People talk of the #thirdbattleofpanipat but not the terrific revenge that #Marathas took under leadership of #VisajiKrushnaBiniwale between 1770-72.

October 1770, he thoroughly defeated Najib Khan Rohilla. He was the main opponent of the third Battle of Panipat (1761).
In the February of 1772, he along with Mahadji Shinde defeated Zabita Khan, thereby overpowering the Rohilkhand at Shukratal.

This can be considered as absolute revenge of the #thirdbattleofpanipat as he broke the tomb of Najib Khan.
Following which Visaji Krushna, took away the artillery and wealth of the Rohillas. Not only this he even recovered an additional tribute of Rs.40 lakhs from them.

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15 Jan
This is an interesting case what Dr Ambedkar writes relating the Indian Muslims of 1920s with #thirdbattleofpanipat & their call for #fourthBattleOfPanipat


'In 1926 there arose a controversy as to who really won the third battle of Panipat, fought in 1761.
It was contended for the Muslims that it was a great victory for them because #AhmadShahAbdali had 1 lakh of soldiers while the Marathas had 4-6 lakhs. The Hindus replied that it was a victory to them—a victory to [the] vanquished—because it stemmed the tide of Muslim invasions.
The Muslims were not prepared to admit defeat at the hands of Hindus, and claimed that they will always prove superior to the Hindus. To prove the eternal superiority of Muslims over Hindus, it was proposed by one Maulana Akbar Shah Khan
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13 Jan
1/n Let’s see in thread how people across ages have seen economic condition of India.

Let’s begin with François Bernier’s records in his work “Travels in the Mogul Empire.”

“There was no middle state. A man must be of the highest rank or live miserably.”
2/n Then he writes:

“Most towns in Hindustan are made up of earth, mud, and other wretched material; that there is no city or town (that) does not bear evident marks of approaching decay.”
3/n He goes on to add info of situation in Timurid (Moghul Empire):

“In eastern countries, the weak and the injured are without any refuge whatever; and the only law that decides all controversies is the cane and the caprice of a governor.”
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9 Jan
“In India I found a race of mortals living upon the Earth, but not adhering to it. Inhabiting cities, but not being fixed to them, possessing everything but possessed by nothing.”

—Apollonius of Tyana
Will Durant says:

“India was the motherland of our race, & Sanskrit the mother of Europe's languages: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity;
mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all.”

He writes so in “The Case for India” published in 1931
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8 Jan
1/n #Heliodorus pillar, erected at Besnagar around 2.134 kybp (113 BCE).

It was raised by Heliodorus, an ambassador of the Indo-#Greek king Antialcidas from #Taxila.

He called it the Garuda Pillar, in honor of Vāsudeva #Vishnu (#Krishna )
2/n The interpretation of #Heliodorus stambha is:

"it symbolizes joining earth, space and swarg, thereby bringing connotation the "cosmic axis" by expressing the cosmic totality of the Vāsudeva, Supreme Deity. "

Source: Approaches to Iconology, Vol 4-6, Hans Gerhard Kippenberg
3/n The inscriptions of #Heliodorus stambha is very interesting written in Brahmi script (Sunga period), language being Central-western epigraphic Prakrit, with Sanskritized spellings (Richard Solomon).

It praises Vāsudeva, the God of Gods & has verse from Mahabharata.
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3 Jan
1/n Words of hero of liberals, Voltaire on #Muhammad:

“ If the archangel Gabriel had brought the leaves of the Koran to Mahomet from some planet, all Arabia would have seen Gabriel come down: nobody saw him; therefore Mahomet was a brazen impostor who deceived imbeciles.”
2/n source: Reason by Voltaire

Then he wrote a play titled “Mahomet”. He presented this to Pope Benedict XIV & wrote as below:

“(...) this performance ("Fanaticism, or Mahomet"), written in opposition to the founder of a false and barbarous sect.”
3/n Voltaire further writes:

“To whom could I with more propriety inscribe a satire on the cruelty and errors of a false prophet, than to the vicar and representative of a God of truth and mercy? (...)”

Source: Voltaire:François-Marie Arouet, Letter to Benedict XIV, 17/8/1745
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2 Jan
1/n Read and spread this thread on #NewYear2022

Say, I ask you what year we just marched in yesterday?

You would say, "2022."
Then I ask what measure does this number represent?
You would say, "AD or CE".

So what do they mean?
2/n According to the @CambridgeWords

AD (Anno Domini)=a Latin phrase meaning "in the year of the Lord", the full form of the abbreviation AD, which is used when referring to a year after Jesus Christ was born
3/n CE (Common Era)=the period from the birth of Jesus Christ, when the Christian calendar starts counting years as AD

SO basically it is the "year of Jesus or year of Christianity".
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