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WHOA! Processed cheese πŸ§€πŸ§€!

Rudy Jaenisch was the first to show REVERSE TRANSCIPTION (RT) of the spike mRNA

Now he publishes a pre-print suggesting that "transfected mRNA doesn't induce as much RT as viral infection"

@Kevin_McKernan @JesslovesMJK @RWMaloneMD
The conclusion from this paper is NOT what you think it is.

It LOOKS like it is telling you that the vaccine spike mRNA doesn't reverse transcribe

But it's not.
They didn't use spike mRNA or vaccine, or a virus.

Smart, eh?
The "virus" wasn't virus but a recombinant infectious clone, which can produce huge amounts of quasi-virus.

So it's nothing like an actual viral infection, which produces low levels of viraemia (sometimes none).
And the "transfected RNA" by comparison wasn't mRNA vaccine (which is spike encoding).

It was a nucleocapsid sequence.
Nothing to do with the vaccine at all.
@Maples46014332 @NarfGb @Fynnderella1
They even say this themselves - but it's buried at the end.

"It's important to emphasize that the process of transfecting... differs from vaccine RNA delivery and... the sequence we used differs from the vaccine sequence (Nucleocapside versus Spike)"
So why did Jaenisch frame this preprint like this?

I don't know, but I think the wording is just a reflection of the fact that no paper will be published that suggests any danger of the mRNA therapies.

This is what happens to you if you try.
And for reference I'll tag the preprint in this thread so that Rudy J (who I respect highly) gets a notification that I've written about it.

He is welcome to correct me.

Should get the message πŸ˜‰πŸ§€πŸ˜‚
Damn - how did I miss this?
What Rudy is telling the world in this paper is that transfection with multiple copies of Spike RNA (via infectious clone, but it doesn't matter)
(1) induces LINE-1
(2) induces reverse transcription

@Kevin_McKernan @Daoyu15
The quantity of spike mRNA in the COVID mRNA gene therapy vaccines more resembles the infectious clone transfection used in the study, than N-gene transfection.

Rudy is telling you that this mRNA spike transfection is bad. He's been telling you for 2 years.
For comparison, most low grade infections are associated with a blood vRNA level of less than 6000 copies/ml

This is 1000x fold lower than the levels produced by infectious clones

And remember also that
(1) vaccination doesn't protect against infection - so the amount of vRNA is additive
(2) there is a lot of vRNA after vaccination - a helluva lot.

So read this paper again, and read between the lines.

TLDR: the vaccine mRNA is reverse transcribed into DNA in your cells - not least because of the quantity flooding your cells. The virus can not, to any significant extent.

The paper shows it.
And yeah, it's a scandal.
So it needs a name.


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Feb 15
Very bad cheese πŸ§€πŸ§€

Do you now understand the mentality of the elites and #pushers who are running to justify the involuntary euthanasia of the elderly "for the common good".

Just like the authors of the common good ideology.

#gerigate @Johnincarlisle
The "common good" ideology is Hitler's. And Mao's. And Stalin's. And Pot's.

The idea of radical socialist philosophy is to sell you the utopia of "free healthcare" and remove the infirm.

"You'll own nothing and be happy"
The scary thing is that these people don't even hide it. They believe (as clearly many doctors and judges now do) that your opinion is "stupid" and the correct opinion is theirs.

That's why they are the elite.
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Feb 13
BUSTED! πŸ§€πŸ§€πŸ§€

The @CDCgov data touted as "proof that the vaccines work" not only contains fractions of unvaccinated people - but the fractions are not randomly distributed.

The data is 100% fake. Synthetic.

"Fraud buster" #LactoLizzy missed it.

#fudgegate @TDBSubstack ImageImage
Just to clarify what we are talking about this is the extract from the CDC's own export on which the @OurWorldInData graph is based.

It's not possible that the unvaccinated population is real. You can't have decimals and if they were estimates the decimals would be random. Image
And no, it isn't a glitch in the data export to csv. It's there in the CDC table on their own site

data.cdc.gov/Public-Health-… Image
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Feb 12
The #MAGICapp is a scam. It is seeded from ONE source and distributed as if it was created by doctors in your country.

It was not.
It was created by Pharma invested entities.
They know we know, and have just restricted access to the archived UK versions.
The #MAGICapp is supposed to be a "living guideline" but:
-it has no authors.
-it is rebadged for every country
-it tells you not to give antibiotics
-it is responsible for most of the #COVID deaths around the world
-nobody is liable
So who wrote it?

Who is responsible for telling GPs that there was no treatment for COVID, antibiotics don't work and you should euthanise old people rather than treat them?

UNITAID. These people.

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Feb 11
Harold Shipman is dancing on Alexander Fleming's grave.

All they needed was #3tablets antibiotics and standard post-viral pneumonia care.

Instead, UK GPs were told to euthanise them - care of @NICEComms death protocol

Why did you delete this document?
#NG163 was released in April 2020 telling GPs to administer these 3 euthanising drugs to the elderly, instead of admitting them to hospital OR giving $1 work of antibiotics


Guess what they did

There was never a "pandemic of COVID mortality"
There was a pandemic of Harold Shipman.

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Feb 11
@IanCopeland5 is acting for the US Dept of defense performing this role. They set him up with a shell genomics company to frame him as an authority.

The implications of this are profound....

The tweet ignoring responses and mocking dissenters is irrelevant
Under normal circumstances a "free" society relies on the judiciary to act in the public's interest to protect from tyrannical governments. But the judiciary is captured, just like in nazi Germany.

So the last stop is the military. Who are they working for?
Now you have your answer.

The military are the only entity who have the resources to force the rollout of the failed gene therapy vaccines and support the fraud needed to sell it, such as #blotgate

It's the same in the UK
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Feb 11
New stinky cheese πŸ§€πŸ§€πŸ§€
Don't you just love the @UKHSA?

Not only have they delayed publishing #pregnancy data after June 2022 in the latest vaccine surveillance report but they are gaslighting you about the #stillbirth rates.

Here's the chart:
@1979pop @ClareCraigPath
Here are the figures
No doses of vaccine in pregnancy = 3.76 per 1000
One+ dose in pregnancy = 3.3 per 100
95% confidence intervals do not cross.
A significant increase then, right?

There was another piece of information missing which was buried further in the report.

Minority groups had a 25% lower uptake of vaccination

Why is that important?
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