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The map of Syria
Turkish President #Erdogan will meet with his Russian counterpart on January 23 to discuss the future of the Syrian east and the city of Manbij. This comes after a telephone conversation between Erdogan and #Trump before yesterday.1/12
#Syria #Turkey #USA #Russia
With the scrutiny of the Turkish, American, Kurdish and Russian military movements in the Syrian east and its surroundings, it is now possible to develop a scenario that will be closest to what will be the map of the Syrian East.2/12
#Syria #Turkey #USA #Russia #Iran #Israel
In a secret visit to #Ankara a few days ago, a Syrian delegation led by Ahmed al-#Jarba, a leader of a military group of Arabs supported by the International Coalition and #Washington, arrived from the areas of #SDF.3/12
#Syria #Turkey #USA #Russia #Iran #Israel
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#Iran Dec 30
Students of #Tehran Azad Univ. gathered in front of parliament protesting the unaccountability of university officials on their demands.
The protesters chanted against officials demanding their resignation.
#Breaking - Tehran Dec 30
Following studen's protest gathering, Mohammad Tehranchi, president of the Islamic Azad University hits the students with his car in order to go forward.
The student are angry to the unaccountability of university officials,
#Iran Dec 30
Mohammad Tehranchi , the president of the Islamic Azad University ran over the students in their today's protest gathering. 2 students were injured.

The protesters chanted against university officials demanding their resignation.
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Netanyahu can do that only until US withdraws (not sure Russia would wait to respond until the full withdrawal). #Israel is weaker than ever: Arab relshp doesn't equal power.

#Syria will not abandon #Iran & #Hezbollah won't abandon the Palestinian cause.

There is no doubt #Israel was afraid of the Syrian air defence system, hiding behind two civilian aircraft and endangering the lives of hundreds of civilians, for fear of the new air-defence system delivered by #Russia to #Syria./+
Syria didn't have so many anti-air defence system before the war or even until 2017. It is thanks to #Israel continuous violation of the Syrian airspace and the anger of #Russia that a certain balance has been created, to the benefit of #Syria./+
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Yesterday early morning a convoy of Iranian Revolutionary Guards entered Syrian territory through #Iraq with trucks loaded with military equipment and missiles.1/9
#Syria #Israel #IDF #Iran #IRGC #Russia #USA
The convoy headed towards the city of #Palmyra and then moved towards the Syrian capital #Damascus.At 16:00, the convoy passed from the vicinity of the American base of #AlTanf, under the protection of #Assad forces.2/9
#Syria #Israel #IDF #Iran #IRGC #Russia #USA
With the arrival of the convoy to the Syrian capital Damascus, the contents were distributed to a number of military sites belonging to the IRGC, the #Assad regime and the militia of #Hezbollah in the vicinity of #Damascus.3/9
#Syria #Israel #IDF #Iran #IRGC #Russia #USA
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#Iran Dec 25
University bus accident in #Tehran (9 killed, 30 injured)
The regime said it was the cause of the stroke of the driver, but sources say, the bus was out of date.
Cable cars were supposed to be replacing old buses, but plan was not completed.
Video of the scene where the #Tehran Science & Research University bus accident leaves at least 9 dead & nearly 30 injured.

The toll is widely blamed on poor safety, the presence of older vehicles & the inadequacy of emergency services.
Where is all the money going?
#Tehran science & research Univ. bus accident
Unlike Iran's officials statement, the students who were injured in this incident say that the bus's brake did't work .

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White House defending @POTUS decision to pull US forces out of #Syria
"The president's statements on this topic have been 100% consistent" per a senior administration officials, adding "I would challenge that" when asked if stakeholders like @DeptofDefense @StateDept were unaware
White House insists @POTUS call w/#Turkey President Erdogan was not a factor in the decision on #Syria

"The president made his own decision" per the sr admin official "It's not something he discussed w/President Erdogan"
"Our understanding is that we will be doing this repositioning of troops & assets in an orderly fashion" senior administration official says re #Syria pullout, referring additional q's to the @DeptofDefense
"Our direction is to prioritize force protection"
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Israel’s Operation #NorthernShield, which recently exposed #Hezbollah’s cross-border attack tunnels, has prompted the perennial question: Are #Israel and #Hezbollah about to go to war in #Lebanon? I explore it in this @AlArabiya_Eng⁩ article & below 👇🏼…
The tunnels #Hezbollah burrowed are meant to facilitate the movement and infiltration into northern #Israel of hundreds of its fighters as part of its well-established military doctrine that calls for “the conquest of the Galilee.”…
Tunnels aren't the main threat #Israel faces from #Lebanon. Before making #NorthernShield public @netanyahu met @SecPompeo to pass a msg to the Lebanese authorities: Stop #Hezbollah’s efforts to acquire to precision-guided missiles or Israel will act.…
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Character Assassination…

“Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, believed that the bigger the lie, the more convincing. Machiavelli taught that the ends justify the means. Both “principles” are applied in character assassination.”
100’s of ad hominem attacks on MEK by Iran’s regime & its propagandists proven futile, as evidenced by the movement’s growing popularity & wherewithal in Iran, its standing on world stage, which leads us to conclude that Pillar’s diatribe doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.
Desperate to survive, #Tehran has stepped up its war against the #MEK on three fronts: targeting its network in Iran, waging terrorism abroad, and demonizing it in the media. #Iran #FakeNews #YellowJoirnalism
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Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) advisory on the Iranian regime’s illicit and malign activities and attempts to exploit the financial system.…
Iranian regime has long used front companies to exploit financial systems around the world to generate revenues & transfer funds in support of malign conduct which includes, support to terrorist groups, missile development, human rights abuses, support to the Syrian regime, etc.
This advisory highlights the Iranian regime’s exploitation of financial institutions worldwide and describes a number of typologies used by the regime to illicitly access the international financial system and obscure and further its malign activity.…
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Iranian militias in #Syria
By the beginning of 2012, with the increasing peaceful demonstrations the #IRGC began to feel the danger to the regime of its ally Assad and the major schisms within the #Assad army. Opposition sources estimate the number of dissidents at 150,000.1/12
Because of Assad's field losses, Tehran gave orders to #Hezbollah terrorist militia to conduct military intervention to save #Assad. It was the first direct military presence of the militia in southern #Damascus and the vicinity of Damascus International Airport.2/12
#Iran #USA
Over time, the #IRGC has established a number of trained, financially and militarily supported militias from #Tehran that are spread over a number of Syrian provinces from #Aleppo to #Daraa.3/12
#Iran #Syria #USA #Israel #IDF #Russia
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My take-away from #TehranSummit this far is #Russia, #Turkey, #Iran each, by & large, can be satisfied w/ its outcomes. #Moscow & #Tehran realized #Erdogan has bigger assets & higher stakes in #Idlib than, say, in southern #Syria where he let #Assad get the opposition, thus..
..the idea for the summit was to get a deal where all the 3 can secure their bottom-line interests.They didn't fully achieve it since there will be another round of trilateral talks (some time in the future in #Russia) and the parties hope to settle #Idlib issue in #Tehran but..
..(a) #Turkey maintained credibility of the oppoaition (by that good cop-bad cop thing #Erdogan & #Putun played), (b) #Russia got his promise to deal w/ those attacking #Hmeymim (c) #Ankara received time to settle the major task of assorting militants (d)..
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#EXCLUSIVE | #Iran's secret weapons-smuggling air route to #Lebanon revealed by intel sources @FoxNews
#Qeshm Fars Air, an Iranian civil aviation company, is suspected of smuggling arms into #Lebanon, destined for the militant group #Hezbollah and #Iranian weapons factories.
On July 9, involved a #Boeing 747 that departed from an air force base in #Tehran, stopped for a short layover at the international airport in #Damascus, #Syria,
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#Iran has given ballistic missiles to Shi’ite proxies in #Iraq and is developing the capacity to build more there to deter attacks on its interests in the Middle East and to give it the means to hit regional foes, Iranian, Iraqi and Western sources said.
Reuters: "According to three #Iranian officials, two Iraqi intelligence sources and two Western intelligence sources, Iran has transferred short-range ballistic missiles to allies in Iraq over the last few months."
The Zelzal, Fateh-110 and Zolfaqar missiles in question have ranges of about 200 km to 700 km, putting Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh or the #Israeli city of Tel Aviv within striking distance if the weapons were deployed in southern or western #Iraq.
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. @AmbJohnBolton sat down with #Russia's NSC Sec in Geneva for about 5 hours talking international security issues, #Ukraine, #Syria, #Iran. Earlier this year Patrushev was placed on #US sanctions list but said "it was no impediment for him to be meeting [American officials]"
Patrushev came to meeting w/ @AmbJohnBolton w/ a set of proposals #Moscow been elaborating for over a month. One of them allegedly included pull-back of #Iran/ian forces in #Syria in exchange for softening #sanctions on #Tehran. #US rejected the proposal.
Patrushev says himself & #Bolton failed to sign a joint communique cuz "#US wanted to include the point on "#Russia/n interference" which we didn't find acceptable.We,in turn,asked them to state that US own interference into other states' affairs is unacceptable - they refused"
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#BREAKING : #BritishAirways #BA is ending direct service to #Iran. Details soon.
#BritishAirways says it will end its direct flights to #Iran's capital in September as "the operation is currently not commercially viable."
#Iran’s Ambassador to Britain now crying and urging #IranAir to fill in the gap that @British_Airways left by cancelling its service #London to #Tehran
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Mike Pompeo is forming a dedicated group to coordinate and run U.S. policy toward #Iran as the Trump administration moves ahead with efforts to force changes in the Islamic Republic's behavior after withdrawing from the #nuclear deal…
Thousands of Iranians have protested in recent weeks against sharp price rises of some food items, a lack of #Jobs and state corruption. The #protests over the cost of living have often turned into anti-government rallies…
They are expressing unhappiness in widespread demonstrations since last December well before #Trump pulled out of the Iran deal. Strikes are increasing, with #vendors in the #Tehran Bazaar holding a work stoppage on June 25…
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According to the @WSJ the Iraqi #government has bank accounts with the U.S. Federal Reserve, where its #dollars are kept, which the Iraqi economy relies upon could be frozen should Iraq violate #sanctions…
#Iran has deliberately flooded Iraqi market with cheap imports and foodstuffs. This has undercut Iraq agriculture by decreasing demand4 homegrown products that R more expensive. Even if Iraq were2 stop buying these goods #farmers would not B able2 produce enough supplies at home
Iran has political leverage, too. Since the May 12 national #election Iraq’s political elites have been unable to form a government in part because of enormous pressure from #Tehran to install politicians in their favor. Iran’s loyalists succeed and dominate the new government...
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August 14 - #Rasht N #Iran
Looted depositors of a state affiliated development financial institution protested in front of governor's office.
The brave women chanting:
"Our scream is our dignity" & " Our silence is our surrender"
August 14 - #Rasht N #Iran
Looted creditors of the Caspian gathered in front of governor's office.
They chanting: " Death to embezzlement and corruption"
#IranProtests #IranRegimeChange
August 14 - #Rasht N #Iran
Protesters angry chanting:
" #Iran cannot be free with insidious thieves in Iran"
((in reference to the Iranian regime's supreme leader #Khamenei)
Salute to this brave women 👏👏👏
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IRAN'S regime has vowed to ramp up its military power and share its defence capabilities with "friendly and brotherly countries".
#Tehran's Defence Minister Amir Hatami boasted that the new version of the missile was "100 percent domestically made"."We will certainly increase our missile power every day.
Iran's missile capabilities have been a major source of tensions between the regime and the West, particularly the US.
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August 11- Tehran, #Iran
Source says first groups of protesters are gathering to launch their protest rally.
Bazaar merchants on strike, joining the nationwide general strike.
August 11- Tehran, #Iran
In protest of the rising raw material prices
Shoemaking Market Merchants the start their protest and strikes.
They encouraging others to join this latest campaign.
August 11- Tehran, #Iran
Strike in #Tehran bazaar, shoe markets are protesting and chanting:
"Proud Iranians, support, support"
#Iranprotests #IranStrike
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Preparations appear to be underway for a pro-#Assad offensive on #Idlib.

12hrs of on/off air & artillery strikes vs. southeastern & western #Idlib & northern #Hama - see marks on map (original by @ETANA_Syria + my additions).

+ multiple large pro-regime convoys moving north.
@ETANA_Syria #pt: If/when any major military campaign gets underway, expect the #Assad regime (+ #Russia & #Iran-backed militias) to focus on these 2 fronts:

1) West #Idlib (Jisr al-Shughour)
2) N. #Hama/#SE #Idlib (Latamineh, Khan Sheikhoun, Kafrazita)

-> a gradual push ‘inland’ & north.
@ETANA_Syria Very good by @theIRC’s @DMiliband:

- The West must “re-assert” itself & protect civilians in NW #Syria & as a backstop, safe-routes should be opened for civilians to flee into #Turkey.

- UNSC must demand full access to S #Syria; for aid, monitoring etc.…
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August 6- #Mashhad, NE #Iran
This video shows numerous units of anti-riot police dispatched & placed on high alert to quell today's possible protests.
But #IranProtests continue at any cost.
August 6 - Eslamshahr, near Tehran #Iran
Source says police has closed this trailer in fear of protesters.
No state agents around this area, source adds.
This shows the regime's fear of Iranian people Protests
August 6- #Karaj, near Tehran, #Iran
Authorities have dispatched "Jammer" vehicles (seen in file photos) to disrupt all internet connections.
This shows the Iranian uprising against mullahs’ rule across the country has been grown up.
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#Iran: Names of youth arrested at Tehran's by security forces: Thaman Aryani, Niloufar hemafar, Seyed Mohammad Fadakar, Saba Torbat, Saman Zandian,Azar Heidari, Farshid Rostami,
Please RT to reach to everybody & international references.
@nikkihaley #Humanrights
They are facing risk to torture and execution
Please you be their voice
#HumanRights @AmnestyIran @amnesty @SecPompeo @nikkihaley @Ann__Kelly @gatewaypundit @KamVTV @KTHopkins @ARmastrangelo @susancrabtree @KJTorrance @LeahR77 @TerryGlavin
August 5- #Tehran, #Iran
Vali Asr Ave
Source says two individuals, including a mother, were arrested.
#MEK network
Please support with the tweeting to prevent the suppression of the protests in Iran and the arrest of the protesters
#HumanRights @SecPompeo
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August 5- #Tehran, #Iran
South Karegar Avenue
Despite the crackdown & other limitations imposed by the mullahs' regime, protesters shaping for tonight's new round of anti-regime demonstrations.
August 5- #Kazerun, #Iran
voice says: Kazerun also join to the protests
First video of demonstrations & protests beginning this city.
August 5- #Kazerun, #Iran
Another videos of protests this city.
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