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Virgin coconut oil as the main fat source in a diet of 60% fructose, 20% protein, 10% fat maintains redox status and markedly improves glucose metabolism "Variation in the glucose tolerance of animals under th
When animals are fed the same diet but with copra oil instead, they develop insulin resistance and advanced fatty liver.

Both oils are composed of over 90% of the beneficial MCTs, so the 2-fold higher antioxidant polyphenols in virgin coconut oil seem to make the difference. VCO = virgin coconut oil CO = copra oil
60% fructose + 10% fat as copra oil led to a 46% blood sugar increase and higher oxidative stress

60% fructose + 10% fat as virgin coconut oil only raised blood glucose by 16%, significantly increased glutathione and antioxidant enzymes, and reduced lipid peroxidation.
Therefore, even if eating a high-carb low-fat diet, something akin to the Kitavans or Tsimane, eating the *wrong* kind of fat can still be detrimental even at extremely low amounts. No wonder both of those populations do so well eating lots of coconut.

Virgin coconut oil maintains redox status and improves glycemic conditions in high fructose fed rats

#raypeat #diabetes #insulin #lchf #hclf #vegan #keto

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Jul 28
Modern people are poisoned daily by mixed-macronutrient caloric excess.

You can avoid the detriments of activating the Randle cycle by maintaining a caloric deficit.

But watch most people when they restrict calories on a modern mixed diet. They are hungry all day and stressed.
It takes immense effort to fight the microbiome-neuroendocrine-appetite dysregulation that happens on a mixed diet of processed foods. These problems are essentially gone when you eat a whole foods diet specializing in either carbs OR fats with sufficient protein.
For sustainability and practicality, if you agree that human beings are omnivores that evolved for metabolic flexibility, then low-carb as the modern compromise (IF you aren't already sick enough that carnivore becomes a necessity), with potentially annual carb-cycling
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Jul 26
Is there any more important/unifying/explanatory factor in nutrition (and downstream health and disease) than the Randle cycle? ImageMechanism of inhibition of ...Mechanism of inhibition of ...
This is not a hypothetical or sarcastic question. I used to see insulin resistance, leaky gut (and dysbiosis), and chronic inflammation as high-level unifying factors, but those can all flow downstream from the Randle effect in people eating persistently mixed-macro modern diets.
Ketosis and "carbosis" (or LFHC) work for fat loss but they also cause powerful and apparently unique metabolic and mitochondrial repair. You will see both carnivores healing and reversing disease and the raw fruitarians / vegans, which they'll call "detox", but it still happens.
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Jul 22
Taurine added to a high-cholesterol diet for 2 weeks reduced serum cholesterol by 37% and hepatic cholesterol by 32%.

Taurine increased taurine-conjugated bile acids by 61% and greatly increased conversion of cholesterol to bile acids via increasing CYP7A1 enzyme activity. Taurine ameliorates cholesterol metabolism by stimulating bi
Worldwide data spanning 24 populations of 16 countries show that higher urinary taurine excretion (indicating higher dietary taurine intake) is associated with lower age-adjusted mortality rates from coronary heart disease. Male urinary taurine excretion and age-adjusted Ischemic HeaFemale urinary taurine excretion and age-adjusted Ischemic H

Taurine ameliorates cholesterol metabolism by stimulating bile acid production in high-cholesterol-fed rats
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Jul 20
A heuristic on ketosis:
Many advocate keto or carnivore as the universal human diet that everyone should follow always. Others don't do well on keto and become ideologically opposed to it.
But we can view it like exercise. Potentially great, but maybe not for 100% of your life.
You can destroy your health by overtraining with exercise. Some people take years to recover from that. You can also ruin your brain and body by not moving enough. Likewise, many people can become ill by never metabolically switching between carbs and fats.
In the context of a mixed-macro, energy-dense, nutrient-poor diet in an industrialized world, your metabolism essentially atrophies. Like one who never exercises, your metabolism becomes entrained in one gear and loses all flexibility because it's never subject to eustress.
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Jul 16
There is a significantly lower rate of coronary heart disease in men who eat over a kilogram of ghee per month according to a rural India population study (n=1982). Another highly saturated fat that doesn't do what health authorities claim it will (clog our arteries and kill us). Image
Even more, the men eating over 1 kg of ghee per month weigh more, have higher BMI, and consume significantly more calories, saturated fat, and monounsaturated fat than the group with higher coronary heart disease and lower ghee consumption.

Association of dietary ghee intake with coronary heart disease and risk factor prevalence in rural males
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Jul 13
Patients with atherosclerotic heart disease were put on a 1800 kcal/day high-saturated fat, starch-free diet with some fruits + veg.

In 6 weeks they lost 12 lbs on avg (5.5±2.1 kg).

Triglycerides & VLDL decreased, LDL unchanged, HDL size increased, insulin sensitivity improved.
The diet was a ~24g/day increase of saturated fat and 1g/day increase of cholesterol vs. the low-saturated fat, low-meat, low-egg diet their dieticians had them on before.
10 patients had metabolic syndrome at the start but by the end, 8 of them had changed to a low-risk profile.
This was despite statin treatment that the metabolic syndrome, atherosclerotic patients had been on.

A switch to a high-saturated fat, high-red meat, high-egg diet (1–1.5 lbs red meat + 2–4 eggs/day, w/ fruit and veg).

Only 1 MetSyn patient did badly on the diet. 80% improved.
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