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Bapna also Bafana or Bapna or Bafna (Hindi: बाफना / बाफणा )is Indian Jain or Brahmin community. The name was used 4 for Brahmin in #Andhra. Derived from Bahufana & Bafanha. Phaṇa ( Sk. phaṇa) the hood of a snake. How did #Jains end up with #Sudra??This is major spiritual #fraud
#Brahmins are apparently meant to be one group with Jains-this is covenant system. They were imposed on Sudra in British era when Tirupati temple was set up. #Nemi (Jain/Jinn) statue removed and the Tirupati Jinn installed. This is not good news 4 Brahmins as #Nemi is #wrathful
"To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning". "So the guard took away their choice food and the wine they were to drink and gave them vegetables instead" (vegan) #Daniel 1:16 #JainBrahminAramic
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1/ At the risk of sounding uncharacteristically snarky, there's only one way I know to "boost" your immune system -- which is to activate it by getting sick or hurt.

Kind of like boosting the presence of firemen in your neighborhood by setting your house on fire...
2/ Look, seriously, instead of trying to look for a silver bullet supplement or drug -- recognize there is *very clear* evidence that poor lifestyle and diet can result in an inadequate immune response.
3/ As much as I try to stay away from the diet and exercise wars, I can't really avoid it when someone is asking me about the immune response.

Not only was there a lot of evidence of this before #covid19, there's quite a lot of it unfolding in real time during the pandemic.
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Vegan Sourdough Hot cross buns, step-by-step!

Adapted from @izyhossack’s recipe!

#HappyEaster #vegan #easter #hotcrossbuns #SaturdayMorning
50g (1/4 cup) water
2 tbsp plain flour

170g (2/3 cup + 1 tbsp) water
60g (1/4 cup) vegetable oil, +extra for bowl
50g (1/4 cup) granulated sugar
2 tbsp mixed spice
90g sourdough starter
250g (3 2/3 cup) plain flour
+extra for kneading
1 tsp salt
150g dried fruit
75g plain flour
15g vegetable oil
65g water

1 tsp golden/maple syrup
2 tbsp oat milk/soy milk
a pinch of baking soda
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#BirdFlu detected in Nueva Ecija #quail farm, can affect humans #Philippines

.@WHO said it has not received reports of new cases of human infection with #H5N6 btw January 31 & February 6, 2020

Maybe just maybe STOP EATING OTHER ANIMALS🔥 #Vegan…
February 7 update, WHO said a total of 24 lab-confirmed cases of human infection w #H5N6, including 7 deaths reported frm China since 2014
Whenever #AvianInfluenza #virus are circulating in #poultry there is risk for infection due to exposure to infected birds, envir...
aaannnddd again
#COVIDー19 #genetics of the new virus

#coronavirus group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals & birds
In people coronaviruses cause respiratory infections, inc common cold


#GISAID #Zoonotic #WashYourHands#StopEatingAnimals
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Daily #coronacooking recipe:
Brown Soda Bread with Hazelnuts. Heat oven to 180c.
350g whole-wheat flour
100g white flour
2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
A pinch sea salt
A handful of wheatgerm
A handful of whole hazelnuts
1 tbsp molasses or black treacle
350 ml buttermilk
If you don’t have buttermilk, you can use soured milk.

You can skip the wheatgerm if you don’t have it, but it does give a lovely added flavour.

If you don’t have molasses or black treacle, use dark brown sugar. #coronacooking
Mix all the dry ingredients in a big bowl. Add the molasses and buttermilk. Mix it well. You don’t need to knead this dough at all, it’s a soda bread. It doesn’t require proofing, it just goes straight in the oven. #coronacooking
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🔴 J-2 avant les #Municipales2020 !
➡️ Rappel sur les candidats complaisants avec les islamistes
➡️ Aujourd’hui, @Tony_Di_Martino de @bagnolet_ps & @MarcEverbecq de @BagnoletCommun ex @PCFBagnolet à @BagnoletFR
➡️ À savoir avant de voter et à RT !
#Municipales2020 @BagnoletFR
Tout d'abord, un "état des lieux" : Les 8 listes qui se présentent aux élections :…
#Municipales2020 @BagnoletFR
"#Municipales : face au maire socialiste des listes de "#gauche" à foison, dont la liste @PCFBagnolet @FranceInsoumise @RaquelGarridoFr, compagne @alexiscorbiere signataire et participant à la "Marche contre "l'islamophobie".…
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1/ Hey #NutritionTwitter -- Help become a resource on #coronavirus/#covid19 and provide good advice and information right now to your followers as this timing is very meaningful.

Whatever partisan battles you've been fighting, I'm sure you originally got in this to help people.
2/ Viruses can survive outside the body for a while, but under most conditions it will die in time from exposure to things such as ultraviolet light or heat. This is why quarantining yourself for a couple weeks is so powerful.

You want to isolate it from new hosts (other people)
3/ If you have a healthy immune system that is becoming increasingly deadly to the virus inside your body while forcing its remains outside your body (in your living space) to endure exposure before coming into contact with any new hosts, you've massively reduced the risk.
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Another non-scientific paper urging for a #plantbased, #GardenofEden, #vegan-oriented alternative to real food (Bonnet et al 2020,…) #Cherrypicking

#Science, on the other hand, shows that real food is no issue for climate
(White & Hall, 2017:…) or health (Johnson et al2019,…; .@fleroy1974 @nathancofnas…), but rather a premise for children's health (Adesogan et al…).

In India, because of initiatives like
@fleroy1974 @nathancofnas Bonnet et al., children suffer from malnutrition…

And recently, two children paid a high price.
A baby girl is almost braindead because of veganism ((…).
A baby boy is dead because of veganism:
(…). #mmtdk we
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Sometimes I just need some support, or a break from my #vegan activism, because its hard as a #transvegan. Instagram has some really hateful #transphobia spewing bigots. Hoping my twitter fam can help me feel safe after this #transveganphobic activist called me delusional 😥
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One of the commonest charges against a #vegan diet is that it can’t be natural or healthy, because it requires “supplements” of vitamin B12. Here’s why this argument is nonsense.
1. Some of these so-called supplements are normal food items, as natural or unnatural as anything else we eat, such as yeast extract or yeast flakes. They are supplements in the sense that tomato ketchup is a supplement to your fish and chips.
2. Another source is fortified foods, such as fortified oat milk. Aha! Fortified! Gotcha! But how does fortified oat milk differ from the fortified breakfast cereals half the population eats? Why is extra B12 an issue, while extra niacin, riboflavin, folic acid, iron etc are not?
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It's so heartwarming to receive messages from new & transitioning vegans, taking the step to make ethical choices for the animals.

Veganism is a lifestyle, & so I wanted to create a thread to help with common, everyday items 💚 #Veganuary #vegan #veganville
1. Cosmetics 💄

Not only will you want to avoid products that have been tested on animals, but you will also want items that don't contain byproducts.
I have found @EthicalElephant to be a wonderful resource. Although its a US site, the brands are global. #beauty #Vegan #Veganuary…
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What's our #beef with beef?

Public interest on #climate, #biodiversity & #diet is rightly growing

#Meat is often at the heart of the debate but it's important we look past headlines & unpick the detail


#EatBetterMeat #EatOrganic #BBCOne 👉
Our #meat comes from different #farm systems

When animals are grazed on grass, as in #organic, this can have positive impacts on #climate & #nature. Intensively produced #grain-fed chicken & pigs can have the opposite effect

#EatBetterMeat #EatOrganic 👉
🐄🐖🐔 Intensively farmed animals are almost always fed on #grain & imported #soya

The production of animal feed can exhaust soils and drive #rainforest clearance

This is devastating for the #climate & #biodiversity

#EatBetterMeat #EatOrganic #Meat 👉
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Wahnsinn! Mit krasser Mehrheit hat die #bdk19 von @Die_Gruenen die breite Förderung pflanzlicher Ernährung beschlossen. Vielen Dank für die breite Unterstützung! Die #Ernährungswende für mehr Klimaschutz hat begonnen, von bio-veganer LaWi bis zur veganen Kochausbildung: (1/4)
Was wir beschlossen haben (1/3):
✅ in öffentlichen Mensen weniger Tierprodukte und stets vollwertige vegane Angebote
✅ Pflanzenmilch nicht mehr mit 19 % Mehrwertsteuer, während Kuhmilch 7 % kostet
✅ Förderung bio-veganer Landwirtschaft
✅ vegane Kochausbildung ermöglichen
Was wir beschlossen haben (2/3):
✅ über Vorteile pflanzlicher Ernährung aufklären
✅ CO2-Preis für die Landwirtschaft
✅ Deklaration tierischer Inhaltsstoffe
✅ Abbau von Schönfärberei bei Tierprodukten
✅ EU-weit einheitliche Definition von vegetarisch/#vegan
✅ ...
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Il n’aura échappé à personne que la question des produits phytosanitaires va occuper l’actualité une bonne partie de l’automne. Avec des débats qui échappent souvent à toute rationalité, à toute approche scientifique. Comment en est-on arrivé là ? C’est le #thread du mercredi
Lors des #ControversesEU2019 tenues en juillet dernier à Bergerac autour de l’image de l’agriculture la mission @Agrobiosciences avait invité une table ronde à réfléchir sur deux des sujets qui agitent le jeu médiatique aujourd’hui. Le glyphosate et la viande. #easy
L’idée n’était pas de juger du fond mais bien d’étudier les mécanismes médiatiques qui ont fait de ces deux sujets des points extrêmement clivant dans la société. Il fallait d’abord se poser la question du contexte. Comment en est-on arrivé là ?
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🔸 Conspiracy (Truth) Thread🔸
▫1A: Canabalism Agenda

The media, celebrities, scientists and other groups seem to have a push on to normalize humans eating humans.

To combat climate change
(of course)

Pics: Marina Abromovic (spirit cooking lady) events.
Remember the Mad Cow Disease outbreak?
The cause was from cows eating their own species. 100% proven
In fact the exact same disease with all the exact same symptoms have been found in humans who consume humans.

Pics 1, 2: @johnpodesta's office.
3: Marina Abromovic
Is this really the direction humanity is heading?

Here is a great documentary on the canabalism / Mad Cow Disease.
(I believe it was produced by National Geographic)

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Rare étude qui identifie, dans la cohorte OXFORD-EPIC 🇬🇧 (48 188 participants + suivi de 18 ans) chez les #végétariens #vegan 🥦(/t omnivores) :
↗️ un risque relatif accru de +20% d'AVC (surtout hémorragiques), soit 3 cas/1000 personnes de plus sur 10 ans…
↘️ un risque relatif décru de -13% de cardiopathie coronarienne, soit 10 cas de moins de maladies coronariennes pour 1000 personnes sur 10 ans par rapport aux consommateurs de viande et/ou poisson

Les résultats sont ajustés sur les facteurs sociodémo et le mode de vie
Meat eater = qui consomme au moins de la viande
Fish eater =ne consomme pas de viande mais consomme du poisson
Vegetarian = végétarien (pas de viande ni de poisson) et vegan

L'effet protecteur pourrait être lié à une plus faible teneur en cholestérol LDL avec les régimes végé
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A little note about the #LessAndBetter meat message - I'm quite well known for calling this out as unhelpful and actually harmful to developing more sustainable farming systems, but it's not *just* because I sell meat, although that has given me an insight into the effect of such
a destructive message. The problem stems mainly from the vague nature of the message - less than what? better than what? what is better? what is 'meat'?- it's not at all clear, if you take greenhouse gas emissions, for example, cows emit methane so they must be bad, right, so
let's eat chicken instead? But hang on, chicken is the most intensively reared meat available, so how can that be 'better'? Well, maybe we first need to work out what we mean by 'meat' and how things have changed. According to FAO Stat, in the half century to the UK has changed
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Les débats des #controverses2019EU reprennent dans une trentaine de minutes avec Gilles Allaire. Nous vous proposons deux "live sonores" aujourd'hui ⤵️
Vers 10 h 15, Glyphosate, élevage : traitement médiatique, traitement politique. Avec @PascaleHebel @eddyfougier @HuetSylvestre et @messean
@PascaleHebel @eddyfougier @HuetSylvestre @messean Puis vers 17 h 10, le grand témoin des #controversesEU2019 Saadi Lahlou, en conclusion de nos discussions
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I have been writing on some interesting ‘’#Vegetarian’’ etymologies in Hindi / Urdu and other Indian languages such as Bengali, Gujarati, Nepali, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Tulu etc. for some time. Here is a small thread on it. Enjoy !!
इलायची الائچی ilāyacī (cardamom)
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Hard to answer succinctly, but I think the backlash is not about animal rights, but more about a MAN interrupting WOMEN which has historically been the way conversations happen in this country. Add to it that WOC are being interrupted and it’s a recipe to delegitimize a cause. 1/
I think we’d both agree that animal rights is an important topic for many reasons. Unfortunately, in this instance, AR is no longer the topic of discussion. Rather, a man who appears as white on camera, interrupting, silencing, and threatening women of color is the takeaway. 2/
I think the comparison to Bernie is interesting. If you take a look at the video of bernie being interrupted I think two things were going on 1) #BLM had gained enough support to stage a disruption and 2) The optics were in the disruptors’ favor. 3/
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Thread : Zoom #santé sur les burgers végétaux 🍔
Le marché des burgers végétariens sans viande est en croissance pour des raisons de bien-être animal, environnementales ou personnelles et également avec les crises sur les produits animaux…
Plusieurs études ont identifié que les régimes végétariens étaient associés entre autre à :
1) une meilleure santé métabolique (moins d’hypertension, moins de cholestérol LDL) (Benatar 2018, Wang 2015, Yokoyama 2014)
2) ↘️ de cancer au global (Dinu 2017)
Cependant, ces grandes études n’ont généralement pas distingué le degré de transformation des produits végétaux dans les régimes végétariens ou vegan. En effet, le blé complet/les lentilles frais sont assez différents d'un produit ultra-transformé comme un burger végétal
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#Climatechange got you down? These 50 people will cheer you up. This month: I'm featuring @grist's 2019 #Grist50 Fixers here on my feed. There's more than one reason for you to feel good about the future!
Meet Ploy Achakulwisut (@_aploy). She’s got climate #activism down to a science. Ploy dedicates her work — such as research connecting #AirPollution in the southwest U.S. to premature mortality — to furthering @climate awareness. #Grist50…
What did it take for Robin Amer (@rsamer) to create an award-winning investigative #podcast on #environmental justice? Three years, more than 65 interviews, and one lawsuit against the @FBI. @thecitypod talks trash — and listeners love it. #Grist50…
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#EarthDay #ExtinctionRebellion #Vegan #PlantBased #GoVegan #Meat #Environment #Climate

Impact of Animal Agriculture

The farm animal production sector is the single largest anthropogenic user of land, contributing to soil degradation, dwindling water supplies, & air pollution.
The animal agriculture sector also encompasses feed grain production which requires substantial water, energy, and chemical inputs, as well as energy expenditures to transport feed, live animals, and animal
products. All of this comes at a substantial cost to the environment.
One of animal agriculture’s greatest environmental impacts is its contribution to global warming and climate change...
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Je profite de mon insomnie pour vous parlez de ce petit livret qui fait la promesse de vous guider dans un #Careme2019 #vegan #MillionDollarChallenge
[Spoiler] Les #vegan qui ont commis ce guide se foutent complètement du #careme. Vous pouvez lui donner tout les noms que vous voulez, il y a une seule référence à la bible. Ce n'est pas une citation, c'est une paraphrase qui justifie le veganisme.
Mais en voulant faire croire qu'ils ont lu le livre de la genèse ces braves types font une erreur grave, à défaut d'avoir lu la Bible, les catholiques entendent la Bible à la messe et ils savent que Dieu a rendu l'homme maître des animaux. Pas très très #vegan.
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