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Tonight’s @seanhannity Thread.

@Surgeon_General explains why the CDC changed their position on face mask.
.@Surgeon_General says everyone should have the option to consult with their doctor about using #Hydroxychloroquine.
.@GOPLeader since now we need to be focusing on the health of the American people and that’s what @realDonaldTrump is doing as a leader. Unfortunately now @SpeakerPelosi what’s to appoint a new commission to oversee this. Of course he got interrupted and didn’t give their name.
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Soviet Comintern agent Mikhail Borodin making a speech in #Wuhan, China in 1927 when Wuhan became capital of China after combined KMT/CCP United Front Northern Expeditionary Force took the city from American and British backed Warlord Wu Peifu. Soviet backing key for KMT victory
Mihail Borodin, a Russian Jew from Riga was among 1st 100 Bolsheviks to follow Lenin from 1903. Joined Lenin in Switzerland in 1904. met Stalin in Finland in 1904. He spoke Yiddish, Russian, German, and Latvian. Borodin with Wang Jingwei (far right) and Zhang Tailei in 1925 China
Tsarist police arrested/deported Borodin to England in 1906. He went to US, studied in Valparaiso University, Indiana; taught English to immigrants at Hull House in Chicago. Americanized, made world of difference when he dealt w Americanized Chinese in KMT. Borodin in China👇
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Tem circulado em grupos uma mensagem segundo a qual o #coronavírus atingiu cidades da Europa e Américas muito distantes de #Wuhan, mas não afetou #Pequim ( #Beijing ) e #Xangai, capitais política e financeira da #China. 1/
A mensagem diz também que o #coronavírus é uma “arma biológica que a #China deixou para destruição no mundo”. A mensagem é cheia de falsidades, pura #teoriaconspiratória. 2/
É falso que #Beijing e #Xangai não tenham sido afetadas pela #covid19. Lá houve #isolamento (mais rigoroso do que o nosso) e só agora está voltando ao normal. A #DeutscheWelle, respeitada agência de notícias da Alemanha, explica isso aqui: 3/
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Part 9

Thread to Document “Coronavirus”

“Charles Lieber, 60, Arrested by federal agents...Could this be connected to new @DeptofDefense Microsoft contract, Gates Foundation funding & efforts to mandate vaccines, Coronavirus & Chinese Espionage?

“Virus-Sized Transistors”
“Coronavirus,China’s Secret Plan to Weaponize Viruses:

“In secret speech given to high-level Communist Party cadres nearly 2 decades ago, Chinese Defense Minister, Gen. Chi Haotian, explained a long-range plan for ensuring Chinese national renaissance”
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#Trump tells the truth sometimes. It’s called #RevelationOfTheMethod. Most people ridicule Trump, so this was very effective in killing the #Hoax storyline as one of Trump crazy lines. Very smart. #Corona is nothing but a heavy flu season with the same mortality: 0,1%
It’s so easy to fool the masses with elite controlled “science”, coming from one CONTROLLED source #JohnHopkinsuniversity . The #Corona #hoax is brought to by #JohnHopkins
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#coronavirus test kits were ALREADY contaminated with #COVID19.
Reported by multiple sites at the begining of March.

All the test kits came from the same the @CDCgov

The test kits were recalled and the media blamed @realDonaldTrump
Signed into law, was a bill that made it mandatory for virus test kits to be approved by the @US_FDA before doctors could use them.

Even if doctors had the training and equipment needed.

The @FDA_Drug_Info requires extensive trial periods and large test samples.
Again the #FakeNewsMedia and the usual suspects took delight in blaming @realDonaldTrump
for the delay of test kits.
When the truth is @POTUS
removed those restraints and sped up testing.
@ABC @CNNPolitics @MSNBC and the rest of the MSM has been doing nothing but fear mongering
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Follow this thread for coverage of our SFI Flash Workshop re: #COVID19, "After the First Wave," organized by @mikha_ehl, Cris Moore, & @svscarpino — with presentations by @meyerslab, @Caroline_OF_B, @rajivatbarnard, @glenweyl, & @sdelvall.

More info:…
Some background from Lauren Ancel Meyers @meyerslab about the #epidemiology modeling community's efforts to produce #pandemic projections for the @CDC — first about #influenza and then, suddenly and with the models incomplete, pivoting to #COVID19:
Aggregate data from travel in and out of #Wuhan in early 2020. To infer the pace of the #epidemic, @meyerslab and colleagues used info on timing & location from first cases in other areas, travel volume to/from Wuhan, and gave an early doubling rate for #COVID19:
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1/ La Cina ha insabbiato l'epidemia di #COVID19italia con l'aiuto dell'OMS, il cui Presidente è stato nominato con il voto di Xi. Personaggi discutibili come Aylward (vedi⏬) sono esaltati dal Regime per la loro servilità. E intanto da noi, sono al Governo...
Ps retwitt

2/ Chi è Bruce Aylward, tanto amato dalla macchina propagandistica del Regime cinese? E’ venuto alla ribalta con la bizzarra intervista alla TV di Hong Kong nella quale ha dovuto dare sfogo alla sua creatività, pur di non rispondere ad alcune domande scomode (per il Regime).
3/ Infatti, pur di non commentare il successo di #Taiwan nel contenimento del #COVID19 ha prima finto di non sentire le domande che gli venivano poste, poi ha interrotto bruscamente la telefonata e infine, incalzato dalla giornalista, ha parlato di Taiwan come parte della Cina.
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This was the third month of 2020.

It sure looks like we’re reaching a crescendo with the #coronavirusoutbreak, #travelban, the whole world in #quarantine and multiple countries in #lockdown.

Can we say March Madness was in full swing or what?

The Entire World Is Watching 🐸🍿
The month started with an escalation of the #Immigration crisis in #Greece and #GreeceUnderAttack.

#FakeNews still trying to control the narrative with the “refugee” story.

This video clearly shows we are not dealing with warm-hearted #refugees with the best intentions.
#Refugees don’t hold children over smoke to make them cry. #FakeNews uses these images to get to your feeling and trigger emotions and a reaction.

They are not economic #migrants. #Refugeecrisis is engineered, with endless wars, open borders and open society brainwashing BS.
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Back to basics public health measures IF only @POTUS would listen !
Rule 1: Listen to your scientists! Public Health experts should do daily briefings NOT @realDonaldTrump or @VP Politicians must step aside and let scientists lead the war against #COVID19 @DrDzul @ProfAdeeba
Rule 2: Enforce extreme NOT slow and/or incremental #SocialDistancing like Italy!

eg Clear Florida’s beaches.

China lockdown the #COVID19 epicenter #Wuhan and sent 40,000 HealthCare Providers #HCP to assist
Rule 3: Like Malaysia lockdown dangerous #HotSpots.

#MCO enforces #StayHome orders.

Provide and ensure food, medicines etc delivery to quarantined, old, poor, infirmed and their families

Go into #freeze mode or risk overwhelmed and overburdened hospitals like Italy, Spain
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1. Important analysis and conclusion by a Chinese expert: the #CCP could already have the #coronavirus strain as early as Sep 2019!
Main points:
1) Although a #CCP expert was using the fact that American scientists were able to develop a #Covid19 vaccine within 40 days to..
2... suggest that the #virus originated in the US, there is nothing strange for the US to develop mRNA-1273 vaccine in 40 days because for mRNA-1273 vaccine, it is normal.
2) However, the fact that Chen Wei, the Chinese military’s top epidemiologist and virologist, developed...
3...a recombinant vaccine brings about the real question. It needs 5 months to develop a recombinant vaccine. The production date of Chen Wei's vaccine was February 26, 2020. This means she already had the virus strain as early as last Sep...
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The #Chinese regime has muzzled citizens who have sought to reveal the true situation of the #CCPVirus outbreak that originated in #Wuhan.

Those suppressed include #Whistleblower doctors, citizen #Journalists, scholars, and business people. (Thread👇)…
Dr. Li Wenliang

“Seven ‘SARS-like’ cases from the Huanan seafood market have been confirmed,” he wrote on Dec. 30, 2019 on @WeChatApp.

#LiWenliang was among the first people to publicize information about the #CCPVirus outbreak in #Wuhan.
The police statement said he had violated the law.

“Don’t go against the authorities, don’t wear masks, don’t make careless remarks,” hospital colleague Zhao Chen recalled a department director as saying, after #LiWenliang was summoned by police.
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The #Coronavirus Could Reshape #Global #Order ~ @kurtmcampbell @RushDoshi

"As #Washington falters, #Beijing is moving quickly and adeptly to take advantage of the opening created by US mistakes, filling the vacuum to position itself as the global leader in pandemic response. 1/n
It is working to tout its own system, provide #material #assistance to other #countries, and even organize other #governments. The sheer chutzpah of #China’s move is hard to overstate. 2/n

#CCP_is_terrorist #CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
Yet #Beijing understands that if it is seen as leading, and #Washington is seen as unable or unwilling to do so, this #perception could fundamentally alter the United States’ position in #global politics and the contest for #leadership in the twenty-first century. 3/n
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#Wuhan residents estimate, based on calculations of cremations and urns now being returned to families, that between 42k-46k (!!) died in city + surrounding areas in the 2.5 months of lockdown. Far more than official figure of 2535 deaths. #COVID19…
Of course, maybe not all of these deaths are from #covid19. Could also be other illnesses that went untreated.

And we'll probably never know true numbers. 10+ yrs later, we still don't know how many school children died in #SichuanEarthquake:…
(as I reported in 2018 ^^)
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Absurd medical practice inside #China's "Square Cabin" Hospital for #COVID19 patients - I'm just going through an interview I did with a #COVID19 patient who was put into one of the "Square Cabin" hospitals in #Wuhan during the lockdown period, and I can't come to sense ...
... with the absurd things that the patient shared with me. Here are some of the crazy things that actually took place inside those "Square Cabin" hospitals.
1. The patient was put into one of the "Chinese Medicine" Square Cabin Hospital, and he said the #CCP basically forced all patients to undergo Chinese medicine treatment without any scientific theory to confirm that these treatments actually can work for #COVID19 patients.
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O imperdível @laurojardim conta em sua coluna que a @EmbaixadaChina se recusou a responder se o governo brasileiro já se desculpou com eles. Para recordar: o estridente @WanmingYang, como bem definiu O Globo, chiou depois que o deputado @BolsonaroSP comparou #Wuhan a Chernobyl.
Eis a íntegra da nota. Vale ressaltar que também não há registro de que @WanmingYang tenha se desculpado com o governo brasileiro, como pedio o @ItamaratyGovBr. Há sinais de que ele recuou. Ele apagou um retweet no qual ele endossava um agressão ao presidente e sua família.
O fato de ter apagado o tweet em questão, não significa que @WanmingYang se rendeu. Na sexta-feira, a ele soltou uma "carta aberta à sociedade brasileira" na qual diz: "A embaixada está disposta a trabalhar com amigos de todos os setores para resistir"
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The Corona Virus travelled entire world from #Wuhan but it did not reached Beijing and Shanghai.

Can anybody put light?

Looks So Logical. After all Chinese Stock Market didn't crash. American and European Markets did.
Is about to reason along...
How to dominate the world quickly?


1. Create a virus and the antidote.
2. Spread the virus.
3. A demonstration of efficiency, building
After all, you were already prepared, with the projects, ordering the equipment, hiring the labor, the water and
sewage network, the prefabricated building materials and stocked in an impressive volume.
4. Cause chaos in the world, starting with Europe.
5. Quickly plaster the economy of dozens of countries.
6. Stop production lines in factories in other countries.
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1. Can anyone in the @WhiteHouse press corps state with certainty the first day someone from @ODNIgov briefed @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump on the #Wuhan outbreak? I reported a coming #Pandemic Jan. 22. What did McGuire tell Trump and what was the exact day he told him? @maddow @MSNBC
2. The folks in #PressCorps should team up on Trump for this. Make his next presser, “What did you know and when did you know it?” Make from now to November nothing but that. Ask him when he spoke to Putin about it? Who else was in the room? MemCon? @PressSec @KellyannePolls
3. I’d also stop using regular reporters and use people who have a trial lawyer or law enforcement background. He’ll stop his rallies disguised as a presser. Trust me. @JonLemire @PhilipRucker @maggieNYT @hogangidley45 @kwelkernbc @GarrettHaake @PeterAlexander @Acosta
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#coronavirus - Estimates Show #Wuhan Death Toll Far Higher Than Official Figure

Based on cremation figures, Wuhan residents estimate more than 40,000 have died in the city, compared with an official toll of 2,535

👍A must read👍 . . Lots of info…
Since the start of the week, seven large funeral homes in Wuhan have been handing out the cremated remains of around 500 people to their families every day, suggesting that far more people died than ever made the official statistics.
"It can't be right ... because the incinerators have been working round the clock, so how can so few people have died?" an Wuhan resident surnamed Zhang told RFA on Friday.

"They started distributing ashes and starting interment ceremonies on Monday," he said.
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People are still dying of #CCPVirus in #Wuhan
Summary of the conversation (a man from Wuhan talking to his friend in a chat room.)
My cousin died last night. He had a neighbor who came back from #Fangcang several days ago. He went to have a chat with that neighbor...
2...Around two days ago, he felt a little bit uncomfortable. He thought he had a cold, coughing a little. Yesterday he had a fever. Then he died last night.
He called his sister around 11:00 pm, saying he was not unwell. One hour later, his sister called back. It was a doctor...
3...who answered the phone. The doctor said that her brother had already died. The doctor also asked her to go there so that she could see him for the last time. She didn't dare to go. The doctor said, if you don't come now, we'll get him cremated tomorrow...
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#CCPVirus: How the #CCPCoverup led to a #GlobalPandemic. (ThreadDown pointing backhand index)

Daily life in the United States has been upended, as governments seek to stop the spread of the #Coronavirus.

Read it here:…
The Epoch Times has been covering the #CCPVirus and the #CCPCoverup since the very beginning.
In this magazine, we have compiled a timeline of events regarding the #CCP's actions since the #CoronavirusOutbreak began in #Wuhan, #China.
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🔸️Thread C
1.5 Million Confirmed #COVID19
cases in #China
"Guo Wengui"
A powerfully connected Chinese businessman is putting his life in danger to to warn us.

#Coronavirus truth in China is being hidden from the world

This is a 15 page thread on the origins of #COVID19

Included are scientific reports from the #Wuhan Virology Lab confirming a man made #coronavirus using the #SARSCoV2 virus strain.…
•21 Million cellphones have been dissconnected in China.
•In #CommunistChina it is not possible to survive without a cellphone.
•China has made it mandatory to have an app that stores all personal I.d, bank numbers, health records etc..
•A digital #COVID19 certificate
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The Corona Virus travelled entire world from #Wuhan but it did not reached Beijing and Shanghai.

Can anybody put light?

Looks So Logical. After all Chinese Stock Market didn't crash. American and European Markets did. 1/n
How to dominate the world quickly?


1. Create a virus and the antidote.

2. Spread the virus.

3. A demonstration of efficiency, building hospitals in a few days. 2/n
After all, you were already prepared, with the projects, ordering the equipment, hiring the labor, the water and sewage network, the prefabricated building materials and stocked in an impressive volume.

4. Cause chaos in the world, starting with Europe.

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Why is calling the Covid-19 virus ChineseVirus dangerous?
When President Trump called the novel #coronavirus Chinese virus,

it was intended to retort the narrative of Chinese government of alluding that the virus might be brought into China by the US military personnel.
President Trump’s retort has its legitimacy as most of the first cases in countries with serious outbreak were travelers from #Wuhan, Hubei China.


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