Death merchants on manuovers again

One declares pandemic over
Other says herd immunity is constant reinfection throughout society to protect the vulnerable

How is constant reinfection immunity?
How does the virus know to avoid the vulnerable? ImageImageImage
2/ Right let's take a look at Guptas article

Covid "has stubbornly resisted all attempts at eradication"


Many governments at Guptas urging have resisted attempting eradication

And its not endemic Image
3/ The GBD crowd have literally done all they can to undermine any attempt at suppression, even going as far as to team up with antivaxxers, supporting them to pump out disinformation
4/ This has also included using all sorts of dirty tricks

Bots and troll networks pushing the messaging
Targeted harassment and attempts to silence critics
Misrepresentation of data

Claiming the world tried eradication and failed is very misleading
5/ Already had the key paragraph, a whole essay could be written on it

Well we wondered what "focused protection" actually consisted off, and now we know, apparently its constantly reinfection 🤷‍♂️ Image
6/ The best way of making your house fireproof is to burn it down

What happened to this broader superior natural infection we kept hearing about?

Also didn't they argue masks and lockdowns don't stop infection, but now they prevent ppl building up immunity from infections? Image
7/ How does this protect the immunicompromised, those undergoing cancer treatment or organ transplant recipients?

Those unlikely to produce good antibody levels after infection,
8/ Self isolation causes immense disruption..

If transmission is high as Gupta calls for, even without self isolation we would still face disruption because plenty of ppl will be too sick to go to work

Plenty staff and students in my school who ended off longer than 10 days Image
9/ Completely ignores the disruption #LongCovid causes, I've got colleagues and students struggling and missing days off schools

Ending isolation doesn't end disruption ImageImage
10/ Also the idea that any attempt to limit the spread is what we do with other viruses, dont we do all we can to keep all bugs out of hospitals and care homes?
11/ Unless we have unlimited speed of infection the vulnerable won't be able to build up the complete immunity that allows them to be constantly reinfected?

I assume this is the vulnerable who survive to reach "complete immunity"

But don't characterise this as "let it rip"... Image
12/ Reminds me of Dingwall in March 2020 saying "I'm not suggesting a cull" before going on to suggest a cull

Its opposites day!

13/ We can't have an endless cycle of testing and isolation, so must accept constant reinfection?

This is protecting the sick and vulnerable apparently

Otherwise only the rich can afford to self isolate...unless governments improved sick pay, perhaps by taking the rich? Image
14/ Oh so now its a myth viruses evole to become less virulent?

Any of the GBD crowd ever propagated this myth?

But she's saying we can gamble everything on it not becoming more virulent? Image
15/ Johnsons decision to remove measures and plans to declare pandemic over in March was to appease his backbenchers

Guptas opaquely funded Collateral Global is the secretariat of the new Skeptic APPG so she's pushing this agenda…
16/ The APPG has written to the JCVI calling for a halt to vaccinating children
17/ Not just do these MPs want to remove the choice of vaccination from parents but with UsForThem they are trying to ban the choice of wearing masks in schools, seems they have a hot line to @nadhimzahawi who is contacting schools today
18/ UsForThem, HART, Collateral Global, GBD and CRG

All in it together, a multiple headed hydra

20/ Now it turns out the same fringe scientists are pushing antivax in Uganda

These are the ppl embraced by Tory MPs, the Telegraph, Express, TalkRadio, GB News etc

21/ All around the world the GBD message seems intertwined with dangerous disinformation

You don't need to get the majority of ppl onside, target media and politicians and you exert policy influence

• • •

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Jan 22
UK has embraced the Tegnell/ GBD plan

Key part of this strategy is to gaslight the shit out of anyone with the help of time experts and a complicit media

Frame dissenting voice as alarmist fringe, dismiss international comparisons
Heads being told stay open no matter what

Primary with 15 out of 35 staff off, DfE over rules local public health
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Jan 21
Telegraph "Schools defy PM on Masks"
Zahawi to write to schools demanding no more masks
UsForThem have 100 angry parents

UsForThem have constantly reminded parents they can opt out of masks for any reason

Schools have never been able to force mask use
#edutwitter #r4today
1/ Image
2/ It was guidence not an enforced mandate, some schools are recommending students continue in masks

So what UsForThem and @nadhimzahawi are doing is trying to ban and remove the choice of wearing masks in schools

UfT click their fingers and Secretary responds on their behalf!
3/ They must have a hot line to DfE, @halfon4harlowMP and @ChildrensComm

Yet all three have refused repeatedly to meet with groups like @SafeEdForAll_UK and @Parents_Utd representing CEV children and parents

Why are the vulnerable ignored and silenced?
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Jan 20
"Johnson came out fighting"
Once again mistaking confidence for competence
This is politics not performance art
Fact check his statements, analyse his policies
#r4today coverage is superficial
#r4today spent time discussing the benefits to nightclubs on scrapping covid passes but doesn't think removing masks in schools is worth looking at?
They evaluate yesterday through lens of party political games and Johnsons career rather than impact on real lives
Should be asking "Has Johnson put internal party politics ahead of public health? Does appeasing the CRG take priority over protecting the vulnerable in society?"

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Jan 19
@TomSwarbrick1 as you have Rosindell on, could you please ask him why he's been working with antivaxxers from HART to spread covid disinformation

#HARTleaks even has the emails
Bloody hell, Rosindell was asked what Johnsons priorities should be

Cutting taxes is always a good thing
Benefits of Brexit

War on woke
"Our country is under attack"
"We need to love our flag and national anthem, when will LBC show its patriotism like GB news"
"Fighting back against woke is a priority for most the people"
"Labour hate our country,hate our culture"
"We need to prioritise teaching British history properly,at the moment schools are teaching children to hate our country, children should be made to sing the national anthem"
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Jan 19
1. More "Freedom" than the rest of Europe🥳
2. Children saved from the inconvenience of masks
3. Think how much harm those masks could cause compared to covid
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Jan 17
Deaths in South Africa are still rising despite reported cases having peaked a while ago
#r4today Image
Gov said isolation would only be shortened if it was supported by the science

Latest science says Omicron is infectious at least as long as Delta, likely a bit longer

Would be good if #r4today scrutinised the gov decision
Talk of removing masks in classrooms, child hospitalisations at record levels and still increasing Image
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