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Enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon with @FairVoteCanada, listening to @Arne_JJ from Germany, speaking about how #ProportionalRepresentation has worked, how it makes a difference in their politics and policies. Really interesting stuff! #polisci #ElectoralReform
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It's so refreshing hearing about how parties work together, through honest and transparent agreements, collaboration and power sharing. Coming from North America/#cdnpoli, this level of maturity is such a foreign concept. Kudos to Germany!
@FairVoteCanada #ElectoralReform
.@Arne_JJ : Germany's #ProportionalRepresentation system has encouraged a diversity of voices, fair dist of seats, civil discourse, and a wide spectrum of views contributing to policy discussions.
(Again, so foreign a concept for #cdnpoli.)
@FairVoteCanada #ElectoralReform
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1. Morning tweeps! As promised, I'm going to share some thoughts about yesterday's ConCourt decision on #electoralreform. Sorry it took me so long. I decided to read all 3 judgements (two concurring & one dissenting) and the Electoral Task Team report (Slabbert report) of 2003.
2. First thing is that the New Nation Movement & others were contesting the constitutionality of the Electoral Act (73 of 1998) which limits participation in elections to political parties. ConCourt agreed that the Act is unconstitutional and gave parliament 2 years to fix it.
3. What that means is that this case is about the *electoral system* and not the system of governance. What's the difference? An electoral system is the rules that determine how elections are done and how results are calculated.
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We'll now be hearing from Penny Ehrhardt of @VicUniWgtn, who will be speaking to the @FairVoteCanada annual conference about how #ProportionalRepresentation changed New Zealand, and enabled a strong, cooperative response to #COVID19. #ElectoralReform #cdnpoli #fvc2020 (A thread.)
Ehrhardt: New Zealand is unicameral, and for ethnicity has 64% European background, 16% Maori, around 15% Asian, around 9% Pacific. Has had #MixedMemberProportional since the early 1990s. @FairVoteCanada #ElectoralReform #cdnpoli #fvc2020
(New Zealand has, what I feel, is the IDEAL electoral system for Canada. Closed-list #MixedMemberProportional. Has strong representation for Maori as well. Great track record of their voting system.) @FairVoteCanada #ElectoralReform #cdnpoli #fvc2020
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This is a fantastic simulation of #proportionalrepresentation.
The key question is: "Now that Canadians have elected a minority govt, will the Liberals be influenced by the NDP and the Greens, who both have called for #electoralreform?"

You can help! Please SIGN AND SHARE out petition calling for cooperation and a National Citizens' Assembly on #ElectoralReform!!…
1/ The headline inside the article is misleading, suggesting the Conservatives could have "won" the election, since every simulation here has their seat count changing hardly at all.
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The EU report (88 pages) on Nigeria’s general elections was released June 15 2019 Conclusion: systemic failings, severe operational & transparency shortcomings, electoral security problems show the need for fundamental #ElectoralReform
#ElectoralReform 30 recommendations w/7 priority areas

Priority areas
1. INEC must improve logistics, operations, planning & tracking
2. Result sheets & SCR were not packed in tamper-evident envelopes as required - Amend EA /INEC procedures for transparent collation process
Priority areas #3:

Collation is marred by inconsistent numbers & lack of transparency - Amend EA for full results transparency I.e., results sheets scanned & published by the time final results are announced
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Some people think #ProportionalRepresentation will result in government backroom deals - the kind we didn't vote for.

But that's no byproduct of #ProRep. I know that because we have that *now* with our #WinnerTakeAll voting system, although its mostly invisible.
I can provide a case study on the backroom deal I am *very* familiar with: the 2015 Liberal Electoral Reform promise.

I made a film to help Liberal friends get Resolution 31 (they wrote) adopted at the LPC policy Convention prior to the 2015 election.
As @BardishKW said, "In 2014 the Liberal Party voted overwhelmingly to endorse what has become our Electoral Plank."

LPC members voted *overwhelmingly* for the process.

Candidate @RajSainiMP explained how it would be done.
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@mcourcel @GautamNath @Michael_TO2018 @MayorTorontoTom @jpformayor @jimruelformayor Thanks for asking @mcourcel!

Accessibility is a right- not an option!

My entire #CommunityWellness #inclusion Mayoral platform centres #accessibility as a priority.

accessible housing
@mcourcel @GautamNath @Michael_TO2018 @MayorTorontoTom @jpformayor @jimruelformayor My #CommunityWellness #inclusion Mayoral platform continued @mcourcel, accessibility is an election issue!


I am an advocate for accessibility & disability rights.
Our City has been inaccessible for too long.
#Accessibility enforcement.
@mcourcel @GautamNath @Michael_TO2018 @MayorTorontoTom @jpformayor @jimruelformayor I chose YouTube & Twitter to share my Community wellness inclusion Mayoral platform because it guaranteed me audio for Community members who are Blind or have low vision and closed captioning for Community members who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Together we succeed @mcourcel!
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