1/ (rt'ing for thread response)

My take is this: I would not say I endorse the whole disinfo op claim outlined in the article. I still need to see more supporting that, and have long said I do not buy it on that level. But there is much more to this story we don't know.
2/ What I will say in response to the claims here, is that there are NUMEROUS unanswered questions throughout the last few years connected to this entire saga.

We were told many things by TTSA and those connected to it, a lot of which is now proven untrue.
3/ For example, the "chain of custody" claims about the videos they released. The false use of a stock image representing metamaterials, which was of a rock. A CGI photo in a PowerPoint presentation told to the audience as a "real" photo. Etc. Etc.
4/ I will say mistakes do happen. But when they start adding up, it's questionable. The lack of transparency from a corporation advocating for transparency SHOULD be a red flag for everyone.

Why can I get the USG to admit to more through #FOIA than TTSA has about their own work?
5/ The same voices who attacked me years ago for bringing these questions up, are largely the same that attack me now. The only difference is they continue to move the goal post to make way for their already preconceived beliefs.

Their mind was made up long ago.
6/ I hope one day we get the answers on why from the original NY Times article was published - we were fed a story that was only partially true.

If it's about a bigger plan and "op" being run? I look forward to that coming to light. But there is too much not to question intent.
7/ I also hope one day to understand why SOME people who say they want the truth, aren't asking really important questions on why they were misled, and why they don't care they were.

Instead, they throw sand and continue to move the goal post to compensate.

• • •

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25 Nov
1/ I know this tweet upset some, but let me add more to properly explain what I meant.

Legislative mandates, initiatives, bills, etc. are trumped by national security. I am EXCITED to see how this all plays out when it comes to UAP "transparency," but we need to be realistic.
2/ I posted yesterday how the 1960s played out very similar to today and we ended up with the Condon report. Will this be the same? I'm no fortune teller, nor is anyone, so who really knows? I just choose to be cautiously optimistic.

But, let me use a modern, non-UFO, example.
3/ President Trump, who sat in the highest office of the land, had the desire to release all JFK assassination files. He had a history of rocking the boat in D.C., and this appeared to be part of that intent.

However, national security won in the end, and secrecy prevailed.
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23 Nov
😂 Look who apparently saw my recent #FOIA release, tracked me down on eBay and sent an unsolicited offer (I never contacted them).

How nice he took a cool 50 grand off so I can own it. Any takers out there? Halfsies? Image
The one image got cut off, but this is the auction as a reminder. Image
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30 Sep
1/ Thank you to all those advocating for a respectful conversation on this between Richard & myself. There are some important issues long ignored and it's time to discuss. @RichDolan has had an open invite to be on my show w/ FULL permission to prove me wrong to my own audience.
2/ What I feel needs to be said, is I will 100% keep it respectful, as I did with Anthony Bragalia (despite that train wreck) and with @TheProjectUnity. It would not be a "pissing match" as Richard has said numerous times now. That is rubbing off on SOME of his followers...
3/ and this is completely an unfair summation. Never have I been rude to a guest on my show, and to pretend otherwise is a fantasy.

UFOlogy has come so far, and yet, gets set back so far because of silliness such as this.

My video exposed a major flaw in this entire narrative.
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28 Sep
1/ I see my colleague (and IMO friend) @RichDolan is sending out the Wilson/Davis 5 HOUR "deep dive" video he did last year. So I generated a transcript to help me find what I knew was there: a FULL reliance on the fake NRO document that many are now back tracking on.
2/ During his interview with the one now known as "Mr. X" as labeled by @TheProjectUnity - @RichDolan, with Mr. X, CLEARLY outlines the story.

I will let the transcript do the talking, but in short, it's clear as day that the NRO document IS indeed crucial to this story.
3/ Many back tracking on this say the NRO document is not mentioned in the Wilson/Davis notes, so who cares?

Although I've addressed this, Richard and Mr X also address the same in their 2020 video. It isn't referenced as "NRO Document" - but it's there alright. See here:
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7 Sep
1) For clarity on why I used "UFO Debris" in the title; it's because it is a descriptor that fits. As usual, some noisy attackers feel the need to dig in to every syllable I use in order to somehow derail a story. So, without arguing all day about it, here's a thread to justify.
2) It is not in dispute that @TTSAcademy has collected numerous 'pieces' from #UAPs / #UFOs. These were part of their ADAM project, and extended into the CRADA with the Army.

According to Luis Elizondo, here is a slide of some (all?) of those objects:
3) As you can see, these are fragments, pieces, and yes, debris. The word "debris" uses the word "pieces" within its definition. Either broken off of something, or left after the destruction of something; "debris" is described as lying where they fell.
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7 Sep
One of the viewers to the below video reminded me that Mitchell *HAS* said if he had heard from Wilson directly he was "denied access."

He NEVER did.

In 2008 Billy Cox got a quote from Mitchell it was all second hand information, as he never talked to Wilson after the meeting.
I think likely then, it really was Greer that told Mitchell, just as I mentioned in this video (maybe he admitted it?). Or Miller, who worked for Greer?

Either way, the more you dig, the more doubt there is. THANK YOU to viewer "NotAWine Mom" for pointing out Mitchell's quote.
Why is this important?

I feel the NRO document is a provable forgery. Greer touts that as convincing Wilson to seek out a alien-tech related SAP. Mitchell admitted years later, Greer upset Mitchell for FABRICATING and name dropping Mitchell as a witness when he wasn't.
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