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Thousands of trolls are targeting the left and #DisabilityTwitter, often pretending to be disabled and anti-vax/mask.

Here’s Cambridge Analytica’s ex-lead psychologist designing disinfo to target you on behalf of big business.
#HARTLeaks #KochNetwork
🧵1 Patrick Fagan chat log from...
If people are worried about covid, they avoid shops, go to fewer restaurants, stay away from offices etc.. Big businesses lose money.

Oil companies and commercial property companies lose money if people work from home. People use less petrol, which is the main thing.

People want sick pay, medical care, air filters and ventilation if they know the risks.

Businesses don’t want to pay. They fund pro-virus propaganda. Disinfo about covid and #LongCovid.

Covid’s the 3rd leading cause of death. 3% of the UK has LC. They need to hide it.

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Fake news reporter backs fake expert
Think I'll trust @VikiLovesFACS, an actual expert with a track record rather than #WrongAgainClare
GBnews is to journalism what homeopathy is to medicine

So I guess it's no suprise that sometimes they sometimes back ppl who practise homeopathy over actual experts
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#r4today Telegraph literally ran a disinformation campaign in regards to schools and covid, they have a massive self interest in shaping the narrative
Oakshott shows her agenda in an interview with @bbcnickrobinson says she was acting in the national interest, "lockdowns were forced on us with flimsy evidence"

She says no journalist could sit on a cache of information and not inform the public
So will @IsabelOakeshott be reporting on the #HARTleaks?
Over 6 gigabytes of internal chats showing how media and MPs worked with groups of anti valuers and conspiracy theorists to undermine public health with disinformation?
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@bbcnickrobinson perhaps #r4today would like to report on the leaked private chat messages which shows how a number of @Telegraph journalists working with antivaxxers and conspiracy theorists to undermine public health?
Perhaps @FraserNelson isn't a reliable source for #r4today to interview considering the Spectator's track record on covid reporting, they promoted GBD and platformed ppl like David Patton from disinformation group HART
Perhaps it's useful to mention that Oakshotts partner is Richard Tice whose Reform Party is seeking to pick up the anti-lockdown and antivax vote?
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@PHCukorg excited to share that @Johnincarlisle will be talking at their Annual Conference!

Are PHC's patrons, scientific advisors* and board fully aware of Campbell?

*Spoiler: includes Malhotra

For debunks of Campbell's latest YT see below...
1/x Who are Public Health Colla...
James Lynch, advanced practitioner in critical care, with a detailed and evidence-based debunk:
Stephen Griffin, virologist, highlighting Campbell's use of sombre speculation to appeal to his followers :
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🧵Malhotra and Bridgen are now getting support from the @Telegraph for their antivax claims

It's worth noting @sarahknapton wrote the article as she is mentioned in the #HARTleaks
2/ #HARTleaks shows they see Knapton as a good route to getting disinformation mainstreamed, for instance when they wanted to get attention to some junk stats put together by the UK Medical Freedom Alliance
3/ An example of Knaptons work, Dingwall, Heneghan, Jefferson, nearly all her quotes have likely come out of a single message group
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Bridgen and the rest of the CRG have been getting briefed by HART since January 2021,I think likes of Baker and Harper found them useful to undermine public health for libertarian ideology but Bridgen seems to have become a truth believer
2/They have been using APPGs to add a veneer of credibility to disinformation created by HART, Collateral Global and now Malhotra who seems intent on becoming the new Wakefield

3/ #HARTleaks even has the emails between CRG and HART showing how they built their relationship, also shows how a relatively small group have created a cluster of astroturfs
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🧵Is it a coincidence that the UK paediatricians promoting the concept of immunity debt also opposed masks and questioned vax?

They were also a key source of the claim children don't play a significant role in transmission

"No evidence of a child infecting an adult" ImageImage
2/ Russell Viner's April 2020 systematic review was the main source cited around the world as evidence children didn't play a role in transmission

This was promoted by the site Don't Forget the Bubbles
Viner became a UK gov adviser on children ImageImage
3/ Munro was appointed in March 2020 by the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Healths review on covid in children

Viner was President of the RCPCH at the time, Munro was given senior positions on various UK gov vaccine trials Image
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First encountered the Black Robes due to a Truth for Health covid disinformation event promoted by Michael Yeadon in the #HARTleaks

In the last month have found a lot of the connections demonstrating how covid disinfo feeds into the undermining of democracy⬇️
Black Robe Regiment, covid disinformation and insurrection, same forces as behind Canadian Truckers, and rising militancy in other countries
Then we see how Paul Alexander (Truth for Health/Pandata/Unity Project/Defeat the Mandates/Canadian Truckers science council)

Sought to undermine public health and suppress CDC information whilst part of thr Trump administration
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I was shocked to find that the former children's commissioner had submitted an application for core participant status to the @covidinquiryuk with UsForThem. Turns out the current children's commissioner has also been supporting a bill put forward by them
h/t @karamballes Image
This bill is about keeping schools open - irrespective of risk - AND with absolutely no advocacy for mitigations that would actually make schools safer. This has been the thrust of the UsForThem argument- keep children at school- but oppose any action that would make them safe.
It's frankly shameful to see the former childrens commissioner and the current one collaborating with an organisation that has done so much harm- by putting out anti-mask & anti-vax misinformation & opposing mitigations with legal threats to govt.
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Francis Hoar, lawyer to the cranks, has an unenviable record of losing almost every case he's involved in. But with clients billed up to £400 an hour for his services, he and his fellow lawyers seem to be profiting from crowdfunding for cases that are often futile and unwinnable.
It started in April 2020, when Francis Hoar wrote an article saying lockdown was "disproportionate" and could be in breach of the Human Rights Act.

The article prompted Simon Dolan to launch a legal challenge against lockdown, and Francis Hoar became junior counsel on the case.
Side note: showing what a small world it is, Francis Hoar's article included a "thanks" to Dr Robert Craig for "comments and suggestions on earlier drafts of the article".

As well as being a lecturer on constitutional law, Robert is the brother of .. HART co-founder Clare Craig!
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They turned covid into another Culture War issue, platformed disinformation astroturf groups, created alternative experts and facts and are now trying to rewrite history

Print media doesn't work for the public interest
Just look at how on the first day of lockdown the media pounced on Guptas "almost at herd immunity report"
It made headlines despite it being non peer reviewed and her refusal to even provide the data it was based on

Just another red bus with a lie on it
Over a year since the #HARTleaks released internal chats and emails between conspiracy theorists and MPs and media collaborating to undermine public health

It's like mafia omerta the way media won't report on their own colleagues

Emails are here⬇️
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the 'Impeccable scientific integrity' being defended here includes apparently wanting to 'seed the thought that vaccines cause covid'...
Her, and many members of HART and Global Collateral have had disproportionate influence, and their campaigns have no doubt led to deaths. Being suspended on twitter isn't the worst thing that can happen to you. Losing a loved one from COVID is far worse.
I have zero sympathy with the idea that these privileged people who had a responsibility and duty of care to the public and led disinformation campaigns that cost lives are being 'cancelled' or 'censored'...
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Better late than never. 🙄 Clare Craig spent most of 2020 claiming we were in a "false positive pseudo epidemic", deleted all her tweets when it became clear she was horribly wrong, then moved on to talking rubbish about vaccines.

She's produced a never-ending stream of wrong... Image
Given Clare Craig's spectacular ability to misinterpret data (all too often because she just hadn't bothered to read the footnotes), it would be easy to chalk this up to incompetence.

But thanks to #hartleaks we know that at least some of the time she was doing it on purpose... Image
But after two years of spreading mis- and disinformation about the pandemic and vaccines, Clare Craig has finally joined fellow HART members such as Tony Hinton, Michael Yeadon (his alt account) and Joel Smalley (twice) in getting kicked off Twitter for breaking their rules.
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🧵Telegraph article on excess deaths, tries to dismiss the possibility covid increases risk of cardiovascular issues to focus on lockdown harms
2/ First question, if lockdown is the cause then surely we should see huge excess numbers in China, Australia, New Zealand etc,
3/ Circulatory issues and diabetes the main cause of excess deaths

Suggests it could be alcohol and work from home
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Soon after HART launched, co-founder Anna Rayner warned members that "cyber security will doubtless become an issue" (one of the few things she got right!), and to "make sure anything controversial, or even whiffing of conspiracy isn't posted here".

Of course, nobody listened...
The origin of HART's security problems was arguably before the group even launched when, worried that it "wasn't the right message", they took a donation button off their website, having apparently raised only £1,434.99.

They then seem to have struggled to raise any other funds.
Founder Narice Bernard initially covered HART's Slack Pro license out of his own pocket, but apparently members wouldn't pay £13 each a month to keep it.

Instead they opted to deploy a free Rocket Chat install on their own server. Which turned out to be a false economy...
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While many HART members love a good conspiracy theory, it's founding member Michael Yeadon's wild claims that there's a global plot to depopulate the Earth using covid vaccines that has come to define the group. So where did it all go so horribly wrong?
As HART launched in January 2021, Michael Yeadon was already by his own admission struggling with mental health problems and depression.

Soon afterwards he deleted his Twitter account when people noticed he'd posted lots of highly offensive, racist content before the pandemic.
Meanwhile Yeadon and other HART members were already sharing crazy conspiracy theories on the group's chat channels. Eugenics, depopulation, Bill Gates, the WEF and the infamous Georgia Guidestones were all mentioned.

This is the echo chamber Michael Yeadon was living in.
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Exactly a year after #HARTleaks, Tory MP @ABridgen cited a recent appearance by @ClareCraigPath on @GBNEWS, where the senior HART member talked to fellow anti covid vaccine campaigner @MarkSteynOnline about a report from Germany .. that had already been withdrawn. 🤦‍♂️
This is yet another example of the damage that HART are STILL causing, thanks to useful idiots in the media and Parliament continuing to promote their nonsense without even the most basic of checks of who they are or what they're saying.

This is what they're all talking about: Image
And this is Clare Craig. She has a staggering ability to misunderstand data because she didn't bother to read the accompanying notes.

Famous for #HARTleaks quotes like "this doesn't fit our narrative" & "we need to seed the thought vaccines cause covid".

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HART caim to be " a group of highly qualified UK doctors, scientists .. and other academic experts", but in private they have some truly bizarre beliefs, including that vaccines make you magnetic or are designed to turn us into zombies that can be remote controlled using 5G. 🤪
Many HART members believe that covid vaccines cause "shedding". Basically, they think vaccinated people walk around in a cloud of spike proteins that can "infect" those around them. They blamed everying from unusual periods to rising covid cases on alleged "vaccine shedding".
Christine Padgham was particularly active in "vaccine shedding" discussions. Initially questioning if it was "mass hysteria" or "nonsense", within weeks she was asking fellow members if anything from a child with shingles to a baby with a temperature could be due to shedding.
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A year ago today @LogicallyAI posted an exposé of HART based on a huge chat server leak. This showed them privately discussing wild conspiracy theories and sharing anti-vax and extremist content, while trying to maintain a public facade of respectability.…
In the following weeks many of us trawled through tens of thousands of leaked messages exchanged by HART.

It was eye opening, showing the group working with MPs and media, while many members thought covid vaccines were mass murder or made us magnetic!

A year on, many HART members have followed the more extreme elements down a rabbit hole of increasingly wild accusations, having spent 18 months in an anti-vax echo chamber.

My DMs are open if any remaining moderates would like to get out and let us know what's been going on...
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If Telegraph want Sunak in Power that’s even more reasons for a General Election. Every Tory Leadership Candidate is as bad as the next. Every Tory MP tarred with the same brush: #ToryTraitors
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May 2021 HART discussion onlegal challenges against masks in class

Edmund Fordham (HART, BIRD, former Brexit Party candidate, supporter of Koch backed anti climate change measures group)

Shared a link by their Pandata/CG/C19Assembly colleague Kulldorf
2/ How did that work out? Bhattacharya's evidence was junk, he misrepresented a study
3/ LawOrFiction raised nearly £50k for the case, they said if they went to full trial they would want 6 figures

The aim was to prevent enforced mask wearing, estimated 10k initial cost, surplus to go on other antimask work

So 38k leftover then? Nice
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