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#BreakingNews #IranProtests 2-16-2020
#IranProtesters of AmirKabir University students chant:
"Fear Fear We are all together"
"People R involved in poverty&they R thinking of voting"
"1500 people were killed in November"
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @USAdarFarsi
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @USAdarFarsi #BreakingNews #IranProtests 2-16-2020
AmirKabir University, #Tehran #Iran #MEK
The regime's agents attacking the students' peaceful gathering to mark the 40th day of the #IranPlaneCrash
@OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @USAdarFarsi @FoxNews @NBCNews @washingtonpost
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @USAdarFarsi @OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @FoxNews @NBCNews @washingtonpost #BreakingNews #IranProtests 2-16-2020
AmirKabir University, #Tehran #Iran #MEK
they chant:
"We do not want military rule"
"We will die but we will not accept the disgrace"
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @USAdarFarsi
@OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @FoxNews @NBCNews @washingtonpost
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14 Feb–12 AM-Iranians sympathize with #MEK to say Zarif does not represent Iranian people, EU "End the appeasement policy"
#Ban_Zarif #MyVoteRegimeChange

@MunSecConf @GermanyDiplo @DutchMFA
@reuters_de @OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @USAdarFarsi @FoxNews
Zarif is the one who colored the mullahs' terrorism & he presents it to Europe as a mediator
Look at this clip:
#Ban_Zarif #MyVoteRegimeChange

@MunSecConf @GermanyDiplo @DutchMFA
@reuters_de @OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @USAdarFarsi @FoxNews
@MunSecConf @GermanyDiplo @DutchMFA @reuters_de @OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @USAdarFarsi @FoxNews Munich - Feb 14, 2020 - The opposition (NCRI) demonstrates against the presence of the Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif at the Munich Security Conference (@MunSecConf).
1500 slain #IranProtesters, 12000 detained under torture.
#Ban_Zarif #MyVoteRegimeChange
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#Europe high representative should condemn four decades of crimes by the #Iranian regime &question its November killings, the massacre of political prisoners.
#HumanRights #FreeIranProtesters #IranProtests
@JosepBorrellF @eu_eeas The #EU High Rep.@JosepBorrellF will travel to Tehran on Monday, in a trip that will add insult to injury for the Iranian people, particularly after a violent and bloody suppression of the nationwide #IranProtests in Nov.&the crackdown on student protests in January.@eu_eeas
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A key slogan during recent #IranProtests during the funeral of airplane crash victims, in Sanandaj, west #Iran:"Death to tyrants, be it the Shah or the Leader," signaling that they want neither the overthrown monarchy nor the mullahs.
The same slogan was chanted by #IranProtesters in various locations, on the peek of the #Protests on Tuesday the 14, 2020: "We do not want neither the Shah or the leader (Khamenei). We do not want the bad or the worse"
#IranProtests #FreeIran2020
The University of Tehran (Meli Univ)-#IranProtesters chant: "Death to the tyrants, be it the shah or the leader"
#FreeIran2020 #IranProtests
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I’ve watched footage that *could* support live ammo use in Tehran (nighttime protests so basing this on sound) — but would consider live ammo reports unconfirmed at this point.

#IranProtesters are reporting injuries and even deaths.

That said, the courage of the #IranianProtesters is remarkable, no matter what weapons are being used against them.

They are, at a minimum, risking detention and torture merely for protesting.

Here’s a video that the person on the scene says they believe records the use of rubber bullets, per the receiver of the video, @BahmanKalbasi:

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#Iran regime & MSM(@CNN @NYTimes @NBCNews) in the #US are portraying a criminal, a Child Killer &a war culprit in #Syria,#Iraq & a prime executioner in #Iran(#QassemSoleimani)as "revered"&N.Hero.
To MSM: Stop this dirty business. It's legitimizing the massacre of #IranProtesters Qassem Soleimani's criminal record.
@CNN @nytimes @NBCNews @IranNW @GiulioTerzi @iran_policy @STRUANSTEVENSON @USAdarFarsi @USAmbUN @StateDept @RichardGrenell @FoxNews @UNHumanRights Let's examine this here in the next few tweets. Is #Soleimani really a "hero" to #Iranians like what's being portrayed out of #Iran's state media, given the censorship,&lack of any freedom 4the ppl to show their true feelings?

@USAdarFarsi @foxnewsalert
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DEC 4, 2019, Washington DC, Senate, Kennedy Coccus Building, 11:30 am - 1 pm: The senate briefing event is being held to discuss and support the recent uprising in Iran. General Jones, Secretary Tom Ridge, and Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield are the speakers. #IranProtests
#US Senator @SenMcSallyAz speaking at Senate Briefing on #IranProtests condemned the slaughtering of the #IranProtesters by the regime. She reiterated:
"We stand with the brave people of #Iran in their plea for freedom."
Ambassador Bloomfield is the moderator.
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Evident in @NCRIUS press conference 2Day: The protests showed extreme vulnerability of the regime, its isolation among own people. #IranProtests also showed that the Iranian people are capable to bring down this regime & willing to pay the price for it. The gains are irreversible
@NCRIUS As new information comes in, more details are available; we identified 154 of at least 450 killed during #IranProtests in 176 cities. Despite the killings, the uprising continues...
@NCRIUS The protests were very targeted focusing on the symbols of suppression and corruption, during #IranProtests.
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#Q #QAnon #WWG1WGA
#Iran #IranProtest #IranProtests

Protester shot in the head, allegedly filmed today in Zirjan, (North-East) Iran.

Careful, very graphic!

#Q #QAnon #WWG1WGA
#Iran #IranProtest #IranProtests

Footage, apparently taken today in Tehran.

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Looks like Iranian authorities are moving to block Iranians access to the global internet.
#KeepItOn #Iran
Actually they did. I do not have access to my VPS in Iran any more.
#KeepItOn #Iran

Hi @EFF, @accessnow and @davidakaye we need help.
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