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Harold Shipman is dancing on Alexander Fleming's grave.

All they needed was #3tablets antibiotics and standard post-viral pneumonia care.

Instead, UK GPs were told to euthanise them - care of @NICEComms death protocol

Why did you delete this document?

#NG163 was released in April 2020 telling GPs to administer these 3 euthanising drugs to the elderly, instead of admitting them to hospital OR giving $1 work of antibiotics


Guess what they did Image

There was never a "pandemic of COVID mortality"
There was a pandemic of Harold Shipman.


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Absolutely vile...
@Kate_Whitfield who knew nothing about the risk of blood clots - now proven to be linked to the COVID vaccines...
Disparaged people she knew nothing about.
Just to get ahead in "journalism"

Please post any stories from "mainstream" journalists who wrote articles disparaging #antivaxxers and tag them in the post with the hashtag

Like this disgusting piece from @stephanie_bedo
Remember that these journalists consider themselves elite, and you to be plebs who cannot be trusted to make your own decisions.

You have to be #nudged.
They believe you are too stupid to be allowed a free choice. Or a free vote.
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Stop what you're doing and read this.
It's the weekend.
Those that don't understand history are doomed to repeat it.…
For those that don't have time the wonderful @filipe_rafaeli does a great breakdown of how the Dallas Buyers' Club portrayed in the film (a true story) is analogous to the #COVID19 saga with HCQ and IVM (+ antibiotics) being withheld from the public resulting in mass #iatrocide
@filipe_rafaeli By 1988 the only drug available for HIV was Fauci's AZT in huge and toxic doses. The key to treating HIV turned out to be smaller doses of multiple drugs hitting different pathways
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By attributing those who are exposing corporate fraud and #iatrocide as "far-right" and "antivaxers" without defining the terms, @annamerlan defines herself as a far-left extremist allowed to publish hate.…
The article is a grossly bigoted hit piece on - amongst others - the excellent and highly ethical @joshg99 who dared to stand up against the obvious well poisoning film #diedsuddenly.

It's the opposite of "conspiracy theory"…
Anna shares the "anti-conspiracy" dogma with @BrentleeSDCIC who was exposed recently as a nudge unit coordinator.

Anna proudly displays the symbolism, out-and-proud yet will be sure to hide behind "it was sarcasm" just like the 77th brigade nudge units
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Fauci knew that death from respiratory viruses essentially does not happen in the absence of bacterial pneumonia.

[KNOWINGLY] Withdrawing #azithromycin and other drugs from #COVID protocols caused the deaths.

#FauciKnew knew about the secondary pneumonias and he knew that the difference in the later outbreaks was the antibiotics.

It was his paper.
This is what we are talking about. JJ Couey is asking you to stop being distracted by a virus. Yes it's important but...
It was an #iatrocide.
It didn't need to happen.

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Does this tweet show that "Dr" Fauci committed perjury?

Is there a valid explanation for Fauci denying his association with Daszak?
You see the "lab leak" was never the problem. It was the fact that Fauci knew that a virus *that had been created by Ecohealth and the NIH* had leaked.

And then the *cover up* - which was what resulted in the biggest #iatrocide in history, was necessary.…
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