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Good evening ladies and gents! It’s time for another of our fabulous resource threads. This time, as promised, we’re taking a look at classroom display ideas. 👩🏼‍🏫🎨

Like & share the ones you like! See you in the thread below! 👇👋

#edutwitter #returntoschool #NQT
Let’s kick things off with a necessity for every classroom - drawer labels!

Even better, these ones are editable! Take a closer look:

#schoolreopeninguk #teacher5oclockclub
Celebrate your class’ birthdays...with maths!

Yes set up this awesome display for a dual purpose pictogram/birthday celebration visual. Get it here:

#teachertwitter #education
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🎯If each group of 10-ish kids has an adult to help f2f and targeted instruction being delivered by expert teachers online, you MIGHT get the best of both worlds: 1 on 1 attention from a caring adult AND personalized instruction from a pro. #unlockingheroes #edutwitter
A stream of consciousness thread: A couple of things to watch out for: caring well for kids is hard. You would need volunteers/employees willing to take a crash course in #traumainformed childcare.
You've also got to get enough adults to cover all the posts f2f and online in the midst of a teacher shortage.
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1/ Thread: Draft DfE guidence
Initial thoughts
'How can we get all students back full time without spending any extra money?... Oh and make it look like we're being safe'
Also feels bit like CEOs wrote this to usher in the new normal of education…
Logistics is a reoccurring theme, particularly in secondaries which most the guidence seems to be designed for
7 yr groups staggered starts and finishes, but no rotas so 7 different different timetables of lesson start and finishes. How to timetable staff? Attach to yr groups?
Many classes are bigger than 30, most my classes last year were. Also some schools have more than 240 in a year group. My school would have to increase numbers in the lower sets, students who need more support would get less time with the teacher than usual.
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Interesting that when concerns were raised for a decade that real term budget cuts and costs of marketisation were leading to larger class sizes the gov told us class sizes didn't make a difference to outcomes, and TA cuts wouldnt have an impact
#edutwitter #r4today
However now they are saying that working in small groups is the way to close the Covid attainment gap.
Also interesting that there is £350m to subsidize tutoring, so sounds like schools will have to use their additional funding to pay £12 an hour for these sessions.
£12 per hour is more than a TAs average hourly wage. I also know that one of the tutoring companies that has been lobbying government for this for weeks has been recruiting volunteers for their tutoring service. So why is gov being charged £48 per hour?
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(1/15) Updated thread on children and #COVID19, summarising recent studies.

Summary: both child-to-child and child-to-adult transmission has occurred; cases in children are being missed.
#edutwitter #Schulen #Kinder #kinderen
(2/15) First, a recap. Studies in this sub-thread show that children are probably as likely as adults to be infected given sufficient exposure, and can shed infectious virus.
(3/15) Children may have some protection compared to adults. They have less of the enzyme used by the novel coronavirus to enter cells. This might make them less susceptible, but given enough exposure this advantage is probably eventually lost.
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Choosing appropriate BAME picturebooks:A thread.
I’d like to talk about my 2nd year placement and the impact that teaching has on children. In a KS1 class I was presented with the opportunity to introduce the topic ‘Africa’ and handed a copy of Handa’s Surprise #edutwitter (1/8)
I know about this book from my own childhood and the image it portrays, and Brookes have been very upfront about teaching us about the importance of fair representations. Therefore, I politely declined and asked if I could introduce the topic in another way. (2/8)
Books like Handa’s Surprise are magnifying a representational problem. We must be careful about which books we show children as it can confirm misconceptions that they may already hold. Instead I decided to start the topic by breaking children’s misconceptions about Africa. (3/8)
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Worked with colleagues to brainstorm ideas about what we as educators can do. I have designed and created a resource that schools could use to support students, black students in particular. Please share and use! #edutwitter #antiracism #BlackMentalHealth #BlackLivesMattter ImageImageImage
Here's a version without the date! 😊 Image
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NEU Press Release
Solidarity with the AFT
#edutwitter #GeorgeFloyd
I spent last night watching everything unfold. Some protesters may not be peaceful,I saw completly peaceful groups fired at, gassed and tasered. An Australian news reporter attacked mid broadcast.A woman standing on her doorstep shot at with rubber bullets…
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As we enter a new phase of schools being open to more chn, I thought I’d do a thread on what I’ve seen of the education sector over these past few weeks. Grab a tea and here we go.
THREAD ... #EduTwitter
I have seen leaders showing why they are so inspirational, being both reactive and proactive to changing or confusing guidance. I’ve seen them providing food for families and going above and beyond every single day to ensure people are safe.
I’ve seen them have sleepless night because they care so much about their children, families and schools. Thank you 🙏🏻
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Understandably, my timeline is mostly teachers talking about educational-related things and UK politics. However, my top trending is Black Lives Matter and Justice for George Floyd. All issues are important to me because they all affect me in some way.
Talk of race is uncomfortable for many and I know many will scroll past my posts without a second thought. With BLM trending time and time again, when is it time to have the uncomfortable conversations?
At a previous school I worked at, I was one of only 2 black teachers. 90% of students were British. I was called a n**** and a black b***** by students and the school did nothing. Students like that will continue to say things like that unless others are willing to speak out.
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Who is convinced by these answers on increasing student number?
#edselctte #edutwitter
SAGE said an effective contact tracing system should be well established before increasing students
Social distancing is essential
RO should be lower than it currently it
Children with symptoms can get tested
Isnt the main reason they say it's fine to open schools is that most of them are asymptomatic? How does that held prevent transmission into the community?
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(1/17) Updated thread on #children and #COVID19, summarising recent studies.

Summary: there is mounting evidence that children are as likely to be infected as adults; some children can experience severe illness.
#auspol #edutwitter #Kinder #kinderen
(2/17) First, a recap. Studies in this sub-thread provide evidence that some children can experience severe disease, can shed infectious virus, can likely infect others, and for the effectiveness of school closures.
(3/17) There is growing evidence that children and adults are at equal risk of infection with the novel coronavirus. Some studies which have suggested otherwise have some important caveats.
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@IsabelOakeshott Hi @IsabelOakeshott executive member of NEU here, responsible for putting together compilation of high calibre international data and talking to experts around the world
Yes I do have plenty of rigorous studies to hand and would be happy to debate you
@IsabelOakeshott I have also looked at the data and methodology of the lower number of studies that say the opposite and have found the data collection, sources and methodology to generally be considered less rigorous by much of the scientific community. A consensus appears to be slowly forming
@IsabelOakeshott At the bottom of this page under editors note is a link to a 19 page report of evidence based questions put to gov that I helped put together, it contains links to the respected scientific studies on which the questions are based. Gov refused to respond.…
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People say you cant criticize the gov in hindsight for a late lockdown.
NEU were one of the first organisations to call for a lockdown, if gov, we were right then, we are right now, this is a reckless charge without proper safety consideration
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This new guidance from @GEOgovuk and @EqualiTeach for primary schools is shockingly bad, irresponsible, inaccurate.

Under the banner of equality, inclusion and anti-bullying it tells children that they can not have boundaries and undermines safeguarding. #EduTwitter
The resource is designed to provide a "step-by-step guide to implement whole school change", including to challenge "cisnormativity" in schools.

What is "cisnormativity" you may ask?
Basically the idea that most people don't try to live as the opposite sex

And perhaps that we should stop obsessing about 'gender identity' & 'gender expression' - men and women can dress and act how they like

You could call it anti-sexism, feminism, or reality if you like.
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I coauthored an article in @jegcec1 with @JaZBur where we surveyed teachers and non-teachers about their knowledge of human intelligence. The results were not surprising . . . but still disappointing.
#psychology #edutwitter…
First the good news. On several fundamental topics, the sample was generally correct. Large majorities of both groups believe:
✅Logical thought is part of intelligence
✅Men and women have equal avg IQs
✅Brain dmg can lower IQ
✅Abstract thinking is part of intelligence
For two groups that aren't psychologists, that's a pretty good grasp of the basics about intelligence. 👍

The results for the non-teachers, only 35.9% of whom have had a college-level #psychology course, are especially encouraging.
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1. Safe Schools Alliance UK have been contacted by concerned parents & teachers looking for advice on raising #Safeguarding concerns regarding #DQST in their local schools & libraries. Jo Bartosch of @ClickOffOrg has written this piece for @spikedonline
2. We have previously raised concerns regarding the (lack of) understanding of several MPs and political parties with regards to what child #Safeguarding is and how important it is
3. The 1992 Warner report ‘Choosing with Care’ clearly identified the need for people working with children to be ‘suitable’ individuals. This needs to be ensured through rigorous recruitment & selection processes & a culture where all concerns can be raised without silencing.
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*Calling all secondary schools!* Interested in a FREE wellbeing pilot programme for Y7/Y8 (following training, including teaching materials/resources, underpinned by tried&tested NHS approved methods, lasting 6 weeks) that aims to reduce stress & anxiety, develop resilience & 1/3
promote positive thinking? For more details or to express an interest, please get in touch. I'm a teacher myself (p/t) but also work for a mental health charity p/t.
Thanks to everyone who has replied to previous posts w/ feedback about what schools need. Together with 2/3
evaluations of schools we already work with, this has been invaluable to enable us to keep improving our programme (within our remit) for which we hope to secure more funding 🤞Pls RT @TF_Ambassadors @TeachFirstNW
@TeachFirst @AdeleBatesZ @Headfornothing1
@vicgoddard #edutwitter
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Before entering No10 #AndrewSabisky was tested on the education battlefield via #ResearchED at a time when Cummings was weaponising Twitter with his “useful idiots”

In 2016 I began joining up the dots

I was accused of being a conspiracy theorist by those with something to hide
January 2 2016

The Birth of Education’s new Scientology Cult

Dodgy data, dance moves & the shutting down of conflicting evidence - an age of Unthink
January 4 2016

Wolf, Frayne, Cummings, Gove, Toby Young, Simons, Freedman, The New Schools Network, The Tax Payers Alliance, Policy Exchange & the “Kids In Prison Program”
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@adamboxer1 Again, your choice would be made reflecting on previous experience and the emotions these create

If we bring the classroom and #edutwitter together.. when challenged by a tweet from someone we disagree with, there's a range of common responses

1. Subtweet, to mock and encourage
@adamboxer1 Others to do the same to make us to mask the negative emotion and make us feel better about ourselves. As pupils may do in a classroom

2. Challenge back. The threat results in a response that looks to protect us. The strength of emotion will inform the response. It may be
@adamboxer1 Talking back, an inconsiderate tweet, a sarcastic slur or perhaps a more physical approach (throw a pen or hit out)

3. Block/mute. The threat is too much for us to cope with and we flee or avoid. In the classroom, this will be pupils walking out of class or appearing to not...
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Dear #edutwitter, particularly those of you in Mainstream Secondaries: our closed group is full of current crises for Yr7 girls, diagnosed #autistic and also awaiting assessment, who are absolutely breaking. Harming, not eating, in full blown panic mode, anxiety attacks 1/
... showing signs of potential co-occurring debilitating serious MH conditions like OCD & eating disorders. Some have been rejected from #CAMHS following referral. Some have been accepted but the waiting lists are so very very long. We’re asking for increased awareness of the 2/
...disparate experiences of #autistic pupils in secondary, but in particular #AutisticGirls.

As hugely committed teachers we know you’re also probably on your knees professionally & personally, that you have so much responsibility to fulfill. And we thank you for all you do 3/
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They’ve been targeting Mexicans. Whole states have banned our books and classes in the last decade! “The banned books by mainly Chicano/Latino authors including author @Urrealism , came from a larger attack targeting the Mexican American Studies Program in TUSD...”
“This targeting of Mexican American Studies in TUSD led to the approval of the 2010 State of Arizona S.B. 2281 which outlawed classes or courses that:”
“(1) promote the overthrow of the United States government; (2) promote resentment toward a race or class of people; (3) are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group or (4) advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals.”
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#ClearTheAir was born after an extended moment of despair and frustration. I spent 2016 nightmarishly watching the most of #EduTwitter ignore what was happening nationally. Only a few of us were regularly speaking out or talking explicitly about racism generally and in edu. 1/
I was really sad about the world and our profession falling short at such a critical time. I wanted and needed to connect with other people who were feeling the same way. And it was about 7:30 a.m. when I sent a tweet out asking a few folks to meet me that night. #ClearTheAir 2/
Who does a Twitter chat about racism on #NewYearsEveEve ?!?!?

I'm getting emotional right now and feeling so appreciative of the people who showed up and kept showing up. #ClearTheAir 3/
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Please #edutwitter read below.

I ran a poll about Stormzy. Was partly a reaction to the two days worth of near constant trolling from @Miss_Snuffy

Katharine, we’ve never seen eye to eye, that doesn’t mean there are parts of your practice I don’t admire.

(Just quickly before I comment on Grime, I realise I’m white and grew up around Dundee 😂 However, my two year Friday night residency playing hip hop, dancehall and afrojamz gives me a slight anecdotal insight into this debate that you lack imo (yes, the wee guy is me!))
The comparisons made between Stormzy and Drill are both lazy and wholly inaccurate. I assume you’ve never listened to Ink, Skengdo or Loski. You haven’t displayed any understanding of the difference between the artists and sadly it appears you don’t feel you need to.
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