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Chants of "Death to Khamenei" in Tehran, Iran.

Several Iranians started protests in the Iranian capital following the death of Mahsa Amini, who was violently arrested by regime's forces for "improper hijab" and later died.…
Iranians in Tehran shout "Death to Khamenei" from their rooftops in protest against the killing of Mehsa Amini. #Iran

Iranians in Sananda also joined the anti-regime protests. A lot of anger against the mullah regime. #Iran
Chants of "Death to the Dictator" in Sanandaj. #Iran
More chants of "Death to the Dictator" in Sanandaj. #Iran
Brave Iranian protesters started fighting back against the mullah regime's forces/riot police in Sanandaj. #Iran
Chants of "Death To Khamenei" in Sanandaj this eve. #Iran
Confrontation between brave Iranian women protesters and mullah regime's forces in Sanandaj. #Iran
Iranian protesters chanting “I will kill I will kill those who killed my sister” in Sanandaj. #Iran
Brave Iranians taking down a banner of Khamenei and Qassem Suleimani in Sanandaj. #Iran
Iranian protesters in Saqqez throwing stones at a banner of Khamenei. #Iran
Anti-regime slogans aired in public in Gorgan, Iran:
“Death to Khamenei and Raisi!" "Damned be Khomeini!”
Mourners chant “Death to the dictator” during the funeral procession of #MahsaAmini in Saqqez, Iran.
Iranians in Tehran are protesting and chanting: "[Khamenei] is a disgrace!" "Mullahs must get lost!" #Iran

Motorcycle belonging to Iranian regime's forces by Iranian protesters in Tehran. #Iran
Iranian regime's forces opened fire and shot a 10-year-old girl during today's protests in Bukan. #Iran
Iranian regime's forces attacking unarmed Iranian protesters in Tehran, Iran:
Another motorcycle belonging to Iranian regime's forces torched by protesters today in Tehran, Iran.
Angry Iranian protesters attacked a vehicle of regime's forces in Tehran. #Iran
Motorcycle belonging to a regime's agent torched by protesters in Tehran, Iran
Today's anti-regime protests in Paveh, Kermanshah province. #Iran

Today, protesters in Tehran, Iran chanting "Death to the dictator"
Protesters chanting they will fight to take back Iran. Location: Tehran
Angry protesters in Tehran attacked a vehicle of regime's anti-riot forces. #Iran
Wow. Angry Iranian protesters are beating up Basij members, who are part of the regime's forces. #Iran

An Iranian protester torched the flag of the Islamic Republic in Tehran. #Iran

Senior official of state police attacked by angry Iranian protesters in Tehran, Iran
Footage from Saqqez, western #Iran
After Tehran, now a footage from Saqqez where angry Iranian protesters also burned the flag of the Islamic Republic. #Iran
In Rasht, angry Iranian protesters charged the anti-riot police and made them retreat. #Iran
In Bijar, Iranian protesters reportedly attacked the city's governor office. #Iran
Iranian protesters in Rasht chanting "freedom, freedom, freedom!"
Protesters in Tehran chanting "Khamenei is a disgrace" #Iran

Flags of the Islamic Republic being torn down by angry protesters in Saqqez. #Iran
Hijabs being burned in the streets of Tehran. #Iran

Regime's agents in plainclothes being attacked by Iranian protesters in Rasht. #Iran

"I will kill, kill those who killed my sister" #Iran

Clashes between Iranian protesters and regime's forces in Kamyaran. #Iran

Another video from Iran showing protesters forcing regime's forces to retreat.

Looks like here the protesters detained two officers of the regime's forces. #Iran

Iranian students at Shaheed Beheshti University in Tehran burn hijab. #Iran
Iranian women in Rasht waving their hijabs in air in protest against custodial death of Mahsa Amini over "improper hijab". #Iran
Protesters in Tehran chant: Our shame, our shame. Our leader [Khamenei] is a disgrace #Iran
Women in Tehran remove hijabs in protest against the custodial death of Mahsa Amini. #Iran
Women in Tehran, Iran burn their hijab with chants of "freedom"
MORE footage: Iranian women in Tehran burn their hijab. #Iran
Women in Tehran remove hijabs and chant: "Khamenei is Zahhak [evil dragon in Persian folklore] I shall bury him under the earth." #Iran
This afternoon: Basij attacks student gathering at University of Science and Technology. Students chant: "Dishonerly dishonered" #Iran
Women in Tehran remove their hijabs and chant "death to the dictator" #Iran
Iranian university students in Tabriz chant: "From Kurdistan to Tabriz, our patience is exhausted" #Iran

Students of Beheshti University chanting against the Basij. #Iran

Students of Khwarazmi University in Karaj chanting against the mullah regime. #Iran

University students in Tehran chant: "Khamenei is a killer" #Iran
Scuffle between students of the University of Science and Technology and mullah regime's forces. #Iran
Iranian women in Berlin, Germany joined the protests by publicly cutting their hair. #Iran
Quite a footage from Mahabad showing Iranians chanting against the regime in front of regime's forces. #Iran
“Mahsa Amini, bless your soul.”

Protests at Tehran’s bazaar. #Iran

Second day of general strike observed in Kurdistan province of Iran.
The mullah regime has dispatched a large number of its forces outside the "Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting". Image
VIDEO from Tehran shows the regime's forces being attacked by protesters. #Iran

Anti-regime protests in Arak, Iran.

Posters of mullah regime's leaders including Khamenei torn down by university students in Karaj. #Iran

Anti-regime protests by university students in Isfahan. #Iran

Iranian women waving their hijabs in the air during anti-regime protests in Tabriz. #Iran

Large crowd protesting against the mullah regime in Hamedan. #Iran

Iranian protesters chanting "mullahs must get lost" #Iran

Protest in Mashhad too. #Iran

Iranian protesters in Arak clashing with regime's state police. #Iran

Total chaos in the streets of Iran as angry Iranians continue their protests against the mullah regime.

Vehicle belonging to the regime's "morality police" was torched by protesters in Qazvin. #Iran

Anti-regime protests in Bandar Abbas, Iran

Footage from Zanjan, Iran

Chants of "death to Khamenei" in Tehran, Iran

Footage of protests and clashes in Tabriz, Iran

Vehicles belonging to the regime's forces destroyed by protesters in Qazvin. #Iran

Clashes between the regime's forces and protesters continue throughout Iran.

More footage from Tabriz, Iran

Chants of "death to the dictator" in Kerman as a woman cuts her hair in public. #Iran

Another vehicle of the regime's forces torched by protesters. #Iran

Crazy visuals from Qazvin, Iran

This evening's visuals from Bandar Abbas, Iran

In Rasht, protesters attacked an ambulance that was being used by the regime's forces to transfer protesters who had been detained. #Iran

More visuals from this evening from Mashhad, Iran

More visuals from Mashhad, Iran

Regime's officials in plainclothes trying to detain protesters get attacked by protesters. #Iran

Protests in Abdanan, Iran

Visuals from Naqadeh, Iran

Chants of "Down with the Islamic Republic" in Kish, Iran

Protesters burning hijabs in Gorgan, Iran

Another motorcycle belonging to the regime's forces torched by protesters in Tehran, Iran

Street fires in Urmia, Iran
Mass public hijab burning by protesters. In many locations it seems protesters were able to force the regime's security forces to retreat. #Iran

Visuals from Shiraz, Iran

Oh wow. Posters of Khomeini and Khamenei were torn down from the local municipality building by Iranian protesters in Sari. #Iran

Vehicle of the regime's security forces overturned by protesters in Mashhad. #Iran

Astonishing footage showing the regime's security officials who were trying to arrest protesters getting lynched and beaten up by protesters. #Iran

Footage from Mashhad shows the regime's security officers being kicked and forced to retreat by protesters. #Iran

Tehran, near Jihad Square: "I will kill whoever killed my sister!" - "Basij Force members, you are our ISIS!" #Iran
Visuals from Qorveh, Iran

Clashes between protesters and the regime's security forces in Sari, Iran

Large poster of Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, torched by protesters in Sari. #Iran

Looks like an officer of the regime's forces, who was somehow set on fire, was then rescued by the protesters (after getting beaten up a bit). #Iran

Pretty wild visuals from Tehran from earlier today. #Iran

New striking image from Iran from this evening. Image
An incredibly brave Iranian woman gets in the face of the regime's security officers. #Iran

Footage from Mashhad shows a group of Iranian women confronting the regime's security forces and then getting attacked by the forces. #Iran

A protester steals the cell phone of a security officer of the regime's state police. The crowd nearby erupts in cheers.

More visuals from Iran showing the destruction of the vehicles of regime's security forces by protesters.

Another striking image from Iran. Image
Looks like now there's a new version of "Salam Commander" (a regime-sponsored song dedicated to Qassem Suleimani) #Iran

The crowd cheers as posters of Khomeini and Khamenei are torn down. #Iran
Tonight's visuals from Tehran, Iran. A bridge is practically on fire.

Protesters in Rasht freed a woman who was detained by the regime's security forces. The forces were forced to retreat, leaving their vehicle behind. #Iran

A number of protesters charge against the regime's security forces. #Iran

Ilam, western Iran: Regime's security forces drag detainees on the ground

Tehran, Iran: Regime's security forces open fire and take footage of protesters.

VIDEO from Tehran from this morning. #Iran
Four Iranian police officers injured, one assistant killed after protests - IRNA…
Footage from Urmia, Iran:
A sketch of Mahsa Amini overlapping the map of Iran was pasted on the wall of a mosque in #Qom. Image
A woman in #Tabriz sets her headscarf on fire and the men on the street chant: "We are ready to die, we are soldiers of Babak". #Iran

Tehran University professor Ahmad Naqibzadeh on Mahsa Amini: For how long the great-grandsons of Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas [Arab general] continue to attack "the land of Kian" [Iran]. Where are followers of Babak Khorramdin [who fought Arab Caliph]?

#Iran Image
Students of female-only Al-Zahra University in Tehran remove their hijabs in front of pro-regime Basij personnel, and chant: "Cannon, tank, firecrackers Clerics should get lost" #Iran
Students of female-only Al-Zahra University in Tehran wave their hijabs to protest. #Iran
A student at female-only Al-Zahra University in Tehran without hijab. #Iran Image
An amazing image: An Iranian woman without hijab with a policeman in the background. No fear. #Iran Image
Another protester killed by regime's security forces, this time a woman. #Iran

The street sign in Tehran reading "Hijab Street" has been defaced with the name of Mahsa Amini by Iranian protesters. #Iran Image
Protesters in Tehran deface the sign of "Hijab Street" and overwrite the name of Mahsa Amini. Footage from last evening. #Iran
Protesters, including women, in Urmia, West Azerbaijan province make regime's security forces flee the scene. #Iran
After Germany and other locations in Europe + U.S., Iranians in Canada and Turkey also joined the protests against the mullah regime. #Iran

Students at Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch in Tehran burn their hijabs and posters of the Islamic Republic. #Iran
"We don't want. We don't want. We don't want Islamic Republic."

Students at Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch in #Tehran, #Iran

Members of FEMEN Spain @FemenSpain protested topless outside Iranian embassy in Madrid. #Iran #MahsaAmini ImageImage
Iranian girls in Mashhad take off their hijabs in protest. #Iran
"Cop car which was reportedly used for shooting towards the protestors was attacked by the protestors in Urmia. 'P' on the plate number confirms that it's affiliated with the police."


According to this report, something was spotted burning in the "Shahid Rajaei" IRGC residential complex in Tehran.

Today in Dehloran, western #Iran #IranProtests
Today in Urmia, northwest #Iran. #IranProtests

Today in Ardabil, northwest #Iran.

Chants of: "Mullahs must get lost!" #IranProtests
Today in Eslamabad-e-Gharb, western #Iran. #IranProtests
Today in Zarinshahr, central #Iran:

"The agents are fleeing like dogs!" the protesters are heard saying. #IranProtests
Today in Babol, northern #Iran "I will kill the one who killed my sister!" the protesters are chanting. #IranProtests
Today in Varamin, southeast Tehran, #Iran: "We don't want the Islamic Republic!" the protesters are chanting. #IranProtests
Protesters torched a vehicle belonging to the regime's security forces in Kermanshah. #Iran

Today in Kashan, central #Iran: "I will kill the one who killed my sister!" protesters are chanting. #IranProtests
Today in Babol, northern #Iran, protesters torched a police station. #IranProtests
Today in Dehloran, western #Iran: Protesters seen overwhelming the mullah regime's security forces.
Today in Varamin, southeast of Tehran, #Iran: "Khamenei is a murderer! His rule is illegitimate!" "Death to the dictator!" #IranProtests


Today in Kerman, south-central #Iran: Locals in the hometown of Qassem Soleimani torn down and torched his posters.

Today in Shahsavar, northern #Iran: Locals torched a police trailer. #IranProtests

Today in Ardabil, northwest #Iran. #IranProtests
Today in Nowshahr, northern #Iran: Protesters torched a number of police vehicles. #IranProtests
Today in Tehran, #Iran: Tehran University students chanting: "Death to the oppressor, be it the Shah or [Khamenei]!" #IranProtests #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی

Today in Sardasht, western #Iran. #IranProtests #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
Today in Semnan, east of Tehran, #Iran. #IranProtests

Today in Tabriz, northwest #Iran: Protesters seen torching a police trailer. #IranProtests

Today in Babol, northern #Iran: Protesters seen tearing down a large poster of regime's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. #IranProtests #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی

Today in Khorramabad, western #Iran: Chants of "Death to Khamenei!". #IranProtests #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی

Today in Sarableh, western #Iran. #IranProtests #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی

Today in Langarud, northern #Iran. #IranProtests #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
Another protester killed by mullah regime's forces, this time in Rasht. #Iran

Another striking image from Iran: Women arrested and thrown into regime's military vehicles like animals. #Iran Image
Protesters tearing down the posters of Khomeini and Khamenei from Noshirvani University of Technology in Babol. #Iran #IranProtests
Anti-regime protests also erupted in Ahwaz. #Iran #IranProtests

Shahr-e Kord, Iran:

"They are hitting people with the intention of killing them"


Anti-regime protests also erupted in Zahedan. #Iran #IranProtests

More footage from Zahedan, Iran. #IranProtests

Some more footage from Zahedan, Iran. #IranProtests

Kermanshah, Iran. #IranProtests

Visuals from Rasht, Iran. #IranProtests

VIDEO: Mullah regime's security forces and police in Kermanshah shooting directly at people. #Iran #IranProtests

Footage from Talesh, Gilan Province. One of the protesters in this video has been directly shot by security forces' bullets. #Iran #IranProtests #Mahsa_Amini

More protesters shot by mullah regime's security forces. #Iran #IranProtests

Nowshahr, Iran: Vehicles of regime's security forces torched by protesters. #IranProtests Image
Footage from Bojnurd, #Iran. #IranProtests

VIDEO from Nowshahr, Iran: Vehicles of regime's security forces torched by protesters. #IranProtests

Wild footage from Iran showing clashes between protesters and mullah regime's forces. #Iran #IranProtests
An elderly man being assaulted by the mullah regime's criminal forces. #Iran #IranProtests
Baloch people in Iran also joined the protests against the mullah regime. #Iran #IranProtests
Another wild footage from Iran. #IranProtests
More footage from Iran. #IranProtests

Tabriz, Iran: Protesters, including women, stone-pelting vehicles of mullah regime's security forces. #IranProtests
Footage from clashes in Tehran, Iran. #IranProtests

Today in Qom, Iran. #IranProtests #MahsaAmini


Footage shows a security agent of the regime being beaten up by a mob of protesters. #Iran #IranProtests
I'm convinced that Iranian women are absolute lionesses!

This footage shows a woman without hijab sitting calmly while being surrounded by several personnel of regime's security forces. #Iran #IranProtests
Nowshahr, Iran:

"Get out of Iran, get out of Iran"

More footage. #Iran #IranProtests

VIDEO: Crowd of protesters charging against regime's security forces and forcing them to retreat. #Iran #IranProtests
Public burning of hijabs. #iran #IranProtests
Today in Sardasht, Iran:

Chants of "Women, Life, Freedom, and Death to the Dictator".


Today in Gonbad-e Kavus, northeast #Iran. #IranProtests #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
Another police vehicle torched by protesters in Tabriz, Iran. #IranProtests
Fear mullahs no more!

Footage from Noshahr, Mazandaran, Iran showing protesters attacking vehicles of regime's security forces. #IranProtests
Hamedan, Western #Iran: Security forces near the governor's office open fire on protesters. #IranProtests #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی

Protesters in Tehran are taking down all the flags of the Islamic Republic. #Iran #IranProtests
Footage from Qaemshahr, Iran:

"I will kill, I will kill, whoever my sister killed"


‘Death to the dictator’: Videos show growing protests in Iran…
Mahabad, western #Iran: State security forces wounded a child.

#IranProtests. #مهسا_امینی
Bukan, northwest #Iran: "Death to the dictators!" they're chanting. #IranProtests #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
Police outpost torched by protesters in Tabriz, Iran.


Young woman shot and wounded by mullah regime's forces in Kermanshah. #Iran #IranProtests

Iranians on social media sharing this tutorial on how to turn your t-shirt into a face mask. #Iran #IranProtests

Protesters in Mashhad are trying to take over a police station. #Iran

Ahmadabad police station in Mashhad set on fire along with police vehicles. #Iran

The crowd cheers as posters of Khomeini and Khamenei are torn down. #Iran #IranProtests
Huge fire lit by protesters in Shirvan. #Iran #IranProtests

Latest video out of Robat Karim, Tehran province where protesters are out in the streets at this hour. #Iran #IranProtests

Large fire also lit by protesters in Khojan, Iran. #IranProtests

Several large fires observed in Tehran too, the capital of Iran. #IranProtests
Chants of "No Gaza, no Lebanon, my soul is only for Iran" #IranProtests

Police motorcycles torched by protesters in Tehran, Iran.


As per local reports, the biggest picture of Khamenei in entire Iran has been torched by protesters in Tehran. Cheers in the background by protesters. #IranProtesters

Regime's forces have killed another protester, this time in Quchan in Razavi Khorasan province. #Iran

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Nov 14
Pakistan's populist demagogue @ImranKhanPTI said that if his demands for an election weren't met, the country would witness mass protests & chaos along the lines of #IranProtests2022.

This attempt to gain relevance & international attention is deceitful and inaccurate.

Thread: ImageImage
The ongoing people's revolution against Iran's Islamic regime was catalyzed by the murder of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the regime's morality police. The youth of Iran, young women and men, are protesting in the streets of Iran, demanding justice and regime change, not reforms.
Worth noting here that Iran's mullah regime is a designated world's top state sponsor of terrorism. It is a criminal enterprise that has worked via its various proxies to not only destabilize the Middle East but its narco-terror networks operate from Pakistan to Latin America.
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Pakistani state has apparently banned a film based on a transgender story made by Pakistani artists. The film is headed for some awards including maybe an Oscar nomination.

My argument is simple: if you don't like something, don't watch it. But the state has no right to ban it.
The state should let people decide what they want to expose themselves to. But this has always been a problem with failed Islamic Republics like Pakistan. The state likes to act like a nanny state and wants to get involved in the private lives of its citizens.
Now, if it was up to me in normal circumstances, I probably wouldn't watch this movie because it's just not my type. I like action, suspense, thrillers. Basically if people are not dying in a movie, it's not my type. Moreover, I usually don't watch Indian & Pakistani movies.
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NEW: Initial reports of Israeli airstrikes targeting Shayrat Airbase in Homs. #Syria
Syrian AD was activated
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Taliban officials in Kandahar confirm border clashes with Pakistani troops at Spin Boldak border zone over a "misunderstanding"

Visuals from the latest clashes between Afghan Taliban and Pakistani border troops:
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Oct 27
I would suggest that every Pakistani, especially Imran Khan, listen very carefully to today's presser by Pakistani intelligence (ISI) chief Lt. Gen. Nadeem Anjum.
“You should know that the people who made the decision [that the military would henceforth stay within the constitution] are going to be in charge for the next 20 years.” — DG ISI

This confirms what I said long ago: no chance of Imran Khan's return with establishment's help
This press conference would go a long way in restoring the faith of the Pakistani public in their security institutions, which should stay in their constitution boundaries and not interfere in domestic politics.
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Oct 26

Iran's Tasnim News Agency claiming there has been a "terrorist attack" at Shahcheragh shrine in Shiraz city, Fars province. 13 people have been killed and 21 others have suffered injuries. #Iran
Shiraz shrine attackers are not Iranian - Nour news #Iran ImageImage

ISIS via Amaq now officially releases claim for the attack on the shrine in Shiraz, saying that the attack started with targeting policemen.

As per regime forces, 3 attackers were killed. #Iran ImageImage
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