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[Day 3] District Judge Varanasi to resume hearing the application by the Muslim party challenging the maintainability of the suit filed by Hindus seeking worship rights inside #GyanvapiMosque as "barred by Places of Worship Act 1991"
#Varanasi #KashiVishwanathTemple
With half an hour to go for the hearing before District Judge Varanasi to resume, security has been beefed up #GyanvapiMosque
Amid loud chants of "Har Har Mahadev", Advocate Hari Shankar Jain for the Hindu party enters the courtroom of District Judge, Varanasi

Adv Ranjana Agnihotri denied entry inside courtroom

#GyanvapiMosque #KashiVishwanathTemple
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Varanasi Fast-track court of civil judge (Senior Division) Mahendra Kumar Pandey to hear a fresh suit by Lord Aadi Vishweshar Viraajman through next friend Kiran Singh seeking removal of #GyanvapiMosque from its existing place

#KashiVishwanathTemple #Gyanvapi
Scenes outside the Fast track court. Police security has been beefed up. #Gyanvapi #KashiVishwanathTemple
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#Varanasi District Court to shortly deliver order on whether the Order 7 Rule 11 application by the Muslim side seeking to reject the civil suit of the Hindu side seeking claim on #GyanvapiMosque be heard first or the commisioner survey report will also be taken along with it
The Hindu side had urged the District Judge AK Vishvesha to grant them access to the CD, Photographs and other contents of the Advocate Commissioner survey report of #GyanvapiMosque

Muslim side submitted the maintainability application be heard first #KashiVishwanathTemple
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Why is #Kashi so significant to Hindus? Part -1 #Thread

Varanasi does not receive much attention in Vedic literature, but its glory is strongly eulogized in puranic literature and treatises.
Kashi (The "Luminous"), Avimukta (The "Never-Forsaken" of Shiva, the patron deity), Anandavana (The "Forest of Bliss"), and Rudravasa (The "Dwelling site of Shiva") have all been used to describe the concept of image.
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District and Sessions Judge of #Varanasi, Dr AK Vishvesha will shortly begin hearing the civil suit by Hindu parties seeking worshipping rights inside #Gyanvapimosque. The court will decide the application for maintainability of suit filed by Muslim side first
The corridors leading to the courtroom of District Judge Vishvesha abuzz with Gyanvapi case conversations #GyanvapiMosque #Varanasi
The #GyanvapiMosqueCase will be heard post 2 pm. Parties seen thronging the courtroom. Media access is barred so far
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A Small story about Kashi city: - #Thread

Kashi is the spiritual name for #Varanasi, the pious city. Its name means "#CityofLight" r "Shining city" in Sanskrit and originates from the word #Prakasa, which means "#Light"

#GyanvapiTruthNow ImageImage
According to legend, as Shiva was ready to arrive in Kashi, King Divodasa forbade him from entering the city because he knew if Shiva was present, he would no longer be the exclusive focus of attention. Image
"A monarch can only control the city if everyone looks up to him," he explained. Shiva should not appear if you want me to dominate the city. I'll leave if he comes." Image
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SC shifts #Gyanvapi case from the civil judge court to the higher District Judge Court of #Varanasi. Says the complexities of the case require a "senior and experienced official", reports @kdrajagopal
SC directs #Varanasi District Judge to decide mosque caretaker's plea under Order 7 Rule 11 CPC (asking the Hindu women who have filed the suit to show a cause of action or legal injury) to be decided on priority.
Meanwhile the SC's May 17 order securing the area of the reported 'Shivling' and giving Muslims access to offer namaaz in the mosque to remain operational.
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Destruction of the Bindu Madhav temple in Varanasi by Aurangzeb
#BinduMadhav #Varanasi
@ShefVaidya @Sanjay_Dixit @JaipurDialogues

This is an original Akhbar of Aurangzeb's court dated Julus 26 Ramzan 20

Persian Text -

"ब-मुजीब निविश्ता रफीउलअमीन दिवान बनारस ब-अर्ज रसीद की..
बुतखाना बिंदुमाधव मिस्मार नमूदा दर बाब अहदास्त नमूदन मस्जिद हर चे अम्र शवद. हुक्म शूद के तय्यार नूमायद
Rafi-ul-amin the Diwan of Banaras wrote that the temple of Bindu Madhav has been demolished. I am awaiting your (Aurangzeb's) orders on the construction of a Mosque in that place. The Emperor ordered, "Go ahead and build a Mosque."
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Supreme Court begins hearing plea against verdict on video survey

#GyanvapiCase live:

#GyanvapiMosque #GyanvapiSurvey
#SupremeCourt #Varanasi…
Supreme Court starts hearing the plea of Anjuman Intezamia Masjid, challenging the order of Varanasi court which ordered a videographic survey of the #GyanvapiMosque complex, which is adjacent to the famous #KashiVishwanathTemple in Varanasi.

Senior advocate Huzefa Ahmadi, appearing for #AnjumanIntezamiaMasjid Committee, starts arguments - says that the prayers filed by the #Hindu side in the #VaranasiCourt categorically speak about changing the character of the structure, which is a #mosque.
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All India Muslim Personal Law Board calls an urgent meeting of its executive committee. Issues, including #GyanvapiMasjid, #TipuSultan Masjid and others will be discussed and the board will decide its future course of action. (ANI)

#Gyanvapi hearing: While the #Hindu side has sought 2 more days to file a survey report; the #Muslim side has opposed the sealing order.

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🚨Allahabad High Court to hear Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s) at 2pm.
#KashiVishwanath #mosque #temple #Varanasi #KashiVishwanathTemple
The matter is being heard before the bench of Justice Prakash Padia.
On the last date of hearing, Adv. VS Rastogi had argued that the Sunni Waqf Board had illegally and arbitrarily registered temple's property as Waqf's.
To
The high court is hearing a batch of petitions having the plea moved by the Anjuman Intazamia Masazid, Varanasi last year seeking a stay on the proceedings before the Varanasi court as the leading petition.
#KashiVishwanathTemple #GyanvapiSurvey #GyanvapiMosque #KashiVishwanath
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James Prinsep (1799 – 1840) was an English scholar, orientalist and antiquary. He was the founding editor of the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal and is best remembered for deciphering the Kharosthi and Brahmi scripts of ancient India. 1 Image
He studied, documented and illustrated many aspects of numismatics, metallurgy, meteorology apart from pursuing his career in India as an assay master at the mint in Benares. He painted many drawings & paintings of Kashi / Varanasi during his 10 years (1820-1830) stay in Kashi. 2 Image
Plan of the Ancient Temple of Vishveshwar.
The dotted line shows the portion of temple occupied by the present Masjid.This plan of Adi Vishweshwar temple of Kashi was drawn by James Prinsep about 200 years ago.Plate 12 from second part of James Prinsep's 'Benares Illustrated'. Image
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🚨Allahabad High Court resumes hearing Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s).
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi #kashivishwanath
On the last date of hearing, Adv. Vijay Shankar Rastogi, the appointed next friend of Lord Vishweshwar, had argued that the land in question belongs to the 'Swayambhu' lord since always, therefore, Aurangzeb never had any right over it.…
The matter is being heard before the bench of Justice Prakash Padia.
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi #kashivishwanath
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🚨Allahabad High Court continues hearing Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s).
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi #kashivishwanath
Matter is being heard before the bench of Justice Prakash Padia.
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi #kashivishwanath
On the last date of hearing, Adv. VS Rastogi, the appointed next friend of Lord Vishweshwar, had said that the "dispute is not a dispute of property simplicitor but it is a national dispute with emotions of millions of people attached to it."
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🚨Allahabad High Court resumes hearing in Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s).
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi #kashivishwanath
Matter is being heard before the bench of Justice Prakash Padia.
After absence of any senior counsel on behalf of the Central and State Govts. being pointed out by the Court on the last date of hearing, ASG SP Singh appears on behalf of the Central Government.
#kashi #mosque
On the last date of hearing, Adv. Rastogi had said that the Hindus had continuous possession over the land as even after the demolition of the first floor of the ancient temple, 'aarti' and other Hindu worshipping rituals were continued.
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🚨Allahabad High Court resumes hearing in Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s).
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi
Adv. Puneet Kumar Gupta appears for the parties contesting the Gyanvapi mosque being situated on the land in dispute.
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi
Gupta reads out the relief sought in the suit by Ancient Idol of Swayambhu Lord Vishweshwar filed in 1991 for restoration of performance of rituals at the principal seat of Asthan of Lord Visheshwar and other gods within the precincts of temple complex known as 'Ancient Temple'.
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#Varanasi #KashiVishwanathDhamCorridor

The Importance of this Day

When most ancient City of the world
Where the Time finds a way to the Timeless
Where the mother of Rivers flows towards Eternity
Where the Great Divine (Mahakaal) flowed into the Civilization (Bharata Mata)

In our own life-time we are going to witness two important Civilizational turns.

The Nirmana of Sri Ram Mandir at Ayodhya

The Punarutthaana of Kashi Vishwanath Dham at Varanasi

There were many Civilizational hurdles for Sri Ram Mandir. The Secularists and Religious fundamentalists were up against it. That was a different battle.

But the one at Kashi was entirely a function of our own Will. The Sanatanis had to stand-up and do this.

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Oldest continuously inhabited city !

• It is not known when the city of Varanasi was established but the city existed since early Vedic era. This city was bounded by Varana and Asi Rivers.
• Varanasi was ruled by king Kshemaka around 11400 BCE. Panchala Prince Divodasa, the father of Haryashva defeated Kshemaka.
• King Haryashva and his descendants reigned over Varanasi around 11350-11150 BCE.
• The Haihaya kings invaded Varanasi and King Haryashva died in the war.
• Haryashva’s son Sudeva and his grandson Divodasa defeated Haihayas and fortified the city of Varanasi.
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All you want to know about Kashi Corridor straight from The architecture team.

Area of Temple before Construction was just 3500 sq feet.

Area of Temple corridor after construction is 4,50,000 sq feet.

All the Shivlings and idols which were usurped by the nearby houses has been restored & reinstalled inside the

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We know what #Varanasi looks like today; what it looked like in 2014. I first visited the oldest living city to do a feature for The Statesman 35 years ago.
Since then, I have visited Varanasi several times. During one visit, I acquired a set of old prints. Sharing them.
‘Dusaswumedh Ghat’, or Dasashwamedh Ghat, by James Prinsep. 1831. Litho.
‘Ugneswar Ghat’, by James Prinsep. 1831. Litho.
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#काशी_विश्वनाथ_कॉरिडॉर : धार्मिक विकासकामांचे प्रेरणास्रोत
#थ्रेड #Thread #धागा
#भव्य_काशी_दिव्य_काशी #KashiVishwanathCorridor
13 डिसेंबर रोजी, फिनिक्स सारख्या नवीन अवतारात उदयास येणारे काशी हे शाश्वत शहर पंतप्रधान नरेंद्र मोदी यांच्या साक्षीने काशी विश्वनाथ धामचे नवनिर्मित संकुल
लोकांना, विशेषत: यात्रेकरूंना समर्पित करणार आहे, ज्यांना अनेक अडचणींचा सामना करावा लागायचा.

प्रदीर्घ इतिहासातील चढ-उतार, विनाश आणि सृष्टीचा साक्षीदार असलेल्या भगवान शिवाच्या निवासस्थानाचे हे पुनरुज्जीवन तब्बल 250 वर्षांनी साकार होत आहे. इंदूरच्या महाराणी अहिल्याबाई होळकर यांनी
मुघल शासक औरंगजेबाने उद्ध्वस्त केलेल्या काशी विश्वनाथ मंदिराच्या पुनर्बांधणीत महत्त्वपूर्ण भूमिका बजावली होती. शेजारील ज्ञानवापी मशिदीच्या अवशेषांनी 1777-80 मध्ये राणीच्या मॅरेथॉन प्रयत्नांनी एका लहान पण भव्य मंदिराचे रूप धारण केले.
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BIG BREAKING : BJP UNDER 160 in #UPElections2022 According to #RSS Internal survey.

BJP - 150-160
SP - 180-190
BSP - 10-14
Congress - 30-33
Other - 10-15
BREAKING : Congress leading on 3/5 seats of #Varanasi

- Rohaniya
- Varanasi South
- Varanasi Cantt.

BJP leading on 1/5
- Varanasi North

Apna Dal leading on 1/5
- Sevapuri

SP - 2
BJP - 2
Congress - 1
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Short thread of satellite images
Story of a navigational canal that was built with ~12 crore rupees tax payer money in #Ganga riverbed in #Varanasi Uttar Pradesh.

h/t @Indian_Rivers

Before the construction of the canal, this was the river Ganga
In March 2021, the construction started in the river bed where we can see the machines in action. The canal was supposed to be built parallel to the main river but within the bed.

By May, the construction had progressed and we can see the canal taking a shape (highlighted in white)

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