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A very timely & sobering warning if one may call it that. My 2 paisa. Rest of India from long has been worked up about #JammuKashmir but they were the silent majority who knew their voice didn't count. The BJP-PDP alliance IMV was a brilliant strategy becoz unless one is inside
you learn nothing. BJP had zero connect from a administrative PoV. Likely they used this to learn & plan better. The LoC as a international border seems the only logical solution IMV. I have often said here, that any solution on #Kashmir that is not led/includes @BJP4India will
never find acceptance in India even if it is the best option. People will even accept a suboptimal solution especially if led by @narendramodi given the trust in India. Modi would be making a double himalayan mistake if there is even a hint of discussing status quo ante as agenda
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River Ganga Turns Green in #Varanasi; Experts Suggest Algae Could be the Reason…

(📸: IANS)
It has been a few days since the colour of the #GangaRiver in #Varanasi turned green. The change in the colour of the water has become a major cause of concern for the local people—more so, because, in the same period last year, the Ganga water had become sparkling clean.
According to Dr B.D. Tripathi, the chairman of Malviya Ganga Research Centre at Banaras Hindu University , the greenish appearance of the river could be due to microcystis algae.

#Ganga #RiverPollution
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Grief. Sense of loss. Helplessness. And a State that terribly failed its people. A month of documenting the second wave of #COVID19 for @newslaundry. Thread on stories filed:
How the death of journo Vinay Srivastava exposed healthcare facility in Lucknow…
April 17: When migrant workers began to head back home soon after the announcement of weekend lockdown in Delhi.…
Ground report on Covid preparedness of four private hospitals in Noida that were granted permission for critical care facilities in June 2020.…
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Salt Lake Herald, 1906

“Absurd Religious Practices in India”

#HindooHistory #Benares #Varanasi
“It seems hard to believe that in this civilized day there should exist anywhere, such preposterous absurdity as are practiced in India in the name of religion”
“Although England has ruled here for more than a century, and the Protestant missionary societies have spent upwards of a hundred million gold dollars in trying to make converts to Christianity, the mass of people still adhere to the ridiculous practices of the ancients”
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In light of the ongoing #COVID19 crisis in India, Watch the State @project_polis is putting out a thread of reported instances of #StateViolence in relation to the #COVIDSecondWave.

India is running out of oxygen, #Covid19 patients are dying–because the govt wasted time: It took 8 months to invite bids for over 150 #oxygen generation plants. 6 months later, most still aren’t up & running. @psychia90 & @VijaytaL report for @scroll_in.…
Bharuch General Hospital is the largest govt-run COVID-19 center in #Gujarat’s Bharuch district. On 16 April, there was only 1 doctor & 5 nurses. The hospital had 72 patients almost all of whom had severe #COVID19 symptoms. @chahat_rana1 @thecaravanindia…
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Thread: #Lucknow #COVID RESOURCES
Plasma Donors :

Please refer to this page:…


- please DM her
2. Cipla Med Gautam Enterprise - 9868124105
3. Mitesh Shah - He is not a supplier, he is finding the injection on demand as a social cause, and he was helpful

I request you to only text and not call them.
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Director Genenral of ASI to get a comprehensive physical survey done of the disputed site at Gyanvapi, Varanasi.
#KashiGyanvapi order:

A five-member committee to be constituted comprising of eminent persons, experts well-versed with archaeology, two members preferably from minority community.

An expert to be appointed as observer for the committee

Committee prime purpose is to find whether religious structure standing at the disputed set is a superimposition, alteration or addition or if there is structural overlapping of any kind over any other religious structure
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#Keesaragutta is a #Temple dedicated to Mahadev Shiva & his consorts Bhavani & Sivadurga at Keesaragutta in Medchal-Malkajgiri district, about 30 km from #Hyderabad . It is located on a small hillock. @sattology @Itishree001 @LostTemple7 @desi_thug1 @DivineElement
#Sattology says that Sri Rama installed Shiva Lingam here to nullify Brahmahatya Paapa of killing Ravana. He selected this beautiful valley surrounded by hills & verdant greenery for the purpose & ordered Hanuman to bring a Sivalingam from #Varanasi.
@RajeAiyer @Nidhi7007
Hanuman was late in arriving with Shiva lingam & as the Muhurtham was nearing, Mahadev himself appeared before Sri Rama & presented a Shiva lingam for installation. Hence the lingam in the #Temple is called Swayambhu Lingam. @almightykarthik @harshasherni @pujari_anup
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1-#Savita is the presiding Deity of the #GayatriMantra,

#Fire (#Agni) is the mouth,

#Vishvamitra is the #Rishi and #Gayatri is the metre.

Gayatri Mantra is recited during the investiture of sacred thread, practice of #Pranayama and #Japa, etc. (1/15)

2-What Gayatri is, the same is #Sandhya, and what Sandhya is, the same is Gayatri.

Sandhya and Gayatri are identical.

He who meditates on Gayatri,

..meditates on Lord #Vishnu, the Supreme Lord of the #Universe. (2/15)

3-A man can repeat the Gayatri Mantra mentally, in all states, even while lying, sitting, walking, etc.

There is no sin of commission or omission of any sort in its repetition.


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What's happening in #HagiaSophia is a proof that our priorities are screwed up . Disaster is not coming toward us . we are inviting and making our own disaster.…
This paragraph from the post from @kottke represent what I feel about #HagiaSophia , #Varanasi #ajmersharif #banglasahib, and other such sites. Pity our politicians can't leave it alone. Image
I guess the last frontier which Tech needs to disrupt is religion . Sooner we do it the better for us .
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Just like the case against the awe-worthy @sharmasupriya for her reporting in #Varanasi, here's a list of FIRs filed against #journalists in #UttarPradesh in the last year. Fasten your seatbelts, it will not be a short #Thread
#PressFreedom #lockdown2020 1/n
In March, at the height of the #lcokdown, @thewire_in's @svaradarajan was delivered a legal notice by police from Ayodhya. A quote in an article was wrongly attributed UP the Chief Minister, which was retracted and a corrigendum issued.
On 26 March, DM of #Varanasi sent a legal notice to Hindi daily Jansandesh Times claiming their report about tribal children eating grass for want of food due to the sudden announcement of the lockdown on March 24 was false. 3/n
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This day that year in #Varanasi for PM @narendramodi ji's poll campaign(he definitely didn't need any of it🙂).2nd Kashi poll trip(this time as an individual) at the end of Prachaar sewa in 51 seats across India as a RSS Swayamsewak,BJP cadre.
🙏🏽@iShashiShekhar bhai ImageImageImage
The discussion on people's mood & ground reports for #ModiOnceMore across India after dinner at Baati-Chokha with @iShashiShekhar bhai, @kuljeetschahal bhai saab was amazing,not to mention the awesome food.
P.S :
I just noticed @rohit_chahal bhai in the background of a photo.
6 Years of PM @narendramodi, Modi Govt 2.0 's Stupendous Performance at a Glance.
Aap Chronology Samajhiye
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Today marks the 84th death anniversary of Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad Ansari.
Dr. Ansari was born on 25th December 1880, at his ancestral home in Yusufpur-Mohammadabad in the Ghazipur district of what was then known as the United Provinces, (UP).

#Thread #DrMAAnsari
Dr. Ansari was a descendant - in a direct line - of Khwaja Abdullah Ansari of Herat through Khwaja Abdurreman. The family migrated to India in two batches; first in the reign of Mohammad bin Tughlaq and subsequently with Babur’s army in 1526.

Dr. Ansari was educated in Hyderabad, where his brothers were in the service of the Nizam of Hyderabad, and then received a degree in medicine from the Madras Medical College.
He moved to Edinburgh for higher studies and received a Master of Surgery from @EdinburghUni, in 1910.
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Après l’expérience des momies à #Guanajuato je viens de vivre une autre expérience qui s’inscrit dans le même contexte de la mort: celle de la crémation des morts Hindu dans les Ghats de #Varanasi au bord du Gange en Inde 🇮🇳
Chaque jour jusqu’à 200 morts sont brûlés dans le respect de la tradition Hindu.Avant la crémation le corps est immergé dans l’eau sacrée du Gange. Seules les femmes enceintes,les enfants et les morts par morsure de Cobra sont exemptés de ce rituel(ils seront noyés dans le Gange)
Un cadavre porté vers le Ghat où il sera incinéré. Les gens répètent «Ram Naam Satya Hai » (le nom de Ram est la vérité) #varanasi
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While PM @narendramodi has said that criticism makes a democracy strong, there is an ongoing crackdown on peaceful protests against the #CAA in #Varanasi, his Lok Sabha constituency. Amnesty International India investigates:…
@narendramodi Between 11 - 23 December 2019, more than 70 people were arrested for peacefully protesting in Varanasi. The police indiscriminately lathi charged on peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders, leading to the death of an 8-year old, and resulting in over a dozen injuries. 2/5
@narendramodi Most of the arrested persons were kept in custody for over 15 days, despite securing bail. Amnesty International India also documented the excessive delay by the jail authorities in providing access to counsel to the arrested persons. 3/5
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An interesting recent addition to the collection, a book that plunges into the historical linkages of a mammoth epic. The connections are perhaps easier to make as I have visited most of the excavated sites mentioned, esp Kaushambi. Image
More recent additions, these from the world book fair, in Delhi. A massive 3-volume listing of #hiddenheritage monuments in #Odisha. Amazed that the govt's publications division was giving this set away at a throwaway price. Image
More from the book fair: the memoirs of Britain's best known WW II commander and a book on personal anecdotes from the war. Image
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Started reading Srimad Devi Bhagwat Mahapuran ( - a 2 volume Granth of roughly 1000 pages each. Should be a good 1-2 year project to read it. Will share some snippets as I read. Seeking your blessings. Image
Devi Bhagwat Mahatmay which is actually from Skand Puran talks about the benefits of reading or listening of this Purana for the 4 Varnas - Dwij or Brahmins, dharnipati or kings, vaishya & Shudras as per their Varna dharma.

#devibhagwat Image
Like Ganga among rivers, Shankar among Devas, Ramayan among poems, sun among celestials, moon in pleasure giving things, fame for the wealthy, forgiveness for earth & depth is for ocean, Gayatri among mantras, memory of Hari to rid sins, so is #DeviBhagwat among 18 Puranas. Image
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Sea of crowd Chanting and Cheering for their favourite leader @narendramodi in Saffron !

Never before has India witnessed such frenzy ,such humongous crowd, such enthusiasm among people .
Its a Gigantic wave in #Varanasi
Saffron fever in #varanasi
Such kind of love and adulation is completely unparalleled .
Its like a carnival, electrifying atmosphere.

#KashiBoleNaMoNaMo ImageImageImageImage
For yrs Cong, SP, BSP instilled fear among Muslims agn Modi & used them as their vote banks.

Its Modi who has consistently worked for Hindus n Muslims thru his pro people schemes.

Watch Muslim weavers seeking 300+ for Modi
Not to miss d song in d Background
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Some of you friends have been asking me to clarify things relating to work in #Kashi from time to time
1.Anyone who is truthful and honest will vouch for the change that has been ushered in.
2.Visit #Kashi stay for a few days, explore yourself and you will see things urself 1/n
.. election season so many "experts" will be expressing themselves , "bringing truth" of #Kashi to you ...
Let them, no need to get worked up or get angry,pity their compulsion for they will disappear after 23rd may,only to appear in next elections 2/n
Now coming to the issue of untreated sewage water falling in Ganga ji.
Construction of new STPs and rehabilitation of old ones is underway at a fast pace,many are up and running. This will surely increase the water treating capacity of #Kashi .
Some "experts" will talk 3/n
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#YesEVM #EVM #EVMHacking
M3 Control Unit of EVM has Radio Frequency transmitter and receiver
It has been installed since 2013
Gopinath Munde was in charge of it.
We cannot blame @narendramodi or @BJP4India
Since 2013, it has been Munde way
Now onwards, it will be Syed way
2019 Elections will have many surprises
One group is to make money out of elections
Price will be calculated on real time based on demand
If there is a neck to neck competition
in that case, even a single vote will be expensive
This group has list of serial number of Control Unit
If you give your constituency and the candidate name
they will find out the serial number of the candidate
and transfer votes to the Control Unit

It is like Western Union money transfer
This group has no moral value
just want to make money

You could pay them in BitCoin
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@thewire_in @BJP4India
Coming from #AntiHindu #BreakingIndia forces isn’t surprising!
All scaremongers singing ‘save Hindu-heritage’ must’ve been investing in shops/lodges on encroached Mandirs making fast bucks from firangs!
#KashiVishwanathCorridor truth covered personally👇🏻
@thewire_in @BJP4India Gathered over days of walking around in #Varanasi , visiting the shamelessly encroached Mandir sites & speaking to people, here are some facts all #Hindus must know!
@thewire_in @BJP4India दीवारों से घिरे हुए मंदिर,जिन्हें फ़िरंगी चरसी नशेड़ियों से डॉलर एनठने के लिए लॉज, माँसाहारी होटलों में तब्दील कर दिया गया
ऐसे सैकड़ों निर्माणों का विरोध ६५ वर्ष #कांग्रेस सरकार ने क्यूँ नहीं किया,
प्राचीन मंदिरों का विनाश करने वाले कौन हैं
इनके विरोधमें क्यूँ कोई आवाज़ नहीं उठी?
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Dozens of villages in West UP lead hellish lives as a highly polluting industry has killed the river irrigating their region and has contaminated groundwater+soil to the extent they've given up groundwater consumption entirely.

My report for @SwarajyaMag coming shortly.
#Meerut's slaughterhouses first killed their river.

Now meat plants have contaminated their groundwater to the extent that they had to stop its use entirely.

My report from Western #UttarPradesh of a highly polluting industry and the state's abdication.…
This is state of groundwater in villages affected by slaughterhouses and meat plants in #Meerut's #Kharkhauda.

Govt has set up overhead water tanks away from villages with piped connections to villages BUT that's it. Villagers maintain those tanks w/ their own money.
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This road is gateway to Varanasi, as it connects Varanasi to the Lal Bahadur Shashtri International Airport, Babatpur. It showcases the fast-emerging Brand Banaras to all those, including foreigners, who travel this road to reach #Varanasi @nitin_gadkari…
@nitin_gadkari PM Modi has not only focused on improving roads (especially Airport and Ring Road), but he paid attention to improve the overall infrastructure in and around #Varanasi. The Multi-Modal Terminal and the Trade Facilitation Centre are perfect examples of it. @MORTHIndia
@nitin_gadkari @MORTHIndia Cleanliness efforts (Ghats) from "Team @ILFS_Kashi" is incredible. Additionally, maintenance of 26 Ghats in progress. Facade lighting on ghats. Don't forget to take a ride on Alaknanda Cruise (Assi Ghat to RajGhat) - Welcome to PM Constituency #Varanasi @SulabhIntl @swachhbharat
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