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#NowPlaying "Suluk Linglung" by Fajar Kenanga on @TIDAL
Mutiara nasihat Nabi Khidir AS kpd Sunan Kalijaga dlm Suluk Linglung ini diantaranya adalh sbg berikut

1. Kalau seseorang akan melakukan ibadah haji, maka harus diketahui tujuan yg sbnrnya. Kalau tida, apa yg dilakukan itu sia2 belaka, itulh yg dinamakan iman Hidayat
2. Orang Islam adalah pewaris atau penerus ajaran Nabi Muhammad Shallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.
Oleh karena itu harus melestarikan dan memperjuangkan ajaran tersebut.

3. Tanda2 adanya Allah itu ada pada diri manusia sendiri, hal ini harus direnungkan dan diingat betul.
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Prophet Muhammad SAW was not only humble but he was a man of principle and orderliness.
Prophet Muhammad SAW sat in the midst of companions never desired to be placed above them. When walking with two people, they will flank him neither allowing them to be behind him. He was a strategists and a leader.
Prophet Muhammad SAW was excellently generous. He was always giving. Never wanted to see any of his comrades in a distress condition. They loved him (peace be upon him) dearly because he did not exalt himself above them even though he is above all of us.
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Islamophobes are targeting Prophet #Muhammad for marrying Mother #Aisha. I am unconcerned with them, but to common people it must be cleared that marrying girls of young age was common till 19th century. Here is list of kings, princes in Europe who married young girls.
9th century
Judith of Flanders (12) was married to Æthelwulf, King of Wessex (61), in 856
12th century
Agnes of France was betrothed first married at 8. She was remarried at 12 Andronicus Comnenus (65) in 1183
Matilda of England (11), was married to Henry the Lion (39) in 1168
13th century
Beatrice of Castile (11), married Afonso III of Portugal (43) in 1253.
Violant of Aragon (12) married Alfonso X of Castile (27) in 1249
Beatrice (11) married to Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor (37) in 1209
Marie of Ponthieu (9) married Simon of Dammartin (27/28) in 1208
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1/n Words of hero of liberals, Voltaire on #Muhammad:

“ If the archangel Gabriel had brought the leaves of the Koran to Mahomet from some planet, all Arabia would have seen Gabriel come down: nobody saw him; therefore Mahomet was a brazen impostor who deceived imbeciles.”
2/n source: Reason by Voltaire

Then he wrote a play titled “Mahomet”. He presented this to Pope Benedict XIV & wrote as below:

“(...) this performance ("Fanaticism, or Mahomet"), written in opposition to the founder of a false and barbarous sect.”
3/n Voltaire further writes:

“To whom could I with more propriety inscribe a satire on the cruelty and errors of a false prophet, than to the vicar and representative of a God of truth and mercy? (...)”

Source: Voltaire:François-Marie Arouet, Letter to Benedict XIV, 17/8/1745
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Holy #ProphetMuhammad (saw) a Mercy for Mankind

“And we have sent thee not, O Muhammad, but as a mercy for all peoples.”
(Holy Qur’an 21:108)
#ProphetMuhammad Image
The #ProphetMuhammad (saw) was a true prince of #peace. He was patient in persecution and forbearing in victory. As a subject, he gave due rights to his rulers. As a ruler, he gave due rights to his subjects. He ensured every people could practise their own religion freely. (2)
He uplifted #women from a position of servitude into one of #Respect and #dignity. He insisted upon education of children, fair treatment of orphans, and compassion for the elderly. He stamped out racism and institutionalised charity in the Islamic conscience. (3)
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➡️ ⚠️ Les politiques complaisants avec la mouvance islamiste.
➡️ Focus sur Jeber #Trad, représentant d’#EELV à #Dreux (Eure-et-Loir). Un Thread ⤵️.
2/ Jeber #Trad s’est présenté à #Dreux en 2020 sur une liste citoyenne, inspirée des gilets jaunes, et ayant reçu le soutien d’Europe Écologie Les Verts (#EELV).
Il se présente à nouveau à Dreux, mais cette fois directement sous l’étiquette EELV.
3/ Par delà son engagement officiel en faveur d’#EELV, Jeber #Trad publie sur son compte Facebook des posts qui traduisent des prises de position favorables à la mouvance #islamiste, alors qu’il n’y parle pas ou peu d’#ecologie.
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2/ C #Autain, est députée #LFI de Seine-Saint-Denis (circonscription de Tremblay-Sevran), après 1 parachutage raté à Montreuil. Déjà candidate aux régionales en 2015 comme tête de liste Front de Gauche dans le 93, elle a fusionné au 2nd tour avec la liste #PS de C. #Bartolone.
3/ Elle se présente cette fois comme tête de liste pour toute l’#IleDeFrance sous l’étiquette #LFI.
Militante féministe, ancienne membre de l’#UNEF, elle était candidate au nom du #PCF en 2001 aux élections municipales dans le 17ème à #Paris.
4/ Comme Daniele #Obono, elle appartient au mouvement « Ensemble ! », qu’elle a contribué à fonder en 2013, désormais intégré à #LFI, et qui incarne une ligne d’extrême gauche au sein des #Insoumis.
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Contributed to @Guardian Podcast 'Today In Focus': The murder of schoolteacher Samuel #Paty who had shown his class #cartoons of the prophet #Muhammad has rekindled a debate in #France over #secularism & the state’s role in regulating #FreeSpeech. (21'-29')
I emphasise that we can discuss the general problem of hateful #cartoons about the Prophet #Muhammad & his Muslim followers that spread collective guilt & humiliate often underprivileged #minority communities beyond acts of barbaric #terrorism. #Racism #Islamophobia #CharlieHebdo
I think that @EmmanuelMacron acted in a manner that was rash & unstatesmanlike following the vile murder of Samuel #Paty. He has effectively incorporated #cartoons mocking #Islam into its domestic policies. He defended them as part of French culture & #France’s global image.
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🛑 Il y a un an avait lieu la manifestation contre l’#islamophobie à laquelle a participé @JLMelenchon.
➡️ Alors qu’il s’est déclaré candidat à la présidentielle, retour sur ce tournant majeur révélateur d’1 stratégie complaisante du leader de #LFI envers l’islamisme. Thread ⤵️
Le 1er novembre 2019, suite notamment à l’attaque contre la mosquée de #Bayonne par un ancien candidat #RN, un appel à manifester contre l’islamophobie est lancé à l’initiative de personnalités ou mouvements controversés.…
On y trouve :
➡️ Le #CCIF accusé d’appartenir à la mouvance islamiste et dont le gouvernement envisage aujourd’hui la dissolution.
➡️ La Plateforme Les Musulmans, créée par Marwan #Muhammad, ancien porte-parole du CCIF, considéré lui aussi comme islamiste.…
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If there's one book that you should read on the political and ideological struggles of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in the context of 7th ce GAME OF THRONES between the Roman Empire and the Sasanian Empire of Iran, it's @jricole's "MUHAMMAD: PROPHET OF PEACE AMID THE CLASH OF EMPIRES". Image
Thread: my favorite quotes from the book:
"Quran makes it clear that this struggle between rival emperors, whom contemporaries called 'the teo eyes kf the earth' formed an essential context for the mission of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ".


"The misapprehensions came about for many reasons, including the imperial ideologies of the later Christian Byzantine and Muslim Abbasid empires, difficulties in interpreting the text, and a failure to read it against contemporary Roman and Iranian texts..."
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The Pakistan Tehreek Insaf #PTI government on Tuesday introduced the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2020 in the National Assembly to make intentional ridiculing and defaming the armed forces as a punishable crime.
In June this year the National Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution making it mandatory to write ‘Khatam-un-Nabiyeen’ along with Prophet Muhammad’s name in official documents, books and wherever the holy name is used.
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Regarding @mohammed_hijab's bad behavior lately: anybody who knows him knows that he doesn't mean what he says when #insulting the #family of #Islamophobes (anti-Muslim ex-Muslims).

What he's doing is plain obvious to those who use their mind: #exposing the #hypocrisy of haters.
Whenever #Islamophobes attack the #Prophet #Muhammad—peace be upon him—knowing full well that #Muslims love that man more than their whole family altogether, the anti-Muslims/Islamophobes claim it is their #FreedomOfExpression and their #FreedomOfSpeech.

Why shouldn't they?
Any sincere person knows that #insulting a person is not #FreedomOfSpeech anymore, but #hatred: it has become #HateSpeech.

Ironically, #Islamophobes condemn Hijab for #hateful behavior, but not condemn those who #attack, #insult and #abuse the Prophet Muhammad—peace be upon him.
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After the #AgrimaJoshua incident, most of my #NorthIndian friends (some are left-leaning) mocked me for criticising her & asked me what’s the big deal in addressing him as ‘Shivaji’.

This #Thread is for all of them who don’t know much about #ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj.

Around 230 BCE, #Maharashtra came under the rule of the #Satvahana dynasty for 400 years.

It was also ruled by the Western Satraps, the #Guptas, Gurjaras-Pratiharas, Vatakas, Kadambas, Chalukyas, #Rashtrakutas and the Western #Chalukyas before finally, the #Yadava Rule.

In short, #Maharashtra was ruled by #Hindu Kings.

Unfortunately, in the early 14th century, the Yadava Dynasty was overthrown by the Islamic Invader #AlauddinKhilji, who was then, the Sultan of #Delhi. This marked the beginning of #Islamic Rule in Maharashtra.

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🔵 Thread : progressisme en #ArabieSaoudite 🇸🇦 et pays du Golfe #UAE 🇦🇪
Ils évoluent dans leur paradigme et abandonnent lentement l'#Islam ☪️ orthodoxe par petites touches
Le ministre des affaires islamiques demande qu'on baisse le son des appels à la prière car nuit aux gens⤵️
#ArabieSaoudite 🇸🇦
La peine de mort💀 pour les mineurs qui est abolie…
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➡️ #Municipales2020 : les candidats complaisants avec les islamistes, épisode 5.
➡️ Connaissez-vous Omar #Slaouti, candidat soutenu par #LFI à #Argenteuil dans le Val d’Oise (95) ? Thread⤵️
➡️ Omar #Slaouti est tête d’une liste « citoyenne », qui bénéficie du soutien de #LFI, de #GENERATIONS, du #PCF et du #NPA.
➡️ #Slaouti se décrit lui-même comme un candidat « sans étiquette politique mais de tant de combats pour la justice sociale et environnementale ».➡️
Cette présentation de la tête de liste n’est ni objective ni transparente car Omar #Slaouti est en réalité un militant très engagé politiquement, passé par le #NPA, et impliqué dans les combats de la mouvance indigéniste et allié avec des islamistes.➡️…
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1/ Here’s a unique coin I love to show my students @UniofOxford. A fascinating window into the early history of #Islam in #Iran. Minted in Sistan, ca. 691-2. One side portrays the #Sasanian king of kings; the other has the Islamic profession of faith (the shahada) but in Pahlavi!
2/ Pahlavi (otherwise known as #Zoroastrian Middle #Persian) was the language of the #Sassanian kings and the #Zoroastrian clergy. It remained a prestige language in #Iran even after the Islamic conquest
3/ What makes the coin so unique is that it translates the shahada into an essentially #Zoroastrian idiom: “yazd-ēw bē ōy any yazd nēst mahmat paygāmbar ī yazd” (There is one God, without any other, #Muhammad is the #Prophet of God)
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1/ Fun fact from today’s Islamic History lecture @UniofOxford: the Khazars, a nomadic people from the S. Russian steppe, converted to #Judaism in ca. 9th. Here, a Khazar coin based on an Islamic model swaps “#Muhammad is the Messenger of God” for “#Moses is the Messenger of God”!
2/ Specifically, the Khazar king and his court are said to have converted. This model of top-down religious change happened all over the late antique and medieval worlds, but is most commonly associated with #Christianity and #Islam (not #Judaism!)
3/ The other great example of state conversion to #Judaism is the kingdom of Himyar in S. Arabia. The conversion was so thorough that after 380, pagan inscriptions disappear, replaced by inscriptions with Hebrew/Aramaic words (shalom, amen, kanisat) & names (Isaac, Judah, Joseph)
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Unarguably, Islam is one of the fastest growing religions of the world, with over 1.8 billion adherents, according to Wikipedia statistics. It is a religion which preaches peace, sanity, humanness and goodness to all, no matter the differences.
This religion, notwithstanding its genuine nature and its message of peace, is seen as a threat. Since ages, the undiluted truth that Islam carries has always been a torn pricking the preachers of falsehood and taunting them each time they see an element of Islam in anyone or
anything. This brought about the enemies of Islam dragging Islam into the middle of controversies, but their plots has never for once prevailed, because Islam is not a controversial religion. The light of Islam can never be extinguished.

In seeing to the prevalence of Islam over
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