A quick thread about #Superman coming out as bisexual. As a general rule it annoys me that people who know nothing about comics drive discourse about a format they haven't read in 20 years but people are shocked or supportive - I'm cautiously optimistic
Jon Kent is Clark Kent's son from various merged realities & the potential future superman. This matters because while introducing new characters with queer identities is good its not as bold as having established characters come out *Ahem* Wonder Woman
The X-Man Ice-Man coming out after 50 years was a MUCH bigger deal and it forced bigots to reconsider just how "stable" sexuality is since Bobby dated alot in the 80s and 90s X-Books
But anyone who's shocked or angered by this, besides being a bigot, really hasn't been paying attention to comics in 20 years. Apollo & Midnighter are a gay couple and were intended as a clear homage to Batman and Superman. They've been out and proud since 1998!
The Tim Drake version of Robin came out as Bi-Sexual a few months ago. Again, points for progress but he's basically the "Lost" Robin so this move seemed safe rather than bold like Ice-Man or potentially Wonder Woman. Drake's been sidelined by the other Robins for years
Aqualad, Jackson Hyde is LGBTQ - And was the first openly queer comic character in a DC cartoon
And the "potential" future Justice League features a majority queer team. Green Lantern (Sojourner Mullien) and Superman (Jon Kent) are bisexual, Flash (Jess Quick) is non-binary, and Aqua-girl is queer. So again, anyone complaining isnt reading comics #NationalComingOutDay
I generally applaud any attempt to make comics or art look like the world we live in or the readership. But just like a Black Superman or Woman Dr. Who gender or sexuality bending doesn't automatically make a comic representative. That requires knowledgeable writers and editors

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There are 3 perennial #NFL playoff teams at 1-2 right now


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You almost got away with the neutral presenting bad faith "just asking questions" shroud popularized by the horseshoe left, but this tweet tips your hand. The 2020 election was not STOLEN on any level, and certainly not through the supposed suppression of the Hunter Biden story
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Weeks like this are a reminder of the structural weakness that America has because we have substandard public education on current events which puts news media in the unfortunate position of having to inform then contextualize stories that really require more than 3 minutes
911 could have been a fundamental turning point in American education. For all the screaming about STEM education, 911 should've galvanized local school boards to increase focus on world history, geography and history. Instead we doubled down on Mid-East bad, America good
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