The issue here is that white Americans in the center/ left cannot win elections w/out a coalition with the primary victims of systematic racism. They resent this dependency so they resort to attacking the victims (Black folks) or allying with the perpetrators of the violence
Democrats can't win without 90% black voters and high turnout. Centrist democrats respond by blaming #Wokeness which is code for "The Black's have too much power" thus thier fantasy of holding on to an increasingly small and disinterested share of "working class whites"
The Very Online Far Left has been even more blatant. They openly court Insurrectionists & Bigots under the guise that class unity can build a workers coalition and resent when black people point out that these groups do not WANT a coalition that includes full black participation
But since many of these people talk about Free Healthcare and stopping American imperialism white centrists in the Democratic Party and the press continue to mischaracterize them as "Liberals or progressives". Black folks have pointed this out for years

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19 Oct
This mindset fascinates me. When black people critique Hollywood for failing at representation for decades mostly white studios said we should stop begging to get into movies and "make our own". Now that is the go-to response for black people caping for problematic television
Pointing out the consistent erasure of MOC and the one sided diversity of straight and queer couples in high profile #Netflix shows amounts to "begging" for inclusion 🤔 Would he make that same argument about Afro-Latin erasure in #TheHeights ? That criticism was "begging" ?
@YouNetflix is part of a long standing theme in Hollywood where "diversity" means centering straight white men and adding a bevy of poorly developed sexually available WOC around them. It's a problem, it's not new but change only occurs when you point it out. But there's more...
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12 Oct
A quick thread about #Superman coming out as bisexual. As a general rule it annoys me that people who know nothing about comics drive discourse about a format they haven't read in 20 years but people are shocked or supportive - I'm cautiously optimistic
Jon Kent is Clark Kent's son from various merged realities & the potential future superman. This matters because while introducing new characters with queer identities is good its not as bold as having established characters come out *Ahem* Wonder Woman
The X-Man Ice-Man coming out after 50 years was a MUCH bigger deal and it forced bigots to reconsider just how "stable" sexuality is since Bobby dated alot in the 80s and 90s X-Books
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27 Sep
There are 3 perennial #NFL playoff teams at 1-2 right now


Who's got the BEST chance of still making the playoffs?
CC: @HolleyandSmith
I want to say #ChiefsKingdom because of history but they aren't just 1-2, they have 2 conference losses AND a division loss. Plus #Raiders are undefeated.
#Steelers have 2 conference losses AND a division loss to a team that's supposed to be a pushover #Bengals . That's not good either. Can't see them getting into even second place with the Browns and Ravens on top
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25 Sep
You almost got away with the neutral presenting bad faith "just asking questions" shroud popularized by the horseshoe left, but this tweet tips your hand. The 2020 election was not STOLEN on any level, and certainly not through the supposed suppression of the Hunter Biden story
This is how you can spot the bad faith shtick of the phony online left. Thier obsession w/ elite media & politics power games while ignoring or dismissing actual ongoing oppression and corruption of basic systems of government. Mostly white & white adjacent champagne socialists
Trump suppressed the vote through the USPS, intimidated secretaries of state, GOP legislators limited voting access for black people, a report drops this week of the MYRIAD ways Trump tried to undermine the popular vote - And you say hiding Hunter Biden STOLE the election?
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2 Sep
There is a push by some to place blame about SCOTUS on Bernie or Bust folks, and as satisfying as that may be in the short term it, just doesn't hold up to scrutiny. That position also absolves the Dems of DECADES of inaction against GOP anti-Democratic tendencies #thread
First, more 16' Bernie primary voters eventually came around to voting for Hillary than Hillary primary voters came around to voting for Obama in 08'. The myth that he cost her the election needs to be put to sleep like swing voters and other DC beltway fantasies
Moreover, even in the #WhatIfMarvel version of America where Clinton wins in 16', there is NO reason to believe McConnell would have held a vote on any of her SCOTUS nominees. In fact, he pretty much said he'd never seat another judge from a Dem as long as he ran the Senate
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18 Aug
Imagine finding out days before you THINK your son will graduate, that they've only passed 3 classes in 4 years of high-school with a .013 GPA. Yet the school kept advancing them to the next grade year after year…
In my school district we had what was called "social passing" where if you failed a grade more than once you automatically graduated to the next grade. Which is why there was a 16 year old bully in the 9th grade junior high-school. But there's no excuse for 4 years of failure
Of course if your school gets paid by the student then you have incentives to either maintain "Ghost students" or keep kids in attendance that should otherwise be gone. This is a pretty crazy story - Same high-school
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