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One thing we are concerned about in schools is when 'diversity' stokes 'division.'
The teaching of political and ideological views as fact is not the place of schools. This is not education, it is indoctrination.
"Instructed to view their humanity through the distortive lens of “white supremacy,” California’s teen girls are seeking refuge in puberty blockers, testosterone injections, and double mastectomies"
Excellent analysis by @LeorSapir on Californian schools.…
When schools get adolescents fired up about a social justice issue - particularly one they have already heard a one-sided account of online and in the media - it sets pupils up as either the goodies or the baddies. Righteous anger then justifies bullying.…
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🧵Saw this story and I think @SianGriffiths6 has missed a piece of relevent information that she might not be aware of that leads this story to Toby Youngs FreeSpeechUnion and Birbalsingh the Social Mobility Czar

Is the mother in the story the same Clare Page of Don't Divide Us?
DDU are partnered to Academy of Ideas, Campaign for Common Sense, Equiano Project and Free Speech Union

Talk about division whilst going out creating it, often misrepresenting what is going on in schools to fit their "Marxist indoctrination" narrative
3/ So forgive me for wondering if assertions are being made after things have been taken out of context or misrepresented

They can talk about "activist agendas", but why aren't the "anti-woke" culture warriors described as activists with their own agendas
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80-90% of 4-5 year olds arrive to primary school in pushchairs?
Early Years wasn't included in Jan 2021 lockdown, it's been two years since they went back to normal (besides large absences of staff and children due to sickness)
Case study 1
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🧵This is where Youngs Free Speech Union wants to head, the network of Lviving Marxism/Spiked Online culture war groups have provided template letters to send into schools
Heard of some schools starting to get letters asking for them to provide copies of their curriculum to be checked over

Henry Jackson Society sending FOIs into ethnically diverse schools regarding behaviour logs about antisemitism
And social mobility czar is involved in Don't Divide Us which provides template letters and guides on "How to recognise CRT doctrine in schools and how to challenge it"

That's exactly what Heads need right now
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#Gr10English students once again dazzled with their essay remxies!

"Read a novel, identify the themes, create a thesis, find supporting evidence, cite your sources...but DO NOT write an essay".

@TCDSB @ELANontario #tcdsb #disrupttext #onted #edchat #edutwitter

(thread below)
Our text was #TheHateUGive

Remix 1: "Code switching is a problem for Starr, not a solution"

Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes are normal, but the Oreo cupcakes were injected with mayo to make them taste bad 🤢

(more below) Image
Remix 2: "The negatives in Starr's life are actually positives"

Rosewater pastries (her dad), dandelion cupcakes (her neighborhood), & lemon juice pea flower tea (mixing communities) sound gross, but taste great! 😋

(more below) ImageImage
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So DfE wants schools to find a billion in savings from budgets so that can be used to cover rising utilities costs,
Meanwhile DfE looking to spend money on financial advisors

We just need adequate funding
Sunak loses another 11billion, now schools are asked to make a billion in savings

That 11 billion would have covered the covid catch up plan for Education the government rejected
Zahawi claiming is a suprised how many education workers have long covid, after opposing all measures to prevent transmission

Now we have major workforce issues
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Ladhani still gaslighting
How do you make it look like there's little transmission in schools?
Do a survey where you don't include the kids currently off school with covid

Has done this before, completely disingenuous, study isn't fit for purpose
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🧵 for teachers who like poetry but don’t always have time to explore beyond exam anthologies to contemporary poets. Random order - with possible GCSE anthology pairings if you want to teach them. Otherwise just enjoy! Feel free to add👇@Team_English1 #edutwitter
1. Suzannah Evans, Space Baby collection. Poem: The Mountain Climber inspired by this photo. Possible anthology pair: Climbing my Grandather by Andrew Waterhouse. @SuzannahEvans
2. John McCullough, Panic Response collection. Poem: Electric Blue @JohnMcCullough_ Possible anthology pair: Prelude by Wordsworth or Storm on The Island by Heaney
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The updated 2022 @educationgovuk policy "Keeping children safe in education" conflates a child's attested trans identity with sexual orientation & thus fails to recognise potential safeguarding concerns that may apply for these children. #edutwitter🧵1/14 Image
This new KCSIE guide does not come into force until September, so now is the time to urge DfE to update the guidance in line with the available evidence (including the interim Cass Review) & help teachers offer appropriate support for trans-identified students. 2/14
The new guide correctly says that LGBT is not an inherent risk, however, the simplistic conflation of "T" with "LGB" means there is a failure to flag specific risks that apply for trans-identified children & adolescents. 3/14
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🧵NEU General Secretary Elections coming up

Really important for the direction of the union, every member should engage in the elections as this is your chance to have a big say in what we look like for years to come
2/ Factions will be putting up candidates, they are well organised and funding, very vocal but are a fraction of the total membership and can be unrepresentative of the average member

If you want a militant tendencies type union then there will be a fraction candidate for that
3/ Want more statements supporting Stop the War,criticism of NATO expansion and a real focus on international solidarity there will be a candidate for that
If you support Womens Place and think Union should side with likes of Claire Fox on trans issues,likely a candidate for that
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1/8 This is by far the most common conversation I have with school leaders on how to assess emergent bilingual English progress in international and bilingual schools: #EduTwitter #EAL #ESL #ELL
2/8 Question: which is the best assessment to track and report English progress for English language learners in my school?
3/8 Answer they want: [Generic product name] test will work for you.
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In January, a Tennessee school district issued a report on 31 texts from its K-5 English language arts curriculum that had been challenged as being obscene, “critical race theory,” or inappropriate for elementary-age children.

Ultimately, only one title was removed.
Complaints targeted books in all five grades, and just over one-third of the criticisms came from parents who have elementary-age children in the district. The remaining complaints came from community members whose students are older or have no children in the district at all. A graphic showing 31 texts ...
One of the most common criticisms was that the material exposed students to difficult topics too young, or were otherwise age-inappropriate. #EdChat #k12 #EduTwitter #TeacherTwitter "To some extend, age-a...
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My kids are 3 and 5. Since I started as Vice Principal (full time), several people have asked “how do you do it with your kids?” As it seems to be so popular a question, I thought I’d write a little THREAD 🧵 to answer and hopefully show it may not be as hard as it sounds… 1/
Out of interest, I asked my SLT colleague who has 5 children whether people often asked him "how he does it?" The (unsurprising) answer? No. They do ask his wife though (also a deputy head…) @MaternityCPD #MTPTProject @WomenEd @DiverseEd2020 @SLTchat 2/
Before I start I’d like to take my hat off to anyone who does this while solo-parenting. It can be done and I know people who do it but I’ll wager it’s several levels up in the difficulty stakes. I know not everyone is lucky enough to have the support I mention below. 3/
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THREAD Once again we are deeply disappointed with @NEUnion's understanding of #safeguarding. The NEU is once again putting politics ahead of what is in the best interests of children. Their latest statement on conversion therapy demonstrates this acutely.…
The @NEUnion statement is full of generalisations & ignores all evidence & considered responses to the consultation that have been put forward by groups concerned about children's welfare. #conversiontherapy #edutwitter #womenEd #teachertwitter #UKEdChat #safeguarding #SLTChat
We would urge @MaryBoustedNEU to read our statement where we explain very clearly why including gender identity in this bill would harm children #safeguarding #edutwitter #WomenED #conversiontherapy…
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The DfE has responded to my question about how they propose schools should teach about gender identity without recourse to gender stereotypes (which @educationgovuk guidance prohibits). Hold on to your hats, it's thread time again. #edutwitter
Here's my original thread outlining my question:
And the full DfE response.
In summary: DfE denies any contradiction but conveniently fails to give any definition of gender identity at all, let alone one not invoking stereotypes. They do promise further guidance in this area, so perhaps they concede that there is confusion. Now for the detail ...
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Some of the girls at this school at the centre of the schools rape culture scandal have experienced sexual harassment and sexual assault. But they are asked to 'assess their white 'cishet' privilege' at a supposed 'anti sexism' forum.
From the presentation: “there can’t be justice in feminism without brown, black, gay, trans etc feminism”. So brown, black and lesbian girls are the equivalent of males?
Addressing issues such as "men who identify as women being allowed in female changing rooms and children being permitted to change gender at school without parental consent" is framed as "moral panic."
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I am extremely excited to be teaching our new topic "21st Century Issues" to Year 8 next term. I thought I'd talk about how we planned this and hopefully it helps someone else going through this large task.
#edutwitter #geographyteacher ImageImage
1. First we thought about what global issues we wanted to teach about and listed them as a department. This generated a large list we would then break down to make our topic. Department time and joint planning was integral to our KS3 curriculum overhaul.
2. We knew we wanted to start with the concept of scale, so our students understand geographical issues can be local, regional and global. This was a great opportunity to include guided reading (credit: @MrHand__ )
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Teachers are expected to follow Nolan principles

We are also expected to teach "British values" like the rule of law

DfE is always banging on about discipline

How you going to square this circle @nadhimzahawi?
"Political impartiality"
Education not indoctrination @nadhimzahawi lectured us about

Accuses us of playing politics, so what do we tell students when they ask about Johnson breaking the ministerial code and getting away with it?

Or does the new political impartiality guidelines means that we can't even discuss this with our students?
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Things to do with independent reading books: 🧵
#NCTE #nctevillage #ILA #engteacher #celchat #engchat #rethinkela #libcollab #edutwitter
List 10 things the book is about and find 3 more books about each thing. The student now has 30 potential books to read next.
Identify important themes in the course text. Write an essay comparing and contrasting how the theme comes up in the course text, the independent reading book, and your life. Conclude the essay by explaining how this theme is important to you.
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#r4today "Cases appear to be peaking in children"

Herd immunity? Or is it that some areas have already started Easter holidays and lots of schools have gone to partial closures due to lack of staff?
Yesterday we had "more children back in school" claiming there was less covid absence, only problem with that is that absence increased, just illness logged as covid went down, due to sick kids being off but not tested
As you can see in this joint letter from the school leaders unions

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THREAD Thank you to @ewansomerville & @Telegraph for this excellent article exposing @WelshGovernment’s misuse of £1,137,584 of public money on this poorly designed survey. When dealing with children a #safeguarding first approach must be used. They didn’t…
There were so many things wrong with this survey the article was unable to cover them all. They ranged from the merely incompetent/ridiculous to damaging & triggering for vulnerable children. This box ticking approach to #safeguarding & #inclusion is simply unacceptable. #WomenEd
Primary school children are asked how they identify but not for their biological sex. This renders the data worthless, is evidence of the extent of ideological capture & is dangerous & confusing for young children @SHRNWales @DECIPHerCentre @cardiffuni #edutwitter #WalesWomen
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This is nuts, children go back to school 3 days after testing positive, without testing before returning, no one in my school had cleared the virus to test and release on the 5th day

Looks like using children as "booster infections" is the actual strategy now
Zahawi claims majority of classrooms have good ventilation, I currently spend at least a couple of hours a day in a room with no windows, CO2 is around 2500ppm by the end of the lesson Image
Immunicompromised? Looks like the government has decided education will no longer be accessible to you Image
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1/18The Department for Education has given schools an impossible task when it comes to the RSE curriculum and teaching about "gender identity". A thread on the conundrum @educationgovuk have created … #edutwitter
2/18The DfE state: "Pupils should be taught the facts and the law about sex, sexuality, sexual health and gender identity in an age-appropriate and inclusive way."
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The issue is that Lucy Johnston and Sarah Knaptons idea of protecteding education is to allow uncontrolled transmission and mass constant reinfection of students, for this end they platform disinformation and argue against vaccination
Lucy Johnson is actively working with coordinated disinformation groups,

Here she is suggesting we should expect vaccine deaths in children, she suggests vaccination would be purely political and no benefit to children

There have been none in the UK
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