BREAKING: Finally HARD DATA: this in-depth MRP analysis by @BestForBritain of 12,816 people conclusively demonstrates the immense benefit of a #ProgressiveAlliance
Wiyh cooperation between @UKLabour,@Libdems & @TheGreenParty agreeing to field ONE unity candidate in each of only 154 English battleground seats, the Conservatives would end up with just 254 English MPs, seven fewer than Labour, which would have 261 English MP.
The Liberal Democrats would win 16 English seats and the Green party one.If the opposition parties were to field single unity candidates, the MRP-polling exercise found, the Tories would be left 40 seats short of a majority even if they succeeded in holding on to their 20
Scottish and Welsh seats and gained the backing of the DUP, which currently has eight seats in the HoC. Naomi Smith @pimlicat
said parties on the left should abandon their reluctance to work together:“In 2017 and 2019, parties on the right chose not to fight each other in key marginals& will likely to do so again.This shows that opposition parties must do the same as there is no other route to power"
as demonstrated by this analysis of the Labour party itself!
Last week @EdDavey sounded a more positive note about cooperation. He said that his party would target only one of two forthcoming byelections in Conservative-held seats. But he continued to reject a formal Alliance. This very large MRP poll of 12,816 voters shows @UKLabour &
@LibDems & @TheGreenParty must go the extra mile & agree to stand single candidates in less than a quarter of constituencies. They must cease to operate on outdated vision of the electorate & treat the voters as adults. Polls show large support from voters for cooperation.
Please RT.There is no excuse for party leaders @Keir_Starmer @EdwardJDavey @carla_denyer
not to seat down & talk. Let them know YOU know that they are failing us & that YOU will make them pay the price of this failure, resign your party membership & vote.
I will write to my Labour MP today. Do the same if you have an opposition MP of whatever party - except the great @CarolineLucas who supports an Alliance if PR is the prize.
Instead support @BestForBritain which intends to repeat such analysis on a regular basis & need our £ support to maintain the pressure on parties to do the right thing. #ProgressiveAlliance #GTTO #electoralreform
Together we - and the opposition- can win. Divided they -and we- will loose.
@LaylaMoran & @labourlewis are two other MPs who support cooperation & electoral reform. They deserve our support.

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27 Nov
A Brexiter wingeing about "Brexit betrayal". A staggeringly dishonest article which epitomises the fundamental dishonesty of Brexit.
This doesn't for one second analyses the fundamental incoherence of Brexit: how can a country get more "free trade" by leaving the biggest free trade zone in the world? Nor does it acknowledges the limitations of FTAs which mostly deal with tariffs & quotas, when liberalisation
of modern trade is about harmonisation of standards which means for a mid size country like the UK adopting the trade standards of big trading blocks without any say whereas in the EU we contributed to setting them. @FraserNelson is either delusional or a hypocrite. The "vision"
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27 Nov
"Macron has repeatedly stated the French view that France is merely a transit country for the very small percentage – roughly 3% – of migrants who enter the EU with the UK as their preferred final destination"
Then 🇫🇷 makes an excellent & I would say, generous, suggestion: It has proposed setting up joint processing centres on French soil, where applications for asylum in Britain could be examined by British immigration officers. This would obviously reduce the dangerous crossings by
opening up a legal route. It would also leave 🇫🇷 to deal with the rejected applications. But of course Johnson prefers theatre & absurd suggestions.
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15 Nov
This Labour report is both interesting & utterly damming. 🧵1/7
It correctly identifies the problems
-to win a majority of 1 seat (i.e. not sufficient to govern effectively) Labour needs to gain 123 seats, a swing of over 13% in England & Wales
This represents an increase in its number of MPs by 60%, SOMETHING NO MAJOR PARTY HAS EVER DONE
- 63% of those seats are in the North, Midland & Wales, mostly held by Conservatives. There is NO ROUTE BACK TO POWER EVEN AS A MINORITY GOVERNEMENT WITHOUT WINNING THOSE SEATS.
Winning them back is essential but not sufficient for a majority
-24% of the 123 seats are in the South
-13% of those seats are in Scotland (16 seats of which 15 are SNP), 14 are in Wales (2 held by PC). IF LABOUR DOESN'T WIN SEATS IN SCOTLAND & WALES, IT CANNOT WIN A MAJORITY
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14 Nov
Some interesting replies to this tweet. Quite clearly many respondents resent the strong arm tactics of a party who places on the voters supporting other parties 100% of the responsibility of getting the Tories out while not offering anything in exchange.
If Labour is really intending to win enough votes to govern- likely as a minority government- it will have to get out of its rigid frame of mind. Other parties' appeals to collaboration (both from @TheGreenParty & @LibDems ) have been spurned. Labour grandly announces "we are not
in the business of alliances" in Shropshire. Denis Healey previously described them- grotesquely- as "surrender". This is Labour’s version of the sovereignty obsession. This form of blackmail isn't going down well. The PR debacle at the Conference doesn't exactly inspire
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13 Nov
😡😡 What I find very annoying is that an alliance involving only 1 candidate in some constituencies is regularly dismissed as "unworkable, undemocratic and/or would fail" but where is the recent hard data about this as it has not been attempted? 🧵
2/ I completely accept this works both ways i.e. the supporters of a pact/alliance do not have firm evidence that it would work.
The Constitution Society/@ElectCalculus had a go in a poll involving 14,000 respondents, a very big number.The aim was to check the reaction of voters
3/faced with only 1 Opposition candidate as a result of a Lab/LD/Greens pact. We obviously need more evidence & this poll has some aspects which are contentious- number of seats attributed to the Greens & lack of a question on how the voters would vote if there was no pact-
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8 Nov
QUESTION TO LABOUR: when we are engaged in a full trade war with the EU, the WA has been partly suspended,the Brexit deal has been terminated by the EU (as we hear will happen) where does this leave the Brexit strategy of @Keir_Starmer ? 🧵1/9
Sitting on the fence is virtually impossible.This killed Labour at the last GE. Improving a trade agreement which is terminated is a non-proposition. So what will be the strategy? Labour will be 100% trapped in another Brexit election in a hellish loop.
Support the government stance & lose your pro-EU voters to @LibDems & @TheGreenParty. Support reinstating the NIP & the TCA: what effect in those Red Wall seats Labour needs which will be fired up on fake patriotism?
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