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Some interesting moments of #German Chancellor #AngelaMerkel's 12 visits to China during the past 16 years.

1. A Manchu-style welcoming ceremony to greet Angela Merkel in #Shenyang, Northeast #China. She was welcomed by a "Chinese emperor" and his "empress" & "concubines".
2. She looked at the Terracotta Army curiously in Xi'an, Northwest #China, in 2010.

3. Merkel learned to make Kung Pao Chicken, a traditional Chinese dish, in Sichuan, Southwest China, in 2014.
4. She took a night tour to the Pearl River in Guangzhou, Southern #China.

5. She took a picture with the 1st maglev train for business operation around the world in #Shanghai, China's economic center, in 2006.
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Leaked docs show #DARPA considered funding $14mn project to infect Chinese bats with altered coronaviruses in 2018 – reports

#ProjectDefuse DARPA - PREEMPT (HR001118S0017)

@YourAnonRiots @Anonymous_Link
#SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #Anonymous #pandemic…
DARPA - PREEMPT (HR001118S0017) #ProjectDefuse
there are other documents of genetic sequences and manipulations. 40 pages and other official information and documents detailing the #ProjectDefuse DARPA - PREEMPT (HR001118S0017) with links to archives that have been moved ...
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1/ 5. #China, #Aantal regionale #COVID #Lockdown dagen,
#Gemiddeld over héél China (1.400 miljoen).

Per stad / regio worden de lockdown dagen #Geteld.
#Maal 't aantal miljoen #Inwoners in die #Regio &
#Gedeeld door 't aantal miljoen inwoners van #China.
+ bronvermeldingen👇👇
2/5. #China: #Wuhan stad & #Hubei provincie.

1. Wuhan city, 23-01-2020 - 08-04-2020 = 75 dagen
- 75 x 11 miljoen / 1.400 milj. = 0,6 dagen

2. Rest of Hubei Prov. 23-01-2020 - 25-03-2020 = 61
- 61 x 46 mio / 1.400 mio = 2 dagen


draadje 👇👇
3/5. China Overige regio's.

3. Wenzhou, 02-02-2020 - 20-02-2020 = 19
- 19 x 9,2 mio / 1.400 mio = 0,1 dagen

4. Ürümqi, 18-07-2020 - 26-08-2020 = 39
- 39 x 3,5 mio / 1.400 mio = 0,1 dagen

5. Shijazhuang, 07-01-2020 - 31-01-2020 = 25
- 25 x 11 mio / 1.400 mio = 0,2 dagen
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2/ Liberty-loving Americans following the
#Fauci-#WuhanLab scandal knew this was true, but now we have proof. 
According to a bombshell report from The Intercept, Dr. Anthony Fauci's agency directly funded bat coronavirus research at the #WuhanLab….
3/ In testimony before #Congress, #Fauci adamantly denied funding the lab that gave us #COVID-19, but these documents show that he appears to have lied.

#NationalReview breaks down the shocking (or not so shocking) revelation:
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1/210: Markus Kerber's Apollo 13

In March 2020, the German Ministry of the Interior @BMI_Bund issued a #strategypaper that weaponized fear in order to accomplish compliance with #COVID policies. The authors' emails were litigated under #FOIA request. My analysis. #MEGATHREAD ⬇️ Image
2/210: The @BMI_Bund emails have been released to the public as they were successfully sued by lawyer Niko Härting in a FOIA proceeding. They can be requested directly from @BMI_Bund/ @rki_de via @fragdenstaat. Download it here: Image
3/210: The emails originated March 19-25, 2020. They are so explosive because they map the inner discourse of the @BMI_Bund's now infamous #COVID-19 taskforce, which produced several crucial domestic policy documents. @OttoKolbl
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“There’s only two things that matter, the 3 November movement, what happened on the third of November, and then what happened in the Wuhan lab.

You get to the bottom of those two, everything else takes care of itself.” #SteveBannon (full text follows)…
As promised:

"If you’ve been canceled by social media, dismissed by Fake News or written off by Paul Ryan, don’t worry — there is still a home for you.
Twice a day Monday through Friday, and again for two hours on Saturday, you are welcome to Steve Bannon’s “War Room” for entertainment, education and a crash course in taking back your country.


You certainly won’t be alone.…
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1/210: Markus Kerbers Apollo13
Im März 2020 stellte das @BMI_Bund eine COVID-19 Taskforce zusammen, die ein umstrittenes #Strategiepapier verfasste. Die #Emails der Autoren wurden per Informationsfreiheitsgesetz freigeklagt. Hier kommt meine Analyse der 59 Emails. #MEGATHREAD ⬇️ Image
2/210: Die @BMI_Bund-Mails sind geschwärzt für die Öffentlichkeit freigegeben, seit sie durch den Anwalt Niko Härting per IFG-Verfahren erstritten wurden. Über @fragdenstaat können sie direkt beim @BMI_Bund @rki_de angefragt werden. ImageImage
3/210: Die Emails enstanden vom 19.-25. März 2020. Sie sind deshalb so brisant, weil sie die inneren Diskurse der inzwischen berüchtigten COVID-19 Taskforce des @BMI_Bund abbilden, aus der diverse innenpolitische Dokumente hervorgegangen sind. @OttoKolbl
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Good morning! I'll be covering the trial, which begins today and is expected to wrap up by Wednesday.

Several Florida families (at least 4 from Tampa Bay) are suing @GovRonDeSantis and state agencies over the ban on mask mandates.

You can watch along with me at the link below.

I will also be live tweeting as much as possible throughout the day, with video whenever I can pull it off!

I will also have reports on @WFLA in this evening's news.

Here is a link to the trial documents so far — the initial complaint from plaintiffs/Florida families, the defendants' (DeSantis et. al.) motion to dismiss—denied last week, hence trial today—and the plaintiffs' memorandum of law in opposition to the MTD…
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#COVID19 #Delta #Thread 🇨🇳#Chine
Statistiques officielles, nouveaux cas à hier 2 août :
🔴Symptomatiques : 61 infections (Jiangsu 45, Hunan 6, Hubei 3, Henan 2, Yunnan 2, Beijing 1, Shanghai 1, Fujian 1) +
🟥 Asymptomatiques : 23 nouveaux (Henan 15, Hubei 6, Hunan 2)
🇨🇳Chine #Wuhan, la ville qui a connu le premier lockdown au monde, toute la population, 11 M, va subir des tests #COVID19. Même si c'est uniquement 6 cas les autorités recommandent de ne pas paniquer mais d'annuler tout voyage non essentiel en dehors de la province de Hubei
🇨🇳#Chine #Delta Dans la province de #Jiangsu des barrages routiers et des postes de contrôle auraient été mis en place sur les principales routes reliant la province.
Au delà, dans tout le pays les gens sont encouragés à ne pas voyager s'ils ne doivent pas le faire (Pic #BBC)
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A new @AnnenbergPenn poll on Americans and #COVID19 offers some tough news. First, about a third of Americans believe the Chinese government made #SARSCoV2 deliberately, as a bioweapon. And that toll has increased since April.…
MORE Image
2/ Couple that, according to @AnnenbergPenn , with belief by more than half of Americans that #COVID19 came out of the #Wuhan Inst. of Virology -- either deliberately, or accidentally, leaked. Only 13% are sure #SARSCoV2 did NOT come out of the WIV lab.
MORE Image
3/ And @AnnenbergPenn finds that 25% of Americans actually believe -- either absolutely surely or maybe -- that @BillGates has put microchips in #COVID19 #vaccines for some unstated purpose (beyond the zillion ways we are already monitored via our cell phones).
MORE Image
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Fahrettin Koca;

ALLAH Senin BELANI VERSIN..#Meymenetsiz

#ASI'larin GERCEK icerigi aciklandiginda
ortaya ciktiginda
bu millet seni Tükürükle bogmaz mi?

KATiL @drfahrettinkoca
ASI'larin icerigini ACIKLA!?

#GrafenOkside #5G #Starlink
#PCR test cubuklariyla
#mRNA #ASI'lariyla
ve dahasi
ugursuz #BAYKUS misali hergün
Korku-Umudsuzluk tohumlari ekerek,

Cocuk-ergen herkesin sagligini
ciddi anlamda #Risk'e atan
ALLAH bir kez daha belasini versin,diyoruz..
Bizim daha önceki paylasimlarda
#Maske'lerdeki #Parazit'ler dedigimiz sey,
megerse #Grafen #Partiküller'mis.

Canli olmasi,hareket etmesi
parazit sanilmasi bundan

Kanada saglik dairesi
bu sebeple
#Maske'lerin üretimini-satisini-kullanimini durdurma cagrisi yapmis
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Existentieel bewijs suggereert de mogelijkheid van een door Washington gelanceerde biowarfare-aanval door het coronavirus, meer dan de theorie van het laboratoriumlek, zei Ron Unz.

U.S. publisher rejects "#Random" lab--leak theory of COVID-19:…
American Pravda:
Virus Lab-lek van George Orwell
Een Orwelliaanse ommekeer over de oorsprong van Covid:…
Amerikaanse Pravda: 21 april 2020.
Amerika verwoest door "het China-virus"
Onze Coronavirus-catastrofe als biowarfare-terugslag?…
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111. #DRASTIC and the Crisis of Confidence on #CNN…
6 minute video clip
thanks @smerconish ImageImageImageImage
112. French Interview with @BricePerrier
defending the early research of #DRASTIC (5.30 onwards)…
"Quand on me demande au début si c'est Biden qui a fait changer le sens du vent, je réponds : ça serait plutôt Drastic!"
113. The Hindu
Thanks to @ramyakannan and @TheHinduScience

Online group digs deeper into coronavirus leak theory…
Thanks to
@ananthkrishnan ImageImageImageImage
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Whooo-boy, this preprint by Jesse Bloom is going to roil the waters of #SARSCoV2 origins debates.…
It's complicated, but I will try to walk thru some key points. Bloom -- who was part of a group of scientists that recently demanded better scrutiny of...MORE
2/...the origins of the Dec 2019 Wuhan #SARSCoV2 outbreak, found 13 early viral genomes on Google iCloud that had been deleted -- mysteriously -- from NIH’s Sequence Read Archive. The sequences were collected in Jan2020 by Aisu Fu and Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University.
3/ Bloom interrogates Googled genomes, comparing them to ones in the public record, & concludes they are more bat-like & show no connection to the Wuhan animal market. His Pre-print takes a dark turn. I quote: "Crucially, both putative progenitors are 3 mutations closer.." MORE
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1. Tracking Live Bats Story Impact #DRASTIC
1,431,746 views in 6 days:
Footage proves bats were kept in Wuhan lab

Followed up by Newsweek @Samantha__Lock…
and Fox news @TuckerCarlson…
2. Tracking Live Bats Story Impact #drastic

China accused of 'astounding cover up' as footage emerges of bats caged in Wuhan lab

745,046 views•Jun 14, 2021
3. Tracking Live Bats Story Impact #drastic

Wuhan bat video shows much of pandemic origin information was ‘Chinese disinformation’

317,167 views•Jun 15, 2021
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More reports about the Feb. defection of China's vice minister of State Security, Dong Jingwei (董经纬), the highest ranking defection of a People's Republic of China official ever. He ran counter intelligence ops (spy-catcher) & has #Wuhan lab leak info. 1/4
#Dong's defection is likely the biggest story of the year regarding #China and the #COVID19 virus - unless the the aftermath of his defection causes #China to use military force. Dong would be in position to know about the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 2/4
It may be that the timing of the defection was why we suddenly saw the engineered #COVID virus theory gain purchase among corporate media outlets. A Chinese defector confirming this would lead to calls for China to pay reparations for the deaths they caused. 3/4
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/17/2021…
Designing public institutions that foster cooperation…

#OrganizationDesign #PublicInstitutions #cooperation
Expiratory aerosol particle escape from surgical masks due to imperfect sealing…

#AerosolParticles #SurgicalMasks #sealing #consequences
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@DaBearsk35 @RichardGrenell =)



Recent Relationship with #BillGates?

Q: What did Angela know? And when did she know it?


Why did they LIE?
Why did they drive the Fear PsyOp?
Why did they cover-up Nursing Home DEATHS?
Why did they cover-up the LAB?
@DaBearsk35 @RichardGrenell During the Trip #AngelaMerkel celebrates the Opening of a New German Factory in Wuhan China
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Update on the below press conference, it appears that there is a solid division in the Senate on the matter of Fauci’s position, #Biden is clearly not going to ask him to step down.
#Fauci is likely to stay where he is despite the email leaks and the exposure of his role in funding gain to function research at #Wuhan.
This press conference has only been covered by Sky news #Australia, and #Yahoo who didn’t go into details of what was said & #Forbes news
They also didn’t discuss the #PCR false positives, or high number of covid jab deaths and ##vaccine injuries, but it is positive they talked about Dr Kory and Ivermectin as a successful early treatment
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#DELTA DIARY: It is clear we are now dealing with a virus that spreads far more easily - probably more than twice as easily - as the version that emerged in #Wuhan at the end of 2019 1/…
The #Ro was around 2.5 when the pandemic started in Wuhan and could be as high as 8.0 for the Delta variant 2/
DELTA is evolving: A new, more genetically diverse cluster, lineage AY.1 (which is termed as #Delta+) with a new spike substitution #N417K having immune escape property, has emerged independently in some countries @vinodscaria 3/
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“Last time the #G7 met there was no mention of China. But this time there is mention of China,” #Biden said He also said the “G-7 leaders agreed to call out human rights abuses, to coordinate a strategy to “deal with China & to take action against forced labor”.
#G7Summit (1)
#JoeBiden said there is “plenty of action on China” in the joint communique, I think you’re going to see straightforward dealing with China. “And again, we’re not looking, as I’ve told Xi Jinping myself, I’m not looking for conflict.
.@TV9Bharatvarsh #China #US #India #G7UK (2)
Biden also called on China to “act more responsibly in terms of international norms on human rights and transparency” and mentioned the need for access for international experts to help determine the origins of the coronavirus. #Covid #WuhanLab #China #COVID19 (3)
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#Wuhan #lableak
Le complotisme, c'est d'imaginer que tout relève d'un projet élaboré. Mais généralement, la réalité est encore plus tragique : c'est la stupidité au pouvoir et la crédulité face aux manoeuvres grossières pour couvrir les erreurs et l'incompétence. 1/n
Il fallait être stupide pour croire que des expériences en laboratoire visant à "améliorer" un virus avaient plus d'intérêt que de risques. Il fallait vraiment ignorer que les fuites de laboratoire était des évènements fréquents. Pourtant, les Chinois n'était pas les seuls.. 2/n
dans cette entreprise. Quand la théorie du "wet market" est arrivée, il fallait être extrêmement crédule pour continuer à la prendre au sérieux quand on a appris qu'aucune chauve-souris n'y étaient vendue. Si l'étude de l'origine la plus plausible, la fuite de laboratoire .. 3/n
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