Last August, I called for the establishment of a bipartisan US national #COVID19 commission in my @thehill editorial. Delighted that @SenFeinstein @RogerMarshallMD @SenGillibrand & @SenJoniErnst today introduced a draft Senate bill mandating just that.…
Understanding what went wrong and addressing the many shortcomings on many levels in the US and globally is key to building a safer future for all. Establishing a bipartisan US national #COVID19 commission has an important role to play in that process.…
Per @RogerMarshallMD: "As a physician, we always need to know the what, where, how, and why when giving a diagnosis. For this reason, it couldn’t be more important that we determine the origins of this infectious disease outbreak to ensure nothing like this ever happens again."
Per @SenGillibrand: "We simply cannot wait for the next crisis to hit – we must create a 9/11-style #COVID19 commission to prepare a comprehensive health and national security strategy to protect and equip the United States in the event of another devastating emergency."
Per @SenJoniErnst: “The American people and the world deserve answers [re pandemic origins], which is why I’m proud to join my colleagues across the aisle to create a bipartisan commission to get to the bottom of the pandemic once and for all—and ensure it never happens again.”
Here is a link to the full text of the draft bill calling for a bipartisan US national #COVID19 commission. I encourage all Americans to reach out to your Senators in support of this critically important legislation.…
As we support the establishment of a US #COVID19 commission, we must also push forward on both national & int'l levels. That's why we must demand a comprehensive investigation into pandemic origins in China, including by supporting the next phase study outlined by @DrTedros.
In the editorial below, I outline next steps which can and should be taken to ensure the fullest possible examination of pandemic origins.…
Although Chinese cooperation w/ an investigation of pandemic origins would be helpful, Beijing will do everything in its power to prevent any such investigation. This insult to the memory of all who have been lost in this crisis & should shift our presumptions towards guilt.
But even without Chinese cooperation, there's far more which can be done to probe pandemic origins. Our June 28 "Paris Group" open letter outlines many important next steps which can and should be taken.…
The key point is that we must keep digging, fearlessly and relentlessly, until we uncover how this terrible catastrophe began -- as a foundation for understanding and addressing our greatest vulnerabilities on the national and international levels and building a safer future.
As always, I hope you'll learn more to draw their own conclusions. I'm always learning, so please let me know if you believe anything important is missing from my pandemic origins site.…

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24 Jun
It seems highly questionable that the sequences found by @jbloom_lab, which would likely have suggested the wet market origin story was wrong, were deleted just when the Chinese gov’t was actively peddling an outbreak story they very likely knew was false.…
It’s equally outrageous that int'l experts can’t even speak w/ the scientists who did this work & that journalists from countries where so many have died from this totally avoidable catastrophe can’t ask Chinese scientists the most basic questions about their work & actions.
A brave Chinese scientist, Botao Xiao, released a preprint in Feb '20 considering a possible #COVID19 lab origin. His paper was withdrawn and int’l media & experts have no access to him & most other Chinese scientists w/ relevant info. This is outrageous.…
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14 Jun
Although I welcome the @G7 statement yesterday calling for a "timely, transparent, expert-led, & science-based @WHO-convened Phase 2 #COVID19 Origins study including… in China,” this will only be meaningful if it leads to a comprehensive investigation into what went wrong.
Fully investigating & understanding pandemic origins isn’t about politics, it’s about identifying our biggest failures so we can fix them. Unfortunately, #China has been engaged in a massive coverup since the very beginning. You can learn more here.…
.@DrTedros was 100% correct telling @G7 leaders that "the respect” the families of people who’ve died from #COVID19 “deserve is knowing what the origin of this virus is, so we can prevent it from happening again." The safety of everyone & future generations depends on this.
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12 May
1/ The @MaEllenSirleaf @HelenClarkNZ @TheIndPanel #pandemic preparedness & response report makes essential recommendations that must be realized but is also dangerously incomplete. Supporting what's great in the report requires highlighting what is wrong.
2/ Calling #COVID19 “the 21st century’s Chernobyl moment” w/o referencing #China’s role in starting the pandemic is like not mentioning USSR dysfunction & bad reactor design in a #Chernobyl after-action analysis.
3/ The #LastPandemic report presents a sanitized history that significantly let's China off the hook & doesn't mention how #China’s massive & ongoing coverup massively amplified the crisis. #Trump’s catastrophic failure also added fuel to the fire.
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3 Apr
1/ Many people have asked about the politics of the #COVID19 origins debate after I was featured on @60Minutes. It’s tragic that politics is preventing the full investigation that’s required, but the story is a bit complicated. Follow this thread for more.…
2/ Can understand why Chinese gov’t promoting zoonotic jump & cold chain #COVID19 origin hypotheses & squash consideration of lab leak. There’s a big difference btw getting cancer from sun exposure than from #Chernobyl. It's harder to understand why some int’l experts play along.
3/ Most noticed I was calling on @60Minutes for a full investigation into all #COVID19 origin hypotheses but @PeterDaszak unwilling to seriously consider or look into possible lab leak. Ruling out valid hypotheses from the start violates the scientific method. @mattwridley
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30 Mar
1/ Having read the int’l cttee/Chinese gov’t #COVID19 origins report & watched the @WHO presser, it’s clear 1) the report is fatally flawed, 2) there’s currently no credible int’l investigation into pandemic origins, & 3) we desperately need one. Follow this thread for more.
2/ The core problem is clearly structural. The int’l team saw its task as finding a zoonotic source of animal transition in the wild, not seeking the actual source of the pandemic. There’s a big difference. They set out to prove one hypothesis, not fairly examine all of them.
3/ That’s why no one at @WHO fully recognized the massive CoI that 4 int’l committee members had prior working relationships with the #Wuhan Institute of Virology. Surprised the team took #ShiZhengli at her word rather than actually investigating?
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23 Mar
1/ A number of media organizations have reached out to me re my question to #SheZhengli earlier today abt whether the Chinese military was doing secret research at the #Wuhan Institute of Virology & her emphatic answer that it most certainly was not. Follow this thread for more.
2/ Dr. Shi said today that there was no Chinese military activity at the WIV. The US government finding released January 15 asserts that there was. Both of these claims cannot simultaneously be true. @ODNIgov @StateDept @Chinamission2un…
3/ If #ShiZhengli is correct, the credibility of the US @StateDept & @ODNIgov wld be undermined significantly. If the US gov't is correct, then all of Dr. Shi's claims regarding WIV research & the absence of SARS-CoV-2 or precursor viruses in WIV repositories wld be in doubt.
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