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A lot of discussion about Constitution and Smriti in the last two days.

Obviously, it is a Category Mistake to compare the two, technically.

Yet, I am sympathetic of people indulging in this comparison. This thread is to explain why.

Let us begin by understanding the difference between the two. That will also help us to understand why the Confusion.

1. Smriti-s are an elucidation of the Purushartha perspective. It is a Dharma-Artha-Kama-Moksha enterprise. For the individual, the community and the State.

The Constitution is merely the Philosophy of the Modern State & a Book of Law based on that. Minimally a philosophy, maximally Law and adequately an institutional framework for the two.

It is an administrative Contract between the State & the Society, rather the individual.

2. The Smritis (& the Dharmashastras) are a

- Pravrutti-Marga Representation of the Vedas
- World View as a Collection of Sutra (Principles)
- Consultative Texts

You need Tapasvi-s with a Rta perspective to translate them into rules/actions for a Kaala-Desha-Vartamana.

The Constitution on the contrary is an application ready Contract between the State & the Society. It is articulated for the specific Kaala-Desha-Vartamaana.

Smritis are a Srishti of a Sage. The latter is a Contract arrived at by the Society through a this-world indulgence.

3. The Purushartha perspective of the Smriti-s is at loggerheads with the Constitutional Philosophy, although the Founding Fathers did not intend it this way.

The Liberty of the Constitution has brought the Individual in direct conflict with the Community through the State.

The Constitution, and hence the State, does not recognize Dharma and Moksha. It further got deteriorated when Secularism was sneaked in, escalating the Conflict.

Further, the State does not recognize the Community an essential element of the Purushartha perspective.

4. Paradigm-wise, the Constitution is the result of the Western “Model Thinking”. The Smritis as a “Sutra Thinking” enterprise, an intellectually different entity and our own Knowledge Representation idiom.

The latter, articulated as Principles, one that recognises Timelessness (Rta), is applied to a context through a detailed consultative process.

Hindu Kingdoms had Smriti experts who never applied anything from the Smriti-s directly.

Constitution pushes direct application.

5. What then is the apparent commonality between the two that creates this confusion?

We have 40 Smritis, each written in different times by different Sages. Constitutions do the same. Some Smriti-s do suggest a rewrite for another time.

The second commonality that creates confusion is - a part of the Smriti is nearly in the language of Modern Law Books. In fact, most uncomfortable verses belong to this part of a Smriti.

These two put together make us feel that the Smriti-s ought to be updated regularly.

The Lawbook like verses in a Smriti are all metaphorical. Nobody ever delivered any punishment that the Smritis seem to prescribe. When they prescribe a punishment that is to signify the harshness with which a crime ought to be punished.

Otherwise, Dayabhaga or Mitakshara systems of Law would never have been created in India. They are more comparable to a Constitution.

No Smriti, has ever been edited, a new Smriti has been written. We may shape a new Smriti for 21st Century.

But that requires a Tapasvi, a Sage with a Dharma-Artha-Kama-Moksha worldview emerging from the Vedas for the complexities of our times but articulated as a set of Eternal Principles.

This cannot be the enterprise of a Constituent Assembly.

While the confusion is understandable (with sympathies), we should not make this Category mistake of comparing the two. Instead, we ought to strive for
- Reconfiguration of the Constitution towards Purushartha
- Recognition of Sages who can shape a new Smriti for our times

Modern State is a Reality. Constitution will be a Necessity. We need a new Harmony between the Constitution and the Smriti.

We need a Smriti that recognises new realities like Individuality, Liberty, Technology as a fundamental element of life - and related challenges.

We need set of Principles, revealed as a Smriti, that helps us navigate through these Modern realities towards our Purushartha pursuit.

But that is not a Constitution. Rather, it must guide the right Constitution just as it once shaped Dayabhaga and Mitakshara.

& by Sages.


• • •

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Jan 26
Namaste Modi-ji:

Dhanyavad for yet another beautiful “Ganatantra Divas”. The Bharateeya Parampara was flowing from all of its past, through the present into its natural future.

This is to request you for a "National Heroes" Monument.


#RepublicDay @narendramodi @PMOIndia
#SriAurobindo, the most important original thinker of 20th Century, was obliterated from our National Consciousness & relegated to a corner in Pondicherry for 70 years.

I sincerely thank you for bringing him back into the centre stage through the Republic Day Tableau.

Of course, it is now the responsibility of all of us to ensure that his personality, contribution, thought seeps into the society. Youngsters need to know him at an early age.

Thank you, also, for the National Committee to celebrate his 150 years Birth Anniversary.

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Jan 19
#Thread - There is this point that troubles all of us. Why did Modern #Technology not happen in India, in spite of the fact that we did have a fairly advanced Science and Tech until 14th Century.

Is our way of life opposed to the kind of Technology we produce today?

Extending further, this results in “Is Dharma against Modern Technology, or even Technology itself? Is there a Conflict?”.

If not, what is the kind of Technology that Dharma anchors and enables.

This question cannot be answered directly. We need to take a step back & approach this by asking other Questions.

1. What is the Dharmic perspective of Life?
2. What is our perspective of Human nature?
3. Where does Dharma place Technology as a consequence?

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Dec 14, 2021
Criticism is a necessary evil in public discourse. It has an evil component to it which we must not forget. Hence, it is necessary to conduct our criticism in such a manner that it results in +ve outcomes and, at the least, not in -ve outcomes.

It must have 10 attributes.

1. It must be “ApyayamAna”.

It must be articulated as though a parent is prevailing upon an erring child. The intention must be evident to compensate for the bitterness of Danda.

The tenor must compensate for the difficulty of the substance that one cannot see.

2. It must be built for “Longevity”.

The situation may be overcome, the context may get erased in time, but our criticism will stay in some form. The criticism must be relevant in some form whenever it is accessed much later in time. Else, it will stay as a negative example.

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Dec 13, 2021
#Varanasi #KashiVishwanathDhamCorridor

The Importance of this Day

When most ancient City of the world
Where the Time finds a way to the Timeless
Where the mother of Rivers flows towards Eternity
Where the Great Divine (Mahakaal) flowed into the Civilization (Bharata Mata)

In our own life-time we are going to witness two important Civilizational turns.

The Nirmana of Sri Ram Mandir at Ayodhya

The Punarutthaana of Kashi Vishwanath Dham at Varanasi

There were many Civilizational hurdles for Sri Ram Mandir. The Secularists and Religious fundamentalists were up against it. That was a different battle.

But the one at Kashi was entirely a function of our own Will. The Sanatanis had to stand-up and do this.

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Nov 7, 2021
Felt like writing about “How I know about Adi Shankara” after reading some threads.

For a person belonging to a family of Advaita Tradition, this is a bit of a non-issue, yet it is important to represent my journey of knowing Adi Shankara.

Given the background, an Adi Shankara photograph was always there at home. Prominently in the living room, centrally in the Pooja Room.

Bookmarks were Adishankara card photographs. The “Prasanna-Vadana” of Bhagavatpada with his 4 Shishya-s was a timeless reality at home.

Not just that, at every single relative of mine, had a similar photograph/picture configuration in their houses. So, you grew up seeing those photographs all the while.

Plus Shlokas composed by Adi Shankara, Shlokas on Adi Shankara all the time at home.

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Nov 6, 2021
I must thank Rashtrotthana Sahitya, Bangalore for their Bharata-Bharati Series.

About 500 Books inKannada, now 200 In English. Each is about one historical person. Kings, Writers, Leaders, Thinkers, Scientists from ancient India to today.

@sankrant @Sai_swaroopa
When I was a kid, it was only in Kannada and was still evolving. Just as Amara Chitra Katha did, Bharata-Bharati Series played a very big role in shaping my civilizational sensitivity.

There is an entirely alternative history out here.

This series was shaped by Dr. LS Sheshagiri Rao, a stalwart in Kannada-English writing in Karnataka. Each book was written by a prominent writer in Kannada. Hence, the quality was outstanding.

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