapse…therefore #btc over UST30YR
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#Tutoring has become an important discipline to improve #STEM education background.
Here are some interesting stats about STEM:
1. 10.2 million people work in STEM in US in 2021.
2. Average annual #salary for STEM workers is around 90k USD and thus more than double the average.
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Z-Scores are a great #Stats tool to help give us some insight into a data set, especially in the #Bitcoin and On-Chain world.

So, what exactly is a Z-Score? What is it good for? What are its limitations? What kinds of Z-Scores are there?

Let's dive in.👇🧵
Before we can talk Z-Scores though, we need to talk Standard Deviation (SD).

What's that you say?

Well, a SD is, essentially, the "average distance from the average (mean)" for a set of data points. Image
A Z-Score, then, takes each individual point's distance from the mean and compares that to the SD.

So essentially saying, "how does this point's distance from the mean compare to the SD?". Image
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Fun puzzle this morning: Suppose you are playing a #wordle-like game where you are trying to guess a three-digit string of numbers (like 318 or 087). What's the maximum number of guesses you would ever need to identify the number string?
#math #mathchat
A few people have suggested the maximum number of guesses is 6, but I think you can always do it in 5! (Five, not five factorial.)
First three guesses: 123, 456, 789.
Three hits and you're at most two guesses away by cycling.
Two hits, and a strategically chosen fourth guess involving a hit repeated twice and a 0 will get you there in 5.
Same for one hit.
Zero hits and it's 000.
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"roc_auc_score" is defined as the area under the ROC curve, which is the curve having False Positive Rate on the x-axis and True Positive Rate on the y-axis at all classification thresholds.

#DataScience #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #100DaysOfMLCode #Python
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Thank you @IWS_Network! It's an honour to be invited to #IWSVoices spotlight.

Certainly important to raise the visibility and amplify voices of #WomenInSTEM globally and 🇨🇦#immigrants 🇨🇦. Kudos for relentlessly growing & nurturing an engaged #Network!
I was born & grew up in #Baguio "City of Pines" (P. insularis), #Philippines summer capital, regional ctr of mineral-rich Cordillera Admin Region. Site of US military Camp John Hay hillstation.
Elevation: 1500 m ⬆️ sea level
Ave temp: 18.3°C
Pop: 370,218
#IWSVoices #WomenInSTEM Map of the Philippines from...View of Baguio City nestled...Pine trees (Pinus insularis...
Digital-free childhood: our playground was wide expanse of hills & mountns. Roamed freely & safely. Being close to nature ignited curiousity & wonder, igniting my love for #EarthSciences #Botany #Chemistry. 🍃🌿🍀🐜🕷️
#IWSVoices #WomenInSTEM @IWS_Network
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Yesterday I shared a small thread about getting into #DataScience. Today I’ll build on that and share a bit about my own journey into sports analytics, specifically as a #DataScientist in the #football industry. 🧵
My path began with a MSc in Sport & Movement Science @VU_FBW. It’s not computer science or anything, but it does involve quite some #Math, #Statistics and #Physics, as well as a course in programming. Mainly it learned me Science, and gave me a lot of domain knowledge in sports.
I wasn’t planning to become a #DataScientist, but I wanted to work in sports. I did various stints as an embedded sports scientist, mostly internships/part-time, before joining @ZZLEIDENBASKETB. Those jobs involved data & science, but it wasn’t anything close to #DataScience.
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Many young people ask me how they can become a #DataScientist, specifically in #football. Lately I have also seen a lot of posts on how to get into #DataScience in (1)50 days or so, which is a joke imo. Here is my realistic take on it. Warning: it will be closer to 1500 days. 🧵
#DataScience is an umbrella of roles & fields that require different competencies. But they all have two things in common: you have to know #Science and you have to be able to work with #data. The first requires learning to do research, the second learning to do #programming.
Go to uni and get a masters degree that at least requires some #math skills. I’m not saying you need a #PhD and 5 publications before calling yourself a #DataScientist, nor that you can’t be one without a MSc, but is helps a lot in acquiring the right competencies.
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How to add math equations to your @streamlit apps

Perhaps you wanted to describe that new algorithm that you have developed for your #machinelearning project.
You can describe them using the st.latex() method.

Code and demo inside 🧵
@streamlit 2/ Code

Here's how you can use st.latex() to write #math equations to describe your new #machinelearning algorithms inside a @streamlit app
3/ Demo

See the demo @streamlit app of st.latex() in action

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@CreamyyStreams @ConceptualJames No no no. I can explain the cardiac issues, which are probably genetic as with rheumatic fever, which I had & runs in family. I learned this from my MD sister who taught in a small Caribbean medical university before returning stateside when she retired. Response to strep 1/
@CreamyyStreams @ConceptualJames 3/ There is a gene responsible for this. Less than 1% of those who get strep develop RheumaticFever, about same % of individuals who develop cardiac problems after being vaxed. I tweeted this info to CDC & to Pfizer Doc spokesman. Suspect similar mechanism.
@CreamyyStreams @ConceptualJames This is why the odds of getting seriously ill from #COVID19 are much higher than the less than 1% occurrence of cardiac disease. You’re a PhD in #Math so you get the relative risk now that you have some facts and quantitative estimate of relative risk.
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Here's a 🧵unrelated to The Tirade. It's still #jobsearch season in the #academic #math world and people are Getting News. I want to encourage search committees and chairs to treat candidates humanely. Here are suggestions. (I'm sure I forgot important stuff, so please chime in.)
(1) Please answer candidates' emails. Yes I know you might get a lot of emails. You are busy. I get it. But you are in a position of power. Candidates, who are in vulnerable positions, deserve a response.
Based on my experience as a search chair...

Time to complete task: A lot.
Moral/ethical value of effort invested: High.
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300 million trees sounds like a lot and makes for a good headline, until one takes into account the fact that with ~3 trillion trees on that planet, that's just a 0.01% increase in the number of trees.…

#math ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Getting rich doesn't involve freaking out about every $5 expenditure.

Improving the environment doesn't involve freaking out about every 0.1% or 0.01% use of energy, especially for useful purposes.

It's about the big picture.
A 2-week luxury holiday can be offset by planting 400 trees. If ten million people do that, that's 4 billion trees.

A couple of lattes per day per person equals 13 trees per year. If a billion people do that, that's 13 billion trees.…
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How is the projection line of the #bitcoin DPC model built? I'm glad you asked.

For starters, it would be helpful to check the latest update:

For model background, see this post:

Building the DPC Model, Part I - 🧵 8
1. To recap, the DPC model consists of two fundamental components (power law + halving cycle) and two refinements (daily price adjustment + cycle fading):

Context to power law:

Halving cycle explained:…
2. We start with the power law, which is shown as a green line on this monthly #bitcoin chart (blue candles indicate prices). To build this line, we need to compute linear regression (i.e., straight line estimation, a trendline) for the logarithm of both price and time.
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RePass fails to grasp the Third Way, the rational center that has always been the place where consensus, the essence of governance, can be achieved. @HillaryClinton is far from wrong. That policy of the 90s is precisely what brought a decade of global peace, prosperity, progress.
He misunderstands the center, where liberal ideas can actually be implemented, where center-right, center-left can find common ground. Compromise, consensus are required to pass legislation. A far left agenda cannot gain required support, must not be rammed through by one party.
While I differ with RePass' misunderstanding of the power of the center in politics, I sure do like his #Math The accuracy of his models in 2020 was superb, within less than 2 %. How did they do in 2016 when so many models were off?
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Mitch McConnell (trend) literally referred to Black ppl as "African AMERICANS."

This is a nothing-burger.

But the left must distract from their loser of an argument in "voting rights are at stake." They have no better argument. Their failing policies are doing all the talking. Image
Side note: The phrase "African American" in reference to Black Americans is foolish.

Black American makes far more sense as a very general rule, especially because some people from Africa are White, etc.

Now, anyone wanna defend Dem policy over the past year?
Left: "Republicans are banning Black ppl from voting! Jim Crow 2.0! Jim Eagle!"

Mitch McConnell: "African Americans" are voting at the same rates as "Americans."

Left: He's saying African Americans aren't Americans!


Please people...use your brain cells.
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@StephenAtHome Sorry but YOU need to know what #CRT is really about. It is NOT teaching "real history" of race. Marxist in premise & praxis, it teaches whiteness is evil, makes white children stand up & confess "I am white, I am privileged, I am an oppressor" & blacks can't learn
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$BTC will eventually be worth over $1 million per coin. How?

Pure #math.

a 🧵👇
There are currently ~$700 trillion of global *investment* assets:

Bonds: $137T
Stocks: $117T
Real Estate (ex-Agriculture): $290T
Art & Collectibles: $22T
Gold: $10T
M2 (cash, savings, etc): $130T

TOTAL = $706 trillion
At $42K per coin, $BTC market value = ~$900B, or .13% of global assets.

As individuals and asset managers learn about and gain comfort in #Bitcoin, this number grows.
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Yo no entendí el concepto de derivada cuando me lo explicaron. Es más, lo entendí mucho tiempo después de que me lo explicaran. ¿Te ocurrió también? ¿Cómo lo explicas tú? Dentro hilo 👇🏼 #math #geogebra #calculo #didáctica #matemáticas
Me tiene fascinado Grant Sanderson @3blue1brown con sus videos. No solo por sus excepcionales gráficos si no sobre todo por la didáctica y el rigor de éstos. En concreto estoy intentado trasladar al aula su aproximación al cálculo usando @geogebra
@3blue1brown hace hincapié en la paradoja de la derivada. Y para ello toma el ejemplo de un vehículo que se desplaza y cuya gráfico (espacio-tiempo) hemos llamado s(t), con su correspondiente gráfica de la velocidad v(t)
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Today I broke my own brain and I will never be the same #math Image
Dying laughing over ME of all people accidentally teaching people math tricks online. Of all the outrageous things this year has already brought…
Also it’s very funny how many people are either condescendingly pointing out what I just explained OR being condescending while actually missing the point. Congrats on understanding math at a fundamental level. That must be great and I am thrilled for you!
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Passion project time! I love the HP-45 #calculator. It's beautiful on the outside, but I wanted to show people that it's beautiful on the inside, too. So, as a #coding & #retrocomputing challenge I wrote a simulator, & I'm now making it available to all. (Retweets welcomed.) 1/7 Image
The simulator was designed for the Z80-MBC2, a computer designed by @Just4Fun_J4Fun with a #Z80 processor running CP/M. (If you like #retrocomputing, do try it.) But after some tedious wrangling, I was able to write code which also compiled for Windows, Linux & MacOS. 2/7 Image
I like the sense of retro-tech and (unfulfilled) futures which the terminal application provides: it's a #hauntological calculator. It's also flexible: you can change what's shown on the display &, for slower machines (say, an 8MHz Z80), you can run in minimal mode for speed. 3/7 Image
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BC public health is not doing math. We know that a chunk of transmission of #covid19 is by asymptomatic people. How can you break those chains of transmission if you're only testing symptomatic people? I don't understand. #math #bcpoli #FreeTheRATs

There's a whole component of epidemiology that involves stats. It's math: how many people does one person infect; how many of those go on to infect others, & over what space of time; what is the Rt value & is this exponential spread? You want to catch even ONE asymptomatic case.. Image
Breaking *one* chain of transmission can stop countless cases down the line. By not distributing #rapidtests to the public, isn't BC public health admitting they grasp neither asymptomatic transmission NOR the exponential function? #bcpoli #FreeTheRATs Image
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GauGAN2 combines segmentation mapping, inpainting and text-to-image generation in a single model

#Computervision #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #TensorFlow #PyTorch #DeepLearning #DataScience #MachineLearning #100DaysOfMLCode #Python #DataScientist #Statistics #Mathematics

Unlike GauGAN1 the GauGAN2 can translate natural language descriptions into landscape images. Typing a phrase like “sunset at a beach” generates the scene

#Computervision #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #TensorFlow #PyTorch #DeepLearning #DataScience #MachineLearning #Math
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