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Joshua Sutcliffe: We have seen many of you supporting Mr Sutcliffe.
We absolutely do not.
Here is why:
We apply #safeguarding to everyone, equally. ‘Misgendering’ is not the main issue here.
#Edutwitter #SafeguardingFail #LGBT #PSHEPeeps…
We agree with family law barrister @SVPhillimore. Breaching a child’s confidentiality on TV is unacceptable. We would like to read the judgement in full, but if that would also expose an individual child, it should not be published. We always prioritise #safeguarding children.
We have been made aware of this blog. All at Safe Schools Alliance find these views abhorrent. That does not mean he should not be allowed to express them. However, conflating gay & non-marital sex with rape & paedophilia is a #safeguarding concern.
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LGBTQ+ activist teachers talk about safeguarding but have zero understanding of what it means.
This teacher from the Oasis MAT thinks safeguarding is all about challenging the behaviour of non LGBTQ+ pupils and issuing sanctions. 1/
She says "It is non-negotiable that safeguarding provision is available to all, in a way that best meets the needs of the individual."
No, that's not safeguarding.
Safeguarding is a range of legal requirements to keep all children safe, mentally & physically. 2/
"Setting an example and encouraging an open and accepting mindset among students is the best way to ensure the long-term safety of all pupils."
What does having an 'accepting mindset' mean?
For Oasis it means encouraging children to believe in 'gender identity.' 3/
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The Guardian speaks to 'Beth' a teacher who works in a "typical state secondary school in the north of England where there are now 25 to 30 pupils questioning their gender."
Beth runs "an LGBTQ+ club in the lunch break to support pupils experiencing gender dysphoria – a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity."
Read how these clubs spread the idea that transition is the solution to gender distress. 👇…
She admits transitioning children behind the backs of their parents "We are working in the child’s best interests. We will do what we can to support them – what they ask for is what they will get. We work for the students, we don’t work for the parents essentially."
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1. We have been struck by the number of schools using coloured paper / overlays as standard interventions for children with reading difficulties. We did an informal Twitter poll & at the time of writing, 74% of the 1,120 respondents said that their school uses this approach.
2. While a poll like this is by no means scientific, it does suggest that coloured overlays / paper are used widely and present in many, if not most, schools. This is a cause for concern. Why? A 🧵
3. Three-quarters of poll respondents reported the use of coloured paper or overlays to treat reading problems in their schools, despite an absence of scientific evidence for the practice. Image
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🧵May the Power of the Free Market Flow Through You

Go on now, ChatGPT. Make #edutwitter great again.

In a grand office above the skyline, billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos sat with a cashmere black cloak draped over her head and her face barely showing.

Suddenly, the door burst open.

Her operative Corey DeAngelis swaggered in, clad in a black suit, helmet, and Gucci loafers.

"Report, Corey," she said, her tone as steely as her resolve to destroy public schools.

"We've made serious inroads to pass school vouchers in every state," he said in his modulated voice. "But we're facing resistance."

"Teachers waiting to be told what to do?" she asked.

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The @Policy_Exchange report found:
"The agencies most frequently named were the Proud Trust, the Rainbow Flag Award, Just Like Us, Diversity Role Models and the PSHE Association."
We have written about all these groups.
#edutwitter #RSE…
The Proud Trust website states “Trans and non-binary children and young people exist in our world, exist in our primary schools."
Pupils learn in the first lesson an understanding of “gender identity including terms trans, non-binary and cis.”…
The Rainbow Flag Award is an alternative version of the Stonewall School Champions scheme. Sold as a package of policies, lesson plans, RSE resources and anti-bullying measures it was financed by @educationgovuk and @GEOgovuk.…
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I hope your #Pesach preparations are proceeding apace! As we all prepare for Pesach, some of our #Christian students and staff may be preparing for their own week of holidays, which, however, does not coincide with Pesach.

The week commemorates the last week before the Christian prophet Yeshu's execution.

This “Christian Holy Week,” more commonly known as Shavua Ha’Kadosh Ha’Christian, is fixed to days of the week according to a special calculation, with the first and last days falling on "Sunday,” their word for Firstday.

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Day 1 of @itvmeridian #LongCovidKids series by @StaceyPooleITV

Hannah, 14: "It's like your whole world comes crashing down... I've just been thrown into this & I don't know what to do."


#LongCovidKids #LongCovid #COVID19 #MedTwitter #EduTwitter @DrGregorSmith @jasonleitch
Hannah: "It almost doesn't feel like my body anymore.. It's just, not me."

Emily: "It just felt uncontrollable. I've never felt that sort of pain before."

Ems Dad: "It's been a living nightmare"

#LongCovidKids #LongCovid #COVID19 @LindaBauld @haughey_clare @JimFairlieLogie
The impact on the entire family can be devastating. "A horror story."

Emily was a healthy, happy, active child & now is registered disabled with significant mobility problems. Not seeing her friends has made her depressed, anxious & angry😔

#LongCovidKids #LongCovid #COVID19
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Things #Ofsted DID NOT mention in their report into Caversham Primary.
Thread below.
I feel out of my depth jumping in but I have strong connections to the school and Ruth Perry, having worked with her for 10 years and seen my 2 girls thrive there and this needs to be said.
#1 #Ofsted failed to mention the torrential rain during BOTH days of their visit to Caversham Primary. Anyone who has ever worked in a primary school will shudder at the words 'wet play'.
Wet play = over excited, penned in children full of energy.
#2 Before lockdown, Ruth Perry and Caversham Primary had a Mocksted which was OUTSTANDING
Ruth constantly strove for improvement and our school was testament to her commitment.
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Thread for ‘but is this happening in schools’ #Edutwitter. Yes it is. Firstly personal testimony: “the school nurse had referred her to the school counsellor [who] informed [her] that a hatred of one’s breasts could be an indicator of a non-binary”…
More testimony: “I am utterly horrified at what was taught at a PSHE lesson at my school recently. It was to a group of children, most are 11-12 years old. It is so, so much worse than I thought.” #Edutwitter #DiverseEd #LGBT…
More personal testimony: “We did request to see their transgender policy and it was kafkaesque – it repeatedly conflated sex & gender… & downplayed the effects of binders, blockers and hormones” #Edutwitter #WomeEd #PSHEPeeps…
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. @BrookCharity is one of the providers we frequently hear complaints about from both parents & teachers. Advising children to watch porn is not what they were expecting from #RSE. They want children taught about harms & how to have a healthy relationships as adults. #edutwitter ImageImage
To be clear what people are taking issue with, is not porn being discussed with teenagers, it is the seeming to recommend it, rather than educating on the inherent harms & exploitation. #edutwitter #WomenEd #PSHEPeeps @Miss_Snuffy @CEASEorgUK @RealGeoffBarton @BrookCharity ImageImageImage
This is what we have written on porn. Why are you not educating children on the harms & exploitation in porn @BrookCharity? Children deserve accurate information. #Edutwitter #WomenEd #PSHEPeeps…
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Welcome to all our new followers! We have just passed 18k. Please look round our website to find out more about us. We are a grassroots group of mainly parents & teachers with no funding, religious or political affiliations. #Edutwitter #Safeguarding
We first got together 4 years ago when we joined together over a passionate commitment to upholding #safeguarding & correct interpretation of the equality act in our schools. Worryingly our first campaign featured a @NSPCC #safeguardingfail…
Since then we have run many successful campaigns to protect children from inappropriate & politically biased materials, such as this from @BBC_Teach that bizarrely informed children that there were ‘over 100 different genders’…
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And yet when we have reported schools to @Ofstednews & @amanda_spielman for #safeguarding failures around #RSE materials they have signed them off again as ‘good’. Far too many people have an extremely poor understanding of child protection. #Edutwitter…
An example of #safeguarding failures @Ofstednews has excused. Promoting breast binding to girls as young as 11 & directing them to websites for adult men where you can get free fisting gloves.…
None of this is new, we have been raising the alarm for years, as were many individuals & groups before us. Now people who were asked for help years ago are pretending to be shocked at what is going on, while others remain in denial. #Edutwitter #WomenEd
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Following on from our previous blog on
@school_sexed we have reviewed a book they wanted to get into every single secondary school in the country. Suffice to say, it's another huge #safeguarding fail. #edutwitter #EnoughIsEnough @GillianKeegan @RishiSunak…
It is steeped in ideological language, it sexualises children, talks inaccuratly about biology, & does not talk about the dangers & reality of porn. It gives an introduction to polyamory and an uncritical mention of surrogacy - we would say it is written by activists not experts.
This image places the penis and vulva on a continuum, showing genitals as ‘variations’. This image perpetuates the myth that is possible to be neither male nor female. It is untrue, ideological, exploitative and will confuse children about biology. Image
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We are struggling to find the words for the despicable lack of #safeguarding these girls were subjected to. It is appalling that their boundaries were so eroded that they accepted this man, this rapist, in their class. What have we done to girls that they……
accept being told to strip in front of a man as part of a college course? This is widespread societal grooming that anybody has accepted any of this, ever. Did anybody at the college attend their #safeguarding training? Why were they not able to apply it to a real life situation?
Why was it not a massive red flag that a man wanted to attend a course where much younger women were undressing? How on earth did people who should have been safeguard trained not recognise this for the predatory behaviour that it was?
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16 year olds are CHILDREN @GillianKeegan, this means they are entitled to #safeguarding. Safeguarding is a collective responsibility that we all share, why are you shirking yours. Even @Keir_Starmer who doesn’t understand that only women have a cervix, knows that 16 is a child.
This is just the latest episode in @GillianKeegan shirking responsibilities. She needs to resign now. We cannot have an education Secretary that doesn’t understand #safeguarding & doesn’t understand that 16 year olds are children.…
It is important for effective child #safeguarding that the line is held that under 18’s are CHILDREN. Obfuscating language such as ‘young people’ needs to be resisted. It is an abdication of responsibility allowing children to make decisions that cause them harm. #edutwitter
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Interesting thread from @Headteacherchat. We would say the greatest #safeguarding concern for schools at the moment is the sheer volume of children needing help. We seem to be witnessing our safeguarding frameworks failing on a national level. In our opinion both @educationgovuk
& @Ofstednews have an insufficient understanding of child protection to enable them to effectively safeguard the nations children. There seems to be no oversight & no accountability from anyone. This includes @ChildrensComm. @UKParliament is in complete dereliction of duty
& seems to have forgotten that under 18’s are children & that every child matters. Even worse than @Conservatives washing their hands of their duty of care, is @UKLabour failing to provide any effective opposition, they are missing in action, only occasionally appearing to point
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Since the schools have gone back the inbox is filling up faster than we can answer with political propaganda, #safeguarding failure’s & misinformation being taught at fact. The rainbow flag award features heavily, look out for it in schools particularly around Cambs & Manchester. ImageImageImage
Let’s take a look at this propaganda masquerading as a resource for KS4 (children aged 14-16). It starts off by claiming it’s required curriculum, but quickly launches into highly contentious political activism. ImageImage
Political language stated as fact here. Sex is not ‘assigned’ at birth, it is observed & recorded. Assigned is language appropriated from individuals born with DSDs. What are you doing about this @ChildrensComm @educationgovuk @Ofstednews @GillianKeegan? #edutwitter Image
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Still think ChatGPT is bad for education?

I just gave it a mark scheme and a sample student answer from an AQA GCSE English Language paper.

Look what happened 👇

*Spoiler: It marked it accurately in seconds*

#education #edutwitter #edtech #AI
As a response (thanks to Melissa McBride from I asked it how it could be improved and to provide an exemplar answer. Image
Join 2100+ subscribers who get the @EduFuturists newsletter every week. We explore the future of education, including tools like ChatGPT, with innovators from around the world every week.
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Dear Gveret O’Malley,

We received your letter of complaint about the timing of the Winter Graduation ceremony, set to be held on the second morning of Rosh Chodesh Tevet this First Day.

If we understand correctly from your letter, this date coincides with some kind of religious holiday for you, and you choose to prioritize this holiday over the celebration of your son Pattric’s scholarly accomplishments.

This date was the most convenient for everyone else; our preferred venue was not available on any other dates, and you are only family who is unable to attend due to the date. We have to consider the dates that are convenient for EVERYONE, as I’m sure you can understand.

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Minority religions' holidays may only be acknowledged during the holiday season.
If a minority religion has no holidays during the holiday season you may select one of theirs from another month to mention during the holiday season…

…if you happen to have a student from that religion in your class.

So please, put a lid on all holiday talk until Tishrei of next school year.
Religious observance has no place in #PublicSchool.

Chag Chanukkah sameach!
Principal Sara Beyla Stein


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ChatGPT doesn't just write your students' essays for you.

20 ways ChatGPT can help you teach/learn

🧵 /startthread

1. Ask ChatGPT to write your lesson plans. (Or at least to get some new ideas.)
(all of these and more at

2. Use ChatGPT as a more complex, nuanced source of answers to student questions than Google.

3. Ask ChatGPT for definitions on any level (complex, beginner, for an 8 year old ...)

#DitchBook #teachertwitter #edutwitter
4. Use ChatGPT to show students good writing examples.

Generate lots of essays, stories, poems ... anything. The more examples, the more they'll know what to emulate when they write.

It's like musicians who listen to lots of music. It influences the music they make.
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Talk to me about #perimenopause and teaching. I know lots of people are discussing it, which is great, but I'd like to probe a bit more deeply and maybe write a blog, as it strikes me as a big topic for women of around my age... #edutwitter 1/2
I'm interested particularly in how (or if) it manifests itself, has an impact on work and life, and what strategies people have for managing it - and leaders have for supporting colleagues. 2/2
Gosh! Just finished work and this has clearly hit a massive chord. I haven't had time to reply to individuals at all but I promise I will be delving further into this and doing some writing!
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Yr 13 | Medic Applicants
BMAT results 2022
So how do the relevant Unis use the BMAT in the selection of applicants for interview?
Find out in this 🧵

Brighton & Sussex
•Assign marks to the BMAT;
•rank applicants according to scores;
•fill interview places with the top scorers who also meet these minimum scores:
Section 1: 3
Section 2: 6
Section 3: 2.5 C
Do not use personal statement (PS) at all.

Do not share a specific method of selection.
They take a holistic (though heavy weighting on academic) approach which Includes:
•GCSE results
•BMAT score

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