Russia is a war monger. I can’t believe that Russia is destroying Ukraine like this, bombing cities & killing millions.

Putin is a mad man, who lies to everyone in the world about everything. He must be stopped.

What USA did to Libya 🇱🇾 and Gaddafi was brutal. Zero indictments, zero war crimes. ICC was totally silent.
George Bush lied about WMDs to drag you into war against Iraq 🇮🇶

Iraq got destroyed, looted, and it’s a total chaos still after 20 years

Zero indictments, zero war crimes

⚫️ Who benefits from it
⚫️ Who loses from it

Think twice before signing up for wars Image
War of Russia is never ending
Funding for the war is never ending Image
No audits for the Pentagon
No audits for the Federal Reserve
No audits for the Ukraine war funding

Essentially the taxpayers keep paying taxes while they spend money in their merry ways amassing billions Image
It was not #VladimirPutin
It was Mr. #BarackObama Image
Remember Afghanistan… USA was fighting Taliban it weaponized and trained itself. Remember when Taliban occupied Kabul again, US personnel, staff and troops had to leave in emergency. USA were there for 22 years, spent $2.5-$5 trillion and eventually had…

#FreeAssange #FreeAssangeNOW
#FreeAssangeTODAY #FreeSnowden Image
Cuba 🇨🇺 President DIAZ CANEL: "The real culprit in this Russia Ukraine conflict is the United States itself... when the US has a crisis situation like the one it has right now, it resorts to war to solve the crisis, and it puts the interests of the MIC…
Putin says he is ready to move forward with China's peace proposal when the West is ready. However, the United Kingdom's announcement of sending tanks and depleted uranium shells means that if the West uses nuclear-based weapons, Russia will have to react…
USA should stop going to wars again. Look at all the wars with small countries they lose badly with

- American revolution 1775-1783
- Korean War 1950-1953
- Vietnam 🇻🇳 1955-1975
- Afghanistan 🇦🇫 2000-2021
Even though George Bush slipped his tongue, he got it right about himself 😂

Bush is a war monger

Be sensible and not push your country into nuclear war… because the choices are bleak for everyone on the planet

#MilitaryIndustrialComplex must be averting nuclear confrontations at all costs

There was a coup in 2014 in Ukraine. It was completely led by the west under Obama administration.

Joe Biden on supporting the NATO alliance… IF THEY ATTACK ONE, THEY ATTACK ALL…

Freaking War Monger

Why do Russians support Putin even though he’s an authoritarian
Biden administration left all these military equipment in the hands of Taliban in Afghanistan before leaving Image
Macron Says France Can't Afford to Pay Pensions as Is — After Bumping Up Aid to Ukraine in January. France is now covered with protests and strikes because Macron said there's no money to allow workers to retire at 64.

Amazing. We always have money for…
Wars cannot bring peace Image
It’s all a debt and confidence game Image
Taliban Releases Video of Fields of US Military Vehicles, Piles of US High-End Weapons, and Rooms Filled with Stacks of 100 Dollar Bills surrendered by Joe Biden when USA left Afghanistan in a hurry after Taliban captured Kabul

Hey @elonmusk look what Ukraine is using your @SpaceXStarlink satellite with to attack Russian soldiers with chemical agent gas grenades.
Your government “accidentally” loses trillions of dollars in Afghanistan 🇦🇫, but they want to know if anyone sends you $600. Don’t forget to report all transactions and pay your taxes. Other countries like Ukraine, Afghanistan depend on it. Image
For Gods sake why the f•ck does US change regimes all over the world. It’s not as if US has a good regime. Biden administration is one of the worst in recent times. They’re worthless, woke, mindless, war mongering, media suppressing piece of crap police state to begin with 🤷‍♂️
The state and mainstream media collude to spin almost every story into Russian disinformation or Putin’s fault.

The #DeepState wants to bring down Putin and change the Russian regime at all costs. They keep funding the Ukraine war every chance they get. Both Republicans &…… Image
Nelson Mandela about the United States of America. Nothing has changed. The US Govt has killed over 20 million people in 37 victim nations since WW2.

Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom meeting greatest of all Ukraine actor Zelensky… praising him 🤮

$200 billion for Ukraine security
Nothing for your border security
Nothing for your school security Image
The fastest way to stop sending our sons and daughters to fight in Ukraine is to start volunteering the politicians and bureaucrats sons and daughters. Image
People: How can we account for all the money we send to Ukraine?

Administration: It is a war… wars can be chaotic… we cannot literally account for equipment each soldier takes into the battlefield


Taxpayers pay $1,000,000,000,000 per year for funding the most powerful military on earth and they seem to be enjoying drag shows 😂

Matt Gaetz drops MOAB on woke military Gen. Milley and Austin over Drag Queen story hours on US military bases — his…
$200 billion to Ukraine war funding, while our cities like Philadelphia look like war zones

A government dropping nuclear bombs on its own people just to see what happens is absolutely disgraceful.

Did you know that a vast majority of people exposed didn’t die of natural causes.
Be like Austria 🇦🇹, not like USA 🇺🇸
They lied about Iraq
They lied about Libya
They lied about Afghanistan

Now they’re telling the truth on Ukraine and we must believe them.
We need peace and we need it now.
EU is the biggest loser in this Ukraine proxy war that’s been going on.

Sanctions on Russia didn’t do shit. In fact their alliance with China and BRICS solidified their position even more than before.

EU is left with huge #EnergyCrisis 1000s of bankruptcies and severe economic…… Image
When do we think we print the next batch of freshly minted $100 billion of Americans sweat and blood to Ukraine Image
Happy #AprilFoolDay from US woke Military. Woke Military isn’t a joke 😂 ImageImage
#MilitaryIndustrialComplex Image
If Robin Williams is right most of our politicians except @RonPaul and a select few others should wear sponsor jackets with all these defense corps

- Lockheed Martin
- Northrop Grumman
- Boeing
- General Dynamics
- Raytheon
- BAE Systems
- L3Harris Corp
- Huntington Ingalls
-…… Image
Woke Military Is Weak Military
#GoWokeGoBroke Image
USA, Europe and NATO should censor Zelensky instead Image
If the American people ever find out... Image
This would threaten Putin further from backing down from Ukraine as he sees the enemy encroaching nearby. Image
International law means nothing if it benefits one side and cheats the rest. Unless the law is equal, it doesn’t mean anything.
Moral of the story: Don’t wage wars Image
What your president Joe Biden shows vs. what he doesn’t want you to know

#MilitaryIndustrialComplex must be defeated by stopping all ongoing wars, cut the military budget in half, stop NATO expansion, not enlisting yourself and your family into the military. ImageImage
Fight WW3 with the memes Image
Of course they don’t Image
How to effectively kill seniors so you don’t have to pay for their benefits Image
Finland 🇫🇮 joining NATO further triggered Russia into a more defensive position. War isn’t going to end soon. Image
Zelensky is the highest paid actor Image
If you have oil, you get freedom
If you have oil, you get democracy Image

SOUTH AFRICA won’t cooperate with the ICC arrest warrant for Putin. The PM says Tony Blair, Bush & Obama are bigger war criminals.

“The whole world stands against Putin” they said… but we don’t.

Unless the ICC holds law equally for all sides, ICC laws are……
The arrest of #DonaldTrump has set a new precedent for others Image
ICC is a joke. International justice is a joke as long as there are western vested interests get away with murder & genocide of millions while indicting the east for crimes 🤷‍♂️
Open up… democracy is here Image
Follow @iluminatibot Image
#DeepState puppet war monger Joe Biden knows very well the consequences of pushing NATO into the Baltic countries and did so willingly
"Barack Obama murdered an American citizen, and he got no charges."

They gave #BarackObama a Nobel F••king Peace prize and still no indictments #CollateralDamages

Best the left could do #TransForce Image
French Ex-President Francois Hollander admits the #MinskAccords were a NATO ruse to militarize Ukraine. The west overthrew Ukraines democratically elected government in 2014.

• • •

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