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@Grouchy0ldVet @stillgray @PrisonPlanet U can download a nonRoot-firewall, I personally use You can chose to block most apps, services that you don't want accessing your internet connection (WiFi/4G/Location/Mic) also use a #VPN #Netguard and it tells you what is trying to access those services.
@Grouchy0ldVet @stillgray @PrisonPlanet And as people have stated here, move your email to @protonmail and internet searches to @DuckDuckGo. Remember an #internet search is a query to a database. There is no such thing as googling. There are internet searches. Choose those companies that respect your #privacy
@Grouchy0ldVet @stillgray @PrisonPlanet @ProtonMail @DuckDuckGo At the end of the day, your data is worth money. You have to change your habits, there is no such thing as a free service. Specially from the likes of #google #Amazon #Twittfacebook. These companies didn't even invent the #technology, they just market it as if they did. Good luck
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1. RIL’s New Vision is ‘To build a New Reliance for a New India’. Our Mission is to ‘Grow India and Grow with India’. #RIL recognises the aspirations of new #India and #Consumer & #Technology are its two mantras to meet those aspirations #NayeIndiaKaNayaJosh #RelianceAR Link:
2. In line with its aim to serve more and more Indians in a strongly inclusive way, #RIL continues to extend reach to consumers and communities!
#NayeIndiaKaNayaJosh #RelianceAR… Image
3. #RIL is the highest private sector contributor to the national exchequer… continues its commitment to the nation’s growth!
#NayeIndiaKaNayaJosh #RelianceAR… Image
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About me (@CamilleEsq): I am a cybersecurity attorney. I am the Head of Security Policy for @Google Play & @Android. I work at the intersection of tech, law, & society. #ShareTheMicInCyber Find out more about me & follow my work at
If you head over to LinkedIn today my @Google colleague & the VP of Security, Royal Hansen will be sharing about my and a few other throughout the day! #ShareTheMicInCyber is happening there too! - CS
I provide a cross-cutting perspective on complex technology, cyber, & #NatSec & #foreignpolicy issues. This has led me to roles across the federal and private setors for orgs like @dhsgov, Capitol Hill, @Google & @Deloitte. - @CamilleEsq
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Meanwhile, #US #e-commerce sales, per Mastercard SpendingPulse, were up 92.7 percent in May, underscoring the broader shift to #digital in how we work, live and shop.… Image
#ecommerce #digital
According to Mastercard SpendingPulse, more money was spent online in the #US between April and May than the last 12 Cyber Mondays combined. ImageImageImageImage
#ecommerce #digital #ausbiz #ausecon
Of those aged between 22 and 35, only 36 per cent have a credit card, down from 59 per cent in 2002, and only 14 per cent pay in cash.…
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1. Thanks to @RealWriteWinger & @sdesla I've learned of a new swamp outlet:
They are extortionists sort of - using the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to push businesses out of business unless they take the knee.
2. "B-Corp certification is administered by the non-profit B Lab"
#technology #SDGs
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The Harbinger - China Tech & VC Podcast

In a candid chat Shunwei VP Meng Xing, who founded his first start up while completing his MBA at MIT, talks about 3 fundamental differences between the tech startup scene in China and USA.

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Socio-economic environments:
China has large population segments (eg. factory workers) whose distinct needs make it possible to build unicorns that can scale in niche markets. Quick growth in US, on the other hand, can be challenging.
First-mover advantage or not?
In US, it pays to be the first in executing a groundbreaking idea. However, in China, companies have to deal with copy-cats. Therefore, it's imperative to keep innovating and improving gaps in existing products.
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0/ Brand as a #ThirdSpace by Habib Ullah Khan

While my poor friend was teaching the class, I was taking notes.

Notes from the Brand as a Third Space lecture with @Huk06 today at @HabibUniversity

#startups #founders #branding #marketing #thirdspace
1/ The spaces in our lives

1st Space. Home. Where we live, eat, share and sleep.

2nd Space. Work. Where we go work and earn a living.

3rd Space. Coffee shops. Stadiums. Gaming Consoles. Gyms. Trails.

Places where we go to be ourselves or find ourselves.
2/ The difference between spaces

The first two spaces are associated with society's expectations - imposed stereotypes and societal models

The third space is associated with aspiration and dreams

The third space is about choice.
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The @GOPunjabPK recently announced Provincial Budget with total estimate of revenues as Rs 2,240.63bn & expenditure as Rs2115.63bn. A thread on major highlights of the budget.
A total of Rs 336.5bn was allocated for School Education Department.
#Pakistan #economy #Punjab
The Health Care Department was allocated Rs 134 bn by the #Punjab Government.

#Pakistan #Budget2021 #PunjabBudget2020 #CoronaBudget
Irrigation Department received 45bn out of the total #Budget .

#Pakistan #Budget2021 #economy #PunjabBudget2020
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Sekelas Google bisa prank? Penasaran gimana caranya google ngeprank kamu? tenang aja ini bukan klikbait kok 😉

#google #techtips #technology #programmer #geek #itkupadamu #gabut #receh #indonesia…
1. cari di laman @Google kata kunci "do a barrel roll" lalu klik cari...

@Google 2. coba lagi menggunakan kata kunci "askew" lalu cari lagi...

#prank #TechTips
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A Thread on unheard Secrets behind the success of a Game Changing Indian Company: Asian Paints

Asian Paints is the only company in the history of the planet which has grown #revenues at 20% p.a. consistently for 60 years, from 1952 till 2020.
• The Company went public in 1982 & has given a 1800x return till date.

• Their entire #business doubles in size every 3 years since past ~30 years.

• Promoters worth ~$12 Billion.
Minority share holders worth ~$10 Billion.
Paint is the only sector in India where:

1) The #product goes straight from – manufacturer to the dealer.

2) The dealer’s shop is replenished multiple times in the same day (4x/day & 28x/week).
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You cannot ignore.....
Our inability to understand and grasp something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

#mystery #cognitiveload
West has yet to understand paranormal phenomenon.

Ancient civilizations has achieved so much that still today we are unable to understand and comprehend.

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It’s an interesting approach at @MITSloanFellows - placed into teams rather than allowed to select own team. The teams are formed so there is likely to be misalignment and conflict. And then we have to work together for grades. We cannot do usual bonding activities via Zoom
Teams are being coached & cautioned that it is easy to create “in” and “out” groups to exclude, marginalize, label some in group. Instead, keep open communication and pause prior to forming any conclusion.…
“Identify where on ladder you are.

Are you:
-Selecting your data or reality?
-Interpreting what it means?
-Making or testing assumptions?
-Forming or testing conclusions?
-Deciding what to do and why?”

Vet, verify, listen, consider

(This seems especially relevant for biases)
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First week of class at @MITSloan for @MITSloanFellows has been intense. Lots of learning on #mindst to move into or affirm #growthmindset - one of the videos we watched was on “Thinking Fast and Slow” or two systems in our brain.…
A few pictorial representations and some humor. In our fast-paced world it is easy to rely on mental models or trusted individuals instead of verifying facts or being thoughtful

Interestingly I found that some scientist can be living in system 1 based on trust in own expertise ImageImageImageImage
That seems particularly relevant now given how blindsided so many institutions were by the #pandemic, with healthcare excutives & policy makers

seeing familiar patterns

not staying aware of the expected but rare event

#COVID19 #coronavirus…
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In the first post of breakItDown, we look at the history of telephones and phone nos. Let's dive deep into the technology that changed the world and brought it closer.
Initially, 2 telephone endpoints were hardwired and couldn’t talk with anyone else but the already existing telegraph network changed that. Telegraph worked by transmitting electrical signals over a wire laid between stations. These stations were used as telephone exchanges.
Telephone endpoint was connected to a telephone exchange which routed the call to the other end point. Initially, this was done physically via switchboards which were restricted to a small local area.
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Thread by @isabelrodbar: Are SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence estimates biased?…

The Great Stagnation—or Decline and Fall? - Intercollegiate Studies Institute: Think. Live Free.…

#civilization #fall #decline
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Let’s talk #safetyculture


It’s a framework for a harm reduction towards all: patients & families as well as all staff

growth mindset
instead of
fixed mindset

to have needed uncomfortable conversations

#MedTwitter #AcademicTwitter #MedEd #NurseTwitter
This framework has been applied to reducing harm, mostly through medication error (though intended to achieve population health)

Then was expanded to patient experience

Also, cost of care

More recently we have added clinician wellbeing

=quadruple aim…
What has not been clearly stated in any of these #safety framework is disparities, structural inequity, or racism

The acute care side of the hospital - money maker - thinks of this as type of safety & #quality

but not #populationhealth

#Implicitbias elicits 🙄😡😴 response
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Some excellent research has been published over the past few years on #policing and #militarisation that, given the recent events in the #US (and beyond), and subsequent debates on policing, deserves to be curated. A thread on some relevant scholarship from around the world. 1/n
Let's begin with the #US, where @Peterkraska has guided much of the contemporary research on the militarisation of civilian policing. Here's an article by Kapeller & Kraska on normalising police militarisation (a response to Garth den Heyer’s critique)… 2/n
den Heyer had challenged the works of Kraska and others who showed how policing was becoming more militarised in the #US. den Heyer argued instead that the establishment of SWAT/PPUs was ‘a natural progression’ in the evolution of American policing:…) 3/n
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THREAD about some of the #economic/#technology chatter we’re hearing from the media/public/govt while the #China-#India boundary situation has been playing out 1/
For one, there are once again calls in India to boycott Chinese products (seen these before, including during Doklam) with hashtags like #boycottmadeinchina, #boycottchina and #boycottchinesegoods. Also saw these recently when COVID-related anti-China sentiment was peaking 2/
The boycott calls have been spurred to some extent by Sonam Wangchuk (inspiration for Aamir Khan’s character in 3 Idiots), who has called for a #GrabYourWallet response by Indians. Some “influencers” have since claimed they have deleted Chinese apps 3/…
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BUSINESS EXCELARATOR PROGRAM is a unique program for entrepreneurs to provide practical strategies to identify growth opportunities & overcome current challenges.…

Questions that will be answered in this program:
Question #1: Have you defined department-wise Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on specific goals & targets to measure whether your business objectives are achieved?

#performance #business #program #covidsolution #covid19 #msme #AtmaNirbharBharat #lockdown
Question #2: Do you get the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your company as a Business Summary Dashboard on a daily basis to monitor & measure the progress of your company?

#business #program #covidsolution #covid19 #msme #AtmaNirbharBharat #Lockdown5 #startups
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1/ 🗣We at @anghami have been working for 8 years proudly in #Lebanon supporting 100s of families, building tech & music to reach over 80 million users from #Beirut.
We're unfortunately, one of the few global startup stories in the country.
@anghami 2/ 👥We've always recruited based on merit across the Lebanese society, never differentiating between religion or belonging.
Today, because of a tweet that's not endorsed by our company from a personal account, I read calls to fire an employee & boycott #anghami
@anghami 3/ ☹️ In contrast, others warn of retaliation with counter boycotts if the employee is fired.
That's our sad #Lebanon life. Our new demarcation lines? Mat7af or Gallery Semaan?
I am very well versed in tech, and know ziltch in politics & would like to remain so.
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1/30 In two forthcoming pieces, I examine #Japan's response to the #COVID19 #coronavirus #pandemic. I'll summarize the main non-theoretical points here (long thread alert!).
2/30 #Japan’s figures have always looked good compared to many other countries, which initially led to suspicion that the ‘real’ numbers of #COVID19 #coronavirus infections & death were being played down.
3/30 #Tokyo Metropolitan Government at least has now released full #COVID19 figures, including general death rates, seeming to put this argument to rest (but these figures are also now being challenged).…
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