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1. News: Black Pro-Life Activists File Racial DISCRIMINATION Claim Against PLANNED PARENTHOOD

.. asserting the organization has been targeting black women & babies for nearly HALF A CENTURY.

-Thread 10.31.2020… #Discrimination #Racist
2. News: DHS boss Chad Wolf accuses Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of 'censorship that endangers national security' after the tech giant locked border chief's account for saying the wall 'keeps out gang members and murderers'…
3. News: Tucker Carlson Slams Media for Ignoring Hunter Biden Story —

‘How Do You Maintain a Democratic System When Reality Itself Has Been Banned?’…
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1. News: President Trump says Biden wants to lock the country down AGAIN with a COVID plan that will crush the economy and lead to a 'super depression' -Thread 10.24.2020… #VoteTrump #TRUMP #SaveAmerica #Biden
2. News: President Trump at Florida rally: 'Corrupt' BIDEN IS 'FULLY COMPROMISED' by the Hunter scandal & allegations of Chinese business deals, is only interested in 'enriching himself' & has 'sold out workers at every turn'… #MAGA #TRUMP #Biden
3. News: President Trump: They Play Games in Philadelphia — Watch the Voting Very Closely…
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Supporting Faith & Service
Only one party has a stated plan to support all our communities of faith in all their diversity. No individual or group is left out or targeted as worthy of suspicion & discrimination. 1/13 Image
Religious freedom is a core American value and a core value of the Democratic Party. 2/13
#DemPartyPlatform #ReligiousFreedom #democracy Image
#Democrats will protect the rights of each American for the free exercise of his or her own religion. 3/13 #DemPartyPlatform #religions Image
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YPG/PKK recruited foreign fighters from An-tifa groups in Western countries...

US media officially worse than the Foreign media

Sometimes non_domestic sources of information provide a more accurate report
Q ImageImageImage
Looks like it is time for JUSTICE for the An-tifa leadership that has been mapped... 🙏

09/17/2020 14:36:21
Anonymous 09/17/2020 14:32:12

I'm not turning a blind-eye, I'm just waiting for justice to arrive! Let it be soon please!

Image Name: EZjbMdwUcAA5qsF.jpg Image
Countermeasures in place...


Anonymous 09/17/2020
very reassuring

This should be also.
Q ImageImage
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Domestic terrorism ImageImage
Domestic terrorism
Domestic terrorism
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New Q4716 > Play time is over 👀 Image
Q4717 You guys are toast. #PortlandRiots #AntifaTerrorists Image
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1.) What the hell is WRONG with these people???
Are #NewYork business owners THAT SCARED NOT TO FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS & THE RIGHTS of their customers?
2.) It sounds to me… that some DIRTY corrupt city & gov’t officials cut a DEAL with some of these “business owners” to defend these “peaceful” protestors in order to downplay their violet unstable acts and FORCE acceptance.
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#DeepState Power Grab...
Testing America's Resolve… ImageImage
@realDonaldTrump 2020Landslide
was/is inevitable [insurance V2]
Is this about #ChinaVirus
& the safety of Americans or
setting up the needed #narrative
& economic landscape #Economy
to initiate #MailInBallots in order
to create Election Day chaos?
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The rise of the #AmericanDaesh:

You thought it would never happen here, right #CNN #NBC #ABC #CBS #FNC?

You thought that the riots were just a convenient way to "dump #trump" & raise cash.

But you were wrong because if they come, they'll come for you too!

#July4th in Stone Mountain, GA

I wonder what kind of "peacedul protest" angle the #FakeNews media is going to try this time?

Oh oh... Bad news for the #DomesticTerrorists. They are so over top - THE MEDIA WILL LIKELY IGNORE THEM.

@FBI and @DHSgov? Not so much.

The media "whitewash" of the armed march on #StoneMountainGA on #July4 2020 promoting racist, anti-government violence, has begun...


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The #FakeNewsMedia likes to use the words “peaceful” and “protests” in the same sentence to describe this 👇
If these #AntifaTerrorists are truly fighting for change with the #BlackLivesMattter movement against “#SystemicRacism”, then why wouldn’t they start by burning down all the #PlannedParenthood centers that are committing #Genocide within the Black Communities?
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The virus was planned as far back as last summer. People report have been sick w/ a cough that lasted six weeks in Aug & Oct. Nancy went to Wuhan in NOVEMBER & Beijing in Dec. The Impeachment failure was followed immediately by #COVID19 which showed signs of slowing & ending
2/ by the end of April. #JoeBidenIsARacist made his “you ain’t black,” faux pas (?) May 22nd. IMMEDIATELY a black man apparently died in racially tense #mineapolis & another Black man was shot while jogging in Atlanta. The second death received less press
3/ but apparently both cities were ready to riot, curtesy BUSED IN PROTESTORS. Who would have the money & network to enable such a massive response? #GeorgeSoros While he was at it, he alerted BLM & #Antifa Now we have #DomesticTerrorists at work in #Houston #Denver #SanJose
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Dem led insurgencies in select Dem controlled Cities? #Knowingly

May 30 2020…📁
Irregular warefare.
Thank you for playing.
Have a Nice Day.
Q ImageImageImageImage
Spelling error made by Q team in last post...

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: c06c87 No.9378188 📁
May 30 2020 11:07:09 (EST) NEW
'War[e]fare' misspelling unintentional.
On the move.
POTUS action coming on Antifa... #DomesticTerrorists

May 30 2020 11:28
Domestic terrorists?
Extreme Radical(s)?
POTUS action coming.
Homeland Security _FBI_DOJ action coming.
Investigations may lead to [D][F] 'support' targets
Q Image
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It's no surprise to me that the same woman who led the Protest against the Governor today is the same woman Bevin appointed to a state board illegally. The same woman who claimed there were irregularities in the election. She wants businesses open and Healthy People out working.
Erika doesn't care what Doctors or Scientists say. She doesn't care that even she could catch the Virus, because she feels she won't. Just like Bevin, she knows best - as long as it comes with a spot on the 6:00 PM News.
This group of folks, who feel they know best, who feel they have the right to spread a Virus that could literally kill you - they're not a political group - they're Domestic Terrorists.

That's what we call Americans who willfully risk the lives of others in large numbers.
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•An #FBI bulletin dated May 30, 2019 surfaces Aug. 1, 2019 calling out #conspiracies & #ConspiracyTheorist as being #DomesticTerrorism

•QAnon included…
•July 25, 2019 articles like this one by @RollingStone mocked #conspiracytheories, and their danger to public safety

“...and thanks to a hashtag, the baseless rumor likely has a whole lot of new believers”…
•Today as soon as #Epstein was found dead Twitter had 100 MILLION people making #Epstein, #TrumpEpstein, #ClintonBodyCount, #Clintoncide #EpsteinMurder TREND

•It’s a safe bet that the 100 MILLION people talking about Jeffrey were not all Conservatives/Republicans🙄
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