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HOT(ez) Cheese 🧀🧀🧀!

The $1m+ grant awarded to @PeterHotez was co-awarded to Maria Bottazzi and Shibo Jiang

Shibo Jiang's affiliation was with the New York Blood Centre and Fudan University Shanghai.

His publications were on peptide inhibitors for viruses.
#HotezGate 🧵… Shibo Jiang's extensive col...
Here is the record of the grant award for AI098775… Image
And here is Shibo Jiang developing peptide inhibitors for Gp-120.... one of the homologous regions of the COVID spike protein that was inserted by "unknown" entities...

But wait. Peptide inhibitors?

@CharlesRixey Image
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WHOA! It turns out that @djnicholl is a known political activist and is leading the @GoodLawProject action against @DrAseemMalhotra....

Who presided over a 50% COVID death rate.

TEN patients died at @SWBHnhs that should not have died.

#3tablets…… Image
It's important to understand that political activism like this is now a cancer invading medicine.

We exposed it in #ECMOgate.
Doctors who have extremist beliefs in a doctrine such that they would rather the patient die than they reject the doctrine.
There is no excuse for 50% of your COVID patients dying.

@btysonmd's death rate was 0.1%, and Nicholl's was over 40%.

I suspect some of those patients were given #midazolam as we also exposed, because that was the time that #NG163 was in force.
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Why did @rajah_mich delete her twitter account in May 2022?

So many links to the pharma-funded @theMJA which was driving COVID hysteria and coerced mRNA vaccination in Australia. Image
She is not only a big hitter in the world of AI (yes the entities that wrote those COVID protocols that killed so many people) but having restricted your access to antibiotics for pneumonia, it looks like she is going to restrict your access to anti-fungals. Image
This is literally what Tony Fauci did when his policies resulted in the unnecessary deaths of thousands of gay men in the 1980s

These people are narcissistic psychopaths.

#3tablets is all about the fact that they did this again, for COVID pneumonia.

@Fynnderella1 Image
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Fuck Fauci Friday

It's Friday May 26, 2023.

Millions around the world are dead from a panic created by a gain of function 🦠 released from a bioweapons lab doing research with U.S. government💰>
They are 💀 because of the disastrous pandemic response, directed by Fauci. He gave conflicting advice, censored life-saving early 💊 #3Tablets,
and mandated lethal 🏥 protocols, in order to push new mRNA 💉 technology for Big Pharma.


Fauci's NIH guidance pushed 🏥 "COVID Protocols."
The "Complete Lives System" euthanasia grift of #QUACK Ezekiel Emmanuel.
It was proposed under Obama Care, to ration health care for vulnerable and elderly, and to give it to the Hitlerjugend. >

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Just a reminder that Per is the developer of the #MAGICapp, an AI based protocol generator that told the world to withdraw antibiotics from the elderly for their post-viral (bacterial) pneumonia if they happened to have a positive "COVID" test. Then they died.

Yep, sure your 7 employees wrote the 600+ page #MAGICapp protocol for COVID overnight. Image
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Here is the full protocol - with no authorship registered but major pharma conflicts on the "therapeutics advisory board"

No antibiotics at all on the protocol, for a community acquired pneumonia.

#3tablets would be enough to prevent the majority of deaths. Image
And if you're marked as "unvaccinated" you'll get the intensive protocol.

Straight to remdesivir.

No antibiotics.

Remdesivir to treat a bacterial pneumonia?
Oh yes, especially if you're "unvaccinated"?

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WHOA!!!!! Stinky Cheese 🧀🧀

This paper from .@OpenSAFELY is an absolute shocker, claiming normal antibiotic usage during 2020 in the UK.

We know it wasn't because we looked at it already.

Was this paper published to cover up the #3tablets scandal?

🧵 ImageImage
Here is the claim from @BillyZhong229 the lead author, who seems to be a student (his twitter is less than a year old).

It's propaganda reinforcing the "Antimicrobial stewardship" dictat:


What were "COVID-19 national restrictions"? ImageImage
Well I did this analysis back in Feb showing the HUGE GAP between normal cyclical antibiotic prescriptions and the actual prescriptions during COVID - when GPs were told to stop prescribing antibiotics to the elderly and give them #midazolam instead.
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(1/15) Image
(2/15) Image
プラスミドdsDNA 混入疑惑
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@BrokenTruthTV exclusive exposing the #NIHGate scandal.

Remember this is not the only NIH scandal - they have been doing this for 30 years. This could be the first time they have been busted in real time.

@stkirsch @RepThomasMassie @RobertKennedyJr……
@BrokenTruthTV @stkirsch @RepThomasMassie @RobertKennedyJr Back story here.. with the linked article explaining all the science involved.
This is not even theoretical at this point...
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Heroic Dave the ICU consultant who only has unvaccinated on his ICU is not telling you everything.

Such as the fact that @gloshospitals has a culture of suppressing voices and an appalling CQC rating.

I wonder who wanted to speak out?
And why?
Dave's ICU hasn't been rated for nearly 8 years.
I wonder if that is where the staff feared speaking out?

I wonder if #ECMOgate meant that unvaccinated people were treated differently and some staff didn't like it, but were told to shut up?
It does seem like the ICU doctors are obsessed with a vaccine that *has no mechanism to prevent pneumonia* and if you don't take their vaccine they will preside over a worse outcome for you, including giving you 200mg of alfentanil in 24hr AND other drugs
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Reminder. @thelancet sold the world out on #lancetgate allowing the genocide of 50000 elderly in nursing homes in the UK.

Richard Horton is the editor in chief. The same person who colluded with the GMC to remove Andrew Wakefield and then lie to the world as to what he did.
To clarify, Horton's "testimony" set up a false claim against Wakefield who was then portrayed publicly as having committed fraud in publishing his paper on the destroyed lives of a case series of children after the MMR vaccine.

Wakefield simply asked for a pause on MMR...
And to give the vaccines separately as previously.

This was terrible for the pharma industry so @TheLancet made sure that the world thought the paper was fraudulent, even though it never was.

The only claim against Wakefield was...
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#Gerigate confirms that 55,000 elderly were involuntarily euthanised in care homes in the UK on the orders of @MattHancock and @drlukeevans ....

But there is one other place where we know the elderly died when they shouldn't have.

Victoria, Australia.
Here is the data. In July - August 2020 something happened in Victoria, Australia that DID NOT HAPPEN IN ANY OTHER STATE.


How could there be a "second wave" in the state of Victoria and no other state in Australia?

"Lockdowns" didn't stop any other waves - in any case, Victoria followed the CCP model because @DanielAndrewsMP mortgaged the state to the CCP…
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Extracorporeal cheese 🧀🧀🧀

Did anaesthetists (intensivists) who openly declared their hatred for "antivaxxers" on social media send them on a pathway to death?

This could be bigger than the #midazolam scandal.

That was the damning table. But for background let's just wind back a bit.

@caz_sampson is a self declared ICU anaesthetist. In the UK, anaesthetists run the ICUs. In the US they tend to be called intensivists.

Notice Caz's horns on her profile picture - we'll come back to it
Caz is a associate of the #muttoncrew who follow @swaledalemutton and their affiliates whose job is to "counter disinformation".

One of their techniques is to label people they don't like "antivaxxers" without defining that term.

Caz hates antivaxxers.
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A thought provoking 🧵

Paper published (16 Feb 2022) by Dept. of Health #Australia about utilisation of antimicrobials used to treat bacterial pneumonia in principal referral hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 beg some serious question.

The paper mentions:-
"Overall usage (in 2020) of doxycycline, azithromycin, amoxicillin and cefuroxime decreased in principal referral hospitals compared to 2019." in #Australia

Please note, to treat bacterial pneumonia, you need doxycycline or azithromycin.

@Jikkyleaks Image
Antibacterials usage to treat community-acquired pneumonia in 2020 was not same as 2019

"In the non-critical-care setting, usage of oral amoxicillin and of oral azithromycin for the July to December period fell, on average, by 21.1% and 23.7% respectively between 2019 and 2020." Image
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If the C19 pandemic was caused by a lab leak of a truly deadly virus, why would you need to fake dead bodies for the news cameras?

The lab leak is a convenient myth.

A short thread 🧵
And if the bodies were piling up on the news, why were so many hospitals empty?

If a deadly virus was ripping around the world, why did people who really seemed to believe that masks worked, keep removing their masks off camera?

Were they just morons?

Or did they know something we didn't, consciously or otherwise?

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1/ Wuhan 1 Spike causes neurological damage. We have suspected this for a very long time. But note; Wuhan 1 is only found in the injections! Wild Typr is extinct.
So I see this as a confirmatory paper on jab injuries.

2/ Am tired of seeing mainstream science trying their best to hide jab injuries behind blanket SC2 research.
Any research now must have a clearly separated jab & control arm. Otherwise it's bullshit.

3/ Any study quoting Wuhan 1 & any of these post infection injuries for me is pure bullshit propaganda, to cover up wear jabs are doing to ppl.

Sorry, it's true IMO

You can't have Wuhan 1 in 2019, 2019 & half 2020 (& the suddenly mutate off)

It's bullshit to me

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Very bad cheese 🧀🧀

Do you now understand the mentality of the elites and #pushers who are running to justify the involuntary euthanasia of the elderly "for the common good".

Just like the authors of the common good ideology.

#gerigate @Johnincarlisle
The "common good" ideology is Hitler's. And Mao's. And Stalin's. And Pot's.

The idea of radical socialist philosophy is to sell you the utopia of "free healthcare" and remove the infirm.

"You'll own nothing and be happy"…
The scary thing is that these people don't even hide it. They believe (as clearly many doctors and judges now do) that your opinion is "stupid" and the correct opinion is theirs.

That's why they are the elite.…
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The #MAGICapp is a scam. It is seeded from ONE source and distributed as if it was created by doctors in your country.

It was not.
It was created by Pharma invested entities.
They know we know, and have just restricted access to the archived UK versions.
The #MAGICapp is supposed to be a "living guideline" but:
-it has no authors.
-it is rebadged for every country
-it tells you not to give antibiotics
-it is responsible for most of the #COVID deaths around the world
-nobody is liable…
So who wrote it?

Who is responsible for telling GPs that there was no treatment for COVID, antibiotics don't work and you should euthanise old people rather than treat them?

UNITAID. These people.…
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Harold Shipman is dancing on Alexander Fleming's grave.

All they needed was #3tablets antibiotics and standard post-viral pneumonia care.

Instead, UK GPs were told to euthanise them - care of @NICEComms death protocol

Why did you delete this document?

#NG163 was released in April 2020 telling GPs to administer these 3 euthanising drugs to the elderly, instead of admitting them to hospital OR giving $1 work of antibiotics


Guess what they did Image

There was never a "pandemic of COVID mortality"
There was a pandemic of Harold Shipman.


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Sure. Can we have the authorship of the UK and AU "living guidelines" which are in lockstep yet have no official authorship?

Who wrote the first draft?
Who is "MAGICapp"?
Is he/she/it a physician?

#3tablets #MAGICapp
Who are the authors?
Every protocol in every country the same.
Each country has a "task force" who are not the authors, and merely put their name to a ghost written guideline.

Funded by the WHO
#MAGICapp #3tablets
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This is the data for midazolam prescribing from the UKs official prescriber database

I have no words.
#3tablets #democide
@chrismartenson @Fynnderella1 @EWoodhouse7 @jjcouey…
Each line represents a UK region
@chrismartenson @Fynnderella1 @EWoodhouse7 @jjcouey What needs to happen now is an audit needs to be undertaken of deaths in care homes where midazolam usage was high. If the patients that died were given midazolam instead of antibiotics in March - May 2022, criminal charges must be laid.

But who created the policy?
@chrismartenson @Fynnderella1 @EWoodhouse7 @jjcouey Just a note that the chart above is created from the GP prescriber database.

Therefore it should not be impacted by any increase in ICU admission or specific use for ventilation.

This looks to be solely for use in nursing homes and at home.

Harold Shipman style. Image
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#thalidomideViki quotes the discredited @thelancet again, because it suits her agenda.

This study should be completely disregarded as real because data sharing is declined - again.

Every study Viki posts is not verifiable.

But there's more...
Immediate red flags are differences in the groups, such as the higher prevalence of smoking in the "COVID" group which hasn't been seen in real world studies. And the smoker group had the exact same educational history - you don't usually see that.
Always worth looking at the supplementary to look for inconsistencies in published data.

These figures on a test negative design show that the "effectiveness" was only 9%. Bearing in mind miscategorisation bias, this means there was negative efficacy against infection.
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@kevinault @vikilovesfacs and @ztkelly were recruited by @projecthalo to coerce pregnant women to taken an experimental therapy in pregnancy by selling a lie that COVID caused stillbirths and deaths and the therapy prevents them.…
The chart is from a breakdown of the recently released Scottish ICU report, which includes pregnancy data and attempts to scare the reader into believing that there was a pregnancy COVID catastrophe in 2020.

Their own data shows there wasn't.…
The three musketeers of #PregCOVID were either lying or were being given information that they sold to you that was false.

So, who gave it to you Kevin? Viki? Teresa?

Why did the ICU admissions only rise after the "vaccine" rollout?
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WHOA... this looks like #surgisphere the sequel

The claim that statins improve the outcome of #COVID was proven fake when the original authors made it.

Now you miraculously found another database?

No way.
@Inspiteofmysel1 @chrismartenson
This is the ASA abstract.

If this data is published without the data set for analysis it should be immediately stamped with an expression of concern…
There are red flags all over this. This is EXACTLY what #surgisphere claimed.

"The Institutional review boards said this was exempt"

It doesn't work like that.
Where is the IRB reference?

You can't just give up 90,000 patients' personal data without ethics approval.
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