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"🔥Christine Deviers-Joncour "🗣 Poutine a pris la parole lors du défilé de la victoire :

— La Russie a exhorté l'Occident au dialogue. En vain, les pays de l'OTAN n'ont pas voulu nous entendre.

- La Russie a repoussé préventivement l'agression, c'était une décision forcée,
, opportune et seulement correcte.

- Les vétérans américains qui voulaient venir au défilé de la Victoire à Moscou se sont en fait vus interdire par les États-Unis de le faire.

« Nous honorons tous les soldats des armées alliées : les Américains, les Britanniques, les Français,
les résistants, les braves soldats et partisans de la Chine, tous ceux qui ont vaincu le nazisme et le militarisme.

- Les militaires russes, au cours d'une opération militaire spéciale, se battent pour les habitants du Donbass, pour la sécurité de leur patrie.

- L'Etat fera
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Let’s talk about the new Lend-Lease Act passed by the US Congress last week. 🧵
A lot of talk, since the bill first passed the Senate unanimously a month ago, sees it as “reviving” the #WW2-era Lend-Lease programme of military aid, launched March 1941. But does it really?…
This revival talk has got some, notably @adam_tooze, worrying about whether this locks the USA into the same escalation spiral as in 1941. Others see it as confirmation that 🇺🇦 is a proxy war.
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Various signs, such as explosions, shelling of state security building & statement by #Russia military commander, suggest that pro-Russian separatist #Transdniestria in #Moldova & #Russian troops there can enter #RussiaUkraineWar.
#UkraineRussianWar #Transnistria #Ukraine️war
My dissertation-based "Cleft Countries" book analyzed pro-Western vs pro-Russian regional divides, separatism & conflicts in #Ukraine and #Moldova, in particular, in #Crimea, #Donbas, #Transdniestria & Gagauzia.

#Russia #UkraineRussianWar #RussiaUkraine…
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#TankTuesday #WW1 #WW2 #MAFVA #France #tanks - 1917 #Renault FT... The most influential #tank ever. Let's tour it inside and out, shall we? THREAD 1/ ImageImageImageImage
@milmodelscene @PhilLoder @DesertStorm24ID @09EA63 @RivetsAndPins @militaryhistori @agbdrilling @sitnikov_94 @Burntime0101 @C_VargasHarle 2/ #tanks - 1917 #Renault FT... Some firsts: revolving turret, sprung suspension, low track and rear engine. Thousands built. Also used by USA, Italy, Russia, etc. Crew 2: 6.5 tons. 4 mph. Its armament was a Puteaux L/21 SA18 37mm cannon or a machine gun but not both. ImageImageImageImage
@milmodelscene @PhilLoder @DesertStorm24ID @09EA63 @RivetsAndPins @militaryhistori @agbdrilling @sitnikov_94 @Burntime0101 @C_VargasHarle @jr_liscano @worldoftanks @WoTBlitz @WoTConsole 3/ These photos show the Renault FT's narrow internal structure. The black and white one (from @C_VargasHarle / Renault archives) shows the commander’s "basket". The other three are from an American M1917 clone. ImageImageImageImage
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🧵1372+ hrs since #Ukrainian Patriotic War of Independence was started by #Russia full scale attack & 2983? days since #RussiaInvadedUkraine
Situation remains very serious, can't really write much on that because it's war, the exact picture at this moment is not clear.
Yet #Donbas bulge can indeed be compared to #Kursk bulge of #WW2 when #Nazis of 1940s much like todays too couldn't afford to wait longer and launched offensive against fortified front.
It's clear though that #Russian fascists inevitably suffer losses, it's natural, but it will be several tense weeks.
Strategically though, regardless of the outcome of the offensive, p*tin's lost long ago, he won't get new vassal, whatever he tries to take won't cover his losses
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During the early 1900s, many Ceylonese left for Malaya in order to find work. In WW2, they came at odds with the Japanese who started their conquest of East Asia...

In 1941, one girl documented that experience in a diary, check it out below...

#srilanka #history #WW2 #lka
December 1, 1941
The English Paper of the Senior Cambridge Exam wasn’t as bad as we expected. In spite of the fuss Aunty made, Indrani and I had lunch by ourselves at the Jubilee Restaurant. Enjoyed it too, though we couldn’t relax, as there was a paper in the afternoon.
December 8, 1941
Did badly today, but so would every one else-I hope. Uncle woke us up at 6 a.m. with the astounding new that Singapore and Kota Bharu were bombed. The American fleet was caught napping at Pearl Harbour. Even the Exam supervisors were full of it and chattered!
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1. Il parlamento istituisce la "Giornata degli #Alpini" per celebrare la data della sconfitta dell'esercito di invasione nazifascista (con generosa partecipazione italiana) in #Russia durante la #WW2 ad opera dell'Armata Rossa. A quale "eroismo" ci si riferisce? Image
2. Il revisionismo di un Paese incapace di fare i conti con le proprie responsabilità storiche: il tema emerge ogni anno in occasione del #10febbraio - rimozione delle politiche di italianizzazione forzata e di sterminio commesse dagli italiani fin al 1918 in #Friuli e #Istria.
3. Ma che emerge anche nelle distorsioni: perché la #GiornataDellaMemoria è il 27 gennaio - liberazione di #Auschwitz da parte dei sovietici nel '45 - e non il 16 ottobre - rastrellamento ghetto ebraico di #Roma nel '43? E ora in questa "giornata degli alpini".
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🧵. #Russia colonised #Ukraine in 18th century. Since then, they've been trying to exterminate ukrainian indentity and culture, to assimilate us into being russian. They appropriated a lot of our #culture, #history, achievements and personalities doing this. 1/ #twitterstorians
Foreword. Many of these examples might seem to you as insignificant or unconnected, but they all are evidence to the trend of generations of russians trying to unexist us as a nation, make Ukraine into what they think we are – "Little Russia" 2/
Let's get the obvious one out of the door. #Borsch is and always was Ukrainian. It got into russia with soviet diner menus. Now russians claim it's as intrinsic to russia as it is to us. Bullshit. 3/ A beautiful and tasty combo of Borsch, salo (lard in pieces)
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Russia called upon the US to stop spreading disinformation and engaged in objective coverage of events in Ukraine.
In response to US media allegations on Russia attack on Mariupol Theatre, the Russian Embassy in US accused American media of running a “disinformation campaign” on alleged involvement of Russian forces in bombing a theatre in Mariupol.
The Russian Embassy in US called upon the media to stop telling lies & start covering the events in Ukraine objectively, recommending people to use Russian sources for “truthful information.”
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Thread. Giving the V-sign to captors. Around 15,000 Indian soldiers were captured in North Africa & Italy in #WW2. They were held by the Germans and Italians for up to 5 years, and almost none of their stories are known. 1/9
I am trying to track down relatives of these 15,000 Indian POWs. For example, in this group photo from a German camp for officers, there’s a #sikh officer in the back row. Was this your grandfather? 2/9
In Britain in the 60s and 70s, I grew up with images like these. POW stories were a staple, always featuring white men, usually officers, upper lips stiffened, trying to escape from #Colditz and Stalag Luft III. Where were the Indians?
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@GArlington1966 @NinaByzantina Have you looked at anything I attached

How old are you

It's NOT FAIR that #Putin can just do what we did

Because it's STILL wrong Mummy



#Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya #Syria

#ShockAndAwe of MILLIONS of INNOCENTS killed

ON FALSE FLAGS! ImageImageImageImage
@GArlington1966 @NinaByzantina "We" DESTROYED countries because of #FalseFlag #WMD #MassRape+#Massacres #ChemicalWeapons #KuwaitiBabyIncubators #Genocide..

After all over no evidence is found

But a country destroyed

Leaving oil & bases for #NATO & more money for #MilitaryIndustriaComplex

But #Ukraine... ImageImageImageImage
@GArlington1966 @NinaByzantina But #Ukraine divided country cobbled together by #USSR 1/3-1/2 Pro-#Russia

East voted THREE times to stay with #Russia/leave #Ukraine

#NATO/#EU behind MURDEROUS #Insurrection & #Coup that drove out #President & party just before election

East tried to break away

SHELLED ImageImageImageImage
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If #Putin says he's going into #EasternUkraine to save his fellow #EthnicRussians from #NeoNazi #WesternUkrainians who have been sniping & shelling them for EIGHT YEARS killing over 13,000

Including over 2,000 women old people and 100 children

@GBNEWS @BBCNews @Channel4News #UncleJoe #JoeBiden #Biden ...#UncleJoe #JoeBiden #Biden ...#UncleJoe #JoeBiden #Biden ...#UncleJoe #JoeBiden #Biden ...
If #Putin says he's going into #EasternUkraine to save his fellow #EthnicRussians from #NeoNazi #WesternUkrainians

Why do #FakeNews tell us he thought ALL #Ukrainians would welcome him as a liberator?!🤦‍♂️

@BorisJohnson @trussliz @10DowningStreet @NATO @JoeBiden @DrBiden @Ukraine ImageImageImage
And the #FakeNews tell us the #Russian invaders wouldn't shoot their fellow brother #Ukrainians

Yet they tell us the (Western) #Ukrainians will not only shoot their brother #Russians

But burn them alive

They tell us the (Western "liberal" - anti-gun anti-war anti-nationalist.. ImageImageImageImage
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Heute wurde ein Bericht von @AZ_Augsburg zur KZ-Gedenkstätte #Horgau bei #Augsburg veröffentlicht. Ich selbst war gestern mit der zuständigen Mannschaft aus dem Forstamt Zusmarshausen auf dem Gelände 1/ Artikel "Aufregung um Waldarbeiten an KZ-Gedenkstelle&q
2/ Momentaner Stand: Wir warten auf eine Stellungnahme vom #Denkmalschutz. Erfolgt diese nicht, arbeitet das Team nach meinen Infos ab Donnerstag wieder mit dem Harvester auf dem Gelände. Geplant sind weitere Rodungen, außerdem müssen die gefällten Bäume aus dem Areal geholt
3/ werden. Mehr über das Lager Horgau, ein ehemaliges KZ-Außenlager von #Dachau: #Erinnerungskultur #Geschichte #ww2 #KeinVergessen #NieWieder
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83 years ago, the last elements of the Spanish Republican Army were crossing the border to France in what was known as La Retirada. For many it was the beginning of the end of a journey that would last for years even #ContinuingtheFight in the British Army in #WW2. A thread 1/
From the 5 of Feb 1939, French authorities started to allow lines of Republican soldiers to cross over. Between the 9 & 11 Feb most of the Republican Army in the Eastern region of Spain had crossed into France. 2/
In Jan the New York Times correspondent, Herbert Matthews had described the scene "There are not ten square yards anywhere near roads that have not their refugees. Every side road, every field, & even the hills are swarming with unhappy thousands...." 3/
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Just catching up with @SHO_Billions so I thought I'd mention the glorious time I finally met @lewis_damian after adoring him forever.
You must understand the backstory.
I first saw him in Band of Brothers, and I had a little personal connection to Lt Withers. #WW2 THREAD
My Grandpa was in the Army, a sniper and a munitions expert serving in the same base at Winters before he want to the Pacific. I emailed Winters about this, but I also saw Damian Lewis playing him in the most perfect way. In fact, all of Band of Brothers is played beautifully. 2/ Image
Though this isn't about Band of Brothers, this is about @lewis_damian. Just had to mention he was awesome in it, and that show did our Grandpas proud. Anyway, I always liked him, and he was amazing in the Forsyte Saga as well. And I determined to meet him. 3/
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So what were conditions like in Hamburg in 1945?

A thread for #HolocaustMemorialDay

53rd Welsh Division arrived in the city to find it in complete ashen ruins from the firebombing, only one building - the Atlantic Hotel - still stood. /1
#WW2 #SWW #History
There were over 400 camps around the city, containing around 100,000 malnourished, half-starved and desperately ill slave workers drawn from across Europe: "Displaced Persons" from across Europe.

In all honesty, no liberating Allied soldier could comprehend what had happened. /2
What they were witnessing was the grisly sinews of Nazi Germany's genocide state.Manufacturing everything from uniforms, boots, munitions, weapons, engine parts...

The essential, disposable pool of slave labour facilitating total war.

Simply worked to death & replaced. /3
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Winston Churchill, Sir Stafford Cripps, King George VI inspect HMS Victorious at Scapa Flow, 11 October 1942.

Inc Fleet Air Arm Martlets (British name for Wildcats) & Royal Marines.

Feel free to use!

Our shared heritage is best shared. /1
#WW2 #SWW #History
King George VI leads the inspection of HMS Victorious ship's company. /2
King George V chats to the Royal Marine officer. /3
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I thought this SdKfz 250 neu numbered '416' looked familiar (or at least IDable given numbers), so dropped the amazing @Niels_1944 a line.

There's a SdKfz 251 behind it as well...

Turns out 416 is from 12th SS-Panzer-Aufklärungs, 12th SS-Panzer's recce. /1
#WW2 #SWW #History ImageImageImage
Niels recognised it standing out in this @BritishPathe footage, in a rare full close up.

04.36 onwards, about 12 seconds. /2…
The Missing Lynx members did a project trawling through British Pathe footage to ID vehicles/units etc back in 2002 - 2004.

Thanks to vehicle mods, this ties it to 12th SS-Panzer-Aufklärungs, KOed between St. Lambert & Chambois. /3… ImageImage
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The exceptional 1945 diary of an Infantry Battalion's Medical Officer.

Captain Ross, 6 Royal Welch Fusiliers

Let's start with January 1945 & the Ardennes.

Now shared for the first time, I hope you enjoy it.

Our shared heritage is best shared./1
#WW2 #SWW #History ImageImageImageImage
/2 ImageImageImageImage
/3 ImageImageImageImage
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The Yamato class are best remembered for their massive guns and thick armor. Speed is the last thing on anyone's mind when discussing these dreadnoughts.

However, Japanese designers put considerable thought into the speed of the class. Image
The most famous feature was the bulbous bow.

Contrary to popular belief, the bulbous bow was not a Japanese invention. However, they did introduce what was the most radical design yet, one that offered superior performance to her contemporaries. Image
The effect on performance was significant. At top speed, the bulbous bow reduced the amount of power needed by about 8% or 12,000 shp. Meaning that without the Bow, the Yamato class would need roughly 162,000shp to reach her maximum speed. Image
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1 We have a fantastic series of shows coming up looking at the rise of the Third Reich and the path to war. We will look at Germany's complicated relationships with Poland and the Soviet Union. We'll also discuss some of the pre-war politicians and even where alcohol fits in
2 On January 20th renowned historian Mark Roseman will start the series with a presentation about Wannsee on the 80th anniversary of the conference

Who was there, what was planned, and why is studying it still vitally important today?
3 Next up will be @hoyer_kat talking about the always fascinating inter-war period - the end of the Second Reich and the rise of the Third. I've been wanting an excuse to invite Katja on as a guest for some time
January 23rd
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Today's marks the 78th death anniversary of the greatest American hero of the Pacific Theater of #WWII, Lt. Col. William Edwin Dyess of Albany, Texas. The "One-Man Scourge of the Japanese" waged an extraordinary one-man war versus Japan from Dec. 1941 to Dec. 1943 (thread)...
2) The pilot, 25, downed 5 enemy planes btw Dec '41/Jan '42 in the Philippines. When the USAAF ran out of planes, Dyess fought as infantry. On 8 Feb '42, Dyess volunteered & led 20 men of the 21st Pursuit Sqdrn in America's 1st amphibious landing of #WW2 @ Agloloma Bay, Bataan...
3) 1 month later, on 2 Mar '42, Dyess jury-rigged a P-40 fighter as a dive-bomber and launched attacks on the enemy supply depot at Subic Bay, sinking four ships and causing damage to shore installations estimated at $25 million. Dyess's heroics from Jan-Apr '42 are believed...
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Welsh Spearhead
A History of the 53rd Reconnaissance Regiment 1941 - 1946
Philip Cowburn

More of our shared heritage, shared! /1
#WW2 #SWW #History ImageImageImageImage
I hope you enjoy my content, if you particularly do so, feel free to sling me a coffee! /2 ImageImageImageImage
/3 ImageImageImageImage
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